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  • thelunareclipse 54w

    Taurus woman

    She stands firmly on the ground,
    But she can fly easily to the clouds.
    Artistic soul with hedonistic goals.
    Seem so quiet and passionated
    At the same time.
    She can be like a hurricane
    And stubborn to hell.
    So sensual for men,
    She charms with her grace.
    Good listener and even better friend.
    Sensitive by the heart,but you never see her cries,
    she always suffers in silence.
    True zodiac pearl- A Taurus girl.


  • piu_writes 118w


    Fun loving jolly vivatious .Wise humane philosophical.lover of poetry books and adventurous at heart. Lover of truth and if you lie to her she will tear you apart. She is a fighter she fights for justice. She is an Archer she might fail several times but will keep up her practice. She wants to aim for the stars but with her arrows she manages to pierce some souls and hearts.

  • lilacsandroses 147w

    Why Libra Calls Cancer In The Middle Of The Night

    He looked at his phone's keypad
    Hesitant at first
    But decided to make the bold move
    And text her first
    'Hey beautiful' he sent,
    A red heart at the end
    In the seconds it took for her to reply
    His stomach churned to meet they sky
    She blushed in her armchair
    And replied with her favorite emoji smile
    'Wassup,' she questioned
    Feeling a bit shy
    'Do you want to face time with me?'
    Her eyes popped at his reply
    'Sure' she said nervously
    Her mind hoping he'd change his mind
    Her phone began to ring
    Her thoughts lowkey began to sing pick up
    She answered and her face resembled that of the prettiest rose
    She noticed that his face
    Bore tired eyes
    "You should sleep." She murmured as she looked at the time
    He grinned and closed his eyes
    "I know, I just wanted to hear your voice before I close my eyes."