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  • fallingstars9 65w

    Is she the one?

    I met a rishta today.

    A girl spent two hours with me.

    Her parents quizzed me for an hour.

    Is she the one?

  • fallingstars9 65w


    Be happy for no reason, like a child.

    If you are happy for a reason, you're in trouble, because that reason can be taken from you.

  • fallingstars9 65w

    Some rooms

    Some rooms look inaccessible. You may stare at the door for years, yearning for what's on the other side.

    And when you finally work up the courage to try the door, you realize it's unlocked.

  • fallingstars9 65w


    God I don't even want a roof over my head

    Nor do I want a bed

    I can sleep on the streets

    But God remember

    I spent a lakh for my new apartment

    Only for my future wife

  • fallingstars9 65w


    I hate it when the people I follow here on Mirakee

    I hate it when they do not talk to me.

  • fallingstars9 65w


    I earn money, and I earn a lot

    I touch a crore or two every year

    For two reasons only -

    1. For my parents and family
    2. For my future wife

    Without them, I would be a monk. Saint.

  • fallingstars9 65w

    The right one

    If you are the right one

    1) I'll give myself to you, without expectations
    2) I'll earn so much money so you can walk with a Hermes bag, Jimmy choo shoes
    3) I'll travel the entire world with you .
    4) I'll fight for you. I'll protect you and the kids you give me

    5) I'll kill for you

  • fallingstars9 65w


  • fallingstars9 65w

    I'm a shark

  • fallingstars9 65w


    I'm a flirt now. .

    Once i marry
    I'll never flirt with another woman. ..

    I'll be flirting with my wife 24*7