Brevity is the soul of wit. (Sir William Shakespeare)

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  • falak_yousuf___ 1w

    Quran is the cure

  • falak_yousuf___ 3w

    Has ye reigned over thy emotions...,
    Surpassed that thin line of logic?

  • falak_yousuf___ 3w

    Every day can't be Roses and Lilies,
    Sometimes thorns train you for the petal beds.

  • falak_yousuf___ 6w

    I always have tried,

    And now I know, I was wrong to do so.

  • falak_yousuf___ 7w

    My weirdness consumes my anxiety,
    So I stand.

  • falak_yousuf___ 8w

    Trying to bring it back
    You know it's settling
    At your happiest hour
    Life will strike you.

  • falak_yousuf___ 8w

    I want you to grow back in me.

  • falak_yousuf___ 11w

    More I grow weird,
    More I love it.
    You will be scared of my new version.

  • falak_yousuf___ 14w

    I don't know what life has to offer.
    But i want to order the best.

  • falak_yousuf___ 19w


    Purple purple purple
    U want to raise me in purple.
    This purple, biting me, laughing at me
    But... It has also been my home.
    Masses of restless nights.
    Talking, giggling, sobbing..
    My crony.. Just me.
    My breath, a burden
    My weight, a burden
    My body, a corpse.
    My way is barbed. These feet, bare.
    Gash is filled with salt.
    I'm screaming... Make the sky move.
    Ahh!!! my sky is a sealing.
    Matches a purple roof.