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  • rhythmic_beats 4w

    Heya! Today is world poetry day♥️

    Poetry: Mirakee's heartbeat��

    Happy world poetry day
    @mirakee @writersnetwork ��
    You are inspiration for writing down poetry✨

    I have tried to reflect the zephyrs of various poetry which we all love to write down. Poetry is zephyr every soul want to have in their majestic yet mysterious life.

    Mistakes welcomed ��

    #zephyr #poetry #poet #try #different #rhymes #life
    #worldpoetryday #typesofpoetry #love
    #rhythmic_beats #mirakee #writersnetwork

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    Zephyrs of poe|t|ry

    Zephyrs of poetry
    Cuddles our soul
    Like the moon cuddles
    The peaceful night.

    Day starts with
    Metrical patterns of
    /Blank verses /,
    A wake-up call to the
    Sleeping dreams.

    Words start walking
    Into the path of
    /Rhyming poetry /
    Like the colours
    Of dawn rhyming
    To the endless sky.

    Sitting under the
    Shade of tree
    Penning down
    /Free verses /
    Of life.

    Words lined up
    One by one ready to flow in
    /Narrative poetry /.

    The zephyr of
    /Haikus /
    Is favorite among all
    Like a nap from tired life.

    One finds himself
    In the magical
    /Pastoral poetry /
    As he blends
    To the harmony of nature
    And dances of rural voices.

    Like fourteen principles
    Of management, waves
    The beauty of
    /Sonnet /
    Bonding along with
    Lovely rhyming couplet.

    /Limerick poetry /
    Accompanying with
    Short rhymes like
    The smile rhymes to
    Adorable gaze with loved ones!

    /Lyric poetry /
    Flowing like a waterfall of emotions
    Which the soul drenches
    Into it completely.

    The pen and pages
    Hold the crown of a poet
    By winning the
    /Ode poetry /
    Of a poet as they are poet's
    Key to open the door of love.

    Like melodious
    Musical instruments comes the
    /Ballad poetry /
    Singing its own mellifluous tunes.

    One frees the pain of loss
    And melancholies by tears of
    /Elegies poetry /.

    How can one miss the
    Biggest satisfying zephyrs of
    /Soliloquy poetry /;
    Unwinding his cells, heart
    And soul in the journey of life.

    /Villanelle poetry /;
    The ecstatic queen
    With pride of five tercets
    And a quatrain having
    Dazzling internal rhymes
    And smile having
    Sweet obsessions.

    The soul, the biggest warrior
    Of universe who daily battles
    The challenges of life
    Finds himself in
    /Epic poetry /
    Like The Odyssey.

    Whatever our soul inks
    Surely waves the
    Zephyrs of poetry;
    Zephyrs of poet's try!

  • samswan 9w


    What is it like to be a wildflower?
    It's like dancing with the sweet zephyr and taking voyage in wilderness of the world.
    Sleeping under free azure
    without the fear of seizure.
    - Samiksha

  • ndichuu 18w


    Gentle as a zephyr.
    To my scars you're a healer.
    You are my escape when I'm bitter.
    You bring merry to my inner.
    Like cherrywine, your blood is rare and sweeter.
    How I love you my lovely sister.


  • puranidiary 18w

    All my life

    All my life I've looked at words as rhyme of all life jingles
    Luminous of my dark kingdom as those stars twinkle
    Coated with concealed pain expressing all giggles
    Washing down past taints like those fresh sprinkle
    Pouring my inert sensation just like brook flows
    Comforting my bleeding heart as the zephyr blows
    Illustrating my life illusions all sweet and fray
    Disclosing through eyes which lips fail to say
    And Scribbled letters,the Swords of my all fights
    All my life I've looked at words as my knight

  • unnibabu 23w

    Midnight Zephyr

    Midnight zephyr sneaks through the window
    Cleansing mind that got tainted by thoughts.
    It is love; it is hope
    It may be the benevolent sigh of God.

    Midnight zephyr heralds the dawn
    Carrying the essence of what the future has got
    It is strength; it is faith
    It may be the messenger of the soul.

