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  • we_are_not_beautiful 4w

    Yearnings and burnings
    Of a poet
    In the urns
    Are ensnared
    Like the tight holdings of
    Two hearts
    Thriving, rejoicing
    Prowling for
    Lights of heaven

    Their existence spent
    With erogenous ink
    lasciviously waltzing
    Broken and abandoned
    Words of their lovers
    On the thirsty and dusty parchment
    Ached out poems
    For the eternity

    Kind to others and aliens
    But to themselves
    Yearnings and burnings
    Of a poet
    Are dragged to the
    Darks of hell


  • stella_rain 6w


    Can't you see, for you I yearn
    Set to grant all that my heart can earn
    To choose only you on every turn
    Because in your name, I forever burn

  • anetita 8w


    Passing faces in the crowd,
    My eyes search for you,
    Heart yearning for a glimpse,

    Wondering, "Do you search for me too?"

    Eyes open, pressing rewind,
    Mind stuck in overdrive,
    Consumed by 2 a.m. musings,

    Thinking, "With you I felt so alive."

    Body craving your touch,
    Etched into my skin—a tattoo,
    Scars marring my memory,

    Asking, "Do you miss me like I miss you?"


  • hauntedblossom 8w

    My Mind is an Animal

    My mind is an animal.

    I see the world 

    already devoured.

    Prowling the land,

    making my journey inside 

    the belly of the beast.

    The drive, traffic lights.

    Red green yellow, 

    a bitter symphony 

    of breaths 

    and engine stammers.

    This is the way I love you.


    in between moments. 

    Careful affection carved 

    from a dying oak of harmony, 

    placed on the urban shrine

    of your memory. 

    And to my sadness,

    no drop of working sweat

    will ever graze my lips

    with the same sweetness

    as your name. 

    I have done my mourning

    of our passion instilled

    in a summer rain faraway. 

    The art of knowing 

    a love is no longer, 

    is seeing the sun rise

    on this house made of oak;

    a haven for your haunt

    but never our bodies.


  • distilled_thoughts 11w

    I write as I sit waiting,
    Waiting for a train,
    A train of thought to freedom,
    Freedom from this boring routine,
    Routines filled with thoughtless actions,
    Actions performed on auto-pilot.

    I hope to travel to new pastures,
    Pastures where I can feed my soul,
    My soul that has been starving for long,
    For long surviving on wisps of hope,
    Hope to find life at its fullest some day.

    I yearn to live and not merely exist,
    Exist, what a dull little word!
    A word that sucks out joy like a vacuum,
    A vacuum I'm determined to escape,
    Escaping into the world of living,
    Living with zest, joy and real smiles.


  • tamilselvan_kandan 12w

    I Wish Some Days❤️
    Not Even Everything
    Gone the Way I Wished
    So U could have been My Forever
    Not a Never Ever


  • urvidhake_ 14w

    Longing for your touch

    It's been long,
    I am yearning for your gentle touch,
    Waiting to wrap you around my arms,
    As I sit in the balcony,
    With my hot cocoa,
    And the sun goes down slowly,
    Winter wind hustling through my hair,
    I remember your fingers running through my hair,
    And the giggles.
    When you went inside,
    And brought the blanket to wrap around us as the stars started sparkling.
    And we snuggled down in the moonlight.
    While the music in the background goes like
    "With or without you
    With or without you, ah, ah
    I can't live
    With or without you"
    I fell in love all over again.

  • madmuireann 19w


    I bite my lips,
    Or perhaps,
    My fingers,
    When I need you.

    My hands readily
    Fly to my face,
    To hide the embers
    Of my embarrassment.

    When you delight me,
    My teeth catch my tongue.
    A flustered smirk,
    Or euphoric grin.

    Yet all you have of me,
    Is sound and light.
    The language of my form:
    A secret unbidden.

    -Muireann Nic an Gheatóra

  • shiningarmour 21w

    As I Sit Here

    As I sit here
    All alone
    With the trees
    I wish the leaves will caresses my face
    The sun kiss my skin
    The grass tickel my feet
    Like you do
    I also wish the wind would blow away my sadness
    I wish the earth will ground me
    Hold me firm, so I stay
    And not sway
    In the storm
    Because I am an unfettered soul
    Ready to be blown away....

