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  • feelings_unauthorized 7w

    Yahan mai pighal gyi

    All ready to scold
    Not once not twice, Several to you i told
    Think before you agree to quickly aid
    How difficult is it for a sensible decision to made
    By god screwing up everytime is also an art
    Before speaking do u never listen to your heart?
    Maybe.... Thats exactly what u did
    Heart doesn't care if the ideas are stupid
    All it says is help if you can
    Oh my god you are such a genuine man
    Sorry yaar... Velle daant diya
    I just feel protective bs isilie teko suna diya
    You know something... You can take care of yourself
    I guess it's not really you who needs help
    Its i who has to accept the fact that you are genuinely nice
    Koi ni chal... I ll wait a little more for my prize
    So i guess partially i was angry
    Because i wanted more time with you :p
    Chi chi i am so selfish yr i myself had no clue
    But uuu always stay the same amazing soul you are
    By god i am so lucky to have you in my life yaar ❤️


  • feelings_unauthorized 10w


    Multiple emotions
    Mixed feelings
    Varied desires
    Numerous thoughts
    I myself don't know what do i want
    Doesn't it seem reasonable...
    I am difficult to understand
    And maybe that is the only reason why he can't!

  • feelings_unauthorized 11w

    Please be mine

    Every happiness i want to share with you
    Every worry i wish to discuss with you
    Every feeling is try to convey to you
    Every wish somehow now has in it you
    I don't know what is it that you want
    Thoughts of it being things apart from me
    To the very core haunt
    Yes i said i am okay with nothing happening
    When future i plan without you in it
    Every moment just keeps on darkening
    I want to always be in your life
    No not just as your best friend
    But as your damn wife
    I want you so bad i just cant help it
    But i also can't lose myself and I know
    Nowhere in your life the current me can fit
    The fuck man please be mine
    If you have any other way let me know
    In the meantime i ll just wish and whine


  • feelings_unauthorized 16w

    I love uuuuuu

    From classmate to guide
    From guide to always by my side
    From side straight up to heart
    And that too to the extent
    Now just can't picture us apart
    What you are to me
    You already know don't you?
    What i want you to be..
    About that also u already do have a fair clue :p
    But this day something i would like to clear
    Any expectations if u think are no way near
    Yes of course if destiny favours
    I ll be the happiest soul
    You are YOU
    How on earth can anything be a bit more
    When the time comes
    I will definitely ask u once
    If it will be in my power
    I will not leave any stone unturned
    Choice will obviously be yours
    I just want to give it a fair shot
    If you are single of course
    For me love is the only thing worth fighting for
    Even if it doesn't work out
    No hard feelings, no tears no shouts
    You are too precious to lose
    N even more precious to worry about anything
    U know na i dont know when to shut up
    So read, smile and later forget everything
    Waise u know something
    I really like your smile :p
    Also your voice your eyes and ufff that style
    Now don't ask me how i know this
    U don't need to practice...
    U ll be great in your first kiss :p
    You know that night
    When u confessed u liked me too
    Oh my god!
    What a feeling it was yr u just have no clue
    For the first time in life
    I spent a sleepless night
    Was so damn aroused
    But also so shy
    Jhalli promise me something
    U ll never ever again ask a girl "Why" :D
    Did you by the way
    Want to ask if i have fallen for you?
    Sry yr... I didn't understand...
    This was just way too new
    You know what the irony is
    When i confessed to you i was confused
    When you ignored...
    I all of a sudden started longing a kiss -_-
    Maybe your denial was the key
    My feelings it helped me understand clearly
    Hurt is easier to understand than love
    Kuch bhi kaho
    Something better than ignorance i deserved
    But u were shocked
    Its not your fault
    Your feelings you always kept locked
    Maybe the reaction was just by default
    I am sorry if i put u in a difficult position
    But i believe for a real bond
    Vulnerability is a necessary condition
    Hence i am always willing
    To step out of my comfort zone with u
    Be it secrets, wishes or family dealings
    I know i can always trust you
    I know it must be really scary :p
    Too much respect
    Feels like too much responsibility
    Don't worrrrrryyy
    U have never let me down
    Not even once
    Have faith in yourself
    Like I have in u in abundance
    You are my guide, support, my best friend
    I love you way too much for it to ever end
    As a wife or otherwise
    I will always be your side
    Be it anything jhalli
    In me you can always confide
    Last but not the least
    U are freaking hot!
    Ekkkkk hug to bnta h yaar
    I want it a lottttt
    Okay fineeee don't do it
    Cant have u regret our memories
    None of them not even a bit
    We will proceed as we have till now
    Genuine care, respect and attachment
    Everything as normal we ll allow
    With an additional hope.... Maybe someday :p
    On that note
    Stay blessed take care
    Wish you a very happy birthday ❤️