    © unni babu

  • rinky_kumari 24w


    Untold word are silent on the heart
    Some things cannot be said
    Some things cannot be expressed
    Some things cannot lie to yourself..
    Just we can feel the sorrow of unspoken word


  • daphnae 25w

    Time flies, just like the hummingbirds from our window. And memories stay, somehow digging their way up once our senses come into contact with their chattels. Some words still, can weave the same ecstasy we felt, when we heard or read them for the first time. And today, of all the other days, is different. The misspelled tattoo which I have been carrying on my arms as a mistake, I am admiring it with my tears. It's been so long, but I can still breathe the air filled with my anger that day, for you ruined the tattoo on my arm.

    A hot, summer day, cradling the sanguine zephyrs, swiftly blowing the strands off my loose bun. I went to you, eagerness dripping off along my sweat. Eagerly waiting for my first tattoo done, with my pen name: Saya! I saw your troubled face, once I entered. Eyes, dancing along with tides of confusion, and they stopped by me, as if I was the shore. You made me sit, and started with your work. That huge machine, took my life out, until you assured me, telling me about my dress. I couldn't believe the sight I saw, after you were done. I still remember my tears flowing incessantly and you panicking like I already stopped breathing. I remember my scream, "You spelled it wrong! That's why I said, I hate tattoos. And I hate you." And I left.

    What still makes me laugh, the same way I did that day, when you came with a sorry note to me, is: I never had any clue how you found me, and your eyeballs still danced staring at the floor until they made their way into mine. I grasped your shaking hands, until they shook mine. The current passed, and is passing now through my skin, tingling each and every pore. And somehow, I felt you deeper, beyond my eyes. I slammed the door on your face.
    Little did I know, that place beyond my eyes, was my heart.
    Little did I know, I would never get to drown in your eyes again.
    Little did I know, I would still be writing about you with your blurry face I carry in my memories.
    And the strangest thing is, I adore the misspelled name on my arms: it's like the moon full of scars, still being the reason for many people being poets.

    #zephyr #andthestrangestthing #mirakee #wn #pod #octoberodyssey #blurc @writersnetwork

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  • leena_afsha_ishrot 27w

    16/10/2020 5:44 p.m.

    ���������� �� �������� ��������, �� �������� ���� ���� ������

    I ain't expecting of a fairy fondness
    All I want a hand to hold me
    Whenever I feel to mute from the worldly thoughts
    And walk on the shore
    Where cold zephyr embrace me
    And the couches sing lullabies
    To sleep under the starry night
    Which lightens the beauty of the night
    And lessen the feeling of nothingness

    #leena_unsaidwords #zephyr #full_moon #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersbay @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @writersbay @writershub

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  • biswajitdev 27w

    * Mermaid, the fallen star in world of dread *

    Dear wanderers of #Universe
    Wanna #traverse within the #verse !
    Drop a ❤ if you feel so .
    Feel free to convey your suggestions .
    #writingcontest #creativearena
    ** Opening crimson shell, beckons with silks bedizened
    Eyes pure as pearls, golden hairs sea pomade
    Wallowing in dolphin tails, rippling waves she permenade
    Being swooned over sonnets of seas she serenade
    Devils masquerade as strolling sailors stray to invade
    The talk of love is all charade & mermaid gets betrayed .

    Mermaid, fallen star in world of dread won't ever fade
    Waiting for decades, not being decayed to evade from palisade
    Magnolious maid made up of glitters of star cascade
    Daughter of sea presents soldier of sea her crystal heart as accolade
    Longing not to be buried, bodies intertwine in crystal bed
    Romance pervades zephyr & they see dark night in colourful shade .

