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  • chingngaih_ 69w

    •time theft•

    Stolen fruits taste sweet they say
    So, I stole myself some time today,
    To escape from reality's trait
    Just to shrug off the dust at bait
    And laugh my heart out like a child.
    Though short lived it might seem
    It's always worth a dime
    The time you steal for yourself
    Because, after all, you only live once.


  • dil_se_dilshath 80w

    Put yourself in risk but
    never let yourself to regret
    because you only live once !!

  • sarahrachelea 82w

    People have affairs because their integrity is cheaper than their desire.
    Because they're too caught up in this "you only live one" bull shit they can't even block the temptations.
    Because they have no gratitude for they have and been too greedy selfish maniac.

    Because they got no moral with zero self control and nihilism self esteem.
    Because basically just damaged pathetic mad infidelity creature they don't want to learn to be a better person blah blah blah yadda yadda.
    If you can't control your desire, no wonder you can't control your life and put your stuff together.

    You only live once, but if you live well and behave, once is enough.

  • samiksharai 85w

    Azad hu aaj

    Khul k je rahi hu aaj
    Tujhy bhula k azad hu aaj
    Bandh pinjre me kaid si thi tere sath
    Magar ab azad hu aaj
    Jaise khud ko kho chuki thi mein
    Meri hasi khushi dosti
    Sb luta chuki thi mein
    Magar ab azad hu aaj
    Khone ka darr tujhy jene nahi deta tha
    Sine mein yeh dard hmesha rehta tha
    Magar ab azad hu aaj
    Tu na ruthe uske lye sb se gile shikwe kiye
    Ma baap ko xod k tere lye dua kiye
    Mgr aab malum hota h maa baap toh apne hai
    Aur paraye toh bs ek jhute sapne hai
    Wo sapne jo kabhi dekhe nahi hote
    Magar ab azad hu aaj
    Khul k hasna sikh rahi hu aaj
    Jene ka tarika jaan gyi hu aaj
    Aur han ab azad hu aaj

  • cjkar_ 96w

    Let's Watch the World Die

    Let's run underneath the midnight sky
    Listening to the waves hit the shoreline
    Let's recognize our coming demise

    Let's celebrate our lives as the world dies
    Make art to express what's in our hearts
    Forgive, and Forget moments of the past
    Letting out cries of joy while the moments slip through an hourglass

    Good things never seem to last
    They always come to pass
    Don't let that keep you back
    Liberate yourself from the bindings that be

    After all, death doesn't send a text message breaking the news,
    It greets you under an unexpected blue moon
    Moments ago, all you could see was potential, possibilities that could be
    But they narrow as time ticks and tocks
    Don't let that be your fate

    Let's dance in the pouring rain
    Make love as fire falls from the sky
    Express ourselves under a full moon
    Let's watch the world die with a laugh

  • lokhuselo 111w

    My motto

    Do it more
    Do it better
    Fail, fail again
    Try, try again
    Fall, fall again
    And rise, not again
    But all the time .


  • amantes 113w

    Enjoy every moment, dont worry about things you dont have....
    You will get what you deserve when its the right time.
    Stop worrying about your future, dont stress your mind.
    Because time once gone can never be rewind.....


  • stephenwrites 121w

    CAN I?

    He asked me where have you been?
    He knew not that I'm on a journey to a land of no return.

    She asked me how was your day?
    Of course she knew not that she taunted me 'cause I had no days just dark, gloomy nights.

    So here I am, in the lower station of the lower wagon of life,
    Wondering if I'll get another if I lose

  • ssunayana 127w

    Love, Laugh, Dream - Live

    And when I am gone, let them say I lived.

    Through the unknown roads
    Knowing the unknown and defying the known
    Let them say I Loved.

    Through the heartbeats
    Jumping to conclusions and listening to doubts
    Let them say I Laughed.

    Through the hours of dawn
    Bargaining for extra hours early in the morning
    Let them say I Dreamed.

    And before I am gone,
    Let me get to say I Lived.

  • perverted_social_animal 129w

    A new Beginning

    The moment we wake up,
    We see a new world,
    A new day,
    A new moment,
    To recreate ourself!
    Never waste it to impress others!
    Because it is always about you and yourself at the end of the day!

  • aparajitaapra 132w

    Life should be memorable not long
    Life should be, living it to the fullest not pointing out the wrong!!

  • nora_xx 134w

    Life is about making an impact,
    not making an income.
    - Kevin Kruse

  • aparajitaapra 134w

    Born again

    I have scars that are fading
    There's a change I'm making
    There are dreams that I'm dreaming
    There's a path that I'm seeking
    And it feels like I'm born again
    And it feels like I'm strong again

    Sometimes I loose , sometimes I triumph
    Sometimes I cry, sometimes I'm tired
    Then you count your blessing
    And you forget what's missing
    And it feels like I'm born again
    And it feels like I'm strong again

    I can see the sunlight
    I can kiss the moonlight
    How the time is running
    I can see it coming
    In the world so cunning

  • the_intermittent_expressionist 140w


    The laughters,
    The parties,
    The picnics,
    The mass bunks,
    The sharing of tiffin boxes (of course the food in it),
    Those moments of teasing your friends with their girlfriend's or boyfriend's name,
    Those moments of a friend circle ganging up and roasting that one friend in the group until he screams you to shut the fuck up,
    Those phonecalls that lasted for eternity and made network companies to reconsider giving free calling because obviously one birth wasn't enough to complete the conversation of bffs!
    Let's Cherish,
    All those moments of togetherness from today until the end of our days,
    For we never know what life brings us to our table!
    We might be thinking for 10 years down the line but do we really have the guarantee that we will live that long!
    Live each day as if it were your last and then you'll be able to live your life to the fullest!
    - Rishabh Bhadupote

  • paviguru 140w

    Let's live like, nobody on earth have ever lived life this way.

