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  • midnighteagle 23w

    "The fallen feather of Pegasus."

    Yet those who touch me!
    won't tame me,
    & those who see me;
    won't beautifully describe me.

    Yes, I am the feather;
    fallen from the pegasus,
    I'll ask you to pick me up;
    if you can bloom your soul?

    Or turn me to my hooves;
    to make the world to a poem,
    where each one of you will be a poet;
    writing a verse each day.

    For those who search me;
    I see you from my stars,
    & shed a feather everytime,
    you wish to bloom your soul.


  • hearts_to_ink 44w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 7)

    Pain searing through my body, gold coursing outwards
    Blinded by the swagger, humbled by betrayal
    My heart seeking an answer for this outcome
    Was I to blame perhaps for what my daughter had become?
    Memories come flooding of times so blissful
    There she was! Her peals of laughter reverberating
    Chasing after her sisters in the Hesperides
    Unmindful of the sorrow that was to follow
    Curse the Fates for my eternal damnation
    Curse everyone for corrupting the mighty Titan that I was
    I shed a tear in repentance for my action
    Losing the trickle of humanity left, in this annihilation
    I gaze upward and long for a final moment with my dearest
    Maybe a few apologies, a final bid farewell
    Before I transcend into the unknown
    Disintegrate to infinity never to return
    She descends slowly, a picture of grace and disarray
    Weeping inconsolably for the deed she performed
    She falls into my arms in regret and repentance
    Only to see me in acceptance of my fate
    I am at bliss embracing my long lost daughter
    "It is alright my dear, it was never your fault
    I shoulder the blame for your action
    And from the depth of my soul accept the consequence"
    I wipe away her tears with the last of my strength
    "Forgive me mother Gaia for this massacre
    Protect my innocent daughter from my sin
    Let me sleep, set me free from the curse of Atlas"
    A final gasp of breath before the transit
    Into the pits of chaos and emptiness
    With the image of my daughter on my breast
    I close my eyes and give away to the darkness

  • hearts_to_ink 46w

    Curse of Atlas (Part 2)

    Of deceit and charlatance, jealousy and greed
    Till the brim filled as to rip the soul of his kin
    Stranded from my blood for all eternity
    The curse of Atlas I endure in silent agony
    Millennia has passed since the war ended
    A guard over the purgatory of land and sky
    Stand the test of time, witness man's ascent
    A life of pleasure within reach yet so distant
    T'was a time when repentance came flooding
    Perhaps my trial by fire, of penance resolute
    Rage took over for amnesty overlooked
    Await with bated breath to turn over the tide

  • aru______ 85w

    "Love you to the moon and back"
    More like lie to you until death
    Do as apart
    You are so naive

    Can you be more child like?
    How amusing it is to see
    That silly smile of yours
    You really thought i would
    Only be yours?

    Come closer but
    Caution with that heart
    Don't catch feelings
    As i already have
    Enough to deal with

    Slow dancing to that beat
    Venomous is your beauty indeed
    My oh my
    I now have to leave
    As i see my dear beloved Wife
    I will hope to see you in future
    If you are able to survive the heat

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  • isabelina 94w

    A los deseos de Zeus

    Noche roja de harapos devotos
    de nobles y sencillos decoros,
    Deslumbró la belleza de la hembra
    escarlata de finezas y destrezas.

    Aullando al pecado en desinteresado
    desencanto, tan bajo el rubí y
    tan alto el harapo.
    Soñoliento hechicero de lino infernal,
    De París el espanto y del Alemán el llanto.

    Belleza que nadie lució, joyas que nadie
    usó, mujercita de senos rojizos
    De andar enfermizo y de limpios tobillos,
    Ciego el amarte, preciso el rogarte

  • aryanshrivastava09 101w

    How to kill a God?

    How to kill a god? Turn them into a blot on life, that's atleast what i'll decide, detach their limbs, burn their eyes, cut off their ears, shrink their size, when a tear oozes out in the end, when they give their necks a bend, consider them dead when they end up being a blot, roared Ares like a battle is being fought.

    How to kill a god? Eradicate music, sung Apollo. Cause music is a beat even to an immortal heart, not to eyes but to ears, its an art. Deprive them of the sound of winds, steal the sound when the birds sing. Just when he starts to pull out his hair, await the death in his despair. Though i am aware the death won't come, but a life without music, is death for some. Artemis interjected wearing a frown, Make him a target, and hunt him by dawn. Throw him on a peak at night, he'll freeze before I lower the tide, then make him wander the desert at noon, entrap him in this cycle, he'll respect the moon. Though not death I am aware, but in place of death this method is fair.