    Knotted into love is braveheart soldier & crystal heart mermaid
    Lay down on sand kissing golden sun & tossed by waves making love to moon, they're no more afraid of any renegade . **

    * GLOSSARY :-
    Crimson - Deep Red, Beckon - Tempt or Lure, Bedizened - Dressed with, Pomade - Dressing hair with scent, Wallowing - swaying or Moving rhythmically, Rippling - Series of waves, permenade - Ride, Swoon - Being pleased or attracted, Sonnet - Poem, Sereneade - Singing romantic melody, Masquerade - Pretend to be someone, Strolling - Wandering, Stray - Move away randomly or aimlessly, Invade - To win & capture, Charade - Fake or Farce, Dread - Fear, Decay - Perish, Evade - Escape, Palisade - Barricade or Barrier, Magnolious - Magnificent, Cascade - Fall, Accolade - Gift or Honour, Longing - A strong desire, Buried - Represeed or Hid, Intertwine - Connect or Link closely, Pervade - Spread through, Zephyr - Soft gentle breeze, Shade - Colour or Tone, Knot - Tie or Tangled, Tossed - Throw or roll gently, Renegade - Traitor *

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writerstolli @writersbay

    #sailorc #writersbay #Crimson #Beckon #Eyes #Pearl #Hair #Sea #Pomade #Wallow #Dolphin #Waves #Permenade #Swoon #Sonnet #Serenade #Devil #Masquerade #invade #Evade #Love #Charade #Palisade #Magnolious #Maid #Glitters #Star #Cascade #Daughter #Soldier #Crystal #Heart #Accolade #Longing #Intertwine #Pervade #Zephyr #Dark #Night #Shade #Knot #Sand #Sun #Moon #Renegade #Mermaid #Sailor #Alliteration #poetrywednesday #fear #Monorhyme #wod #pod #writersnetwork #writerstolli #mirakee #ceesreposts

    Picture credit to the Rightful owner
    -- Pinterest --

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    Opening crimson shell, beckons with silks bedizened
    Eyes pure as pearls, golden hairs sea pomade
    Wallowing in dolphin tails, rippling waves she permenade
    Being swooned over sonnets of seas she serenade
    Devils masquerade as strolling sailors stray to invade
    The talk of love is all charade & mermaid gets betrayed .

    Mermaid, fallen star in world of dread won't ever fade
    Waiting for decades, not being decayed to evade from palisade
    Magnolious maid made up of glitters of star cascade
    Daughter of sea presents soldier of sea her crystal heart as accolade
    Longing not to be buried, bodies intertwine in crystal bed
    Romance pervades zephyr & they see dark night in colourful shade .

    Knotted into love is braveheart soldier & crystal heart mermaid
    Lay down on sand kissing golden sun & tossed by waves making love to moon, they're no more afraid of any renegade .
    ©biswajitdev 14.10.2020

  • jaatnij8ni 27w


    She could see
    The swing
    Was still there
    Earth damp
    With fragnance
    The same tree
    Etched with
    Laughter resonated
    Yet again.
    # writingcontest #creativeareana

  • isntitlovelyallalone 28w

    Dancing with whiff of zephyr,
    Curly black hair,
    Grown with mom's love and care,
    In her childhood pics two plates alair,
    Sometimes braided, sometimes open,
    Messy when she was heart broken,
    Her hair was her love story,
    She decorated with fiori,
    But to fight a carcinoma,
    She withstand a trauma,
    They chopped her hair,
    Looking her bald head, hiding her tears
    Just to make her mom smile now curly black wig she wears,
    She never give up,
    "I will grow them again ", she says everytime medicine she gulps.

  • deadly_writer 28w

    परिवार से बंधे धागे,
    बिना हम जीवन मे कितनी बार ही उन्नती कर जायें,
    परन्तु बाद में हमारा वो ही हश्र होगा,
    जो बिन धागे की पतंग का होता है..
    जीवन में यदि ऊंचाइयों पर बने रहना चाहते हो तो,
    कभी भी इन धागों से रिश्ता मत तोड़ना..
    धागे और पतंग जैसे जुड़ाव के सफल संतुलन से मिली हुई ऊंचाई को ही सफल जीवन कहते हैं..!!

    #pod #hindiquotes #hindishayari #hindipoem #hindikavita #writersnetwork #family #familylove #zephyr #writerscommunity #love @writersnetwork @mirakee #mirakee #mirakeeworod @mirakeeworld @writerstolli

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  • john_solomon 28w

    One more for the road. I'll see you all when I can.


    "Be careful what you wish for"

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    Dreams ~ extravagant wishes, temper your zephyr near dandelions.


