I plan on falling in love��

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  • fairytales_ 2h

    The way his filthy hand graze my rosy skin
    slowly, gradually giving rise to my terror
    even my inner demon refused to show up
    due to his sadistic behaviour, he dragged
    me towards the bare window ripping my
    the fabric he thrust closer to me

    He stared at my spooked eyes appeased with
    himself he scrapes my cheeks brutally this time
    hastily than before my body reacts critically
    he got hysterical at my abrupt turmoils conveying
    all the strength he punched me
    My nose was bleeding heavily I tasted
    my blood unwillingly which was better
    than is touch

    I refused to lose when my senses were
    robust but my body was slumping
    I tried shoving him away but he clutched my
    wrist revealing his barbarous flank
    He grabbed a handful of my hair clenching
    his teeth not satisfied with himself he clutched
    my neck with his both hands squeezing bitterly

    I was struggling to acquit myself from his
    grasp but I couldn't breathe my shaky voice
    was muffled by his dominant restraint
    I tried riding myself from his fatal gazes
    but my all strength goes on vain
    when he pressed his crusty lips on my neck

    I was hopeless begging for mercy each part
    of me was thunderstruck feeling of nausea
    knocks me I gave up when all attempt to
    save me failed he engulfed me but I was
    still breathing for the vengeance

    I hear a scream of my inner self
    You can fight
    You have to fight
    Fight for women
    You for humanity

    I thought to an extent, I was losing me someone else was winning me against me.
    A voice awakens my isolated strength which
    endowed my ability to thwart the foe
    I freed my hand kicked him harshly.
    He was shaken for a moment his seduced eyes vanished instantly. He opened and close his mouth several times. I took advantage plucked the first thing that my hand could reach the flower vase whack his head.
    I ran locking the door hardly.

    You can win, you have to win, you have the right to win.


    11'30 am
    #timesup #wod
    A repost of 8 months ago

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    You can win, you have to win, you have the right to win

  • fairytales_ 4h


    Away from the chaos
    nearby calm
    betwixt serene hills
    besides the restful rivers
    Let me build a hopeful house
    sweep of the dreadful dust
    wooden fences made of
    wish and want
    followed by decorated doors
    hanging daffodils and lilies

    Away from the bustling
    crowd of cities
    nightlights and traffic
    nearby greenery,
    in the pleasant village
    of lantern and lamps
    let me dwell in the air,
    where my soul lies

    Let me be the gardener,
    of my yard
    I'd dig a hole in the edge
    of the grass
    allow me to plant a seed
    of the red rose
    and see what grows
    a love blossom
    I'd name the garden
    a land of devotion


    9'50 am

  • fairytales_ 19h

    6'53 pm
    Last post of the year,
    I want to write more love quotes next year too ��

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  • fairytales_ 1d

    recipes for love

    Pretty lies

    Would you pluck a star for me?
    Yes, I would but darling those star
    twinkle only at the dark,
    when nightfalls
    there are myriad of others,
    just for a certain period,
    but you have the entire sky,
    dawn as well as dusk, within you,
    those playful vivid eyes,
    are no less than the dazzling star
    your skin sparks
    thousand times brighter
    than thousand of luminous star in the sky
    you are like one of those wishes
    even a shooting star
    itself would wish for you

    A bit of appreciation

    Would you like to taste the momos that I made?
    Before dipping momos into the sauce
    just dip your eyes on hers,
    she is a good cook,
    her favourite flavour is devotion
    she has special ingredients
    called passion
    when she adds spices
    to the essence
    you'd be able to taste real love

    A whole lot of acceptance

    Would you still love me if I choose to live my entire life alone?
    Darling, love is beyond
    commitment beyond the peak of
    freedom, beyond formula and description
    You'd set me free,
    free from thoughts
    free from rules
    free from philosophies
    free from freedom


  • fairytales_ 1d


  • fairytales_ 1d

    Would you like it if I surprise you, your love?

    What would be the best gift for a selenophile?
    Maybe, A cute canvas warped in a dark wooden box decorated by loneliness and scars. A passionate painting painted in the twilight
    betrayed by daylight yet appreciated when nightfalls. The moon that resembles beauty, the painter who is an artist, painting that reflects art when combined all together.
    Would it the best gift for moon lovers?

    What would be the best gift for a bibliophile?
    Maybe, A room. A room filled with books, novels and a sweet fragrance of golden pages, bookshelves in each of the nooks and crannies. Seven cups of black coffee and some glass of hot tea to enhance energy. A pen and paper to make a memo, note down the names of the favourite character and striking quotes.
    Would it be the best gift for book lovers?

