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  • extrawedinary 2w

    Happy and Rich

    There's nothing more beautiful than staying present and being grateful.
    For gratitude makes you rich and being present makes you happy.
    So you are a happy rich person...

  • extrawedinary 3w


    It was the fairy tale and romantic scene
    Fed the minds with the "YES" dreams
    Knelt the prince with his hands stretched, holding high the diamond ring
    And she said "Yes, a thousand times Yes"
    Was a dream dreamt by every child to be the he/she
    In waiting in agony I discovered the end of ma fantasy!!!
    "Will you marry me" and I said yes to ME...
    And now I knew it was the beginning of a never ending love story
    I wish I had known earlier the
    "marry yourself first" theory

  • extrawedinary 3w

    Lost In The Space

    Sometimes you must get lost to find your ways..
    Like a kite that's lost in the space.
    You must let go to fly through the empty space and be lost in nowhere.
    But forget not to get a good hold of the end, else u might be gone forever.
    Wonder I then what's the fault in being lost forever, will it lead to a new road or will I be torn or broken on the way...
    If I was torn or broken on the way, isn't risk part a of the play.

  • extrawedinary 4w

    Take courage to stay humble....

    It occurs such that our inner love leads us to accept and own our flaws, indeed it's a rare and daring quality. But it could also make us feel better about ourselves, a sense of perfection in accepting our imperfections. So let not your egoistic self deceive you to believe you are better than them, just because you got the courage to acknowledge your truth. For verily humility is the best adornment of courage.

  • extrawedinary 4w

    Back to home...

    Coming back was a journey she dreaded for she hate the idea of losing herself... Yet in the end when she finds her way back she is awestruck by how much a person can fall in love.

  • extrawedinary 4w

    You'll never know

    It's always safer to stand back and watch but you'll never learn to swim unless you dive into the water. Just Believe A Lil More... Oh and don't forget head first

  • extrawedinary 8w

    Suffer in Silence

    One of the greatest misery in life is
    agony lost in silence
    for the heart aches to be heard
    yet the brain knows for certain it would erupt one way or other
    if not today for sure one day...

  • extrawedinary 14w


    The innocence of a child, the mind of a monk and the hands of bird is what I crave........

  • extrawedinary 14w


    It is the absence that gives rise to a new beginning..
    Like an empty canvas or a blank paper, it brings hope to the artist, to re-dream, to re-live, to love and to be loved.
    When people see nothing they see a new beginning...

  • extrawedinary 15w


    Oh what a fool would I be to believe in you anymore, you say the only way to uncuff my hands is by cuffing my legs.