  • thet1dwriter 28w

    The dream is to let life pass like a zephyr, not a storm.


  • rekhuu 28w

    Goodbye isn't easy to bid, especially when you wish to say it to someone to whom your heart belongs. For all that happened betwixt us, you were my greatest mistake. Paving the way for me to make innumerable mistakes that has finally led me into an abysmal abyss of failure. Those seven long years of melodrama have catapulted me into nothingness. If I could only travel back in time and undo the clandestine romance we shared, for had I not met you I would have been successfull personally and professionally. But is it so easy to unlove someone you loved dearly.?! You were my waking dream wish fulfilment always preoccupying my heart and soul. I never dared to question your definition of "forever". My belief in fairytales and a happily ever after was skyrocketing with each passing day. Alas.! There is something called destiny and it started to play a spoilsport. Misunderstandings kept creeping up and you began to play the "victim" card. What a little fool you have made out of me. Your words "I'm the worst guy to be with" resonates in mind as it brings the memory of the day when innocently I had replied "I'll make you a good guy". How stupid of me for not realizing that some "rich" guys just need play "things". Falling in love is easy. But what really does matter is the committent towards your better half. Hope in the last few minutes before your death you see visions of us together and may you realise how inhumane you were to me and also how sincere I had been to you. This lockdown has come as a blessing in disguise to me as I have taken stock of my mistakes and realized my utter foolishness in sticking to a worthless person as you. I have finally decided to bid you a farewell and sail through all the mysery brought upon me by you and so I shall come up trumps sooner or later. I know I can and I know I will. Waiting to usher in the Zephyr of change and bring back my very own resplendent self.

    //Hope once you are gone, the zephyr of your regret smells like the petrichor and cools down the embers of my aching soul//


    #Goodbye #Zephyr #Petrichor @mirakee @writersnetwork

    #daadisbae @mirakee_ki_daadima @mirakee_ki_naanima #daadigotyourback

    #emberc @writersbay

    #icanandiwill @thunderbird__

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    If I could only. .


  • the_speccy_outsider 28w

    Time was running out and the noblemen weren't getting any victory, for the vengeful ones had taken over, intertwining their respective lives in order to perpetually collide, eventually. And thus the nomenclature of Heroes and Villains took place, creating a labyrinth of deceitful illusions.

    //The vile and macabre blackhole started to consume the galaxies of sanity and verity//

    Since childhood we've been constantly told that Heroes are good and Villains are evil. The one who saves everyone is a Hero and the one who creates obstacles for the Hero is the Villain. And we believed it! Put a fight, and the Hero sings the song of victory while the Villain walks the slippery path to defeat.

    //The eyes of a Villain often weep tears of a forlorn life//

    For everyone, the Hero is Blue, who confronts a Villain who is Red, for a Green Damzel in distress. A quintessential story for us to watch, read, listen and write. Inducing fear in form of a fantasy, which isn't true in reality. The ones who are outspoken, opinionated, straightforward, misunderstood, eccentric, imperfect, different are often termed as Villains. And the ones who succumb to societal norms are crowned as Heroes. Only hypocrites rule a narcissistic world.

    //I belong to a world where Heroes are considered as Villains and Villains are perceived as Heroes//

    Villains are alone like an empty room. Segregated from the zephyr of love and struck by the tornado of mist. They are the embers of a story. I miss them, if there isn't someone who's Grey yet pragmatic in a story. For one can always blame the Villains for all the mistakes one committed. How easy it is! One might never read, listen, watch or write a story that doesn't have a Villain. For who shall be held responsible for the struggles of the protagonists, putting them on the throne of success.

    But who are we to decide? Are we all perfect? Or is there really such a thing as perfection? Everyone wants to be a Hero. But it takes guts to be a Villain. To say that one is wrong. To admit no one is perfect in this imperfect world. I love Villains as they are relatable. They tell us there's still a chance to show remorse and look towards the path of redemption. To rectify the wrong deeds.