  • feelings_unauthorized 17w

    Oh my god!

    Standing still, solely your presence is awaited
    Excitement in heart, eyes with coyness are sated
    A smile i feel which by no possible efforts is dimmering
    Cant even count the number of butterflies
    Which in the stomach are capering
    'Want you here' verdicts the tenacious inamorata
    'Any moment now' reminds the mischievous oblongata
    Oh my god thats the door i hear!
    Every single heart beat whopping hakuna matata!
    You are in the room, by no means do i move
    "Umm" to break the silence, "May i?", bolting the door you seek to approve
    A slight rotation of the head, i the sweetest voice i nod "hmm"
    Hear you smirk
    Cant control my smile for all my heart goes 'mmmm'
    Nearing slowly, your foot steps i hear
    With every furthering step, there is a rising fear
    Silence suddenly, no movements at all
    Anxious with curiosity, i turn, i trip and you take me into your fall
    I am in your arms with my hands on your chest
    At once all the fear goes
    I am yours now and this feeling is simply the best
    Nothing in the world with this happiness can even compete
    Eyes in eye, hands in hands, that night witnessed two souls meet

  • feelings_unauthorized 17w


    All was clear just not to me
    Showed you my dreams
    But couldn't see your reality
    Was so afraid of losing my identity
    Forgot gratitude must remain the top priority
    Nothing wrong in your demands i see
    Reasons that prevail just didn't occur to me

  • feelings_unauthorized 21w

    Haq se

    4 months 6 days and approx an hour
    By god tuje bohot zyada miss kiya h yaar
    Hanji Telegram tha aur as always tu bhi
    Please na yaar... chat mat padiyo na jhalli
    Ji Needless to say m glad you are back
    But i also understand... U are a little sad :p
    Itti mehnat ki but kaam incomplete reh gya na
    Jo bilkul ni chiye tha bus wahi ho gya na
    Teri galti ni h mat ho pareshan
    Ye saal hi manhoos h.. Tu bura na maan
    Ni honge tere efforts waste likhva le tu merse
    Gaya apni marzi se ab wapis bhi aa...
    haq se


  • feelings_unauthorized 25w

    What will they think

    A thought that ruins no one but you
    Loads of emotions in just seconds a few
    What actually they think you have no clue
    Numerous things happen in your mind
    Not even a single one being true
    And in no time from mind,
    These thoughts land straight into your heart
    Betrayed you feel seeing them depart
    Bullseye they hit even without raising the dart
    And to your surprise they knew the right spot
    Well they didn't but you did
    You yourself drove them there in thoughts
    And if this continues for sometime....
    Soon in reality maybe far apart!


  • feelings_unauthorized 27w

    Heart sinks
    Tears brim
    All the faith built over years lapses
    When in front of you...
    Your epitome of strength collapses

  • feelings_unauthorized 29w

    Yes i changed

    My concern was never a token of submission
    My silence was never due to fear of isolation
    Present there was a hope in every explanation
    An attempt you ll make was my only condition
    Leave alone efforts there wasn't even consideration
    Died this day has all my expectation
    Alongside reduced empathy hence comments are exchanged
    Not revenge but reflection for you i arranged
    So the truth of the matter is yes i changed
    And all credit goes to you... Because the same you remained!