    How to kill a god? Do you mean the eternal sleep? Shrugged Hypnos, just bring him to me and mourn the loss. Conjure a sleep, the deepest ever infested, not calming, the one that grows untested. Without dreams or nightmares, the living sensation of lifelessness. Without a snore, without a break, give him sleep more than he can take. Just when he stops being alive, consider him dead and start acting naive. Though not death but unconciousness, worse than death thus a bigger mess.

    How to kill a god? Break his heart, smiled Aphrodite, bring him to me, you won't find any better in sight. I'll rule over him to drain his heart, of any other hobby, passion or art. Enchantment so soothing, better than sleep, just when he falls, leave him to weep. Wait by the door to collect the shards, of his bruised and broken heart. Though not dead, but sucked out of life, trust me if given a choice, he won't choose to be alive.

    How to kill a god? Make a plan, tip-toe behind him and capture him then. These were Athena's wise words, like doing anything else will be absurd. Make a contraption, with the angles correct, made of metal and sturdily set. Lure him there, and bind him from behind, torture him for fun, don't be kind. Your work is done what are you waiting for? While he is bound snatch the spoils of war. Though not death but nearly so, you won't hear his heart beating anymore.

    How to kill a god? Leave it to me, laughed hephaestus in a reverie. Drag him to the chains, and run for your life, i'll cast him into metal before he can strike. As molten metal melts away his pride, i'll leave him there for years to hide. This is worse than medieval torture, consider him dead when he becomes a sculpture. Though not dead in essence, but after years of being a statue, he'll lose his sense.

    How to kill a god? Drown him and be done, mumbled Posiedon. Tie him to weights and let him sink to the bed, and let him ponder over the life that he led. I'll send in my creatures of deep, for them his body will be a royal feast. Though not dead I am aware, but he'll wish that he was given a chance for hell.

    How to kill a god? Stop praying, suggested Zeus. Make him aware that he won't have any control, crush his self esteem, and do no more. Make him consider pity on himself, Make him a human, and consider him dead.

    How to kill a god? Smiled Hades. Bring him to my palace, he'll be dead, i'll make sure of it.

    ~Aryan Srivastava

  • witchdrx 109w

    Olympus Rising

    The wings of angels fly by night

    Beyond celestial seraph sight

    An earthly heart which left to beat

    Will bring about the sky's defeat

    Upon the stardust he doth tread

    Above the pools of molten lead

    A man, a myth, a legend born

    A thread from Fate's creation torn

    You seek the strand that's made of gold

    To grant release from Hade's hold

    A fortress sits atop the mount

    A lake of souls, a sacred fount

    The world on a spindle rests

    As heroes race to take the test

    So stand above the Titan's gaze

    And sing to Mount Olympus praise

    For on the the winged horse he'll ride

    And fill the father, Zeus, with pride

  • abzwords 113w

    Mirror And Mask

    I Will Wear A Mask Of Mirror So
    I Can Hide And Reflect You Well,
    You Gonna Call Me Fake I'm
    ReadyTo Be Called,
    It's Better To Hide Everything
    Behind Than To Showcase
    To Someone For Whom It Is
    Just A Melodrama Play,
    Mirror, It Will Reflect Who Is You!
    Mask, It Will Hide Everything Behind,
    I Have Been Fallen In front Of Myself
    Who Will Pick Me Up Now?
    Slowly The Rain Of Zeus Is Falling
    Down And Falling Apart But Who
    Is Bothering Though !
    So I Will Wear A Mask Of Mirror So
    I Can Hide And Reflect You Everything....
    © ABzWordS

  • airararara 153w


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    It's so sad now a days that some serious people before, don't want commitment anymore. There is a story behind it and it's sad. Always.

  • phaedra 160w

    Rainy day

    I'm sitting in my bed,
    Looking through the window,
    How my tears fall to the ground.

    Have mercy on me,
    Father of storms,
    Send a lightning to give me peace.

    I've prayed to you,
    Mother of love,
    You're enjoying my suffering,
    You sentence my to be unhappy.


  • minorellery 161w

    Zeus, Finally.