    It is a matter of perspective, I suppose. As whatever a Villain does, the same is followed by a Hero. Whether it is loving someone, fighting a plethora of dilemmas, going against the system, breaking laws and most importantly, taking a stand for yourself in order to get what you want. And the narrators often camouflage the lines between them. Providing an insight betwixt right and wrong, nugatory in nature. Not being inclusive at all. And blurring these lines is a quixotic practice, followed since generations. Yet, no conclusion is derived but the only thing one sees is a bigotry of Blame Game, and nothing else. Sadly!

    //Villains are what we call as the misfits, the wallflowers, the scapegoats, the anarchics and, the outsiders//


    #alone #zephyr #MondayMantras #time #belong #fridayfun #fear #sings #eyes #galaxies #mistc #colourc #labyrinthc #emberc #ffossil #daadigotyourback

    Picture credits: To the rightful owner.

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    I wish I could be
    A villain in someone else's story
    Allowing them to put all the blame
    For their misdeeds
    On me
    Relinquishing them from their sins

  • urvidhake_ 28w


    It's 7 in the morning,
    Struggling, to get up from the bed,
    And to accept the night is over.
    I broke the silence,
    Did the sun came up early today or the night was so short?
    We had our time together baby, and I have to let you go, he replied.
    And we're on my way home.
    Sitting at the back of your bike,
    Holding you tight
    For the one last time,
    As I mesmerise about the last night,
    I can feel the zephyr,
    Caressing my silent tears rolling down the chin.
    It is the last mile,
    I tried to smile,
    How do I say goodbye?
    Filled with sadness I cry.

  • wild_aish 28w

    You're like the hot steams
    Vapourising up a cup of strong dark coffee
    And me- the cool zephyr
    Who loves teasing you.
    Together we mingle into each other's breaths
    And the aroma formed
    Fills the crevices in the walls of the
    Empty rooms;
    It brings to life, even the minuscule dusts
    And murky tales that sing melancholy
    But with you by my side,
    It all feels like home...


  • zoya_charmz 28w

    #zephyr #autumn

    Dedicating this poem to you �� @lotus23

    @mirakee @writersnetwork

    7th Oct, 2020

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    Touch of Zephyr

    A light Zephyr
    Of autumn
    Touching my bare soul
    Softly crawling on with feathery touch
    And calming my vexed mind
    A dreamy day
    A feeling of euphoria.

    ❛Hush! Nature is adorning herself ❜
    With golden yellow leaves
    With colors of autumn
    With breezy essence
    Of Zephyr
    Spreading musky-sweet smell.

    Nature is forever a transcendent beauty
    With earthy scented touch of warmth
    Creating a magical symphony
    In this splendid Universe.


  • amsterdam 28w

    @writersnetwork, thank you.������✨

    Zephyr: A Promise Of Better Days Ahead

    How is your day going on so far?

    Mine is a stretch of quiet joys inspiring me to live and write about. Telling me to switch off my phone, find a space in the balcony and bask on the gentle zephyr promising peace, all mine to enjoy on a lovely afternoon. When the weather is made of beautiful dreams and the sepia glow frames a cinematic view as Christmas songs fill the air with warm nostalgia, I take a deep breath and let it all sink in.

    Days like today fill my cup with hope to the brim. When the sun paints the skies with the most breathtaking hues of blues, washing away all the ugly blues. Like a soothing balm doing wonders to the weary soul, making me feel everything is going to be fine.

    I no longer count the days and try to label them good or bad. I simply take them as they are and receive the gifts they have for me. The lessons and life hacks that get me through trying times and keep me sane amidst the chaos and uncertainty.
    I'm not going to pretend that it's all sunshine from this side but I dwell on the gentle knowing that no matter how seemingly strange or dark a season is, it always carries some light.

    It may seem hard to find things to celebrate about nowadays when the world seems to be upside down and things can get overwhelming.
    But we will surely get by.

    Cherish tidbits of happiness no matter how small they may be. Look for the little packets of silver linings scattered on secret corners you'd never imagine waiting for you to be found.
    When all else fails, still, be gentle with yourself.
    Breathe deeply like you never did before. Let the soothing zephyr touch and heal your soul.

    Hold space.
    Embrace the gentle parts of today.
    Of every day.

    ( After LT. Gomez)

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