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  • faulty_puppet 2d


    I feel you have tried
    To find a trace
    Of the words and thoughts
    On my face
    But it seems to me that
    You’re still clueless

    For all the countless words
    That I’ve said
    Truth and lies were
    Shamelessly laid
    But I hope you know that
    A lot is still unsaid

    You say, I’m a dead face
    All you see,  is hollowness
    Your search is still in vain
    And you think I’m remorseless

    I know that I don’t
    Leave a trace
    Hide my fears and tears
    Behind my face
    From this prison I make sure
    That I shall not escape

    But do give me time
    To find a way
    To break my cold dark
    Cell one day
    Hoping we could be together
    Till we turn to grey

    I am a cold dead face
    Too long I’ve been hopeless
    Running from this maze to reach and
    Hide in my secret place

    I won’t be this dead face
    Read all I’ve to say
    For you will have a place
    Away from this earthly maze

    So tell me my dear
    If you will stay
    Hold on to me
    Till I find a way and
    Watch me as I peel off
    This ugly dead face


  • faulty_puppet 3d

    Don't Go

    I know where you stand
    Betrayed by me
    And here I stand
    Behind your canopy

    You say you won't speak
    For what I did recklessly
    I am silent like a tree
    Standing cowardly

    I can feel your wrath
    I can feel a death
    I want to know you
    I want to say the truth
    I want to say
    Don't go

    I know where you stand
    Lost in a turmoil sea
    And that's where I am
    Sinking helplessly

    Scared that you won't speak
    Scared and it's making me weak
    I am silent like a tree
    Lifeless and cowardly

    I have lost your faith
    I can feel my death
    I want to know you
    I want to hold on to you
    I want to say
    Don't go


  • faulty_puppet 3w

    Main Aksar Kuch Nahi Kehta

    Main Aksar Kuch Nahi Kehta
    Ye Dil Jitna Bhi Tarse Kehne Ko
    Zidd Ke Dhaagon Se Labon Ko See Leta
    Main Aksar Kuch Bhi Nahi Kehta

    Mere Armaano Ke Jholi Me Logon Ne Jhaka
    Kabhi Unhe Chinne Ka To Kabhi
    Unhe Tabah Karne Ki Koshish
    Logon Ne Besharami Se Kiya Hai

    Ye Dil To Aksar Cheekna Chahta Hai
    Ek Saade Dil Se Bas Thodi Guftagu Chahta Hai
    Koi Jo Sunkar Jaanche Na
    Koi Jo Bas Kehde Chor Aa Sab Piche
    Is Manzar Se Saath Has Ke Chalna Hai

    Main Aksar Kuch Nahi Kehta
    Jhoothi Hasi Aur Fizool Lafzo Mein
    Khwabon Ko Dafna Kar Reh Jata
    Main Aksar Kuch Bhi Nahi Kehta

    Chahaton Ka Ek Kua Hai Pani Bhar
    Kue Ko Dhakkar Barsaat Ko Roye Dil
    Kabhi Us Kue Pe Kuch Aansu Gira Jata Hu
    Kabhi Baarish Me Do Lamhe Jhoom Leta Hu

    Ye Sunapan Noche Sapno Ko Beinteha
    Sunapan Ban Chuka Hai Rahgeer Mera
    Bas Koi To Chin Le Mujhse Ye Sannata
    Azaad Kar De De Kuch Lamha
    Kahe Is Manzaar Se Main Saathi Hu Tera

    Main Aksar Kuch Nahi Kehta
    Darr Ka Ek Mehroom Saaya
    Us Saaye Me Chupkar Jee Leta
    Main Aksar Kuch Bhi Nahi Kehta


  • faulty_puppet 3w


    Kuch baatein meri bandish me hai
    Mere gale aur sir k bich uljhi si hai
    Kahu to uljhano me ghum
    Na kahu to sannate me qaid

    In baaton me kai kahaaniyan hai
    Sach jhoot kaali ghataaye
    Kabhi kahaani ka pakshpaat mai
    Kabhi kahaani mera virodhi