    What would be the best gift for your lover?
    Maybe, A surprise. Something unexpected that seems impossible for you to get yet, the desire to gift is way bigger than the impossibilities.
    Your effort must be honest if they are fascinated by stars just go to hills, those flicker of lamps, classic bulbs, the shine of lanterns,
    fire in lights are no less than the stars that twinkle at night, anything that consists of a bit of hard work dedication and full of love would be appreciated no matter what it is, they would love.

    I think this is called writer's block. I can't write.

    #wod #gifts
    Happiest birthday, dear ❤ @scar_on_stars
    I wish you all the happiness in the world,
    study hard the way you always do

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    scar on stars

  • fairytales_ 2d

    they say me rude, they say me kind
    I'm neither rude nor kind I'm just someone
    who writes all the time.

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    I'm a burning rage

    I don't shy howling
    at the undesirable guest,
    who shamelessly
    question my worth
    pass judgment over the
    case as simple as not
    watering the flower in a vase
    for not tidying up my
    room the way they
    expect it to be
    It's my room,
    I'm fine with it,
    tell me,
    what's your problem?

    I don't shy screaming
    at my mom
    when she yells at me for
    not eating the vegetables,
    greens and other basic need
    I can survive,
    Mom, please
    I don't shy screaming at her,
    way louder than she does

    I don't shy
    doubting the decision
    that dad had to make for me
    for what I have known
    I don't think I can consume
    the fact that I wouldn't be
    able to live my life the way
    I want to live

    I don't shy
    getting angry on my boyfriend
    who make promises
    who breaks promises
    and then explain
    how he isn't at fault
    blah blah blah
    baby, don't swear the things which
    aren't on your will

    I don't shy
    rejecting the guy who
    approached me
    within a day,
    on my cousin wedding
    the senior who ask me out
    and a friend who wants
    to take me on date
    just wait for a bit
    I doubt you'd want to
    handle the real me

    I don't shy
    ignoring the people
    who I don't like
    don't take my silence for granted
    I'd love to end the
    game you started
    yet, being silent is my thing

    I don't shy
    blocking the creepy stalkers
    attention seeker
    who comes to my post
    now and then,
    who takes my kindness as flirt
    I'm definitely, not the one who has
    a single second to watch your bullshit


  • fairytales_ 3d

    If you choose to write writing would come back to you definitely

    How I'm I supposed to write?
    when I, myself is struggling
    to jot down the pen
    to someone who is going through the
    the same phase as me
    writing a letter to you would be decent
    way to reap this heavy writer's block
    Would you write to me a letter?
    mentioning every
    tiny detail of anxiety
    pressure, prick
    how you want to inscribe
    something, anything, everything
    but, your pen collapse in frustration
    wither just like an old letter
    written by pencils, Are you trying to detect
    the pink cloud at nights
    paper sink in the river of desperation
    blue ink-covered your whole essence
    you are blurred like a forgotten lover,
    hopeless like one-sided love
    It's been days,
    I'm afraid it might take months
    or maybe a year,
    would you wither
    just like a fear
    after massive thunderstorms
    or would you rain?
    after all,
    to you,
    to me
    to all the writers out there,
    if writing came naturally to you
    just trust yourself
    you'd come back with a loud bang
    writing would come back to you
    the way you choose to write
    besides all the things
    you could have done
    to survive
    just like a moist monsoon after
    shinny summer
    You'd be able to pour
    your heart again,
    Sometimes your own' writings
    disappoints you,
    you write
    you delete
    you repeat
    you yell, you scream
    You aren't sure,
    You aren't confident
    Let just consider
    writer's block as your lover
    would you stop loving?
    just cause you aren't feeling good
    about the way he is treating you
    just cause he is doing exactly
    the opposite of what he said
    In the end,
    we are all humans
    there are consequences
    for every
    known and unknown
    action and reaction
    there are ways, different ways
    if not, your genre
    write about your opposite genre
    you'd be surprised
    or you'd make a surprise


    10'29 am

  • fairytales_ 3d

    400th post!
    Pc' Pinterest

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  • fairytales_ 5d

    What are you scared of darling when you got love in the lover

    if not love, poetry would definitely
    treat you right

    if not lovers, who would have made
    a tragedy admirable

    if not death, what would have
    saved you from living in hell

    if not fate, what would you blame
    for the outrageous chaos

    if not pain, what would have
    made you aware of yourself

    if not writer, who would have taught you
    the significance of heartbeat