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  • farahrazvi 8w

    Thoughts ran into rythem of panoramic views,
    With the facade of truth teaching lessons to lure.
    Illustration illustrated
    Immortal imagination
    With the slightest shadow of love

  • farahrazvi 9w

    Beautiful soul, ought not weak,
    They raise with silence underneath.
    Words clash to prove the power,
    Still unsatisfied horizon of love seeks the untangled of tangled leap,
    Just in the name of love

  • farahrazvi 10w

    Moments wouldn't have been created,
    Memories wouldn't have been immortal,
    Only if the creativity wouldn't have squeezed its way out to emerge the bigger dream out of you

  • farahrazvi 41w

    Hey, how come little fingers grew big, that blunt nose...looks ok now....look at your feet how small they were....what did u drink by the way....it's just yesterday I saw your popped eyes glared at me...and now they are managing the world.....I wonder how baad ass I am in your life......well read my lines again...you will always be the small lolipop......and I love u more and more ....I wish you a very happy birthday

  • farahrazvi 60w

    Not all the feelings are felt the same way you want them to feel,
    The momentum of life shapes them as well

  • farahrazvi 63w

    Presumption presumed the spark,
    Affections hardly became so dark,
    processed itself just as shadows grew in lark.
    Myths wrote mythology with speed of words
    Nothing grew green on the bay of heart
    But, perceived the love of self in par

  • farahrazvi 63w

    I wish I could freeze this moment, blindfolded to pain, laugh like insane and haul with fame

  • farahrazvi 63w

    I wish I could freeze, the blotting ink and add memories of beautiful moments, paint it pastels and glow with red

  • farahrazvi 63w

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld
    Pic downloaded from pixabay

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    Hardly could I recall the foggy night,
    Glared through vision of blurry white,
    Lost my way for a while.
    Looked at him in wild
    And realised NO you are not mine
    with all the love evaporating with time
    and creating facade space of truth to define

  • farahrazvi 63w

    And she still believes in metaphor than in the irony
    And concluded conclusions of every fragmented pain into the dither thoughts