    Ye toofaan mera rozana hai
    Mere shaant k andar sara shorgul hai
    Hazaron aansu isme qurbaan
    Qurbaan isme rooh ka tinka bhi hai

    Ye aansu aksar bebas sa gira hai
    Zehen me namkeen sa daag dekar
    Nazrein bandish ateet ke saaye se
    Dastaan jo takiye me aansu ne roz likha hai

    Kuch kahaani meri bandish me hai
    Mere kaano k bich
    Lamhon ke pinjde me qaid alfaaz
    In panktiyon me azaadi khoje hai

    Has kar kuch kisse suna jata hu
    Kaash koi hasi aankhon me dhunde
    Mere naqaab ke piche jhaakkar
    Kaash koi bas mujhe dhunde

    Ye khaal to mera kharpusht hai
    Ghav to mere zameer ko noche
    Naqaab ke adal badal khel me
    Maine fitrat ke sare rang dekhe

    Ye dil ab darr ki bandish me hai
    Sabko bandhe andekhe maanje se
    Bheed se ankahee ranjish me hai
    Har lamha naqaab ka khel khele


  • faulty_puppet 4w


    You won’t find words
    Behind my eyes
    You won’t ever know
    The truth and all the lies
    You still ask all
    That’s in my head
    But you still question
    Everything I’ve said
    I am a sweet liar and
    That’s what you just craved
    But now my lies
    Are choking you instead

    You keep saying
    Be real or nothing
    But it blinds you to see
    The black in my mind

    Now I am just a lie
    As much as you are
    But I live with them
    And you can never run too far
    Now you ask how
    I do it everyday
    Coz my mind has
    Grayed beyond my age
    I am a pretty liar
    For you to disgrace
    I know my truth will
    Just laugh at both your faces

    I won't fall in
    Love with your follies
    So why don’t you find a new
    Patsy for your jibes

    I don’t want to
    Give you the truth
    So you can just
    Destroy my heart
    I will lie on to
    Save and go on
    With my soul and
    Find my paradise


  • faulty_puppet 4w

    The Bag

    I want to lose my myself
    Inside the ghosts
    Of the time that chains my mind

    I want to stay haunted
    Among the ghosts
    And watch them twist my mind

    I want to steal a breath of mine
    To let you know
    The chaos flowing through my mind

    I have fallen countless times
    Before I fly away
    Either way I don’t want to
    Stay unknown and fade away
    Finding someone who is never away
    I will search for you till my dying day

    I want to find a home
    Outside the bag
    The bag that clouds my mind

    I have tried to talk
    About the bag
    That has my soul divided

    Few more words I just wrote
    For the bag
    Hoping the bag gets lopsided

    Through the broken path
    I try to fly away
    To a place with one wish
    To smile for a day
    The place just gets farther but
    I will try till my dying day

    Because I am so afraid

    Day and night, time and again
    I hear the bag rumble in my head
    All the voices screaming all that’s unsaid
    I hear them say in a cold breath
    The night will change its shade
    All the glitters then will fade
    I hide myself under the bed
    And stop the words with lead

    Because I am so afraid

    So there lies my heavy bag
    Carrying everything I lack
    Looks like a useless sack
    But it tortures me to death
    I unzip it to open more
    It’s just a lifeless store
    But I pull my hand before
    I sink to its endless floor

    Because I am so afraid

    So many verses I penned
    For a message I couldn’t send
    Every word draining strength
    Sinking in the bag’s depth
    But my quest shall turn to play
    On my grass shall I lay
    Holding hands and never away
    With you before my dying day

    Because I am not afraid


  • faulty_puppet 8w

    We, Forever

    This is the day in our story
    Where all our love swirls
    While we keep walking
    Through the forest of memories

    This is the day when we rejoice
    Our love and bond that lives
    With our quips and quarrels
    Through this lifetime

    We are souls forever stuck apart but
    We find our worth in each other's love and stuff
    We live our lives in our own world but
    We share our smiles, tears and other stuffs

