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  • fayello 3d

    Irony of life

    I am only human
    With life like candle flame
    That can't stand the wind
    It'll vanish with little resistance
    And never will it ignite again

    Oh how bizarre
    To watch time drain away
    With nothing to do
    To stop its flow

    I thought being human
    Was a bliss
    But I realize how limited
    And pathetic we are
    Building our own destruction

    We can't be like the wind
    That blows forever
    As if to remind us
    That the earth is his eternal playing ground

    The sun and moon
    Keep watch over us without ceasing
    Like guards they're
    Never dying never ending
    And always inflicting punishments on us

    But I a mere human
    Prisoner to life
    For just a short time
    Can't even tell their origin

    Here I am with my head lifted up
    Looking at the clouds
    That seem to be our persecutors
    They do punish us with not just floods
    But also turn the sun against us

    Death never chases after them
    As if it knew it's place
    And its reason of being was solely
    To deprive us of this little life

    Only mortals we are
    But strive and waste ourselves
    With otioses that never
    Bring real joy to us
    Oh a human life is indeed like vapour

  • fayello 4d

    #patheticfallacy #wod @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #sad #down #zeal #burden #alone #frustrated #reality

    A poem
    But for me it's not just a poem
    Here I pour everything I have left
    My sadness
    My happiness
    My soul

    I still recall the first day
    When I was left alone
    When I had no one to turn too
    And my family treated me like an outcast.
    When darkness became a canopy upon me
    When my warm heart turned cold
    When I lost my reason to live

    I still recall when I was told
    "You have liver disease"
    When the doctor looked at me
    He said:"You are at risk of developing cancer"
    I recall I laughed and had a broad smile on my face
    Was it acceptance or rejection
    One thing is certain it was rejection

    I still recall I telling myself it'd be alright
    Only to find out
    I was suffering from heart failure
    My days felt meaningless
    The smile I put on my face
    Was that of pain
    Devastated I was trying to find
    A ray of hope in my broken world

    I still recall that I was able to move forward
    I was able to give myself reasons
    To forever remain alive
    My will was blazing like the sun
    My determination was like my heart beating
    Like never before
    I took not only a step forward
    But steps out of my solitude

    I still recall how reality unfolded
    As if to remind me of my place
    The doctor asked me to be calm
    And spoke to me
    I thought it'd be good news
    But, well, it's hard finding out
    I got an autoimmune system disorder
    It's funny finding out I got Crohn's disease
    It's funny trying to keep giving myself reasons
    To be alive when I know life itself
    Wants to K.O me

    Yeah, I write for freedom
    A place I can feel myself
    I wish I had never woken up from coma
    But what I wish the most
    Is to have never wished for that
    I up again like a king standing alone
    In a vast battlefield with no one left

    I think I wish to be alive
    I wish to have kids of my own
    But how can I be at ease
    Knowing they'll end up inheriting such
    How will they look at me
    Will they see me as a caring dad
    Or just a fool that brought them to this world
    To experience what he is experiencing
    Reality sure is cruel

    And that's why poetry has become
    My doctor
    The only friend I have left

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    My Burdens When I Was 21

    My blood has finally turned to ink

  • fayello 5d

    Behind a broken heart
    Behold i am empty
    I hide in my sorrows
    Praying to be mended

    Behold I write with grief
    A heart filled with pain
    And tears of desolation
    I shed with no end

    Behold i walk a path
    Alone and lonely
    Solitude is all
    That roams around me

    Behold it is over
    My dreams are of emptiness
    And behind a broken heart
    I realize I am giving up

    #combination #wod #anaphora #pain #depressed #sad #sorrows #annoyed #empty #broken @writersbay @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    It came to past and I am behind a broken heart and I have nothing left.
    Empty is the term.

  • fayello 5d


    I hide behind my lines
    I believe am a hypocrite
    Cause this very lines
    Contradict my existence
    And I go against them

    I write about love
    Yet my heart lacks it
    I write about unity
    Yet my soul is divided
    I write about harmony
    Yet my life is in chaos

    Illusions and delusions
    I paint our my thoughts
    To hide from reality
    And remain in my
    Useless derisions
    For when they are broken
    I am broken as well

  • fayello 5d


    Let's be honest
    We all write to express
    Words we can't express
    From our lips
    And we write cause we scared
    Of facing rejection

    On a paper our lyrics
    Feel more appealing
    Charming to the point
    All hearts melt
    But when the pen and paper are gone
    What are we left with ?

  • fayello 1w

    My sad days

    When I look at each day going by
    I wish it could be a meaningful one
    Just that it always ends up
    With whispers of regret
    Flowing into my heart

  • fayello 1w

    Just wish to be free

    I wish to forget, yet my mind keeps remembering.
    Might be death can be my salvation

  • fayello 1w


    Sometimes, I wish to close my eyes and get swallowed by darkness

  • fayello 1w

    Dreams build

    Dreams like the sand on the shore
    Dreams like the splendor of the sun
    Dreams like the vastness of the sea
    Dreams like the limitless universe
    Dreams like the endless darkness
    Dreams, yes have dreams that can't be determine
    Dreams beyond ones conception
    Dreams that withstand the flow of time

    Dreams of blood and cries
    Dreams of demise and damnation
    Dreams of war and destruction
    Dreams of reclusiveness and meaningless
    Dreams of sorrows and struggles
    Dreams of derision and dejection
    Dreams can also bring pain and nothing but endless suffering
    Dreams can be deadly and saddening

    Dreams of blood and joy
    Dreams of life and celebration
    Dreams of peace and creation
    Dreams of togetherness and successfulness
    Dreams of happiness and propitious
    Dreams of truth and honesty
    Dreams can also bring a sense of love and passion
    Dreams are all we crave for to be alive

    A man without dreams is no different from death

  • fayello 1w

    Above the sky

    I don't wish to stand
    And lift the weight of the sky
    If it is to fall.
    Neither do I wish
    To let the weight of the sky
    Crush me helplessly

    I'll destroy the sky
    That brings fear to me
    For my soul seeks a new path
    And my thoughts wish to finally
    Cut off the manacle that bound me
    To the pitiful encumbrance of my weak self

    My heart beats echo sutras saying
    You limits are determined by you
    Don't ever dream of a limit for only
    The death do have one
    So there is no sky that can be above you
    Because you are alive