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  • upasana_07 25w

    My comfy look

    Does the weird oak greyed bed where you fold your legs and see the world ,judge the world and think the world is just more than cool scare you ? Sometimes just make your fists tights and cannot recall the exact moment where you felt this alive . You are a sublime to this nasty world who can hold the head right above that body .
    You cannot think about the detailed flow of your periodic life where it sometimes feels like a stage and you being the best performer just gets awarded for the infamous debutante . There are voices to this soul , beats to this heart and most important an eye to a part of life which has been tagged with the wrong user name . You seek validation but do not know how to respond to that ,you want your pride to shine for you but do not know how you can loose people just with a snap , you just want your comfy look to reflect you ;you want to know "You "