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  • fatty_07 1d

    I'm beautiful but colorful mess♡︎

    And love love //��

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    She still believes in believing.
    She still believes in fairytales.
    She still believes that everything will be fine.
    She still dreams about the bad days,
    (The nightmares)
    She still needs the tables.
    She still wants to control herself,
    But she still send texts
    and wait for the reply.
    (the reply that she'll never get back)
    She still plays the song.
    (Hold On ~ Chord Overstreet)
    She still needs to calm down at midnight.
    (Because her nose is still bleeding at midnight)

    She still writes those things
    As a new girl.


  • fatty_07 1d

    She's a stranger,
    Who's waiting for you
    On the winter,
    Take her close
    To closer,
    And make her

    ~ selfish fatty.

  • fatty_07 1w

    My Eyes

    Tired souls, sleeping, exhausted.
    Have no words to write.
    Empty pages, with disappearing tears.
    Replaying flashbacks having
    a twenty rupee's Dairy Milk.
    Chatting with broken souls
    and listening to their vocal less musics.
    Thinking about past
    by remembering every word.
    Talking to myself like we didn't.
    Before the moon disappeared
    with the clouds.
    Can't I have a cup of tea
    like those people had on
    the Goblin ( k-drama) ?
    To remove their all memories?
    I just wanna cry again
    on 10th November
    like the last year I cried.

    © Fatty

  • fatty_07 2w

    And the day
    You'll need love,
    You'll find yourself
    In the crowd.


  • fatty_07 2w

    "you're okay"

    Everything feels heavy,
    My heart wants
    To keep fighting.
    But I can't do it

    If you're not crying,
    You're okay ~
    Is what they say.

    We keep hurt,
    But endure it silently..
    And the pain
    keeps increasing.


  • fatty_07 3w

    You make me
    Hate this city.


  • fatty_07 3w

    This Rain

    I love the silence
    after rain..
    The blues gone gray
    And the browns gone gray
    And yellow
    A terrible sky.
    In the cold streets
    Your warm body.
    In whatever room
    Your warm body.
    Among all the people
    Your absence
    The people who are always
    Not you..


  • fatty_07 4w

    Can I paint myself?

    My mother asked me
    what I do for thirty-five minutes
    in the shower.
    I told her that I was arranging
    the shampoo bottles in decreasing order
    of volume left.
    I told her that
    I was watching a spider make webs.

    I don't tell her that
    it was fifteen minutes
    of actual showering
    and twenty minutes of trying not
    to hate myself.
    To look at the mirror and find one bone,
    one part of my body that I could cherish.
    Thirty-five minutes of asking myself
    to wash my dirt away
    and truly make me clean.
    I hide my ruined edges under layers
    of cloth and paint my curves
    and corners not realizing
    that I'm not made of wood or plastic.
    I'm flesh and blood.
    And if I choose to paint
    my flesh deep enough,
    then I could draw the blood.

    My friend asked me
    to pick deeper within myself
    to find what I love and what loves me.
    So I spend thirty-five minutes,
    pricking - tearing at my skin
    to portray a new flesh and make up a new body.
    Can I reconstruct myself into
    a perfect cast that would fit better.
    There was something repression
    my throat and when I pulled it out,
    It was my own voice.
    But I bite my tongue so grimly
    that the words shatter.
    That the mask I wear has sad eyes
    but nice smile.
    I told her I'm fine, I'm fine, I'm fine..
    I've been fine for as long as I can reflect.
    Nothing breaks me I'm unbeatable.I'm
    fine, I'm fine, I'm fine..
    And that I'm fine.
    The word fine would kill me one day.

    ~I'm (not) fine.

  • fatty_07 4w

    //A Demon Once Told Me//

    You once told me,
    its okay to care about yourself.
    It's okay to want your own happiness.
    It's okay to spend lots of time alone
    and staring at sky.
    When someone hits you,
    it's okay not to hit them back.
    It's okay.

    You once told me
    To be careful
    When trying to fix
    A broken heart,
    For me, I may
    Cut myself on
    Their broken pieces.
    You're not obligated
    to sit there and smile
    and devour every drop of poison
    that they give you.
    You're not their shiny princess.
    You're human and you've the right
    to say 'that was shitty of you.
    ' You've a right to say
    'lemme feed that back to you;
    tell me, how does it taste?'
    You've a right to protest
    your own set boundaries
    for respectful interactions.

    You once told me
    you wanted to find yourself
    in the world,
    and I told you to first apply within,
    to discover the world within you.

    You once told me
    you wanted to save the world
    from all its wars,
    and I told you to first save yourself
    from the world,
    and all the wars you put yourself through.
    The rest of the world does not realize
    you've this right
    and they will act offended
    when you exercise it,

    But it is yours.


  • fatty_07 4w

    "Story of my life" by One Direction ✨
    Yeah, I love this song ��❤️

    #nostalgic #aesthetic #wod #pod
    @miraquill @writersnetwork @shrutitripathi @_the_disguised_scribbler_

    And love love //��

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    Story of my life

    The times you lived through,
    the people you shared
    those times with — nothing brings it all
    to life like an old mix tape.
    It does a better job
    of storing up memories
    than actual brain tissue can do.
    Every mix tape tells a story.
    Put them together,
    and they can add up
    to the story of a life.

    © Fatty