  • luhquillabarbie 151w

    Word of encouragement

    Never let what held you down yesterday hold you down today cause you might be blocking blessings by hold on to the past when you need to focus on the future ain't nobody go take care you like you

  • magicalmystery 154w


    People would say Yolo before throwing themselves in the most dangerous of situations, as if "you only live once" was silently continued with "and I'm ready to die now."

    But if it is true and you do live once, then why not write a book about all the things you've learned in your one life? Or was your life so void of meaning that you have nothing to say about it?

    If you only live one life, then why wait until you're a certain age to pursue a certain lifestyle or career? Why let yourself continue to eat unhealthy and rot yourself from the inside out, if you only have one life to live?

    Why passively stand on the sidelines and go home wishing you were in the game? Why continue to look up at the clock at a job you wish you never started? Why routinely stare at your phone every day in bed and miss every opportunity to watch the sunrise?

    If Yolo is common sense, then why waste that one life, when you can fill it with meaning? If you don't like your One Life, then fill your surroundings with the influences you'd be proud of becoming more of:

    If you like horses and dream of owning a farm someday, then hang up posters of animals. Or if you love spaceships and alternate realities, take down Hello Kitty and put up Rick and Morty and Serenity posters. Surround yourself with visual reminders that inspire you to jump out of bed every morning, not sink back down in your sheets and hug your phone a little closer.

    Wear that black satanic hoodie stuffed in the back of your closet where no one will find it; attend that after class program no one ever seems to want to go to; pick up that guitar; see how far you can get before your legs get tired; cook that old recipe your mom wrote down that everyone seems to not remember; be that voice of reason, not the voice that makes no sound.

    Give your life a chance to be a life worth living before you shout "Yolo" and jump in front of a train. I want to see something scream "Yolo" because they taught themselves as new language, or they decorated their first cake, or wrote their first line of poetry, or made it up five flights of stairs.

    It doesn't have to be the world's definition of remarkable to mean something to you: go out and accomplish something you'd be proud of!

    Because you only live once.


  • nikoriginals__ 155w

    दिल की बात

    क्या करूँ इतना कुछ है लिखने को की शुरुवात कहा से हो समझ ही नही आता वक्त कितना तेज़ है ना लीजिये दिसंबर भी आ गया और देखते देखते ये साल भी गुज़र जायेगा और हम सब जो पता नही किस रेस में भाग रहे है ये और वो भी ये जाने बिना की वो रेस है कौन सी ? बस भागते जा रहे है। अरे रुकिए भी जनाब इतनी भी क्या हड़बड़ी है और वैसे भी इस हड़बड़ी से हासिल क्या होना है किसी को. मेरी दादी कहती थी जल्दी का काम शैतान का..लेकिन हम भले ही शैतान हो जाए पर न रुकना है न थमना है बस हड़बड़ी इतनी है कि पूछिये मत.. खैर अगर समय मिले तो सोचियेगा इस बारे में जो कहने जा रहे हुँ । क्या मतलब इतनी हड़बड़ी का जब इस सफर में अपने पीछे छूट जाये???? अपने बड़े, अपने छोटे, अपने दोस्त-यार। जीवन का क्या भरोसा कब क्या हो जाये कुछ कहा नही जा सकता । क्या पता ऊपरवाले ने अपनी डोर कब तक के लिए पकड़ी हो??
    आज है कल नही!! तो क्यों न इस जिंदगी में वो हासिल कर ले जो हमसे कोई भी न छीन पाए।। और वो चीज़ है अपनो का प्यार,अपनो का दुलार, मां की डांट, पापा की समझाइश दीदी का लाड़, भैया का गुस्सा, दोस्तो के साथ हँसी ठिठोली बहुत कुछ ऐसा है जिसको इकट्ठा करने के बाद उसे कोई आपसे छीन नही पायेगा बाकी चीज़े तो जिंदगी के साथ चलती ही रहेंगी। यार यही एक तो जिंदगी है बस यही जीनी है तो फैसला आपका है..!!!

  • maanasve 159w

    Enjoy the journey of life that's planned for you ,
    Don't regret that your life isn't like others ,
    Smile and keep going ,
    Everything that happens is for a good cause
    And life always surprises you with something great which is totally meant for you
    "Live Life and Love Life"
    "Life is amazing just the way it is"

  • pallavi_pant 162w

    By unknown writer

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    You are well behaved!! It's great..
    But you are not welcome here...