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  • taraaaaaa 16w

    Story of my sin.

    I rewrite
    The story of my sin.
    I'm still.. Burried in puddles of dark circles
    My skin screams
    For it is plastered with coat of grief
    Burnt with tears of ache and etched with scars so deep stained in red.
    Years have passed
    Promises have lost
    I'm not anymore a sobbing mess
    My tears have relinquished in distress
    I'm done with crying..
    Trust me I'm not afraid of dying

    You told me then,love.. was blind to faults and flaws
    Love knew only to give and forgive
    You told me love..Was kind and pure..
    It bothered not an inch of freckles , wrinkles and furrowed brows..
    I believed it to be so..
    Because your presence filled the voids inside me.
    Nudge of your finger tips lurched my insides dropping my heart into stomach...
    Everything in me wanted you so badly, you asked for it and I gave all of me to you..
    The rhythm of my conflicted heart warned me of the happening sin.
    I knew I had to wake up from this bittersweet sweven.
    But oh god!! Would a bee let go off nectar?

    Haze of panic blurred my vision,
    Tremendous agony choked my breath
    I was on my knees ...With a smirk you left
    Thanking me for quenching your thirst ?
    Begging and wailing went in vain
    When shrugging with audacity you spat out telling " I would never date a cougar "
    Floating in despair
    Gathering my shattered pieces
    I suck the venom that fumes out everywhere.. Everytime when a cougar loves a younger one.
    Because love for us is just a bitter taste of mistakes and regrets.
    Love for us is just a deplorable sin.