    At 6 o'clock am
    I take a walk to see
    One single redwood tree like
    The nodding face of Zeus
    Which stares at me with
    Big brown Garden of Eden eyes.

  • thearchemyst 162w

    The Lord and Lady (Shakespearean)

    The Lord has declared his Love for the Lady.
    He has proclaimed their love to be greater than the Love of the Love of the Gods for Humanity. Saying that there is no Love as great as the Love of this Lord for His Lady. He has sworn this oath against the name of Zeus Himself.

    (therein sets the Lady waiting somewhere distant) (her Lord lamenting speaks):

    (Enter LORD)

    LORD: Wont that Athena chose her swiftest arrow to set Aphrodite's parchment upon it's shaft that my love would retrieve the message most rapidly...
    As I stare withal the Moon T'is all but display -
    without the warm gaze of Sun
    And I am the Loon madly braying as I lament the absence of my One.
    Wouldst that the Gods favoured your humble serveant to show me Her countenance upon Poseidon's face?

    (The Lord waves his hand lightly over the aether above the water to reveal the face of his Love- who appeareth within the ripples)

    (gazing upon Lady within the water)

    LORD: O' that such Power given me would keep my Love from being riven me,
    To see but not to touch
    The cruelty of the Gods
    from you has driven from me
    This fate: this fate is Far too much!
    My name be Lord naught of the Line of Prometheus
    What could I have done to deserve a Fate so cruel as this?!!

    (Clouds of tumultuous boiling trouble the sky, a crack of lightning ZEUS stands before the LORD)

    (Enter Zeus)
    (Standing Before LORD)
    ZEUS: Dare thou ant question the Divinity of Olympus?
    Shalt Hades daunt Apollo's graces
    With an infinitude of Tartarus' faces
    To Leave Dreams of Shining Sun with no traces?
    To dream of unending demon wrath
    Hear the sound of Cronus vile laugh
    Whilst to heal only yet again
    to be sawn in half
    Oh a multitude of punishments shalt thou have..

    LORD(PLEADING): Forgive Oh Grand Caesar O' the Heavens
    Deign to look not upon me with eyes of Fire
    T'is only in Love that I conspire...

    ZEUS(ANGRILY): Thou Small Man
    who would with audacity in ignorance of truth in sooth in veracity thou bethinks to compare his love to all totality of the love of the Gods for men then Thou compound with a Vow in my Likeness to elevate thine love above all other loves.
    So shalt thine punishment be:
    That a Heart Thou hath
    A Heart Thou Hath Given
    The Punishment being
    That thine heart may be riven.

    So It was from that day forward that People could have a broken heart.

  • anonymous68 172w

    Lost Spring

    Melancholy of the withering flowers made the beautiful garden miserable. They were grieving on the departure of the queen of spring, "PERSEPHONE". They held her tightly but she could do nothing to defy the law of her beloved father.
    The agitated flowers had two choices:
    1. To peacefully get parted with her or
    2. To face the wrath of Hades.
    The flowers accepted their destiny and bid farewell to her with a heavy heart. They bid her a final goodbye by the perish of their charming petals and turning into nothingness.
    Accepting goodbyes are tough but they come up with a promise of return. So did PERSEPHONE promised returning next spring and leaving behind coldness, "THE WINTERS"

  • _inkography_ 193w

    You and I, we blended together
    perfectly in the distant horizon
    But closer to home,
    you were more like zeus,
    while I was Poseidon
    Together, we held the power
    To plunge the world into
    Uncontrolled destruction
    So we chose to stay apart
    And weave our story
    in the silence of forgotten horizons.


  • aish2810 204w

    According to Greek mythology humans were originally created with
    4 arms 4 legs and a head with 2 faces. Fearing their power, Zeus
    split them into two separate parts, condemning them to spend
    their lives in search of their other halves.

  • grim_lyssa 217w

    Dizzy I feel,
    I am scared of letting go.
    What if I am wrong?
    My heart is not beating right.
    My heart is dying,
    Until I saw, all the little heart rocks,
    They were not there the day before.
    Nature brought it to my door;
    Or an Angel did.
    Slowly, I realized it might just be the Devil.
    He who loved me, thank you
    You're so misunderstood,
    Devil Boy
    To me, you are so beautiful
    How could I ever repay you?
    I vow to be a rebel,
    Because I fell in love with darkness, forever
    And Always
    His Bride

  • alawari 276w

    Every mother on earth gave birth to a child, except my mother; she gave birth to a god