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  • fatema_sayyed00 28w

    Random rant.
    @writersnetwork Thankew♥️ (27)
    @mirakee #lilacc #wardrobe #wod

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    Fragrant lilacs, crisp pages
    & cologne scent it used to be.
    The wardrobe which now consists of
    withered petals, torn books & faded scent.


  • fatema_sayyed00 28w

    //She's the cool breeze in spring
    the warm zephyr in winters,
    She wears the crown of autumn
    & Flaunts the throne in summers.

    She paves the trail of hope
    & Lights the rays of grace,
    Wears the mask of smile
    To let the world embrace.

    She's a nightmare to see,
    a fairytale to read,
    Not to mention fire,
    ignites from good deeds.

    She knits the mask of august
    & rhymes the rhythm of love,
    She stirs the stars with brightness
    & sends them far above.

    She's rich with joy of may
    have em all kept in a pile,
    She rules the flora & fauna
    & make em bow with a smile.

    She's fire, she's ice
    She's sweet, she's spice,
    She's everything you need,
    but careful, think before twice.//

    Many many happy returns of the day bub. Have a great day!✨�� @zoya_charmz

    Eid Mubarak to all the peeps out there. Prosper with happiness.��♥️

    @writersnetwork Thankew♥️ (26)
    @mirakee #mask #wod #autumn

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    She's fire, she's ice,
    She's sweet, she's spice,
    She's everything you need,
    But careful, think before twice.

  • fatema_sayyed00 29w

    //Scared from the abyss of dark,
    She now ignites the hope within spark.

    Drowned in the ocean of dismay,
    She now rides the clouds with gay.

    Stabbed by the blade of sorrow,
    She now breathes the vibes of morrow.

    Frightened of the screems of gloom,
    She now graces with blossom & bloom.

    Infused with the shades of dread,
    She now colours the shades of cascade.

    Abused by the grief of anguish,
    She now pens the ways to flourish.

    Refused by the hand of aid in need,
    She now helps em all with virtuous deed.

    Accused for the aura of pain & misery,
    She now hails the slogan of mercy.

    Died in the mind & thoughts of her own,
    She now wears the crown seated on the throne.

    Indicted with the charge of torment & crimes,
    She now transformed into the queen of rhymes.//

    @writersnetwork Thankew!♥️ (25)
    @mirakee #wod #transform
    The last min prep.

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    She's thorns on the roses,
    The ink on the proses.

  • fatema_sayyed00 29w

    Another random one.
    Yo, even i click some beaut pics.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #wod #iconography

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    Let me sink in the aura & inhale those rhymes
    & Fade away like the shades of sunset at times.

  • fatema_sayyed00 29w

    Ig this prompt doesn't fits one liner but there you go.
    @mirakee @writersnetwork #iconography #wod

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    And if we were to bloom in that era,
    I'd make you a Taj-Mahal of poetries with my love.

  • fatema_sayyed00 29w

    Wasn't on a break, had some tough times.
    I sincerely apologize for not being able to read all of you these days. I also thank all of you who genuinely cared & asked for me.
    The only social media platform which feels so close to my heart. Writting can either tear you or heal you, for me mirakee is healing.

    & Yeah hopefully I am back! ♡♡

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #moon #wod

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    I'll write poetries of the stars adoring the moon.
    I'll write poetries of hoping to adore you soon.


  • fatema_sayyed00 31w

    (PS: He's ��)
    Not back, just a 2am thought. Thanks for all the love & support, I surely have the best writers here (*cries happily*). Hope y'all are fine, am good too. Take care.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #pod #wod #moon

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    He peeps through clouds, to have a glimpse of me,
    He adores mine more than his own beauty.
    The only perciever of my sorrow & smile,
    He blows the zephyrs to make me glee.


  • fatema_sayyed00 35w

    I still remember my very first home & how it felt to depart from there. Which made me write this 2 min random poetry. Idk if its worth it, but still i found it kinda cute.

    I sincerely apologize to all my mates for not being so active these days. Ik i missed alot of posts but i'll be back, hopefully soon.

    #bagpack #wod
    @mirakee Thanks a ton for EC! (4) ����
    @writersnetwork Thankew! (24) ♥️

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    The highway across my window calls me loud & cheer,
    The streetlights are dim & low, as darkness tends to appear.
    The walls of my room hearts out my childhood scribbles,
    A lion, a dog, few stars, few moons & a kitten little.

    The balcony's where i accidently broke my arms,
    While acting like ben10's big bulky fourarms.
    My cute lil piano still works the same as 10 years back,
    With the same old essence of childhood kept on the 3rd rack.

    I get the nostalgia of my kitchen set within my few toys,
    Which i used to play with my tution's clumsy boys.
    Being the mother i used to shout & explain,
    You should never let yourself wet in rain,
    For i will scold you if so, better use your brain.

    Oh, here i meet my place where i had this dupatta's swing,
    All day into it, going round round, making ring-o-ring.
    & There i would fall thump after my round,
    Mother used to shout & say stop fooling around.

    I can't explain the love this place holds into my heart.
    Even far away the memories of here will never be apart.

  • fatema_sayyed00 36w

    A random thought.

    I srsly don't know why this post deserves to be at Editors's Choice. Thanks a ton y'all!! <33

    @writersnetwork Thankew!♥️
    @mirakee #if #pod #wod

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    & If the moon stopped
    hearing your poetries,
    I'd be by your side
    to inhale those rhymes.

  • fatema_sayyed00 37w

    Another random one.

    @writersnetwork Thankew♥️
    @mirakee Thankew for the EC!✨��

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    I ain't no moon.
    Am the star in the sky
    Which no one wishes for
    But still adores
    The fact of its existence.