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  • fathimagulzar 3w

    Not selling toxic positivity here. But when it's day you need to acknowledge the sunlight, while it's night you need to crawl up to your bed and cocoon yourself into the dark blanket of clouds.
    Call things what they are instead of interpreting your perception.
    Sometimes even in the darkest of nights you'll find hope in the form of fireflies.

    I have my firefly dangling around my soul all the time, I hope you find yours soon.

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    When all you want to see is bad in everything,
    Even in a broad day light you'll only see brawling shadows of agony and torments.

  • fathimagulzar 4w

    The world is full of people who are pouncing back and forth to judge you, the moment they lay their eyes on you. And somd people, try to not stumble across such vile beings. Yet the world is smal and morality all gone. Your efforts are nothing for them if you don't qualify their ' favorite ' list.

    #world #humans #hurt #conscience #brain #heart #soul

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    "What hurts the most?" asked my Mind

    When you toil your soul
    Give up your goal
    Strain till you drain
    With hands, heart and brain

    Yet you are the one with a stain.
    Your character belittled
    Your intentions questioned
    Your conscience outdone

    Being bent, bruised and hurt in the soul is what hurts.

  • fathimagulzar 5w

    At times you want to bring it all out, on people who have wronged you. But it's too difficult to show them what they are and how it effects our sanity. May be it's how things are meant to be, may be we are all destined to suffer and fall so that we stand stronger against the wrongs.
    #society #wicked #hurt

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    It's not like we don't understand
    The games you play
    The words you say
    To hurt and put us down

    We only don't want to
    Make you feel bitter
    Show you your quivering mirror
    And Unleash your true self

    We are quiet
    So that you don't suffer the consequences
    Of what you've done to us
    And all that we have endured

    O society, we are not dumb but speechless

  • fathimagulzar 5w

    It's easy to hate
    Someone you don't know
    Someone you haven't met
    And someone you don't plan to know

    What's difficult is
    Hating the ones you love
    The ones you did everything for
    The ones who did everything in-turn

    But no longer feel anything
    For you and for anything you feel
    Your emotions, your efforts
    Are nothing but
    A white dot on a white kurta


  • fathimagulzar 7w

    An ode to the growing dowry-deaths and to all the sufferings a family goes through while wiping away every penny from their savings.
    #dowry #death #domesticviolence #marriage #society

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    Head held low
    Heavy with the burdened flowers
    Of responsibility, traditions and unwanted obligations.
    Clutched with the golden bangles of restrictions
    Dragging back into the cycle of societal diminutions.

    The very decorative bride
    Is the apple of her parents' eyes
    Tomorrow she is to be
    Her in-laws money laundering vine.
    Greed wrapped into the drapes of presents
    Unfolds barbarity of the minds
    If left unquenched
    The same is draped around her neck
    Hostility further benched.

  • fathimagulzar 19w

    Only if people cared about what their conscience says, rather than what people think.. the world would be a better place to live in

  • fathimagulzar 21w

    For our brothers and sisters of humanity.

    #humanity #palestine #innocentsouls #children #grave #cruelty

    PC: Getty Images #thoughts #poetry #diary #life #love

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    Innocents pay the price for what you wise men choose to destroy, lament and mend. You move on but the graves stay put in their places, marking your cruelty and detachment.

  • fathimagulzar 29w

    Will I remember today after the tomorrow I've been waiting for?
    Will I remember the breezy air that wept my silent thoughts?
    The moment of peace-like scorn?
    Will I remember the smiles that came when I dreamt of this tomorrow?
    Oh will I ever remember the hollow paths I had to swallow?


  • fathimagulzar 65w

    Often we overlook the beauty of joy.
    The silly pain we endure have pricked hollow wounds into our hearts.
    A heart that's selfish, impatient
    That loves afflictions and throbs of destiny
    Thus we stop enjoying the reality

    The reality of life that soon will end
    But memories are scarred deep into hearts
    In hearts of those left behind
    In books of those who ink their minds


  • fathimagulzar 75w

    I am greedy for everything you have for me, Oh Lord!