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  • extreme_case 5h

    #brave @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I was not going to write, still I did.

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    Will you?

    I carry mountains in my heart
    and ocean in my eyes,
    Will you call me brave
    if I(man) cry my eyes out?

    I wear scars under my sleeves
    and stones adore my face,
    will you call me brave
    if I say a man is raped?

    I bleed blood invisible
    and paralyzed I roam
    will you call me brave
    if i say a man is hurt?

    I show masculinity and hid my
    face under the mask of norms
    will you call me brave
    if I say a man is survivor of
    domestic violence?

    I like dark and grey, inking blue and
    it's perfectly suits me, don't you think?
    but will you call me brave
    if I say I write letters in pink?

    I think, I write, I hide, I burn
    ashes, I flow them in sink
    will you call me brave
    if I voice all those voiceless things?


  • extreme_case 7h

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

    Bye till we meet again:)

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    E X A L T A T I O N

    I'm drifting away
    to a place where boundaries never
    meet each other just to give
    effervescence & then let a totem replace
    it to erase the existence of which
    that is forbidden and apart,
    yet visibly exist within;

    I can't promise to never touch
    the sacred you, with my profane
    metaphors as my exaltation overpower
    the heat of thousands of sun when
    my eyes never wish to open but feel your
    divinity eternally and I burn the scars
    of my unholiness; the atheist me,
    worship you as my religion,
    not wishing any paradise but just a gaze
    and my darkness melts in the shadows;

    Everyday I feel jealous when wind
    sings sonnets to you & roses
    cling around you intimately,
    and I stay at your door, neither
    going in nor out for not to be
    called as blasphemous;
    your amulet smirks at me who exist
    neither in parallel nor in same,
    because I, myself is the cosmos of chaos.


  • extreme_case 2d

    #song no. certainly it's not.

    Isn't it lovely, all alone
    Heart made of glass, my mind of stone
    Tear me to pieces, skin to bone
    Hello, welcome home!

    ~Billie Eilish and Khalid
    (I couldn't stop singing this today)

    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Lonesome longing

    No love is addicted, but lonesome longing,
    Oh! a beauteous and unpleasant being
    I just can't get away from the pieces of me
    I'm ready to switch the seats, to see
    How deeper I dig the grave of me!

    As the crestfallen, I dream in mirage,
    Losing myself in a shallow maze
    could you please just ignore?
    I'm the lonely waiting to fall,
    hugging my longing draped in a shawl,

    Oh! I'm the lonely waiting to fall
    just fall! I can't say I won't go out,
    It's just I stopped hearing my shout
    Is there any place to go?
    or I should just stay put at home?

    In my head, now isn't the brain anymore,
    It's the home of a lonely, making uproar
    What a way to own disowned bones!
    mirage of fear shining in gold
    Oblivion of peace is all I can hold.


  • extreme_case 3d

    #home @miraquill @writersnetwork

    I couldn't write what I wanted to! :(

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    From a dying building to a living home~

    An abandoned building, with four walls
    and roof crying with rain & shining with sun,
    foundation just laying there to fall with a
    gust of wind as it is has no owner to call it home;

    Home? What a distant word! A wall growing
    some weeds sighed. Weeds busy in growing
    & shallowing the wall, mortar is piling up,
    some ants making home there. See, home in the building which isn't even a house. How rustic!

    Look, look, there! another wall pointed towards the door where thermites have grown it as their home. Home again, in a door waiting to fall. All looked in unison and there was standing a rag overhanging on
    ....a stick? no skeleton may be?

    Shut up! You all. Door glared. Come here child. he, all shallow called so gently to the one standing there. The one with ragged overhanging hesitated for the first step. Door sensed the disheveled one's tremulous.

    Ahem! The broken windchim which stopped ringing, coughed. Did you forget the way to your home? he caressed the little one's hairs with all the strength remaining. The little one with big brown eyes looked ever so puzzled.

    What is a home? murmuring voice is heard very loud. Now, even the ever so silent roof is flabbergasted but stayed silent to observe the kid, all bones only. Where are your parents? the side wall inquired. The child, dumbfounded just stared back.

    Sigh! Whole building sighed. Will you come to me? the dying foundation asked barely holding the breath. All became flabbergasted as the foundation never allowed any person to take even a single step but why now?

    Again asked with the same question, the child said yes but questioned back, what is a home? The silent roof smiled after a long. You see, I'm all cracked up, I've nothing to give but still I won't let you shiver in rain & will protect you from the fire of sun.

    The walls welcomed the little one with a song, we're the walls, we're the walls, ready to fall, bolstering the weeds in their greeds but we will cover you in all the storms as your front warriors, we won't die and will make sure to let you stay happy and alive.

