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  • fajr_fajr 80w

    Ps. Covid is scarier up-close. Stay with your loved ones, life is unpredictable.

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    Because what else is love,
    if not peace wrapped in the envelope of pain?


  • fajr_fajr 81w

    I hope it makes sense (T_T)

    @writersnetwork thank you 🥺❤️

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    R. E. D.

    Vermilion heart. The hues of extremes, the color of fire and blood. My father's relation with my mother. Violent. Terrific. Indignant. Scarlet hues of my passion for you. Seducing. Powerful. Fierce.

    O. R. A. N. G. E.

    Hybridization of sanguines and golds. Serene sunsets in your arms. My grandfather's old T-shirt, his mother gifted him when he returned home as a Ghazi, turning old, precious and pale like him.

    Y. E. L. L. O. W.

    Your presence. Scorching sun burning my skin, as the cool breeze entangles my hair. The warmth of your soft hands filling the gap between my fingers as the sunlight streams through my window in springtime.

    B. L. A. C. K.

    Representative of strength and weakness. Selflessness and selfishness. The boy who loved me, mentioned me as a black rose in his poetry, that leaves its fragrance on the hands holding it with love, but the thorns are too sharp and it wounded his hands.

    B. L. U. E.

    Your departure. The hues of pain. Agony. Distance. Death. Light when the sky is happy and grey when the clouds bleed. The enchanting snowflakes in your eyes, carrying rage like oceans and bringing anguish in my chest.


  • fajr_fajr 81w

    [A G E - 7]

    ✿ The time you were supposed to be running around in open grounds playing with your cousins, and scolded by your mom because the sky was slowly turning it's red hues into pink, then orange, then yellow and finally the stars were covering the sky, and the crescent moon was secretly telling your mom that it's late. The kid must be home before it's dark.

    Instead, you were locked in a room, full of lights, lights that hurt your teary eyes, and your father's cousin brother was throwing you on the couch, his body milky white, ugly, his trunk so strong that it terrified your poor soul. Suddenly the room turns pitch black, all the lights were gone, you closed your eyes and he leaves you there. Once again. Devastated. Ripped apart.
    You get yourself back together, before your parents get home and blame you for all the marks.

    [A G E - 10]

    ✿ When you were supposed to join the football club with your brother because it was your favourite sport as a child and the only thing that made you happy.

    Instead, you started bleeding on your way back home from school, and your mom started scolding you for getting your periods this early.

    " Mom, why is their blood on my trousers, am i dying? "
    " I told you to eat healthy and stay active, you are too young for menarche ".
    " But am i going to bleed continuously for life ? "
    " No. I'll explain everything ".
    " I'm scared mom. "
    " Don't be. It's normal. "

    Mom, What else is " normal " ?

    [A G E -16]

    ✿ When you were supposed to experience your first love, the time when all your friends were falling for this beautiful labyrinth of love, where you could see their faces glowing with happiness, and their eyes shining with hope. They lived, laughed and loved. You wished to experience love too.

    Instead, you were laying in your bed, which was dragging you in every morning, you were fighting the urge to die. You were crying, screaming, dying. Anxiety was slowly eating you up, each cell in your body was wilting. Your therapist told you that it's okay not to be okay. He told you that life brings each one of us to a point where even breathing hurts. He was right. Breathing was so painful. Something inside of my body was being twisted. Something inside of me was being Coiled. Contracted. Crushed. Collapsed. Clenched. Crumbled. He was right when he said that everything ends. Pain ends too.
    But what he didn't know was, it leaves eternal void in our existence, that cannot be filled. Not even with love.

    [A G E - 18]

    ✿ When you were supposed to be responsible. Mature. Grown up. A happy and kind human being.

    Instead, you turned into an evil person with good intentions but bad actions. You were hungry for love, looking for love selfishly, you started hurting people to the point where healing for them was excruciatingly painful. You failed to give and receive love.
    You started pushing people away, because you were so full of thorns, anyone who came near you was left with deep bruises. Anyone who tried to love you was bleeding.

    - fajr

  • fajr_fajr 81w

    Elegance flowed in her veins,
    And she breathes grace through her lungs;

    Buried under the weight of bad experiences;
    Her eyes still glitter when they talk about love.


  • fajr_fajr 82w

    Since I've forgotten to write so this is an old one.

    Suggest me some books ?

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    I will keep your letters safe in the envelope of my heart.
    I will let your love rest in the fragments of my soul.
    I will embrace your memories and stitch my wounds with gold.
    I will let you go, without letting you go.


  • fajr_fajr 83w

    When will i officially leave this place?

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    It's crazy how your heart keeps hurting for someone and your mind keeps playing their last words and they absolutely have no idea about it.
    It's crazy how some people bring hurricanes in your chest and live peacefully in their own world; blinded by lights.


  • fajr_fajr 84w

    He creates melodious poetries looking into her eyes.

    She dances on sweet beats falling into his arms.


  • fajr_fajr 85w

    I'm just a scrap of regretful past in your life,
    But you are;
    the fragrance of dead heart that stays,
    sweet murmurs dancing on my ears,
    and the withering letters that are kept safe under my soul.

    Honey ! You make the galaxies in my eyes shine
    and bring salty cascades streaming down the
    epidermis of my skin.

    - fajr

  • fajr_fajr 85w

    Dancing with his enthralling demon on sad evenings numbed my pain.

    I love how the devil pretends to love me.

    - fajr

  • fajr_fajr 85w

    I swear I'm not studying cardiovascular system (;_;)

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    Living between the layers of your heart, i was flowing from one empty chamber to another, and you pumped me out, sucking all the oxygen from my arteries, until i couldn't breathe anymore.

    ~ fajr