    We know the going is tough and
    We keep pushing a step at a time
    We accept our life as it comes coz
    We know like this verse, life doesn't rhyme

    While we repeat ourselves constantly
    We exist today and tomorrow comfortably
    On the nights when we lose our sleep
    Our soul knows of what we are really thinking

    I can be your keeper just how you are mine
    I will watch you smile and wipe the tears off your eyes
    Through your fights I will be with you
    Just the way you were when I fought mine


  • faulty_puppet 10w


    Waqt ke intezaar me na raho yaaron
    Aksar undekhe taare sa guzar jata hai
    Lamho ki gaadi chalti tumhari hatheli se hai
    Ek ko tham kar ji lo, woh lamha tumhara ho jata hai


  • faulty_puppet 19w

    A Place

    Let me take you to a place
    Surrounded by misty mountains
    A place where
    Stars unfold an impromptu dance
    On a chorus of twisty fountains

    The land where birds speak
    And make the hopes come to play
    A place where
    Your darkness is taken and it's
    Tied and securely locked away

    Walk through the lake, the bridge
    Feel the words hidden on the walls of the castle
    A place where
    You sit with the wide-eyed jolly pets
    And their tales of the land will make you baffled

    Here stands a majestic red brick castle
    Holding history in all its glory
    A place where
    You sink in the pages of ink and pastel
    You have come to live in a unique story

    On your left is the memory room
    A place for all of the happy
    A place where
    A baby smiles after gibberish croons
    And see his hands go around flapping

    Next up you see a kid on a bicycle
    The father holding him strong
    A place where
    The world is nothing but likable
    Let me fill it with a cheery background song

    It's a labyrinth and not a room
    The light maker of this happy land
    A place where
    The deeper you go the lesser you assume
    Let's take a walk, will you hold my hand

    Oh, there's another side I'm afraid
    But don't go there the red board said
    A place where
    The horrors are buried waiting to trade
    The more it escapes, his soul degrades

    Here's the brochure and I'm the tour guide
    Will you join me on a trip to this site
    A place where
    You can see endless starry nights
    And my vision of the northern lights

    The brochure is an intro to my heart
    There's no ticket and the doors are wide apart
    A place where
    You take some of me and some you impart
    Your path will be only the course you chart


  • faulty_puppet 20w


    It's A Side Of Me
    A Side I Don't Let You See
    'Cause If I Open Up And
    Let You Take A Peek
    You Might Free Yourself
    From The Chains Of Knowing Me

    Deep In The Chambers Of My Head
    Lies A Bed Surrounded By Roses Red
    I Walk To It Often Than I Ever Said
    Close My Ryes And Head And Through
    The Quiet Let The Fears Fled
    Yet It's A Maze Inside My Head

    All These Years, Everyday
    Tiny Headspace Jampacked With
    A Million Tiny Secrets
    Feeding On Me Slowly And
    Feeding Me Hopeful Pieces Of
    Lustful Poisonous Sweetness

    Lies, Betrayals, Hurt And Regrets
    This Twisted Tale Always Enthralls
    It Was Wise To Bury All My Secrets
    In The Coffin Of My Beloved Keepsakes
    Yet It Leaks Through Weakened Walls And
    Shrouds Dark Clouds Of Tortured Treatment

    Time And Again I'm At The Rosy Bed
    Lay Down And Be Pierced By Thorns Instead
    Each One Takes Me To A Dedicated Secret
    And It Plays Like Clockwork Parade
    I Open My Eyes And Open All The Gates
    And Make Room For Consuming Bleakness

    In The Time That You Spent
    It's All Smiles, Jokes
    Funny And Haunting Tales
    It Might Sneak Through My Eyes
    But You Can Never Tell
    The Damage And It's Extent

    That's Just A Glimpse Of The Side
    The Side I Relentlessly Hide
    Endless Fear Of The Sneaking Eyes
    I Desperately Wish For Me Or
    It To Take A Flight And For Once
    Free The Chains Around My Mind