    The wind chime started ringing and door keeping the roots deep: we will give you a home where you can cry all you want and laugh with your all might and when you're away and tired, we will wait to comfort you
    as your parents. When you've nothing to call your own, I'm ready to become your home.


  • extreme_case 4d

    Bored but have a lot to do!

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    I was the weak: ugly & silent
    you moulded me to
    your heart's content
    you didn't let me see the light
    & darkness has already eaten
    me alive;
    but darling!
    don't cry, no! please don't beg
    now we're together in the hell
    today, won't you complement?
    see my dear dominant, here
    I'm the queen: gorgeous & violent.


  • extreme_case 4d

    Caption: don't read
    as I don't even have a title.

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    I know I'm the star
    and you will make sure
    that I'm fallen apart,
    But, darling!
    you've no idea-
    I won't be your
    wish granting rock
    but a black hole
    & from which,
    you ain't never getting off.


  • extreme_case 1w

    A most shining lady became a beldam,
    not by age but by her own blood's cage!

    #bygone may be:) @miraquill @writersnetwork thank you for noticing this little one��

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    Value killing values!

    Hands that rocked the cradle,
    now begging for a corner to rest,
    back that carried mountainous cakes
    now has bread in the plate, the worst;

    Making home, in world of house
    only to be disowned & thrown out
    giving up all wishes just for one smile
    now dying listening all sordid shout;

    Staring at the corner of the room, lit
    but darkness creeping all around,
    unfamiliarity eating day by day
    helplessness making a deafening sound;

    Why the proudest heaven, build
    by own hands, turned into hell?
    What wrong has done? What crime
    committed, who would tell?

    Greed to grade most in luxury left the
    Gods giving life on streets,
    Alone they raise all the children, now
    divided in parts, just to have a grain of wheat;

    Paying debt of life by leaving them in
    old age home, 'you've done no good
    all was your responsibility, I'm still
    giving you money, be grateful. Understood?

    Death will relieve from the burden,
    heard the ears, forgotten the hearing
    but they never questioned, why parents
    should always bear all the bearings?

    I want to go back from this value
    murdering values era to the one where
    Shravan Kumar lives with his parents
    filial & forever.


  • extreme_case 1w

    Who is me?

    I see mist hovering all over the glass
    My reflections are hazy, dull but
    screaming the faces, locked up
    somewhere in my conscious;

    I see tears rolling down, but
    I catch the pearls of rainbows
    my conscious, playing with me and
    I search traces of me, in a hollow;

    Fears swirling with mist and
    numb hands quickly erase them,
    sigh! now they're hidden from the light
    eyes close but face is not mine;

    I look again, and I see another
    mask, I never knitted, but fingers
    tracing the glass feel liason,
    with glass or mask? I blink;

    I question to me: is my conscious isn't me
    or glass isn't real but who will tell
    who is me?


  • extreme_case 1w


    Tell the aweary heart to stop
    seeking validation, it never got.
    Though it's alone but heights like
    to hear stories never heard before.

    Tell the bursting mind to throw
    the awful wine of 'survival of the
    acknowledged' cause wild flowers
    still bloomed even if not desired.

    Tell the hungry body whitewashing
    the hands to tear the corset & wear
    comforts. Though white enchants all
    the hues but black is always the muse.

    Tell the dead soul to rest for a bit
    live the shades lost in blues, who knew
    this time the sleeping beauty doesn't
    need the kiss but sword lost in dreams.

    ©️ extreme_case
    #lanturne @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    Lightening the lantern in stormy night~

    writes the
    dreams waiting
    to rain, rainbow

  • extreme_case 2w

    #mood be like: kuch bhi.

    मुखालिफ - opposite
    मीसाक - promise
    तौफीक़ - God's grace
    उजरत ए इश्क - price of love
    अर्जानी - cheap
    साअत - moment, time

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    कि सजाओं के मुखा़लिफ हम, मोहब्बत सजा कर बैठे,
    जो देखा फुरसत - ए - आइना, तस्वीर गुलाबी कर बैठे।

    सलीका - ए - अर्ज - ए -हुनर से जो मीसाक़ किया उसने,
    कि हर टूटे दिल की रंजिश को, सनम तौफीक़ कर बैठे ।

    उजरत - ए -इश्क़ जो मांगा उसने, अर्जा़नी में रवां से मेरी,
    कि ज़िन्दगी को जकड़ मयखाने में, मौत उधारी कर बैठे।

    कि न आया वो खत लेकर, साअत ताकता रहा बागी दिल,
    दीवारों के जालों को चराग और राख़ को पानी कर बैठे।