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  • falak_k 1d

    It's funny how we think the world is so unfair to us

    When we ourselves have done the same

    To someone, at some point!

  • falak_k 2w

    Oh darling, confine me in your emancipating embrace
    Cuz when caged in your arms, i feel free

  • falak_k 2w

    You might deny it
    But it's true, isn't it?

    #paradox #wod #writersnetwork #ceesreposts

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    You're buying the trendiest and expensive items
    But do they accord with who you are?

    Using signs and languages considered cool
    Does it really come from inside or is forced?

    Complain about the scorching heat in summers
    And then you enjoy the apricity in winters, don't you?

    Wanna fly high, touch the sky
    But trepidation weighs you down?

    Wish to steer clear of problems and dilemma
    Then spend hours over thinking the little details

    Say you don't care
    Face the avalanche of tears at night

    Telling everyone, you're fine
    As if it's definition has changed over the generations

    Always uplifting the corners of your lips
    When will you prioritize your dispositions first

    Showing love and affection to others
    When was the last time you did that for yourself

    You are alive
    But are you living, or just surviving?

  • falak_k 3w

    Hey there, how you doing? Oops sorry, forgot to introduce myself. My name is- uhm does it really matter? After all, you're just here to read my letter and we'll probably never get to meet. Even if we did, you won't recognize me would you?
    I know it's not an everyday story that a stranger writes a letter to you providing enlightenment about life, saying the words from his heart. And what's even stranger is that we all start as strangers and one day most of us end up up being the same.
    The previous day i was walking down the street when my ears stricked upon a familiar voice talking on the phone. Their silhouette appeared to be scintillating in the dusk sky. As we came closer, i could see their face conspicuously which evoked calescent feelings of childhood in my heart. It's been years since we last saw each other. I wanted to wave towards them but thought what if they don't remember me or my name. So guess what, we just crossed each other's paths and went our own ways, just like strangers!
    So if everything, every place and every bond is transient, why do you keep yourself dead sick stressing about all the temporary achievements others seem to have while you don't. Must've been tired over contemplating on the factitious happiness many people portray through their smiling pictures.
    Why don't you pause, just take a break, let your arms float in the air and focus only on your breaths. In case you didn't figure out till now, the only thing eternally with you is YOU. Yes, and you don't need to force yourself to socialize, follow all the norms set by society, or constantly be on tenterhooks for receiving their accreditation. Just be yourself, enjoy yourself and love yourself. That's enough.

    #stranger #ceesreposts #writersnetwork #pod

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    To Mr/Mrs Someone I'd Like To Know

    If you're wondering where did you lose your happiness...
    Well let me tell you
    It's not with your lost friends, not with me or any other stranger
    Your happiness, hope and faith, it's all within you and will always be there whenever you need to find it :)

  • falak_k 3w

    Hold my hand
    Don't let go
    Let's set free our fears
    And live in ukiyo

    Life's too short
    To put on a faux show
    To worry about comments
    Of people we don't even know

    So please, this time
    Learn from epochs and grow
    Strengthen ties with your real happiness
    And never let go

  • falak_k 4w

    Nothing can beat the pain of unrequited love, friendship and dreams. Can it?

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    When you really miss one of your best buddies
    Just about to send 'Hiii' to their inbox
    Then you have to tell yourself to hold back
    Since that friendship was over from their side
    Just a few months ago
    So you just end up reading the texts you both shared
    In the past, about 8-10 weeks ago
    Go to the gallery of beautiful memories
    And revisit the journey you went through together
    Witness with your teary eyes, how it all ended
    What was meant to last forever

    Is there anything more painful than that?

  • falak_k 5w

    Sweet aroma of inocence
    You wore on your skin
    Accompanied with cherry topped lies
    Hazed my mind to believe
    You were ever mine

  • falak_k 10w

    I'm just like a sailor in a yacht
    Navigating through the salty waters
    Till i find someplace with a comfort of home
    This sea is nix, but a cascade of my tears

  • falak_k 10w

    Syllabic count- 4:5:6
    #questionkupoem #wod #ceesreposts #writersbay #writersnetwork

    Pneuma means the vital spirit, soul or creative force of a person.

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    You hide your scars
    But if moon did same
    Would it still serve pneuma?

  • falak_k 11w

    "We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place"

    Sat by the window of my house
    Thinking these words out loud
    While my eyes glued to the view outside
    Covered up in dirt and sweat, there was a happy croud

    I was sipping my hot coffee with cookies
    To derive some writing inspiration
    While the kids in playground kept playing around
    Their faces emiting smiles and motivation

    Was i also the same before i grew up?
    Did i left behind my innocence and happiness
    When i left behind my childhood
    And started treating life as a game of chess?