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  • fantasy_world 96w

    It hurts when you have someone in your heart, but you can't have them in your life

  • fantasy_world 96w

    We talk
    We share
    We feel
    We care
    We cry
    We fight
    We love each other
    We heal together
    Then why the f**king society comes into our space and speaking the nonsense

  • fantasy_world 108w

    By unknown writer

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    Mudhal murai yeanakum vekkam varum, naanum oru pean than endru nee yeanaku unarthiya neram❤

    Velli pol minnum antha nila velicham karthigai madha udha katru
    Paani-il❄ nanaiyum antha pokkal odu neeyum naanum nanaintha neram
    Paani-il urainthu pona yen mane un siru veral thindiyathum aanal pol kodhithathu...
    Yen arugil nee nerungi vara aanal-il karaintha paani aga naan...
    Un kannil kadhal udhatil kamam erandukum naduvil vekkathodu sikkikonda naan
    Yeanai katri anaithu nertri-il mutham ita antha neram kaamam thotrathu

  • fantasy_world 110w

    By unknown writer #diary

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    Sometimes its good to stay with memories in the world of fantasy... Coz reality hurts a lot

  • fantasy_world 118w

    Sitting quitely on my study
    Fingers playing with pen,
    I suddenly started to cry

    "MISSING HIM?" Mind denied
    "A LOT" , heart recognized

  • fantasy_world 149w

    YEAN ANBE....

    Yean aarukil irrukum yeanku piditha anaithu venmeengal irunthalum
    Athai anaithum naan rasika maranthen...
    nee yean arukil illai... yeanodu nee illa tha natkal yean vazhkai'il naan unnai mattum ninaithukondu vazhntha natkal agum....
    Nee illa tha natkalai yean vazhkai il solla varathaikagal pothathu yean anbe........

  • fantasy_world 150w

    Udhatil pala naal punagai thanthai.... Yean manathil neega adam pidithai.... Yean anbe yean aaruyire, ippozhuthu yean kangalil kaneer mattum than thanthai manathil ranamum thanthai

  • fantasy_world 150w


    Sorry is the bandage for the broken glass

  • fantasy_world 150w

    Kannam kuzhi naintha pothu kangalum nanainthathuintha intha maayaai seithathu nee oruvan alava.!!!

  • fantasy_world 150w

    Yeah I'm a sort of girl were,
    I get angry on pity things
    I become moody for no reason
    I get depressed for small things
    But deep inside I too had a soft heart which was broken into pieces
    For hiding my broken fragile heart I keep doing something so that none of them could find my broken heart But everytime I'm failing.....