I am the night so u can't blame me for being black~cool buddy ig: Faisal_hussain_haqqani

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    Will you be my dawn again as I can't serenade the chants once wrote by a poet anymore!

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    The dusk without poetries is gone
    Now a new dawn has risen up
    Where for their own destiny
    Everyone becomes a poet

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    After thinking about that there are seven billion souls yet two million humans
    The chaos was consuming my poetry gland
    I was living death.
    But after being killed by smiles hanged by greed
    I found myself in the battlefield of souls
    To steal a new dawn with same old chants.

    I was an injured man
    But the spirit of falcon was yet alive in me.
    Which was still stitching my penetrated heart with the threads of  metaphor.
    I was walking forward with my quill which was bleeding hope .it was defeating souls one by one
    But at the end a soul of certainty came with a blank paper of experience
    That is why I am still a poet.

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 4d

    cried on
    embers of peace

    gave it
    form of tale

    Falcon of
    Certainty dropped quills

    sky bleeded
    Ink of Nostalgia

    is why
    I am still-

    -A poet


  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 4d

    The quill in that shredded heaven bled sonnets,
    coincidently that day I was carrying a broken umbrella that is why i am still a poet

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    Amidst the conflict
    river of poetries and
    the castle
    of fullstops the sky cried
    an ocean
    of metaphors, so that
    a sailor
    could never lose his
    hope again

    ~From a poet who was lost in the darkness of despair
    To the sky who made a new dawn for me

  • faisal_hussain_haqqani_ 1w

    What is hope

    Hello! Oh sweetheart,
    human is your name
    And falling is written in your
    book of destiny
    But remember rising is written
    in your book of legacy.
    If you collided with a
    mountain of despair, then why lament,
    For you shall not perish by the
    devastation of hope.

    I am a poet and I know which power
    lies beyond hope,
    Who morphs the falling dusk
    into rising dawn.
    Why don't you know so, oh!
    But I forgot, for that you have to sail a sky of three Dawn's and three dusk's
    and complaint is yours that I can't fly
    But alas oh! The mortal clay, you are afraid cause you don't have wings, but have you ever tried to spread your arms,
    and look up Oh! Moron there is also a sky.

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    #wod #patheticfallacy
    Sorry for copying your style but i loved it

    Thank u @Writersnetwork
    Today I am so happy!
    Aaj party banti hai

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    in between the dying night and emerging day.
    The sun recited my sublime poetries to the moon .
    And somewhere a dawn was created.

    | HUMAN

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    �� �������������� ������������

    �� �������������� ������������ of betrayal was set in the city of treachery
    Some purchased the saccharine red wine of success
    Some smoked tangy cigars of prosperity
    But oh! The shopkeeper of destiny give me the seeds of poetry
    I will sow them in my garden of despair
    So that I can make a cup of hope everyday,

    The shopkeepers of betrayal were yelling,
    Tommorow for humanity
    Yesterday for loyalty
    But oh! Sweet heart
    Yesterday was a lie
    Tommorow an excuse
    So let's live today!

    50 special let's celebrate

    Thank u so much @Writersnetwork for the repost I am so happy ����
    #wod #imagery

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    Look at the
    We also have to

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    An old post

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    When woke up at
    the altered into orange.
    Gently leaves started Swiftly
    leaves started , No one stayed
    longer cause no one was