  • palak_bansal 22w

    My Childhood City

    Yearned for years to go back to my childhood city, only the places felt strange.
    The classrooms still looked the same,
    Only the desks weren't tall enough for me,
    The temple still shone in it's glory,
    Only it wasn't a 5 am walk piggy backin' my dad.
    The candy store still pulled me with its colorful jars,
    Only my sister won't give her share up for me.
    The fragments of memories still remained, only the most desired pieces were missing.
    The past can't return I'm aware,
    Only the heart aches to relive it once more.

  • mercury_ 23w

    An unspoken truth

    Love will illuminate the world, but it’s absence thereafter will bleed an opacity unfathomable


  • mercury_ 25w

    In the valley collides hope & strife

    Tattered & wilted
    Seared into me, the memoirs
    Strangled but beating, no longer am I here
    Lucid & famished
    Thoughts are all that remain
    Never a free man, my soul she keeps
    My hell, impeccable

    Harold the memories
    Knocking at my door, what do you gain
    My heart is withered, my will is weak
    I’m drowning

    Harold the memories
    You cause me such pain
    I can’t let go, what if she retains
    I’m screaming

    Another backturn
    Hope is not yet lost
    When this one turns to none, a glimpse I’ll fall upon
    And I’ll be nursed on poison

    Harold the memories
    Convenient for a day
    If my hell is her comfort, my death will be rain
    I’m drowning

    Harold the memories
    Mirage of great pain
    her gaze is loosened
    but I remain
    I’m screaming

    Sun strokes moon
    Sand cave, a sanctuary
    My bones are as dust, but so too is her gaze
    Please save me

    Harold the memories
    Why must I remain
    Arms open this windbreak, I’m spreading as ash
    I’m free

  • pallavi4 27w


    You occupy all my thoughts
    All day and all night until
    I forcibly push you out leaving
    My mind and soul unfulfilled.
    I feel sick with longing and confusion,
    The space between us feels
    Torturous to me.
    The way we are together
    Is so complex —
    As simple as a thread,
    Yet as complicated as a knot.
    Sometimes I think it is
    Easier to pretend that
    Our lives were much
    Simpler before we happened.
    Do I cast aside the thoughts
    That plague my mind ?
    I twitch, twist and turn awake
    Weathering the unbearable wait
    And hoping that you go through
    At least a part of this saudade .


    7th of November, 2020

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner- “I am lots of love”

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  • dr_vesper_ysabel 27w

    UNA SERENATA ALLA LUNA... (A Serenade To The Moon)

    Ciao Luna, Sono io,
    be not fazed,
    For I am struck,
    By the arrow of Cupid.

    How I keep yearning!
    To look at your lovely face.
    Oh! It’s such a beauty,
    Full of charm and grace.

    You remind me always,
    With your alluring glamour,
    That one true love of mine,
    Buried in the cemetery of my heart’s core.

    Luna nuova,
    Dove stai tu?
    I am jaded with questing,
    Where did you go missing?
    Did you go to see your beloved,
    And leave me affrighted?

    The notion of your absence,
    Saddens me, terrifies me,
    Your dearth becomes,
    A solemn melancholy.

    Now that you are gone,
    There’s a heartache in me,
    My eyes are wistful,
    Because the heavens are empty.

    Luna piena,
    Tonight you are full,
    But my heart is empty,
    You fill the heaven with a silvery nimbus,
    But you never reach up to me.

    You show your full countenance
    Only once a month,
    As you peep from behind the opacus,
    My heart fills up with mirth.

    Why are you demure,
    For the rest of the month?
    Dimmi, are you cursed,
    To be sheepish and reluctant?

    I implore you devotedly,
    No more hide yourself from me.
    Relinquish your insecurities forever,
    And reveal to me your beauty.

    Luna bella,
    Ton visage enthrals me,
    Like a pacific moment,
    In the chaos of the night.
    Nothing can avert me,
    From relishing your sight.

    The white wintery snow
    As it falls on my face,
    Feels like it were pieces of you,
    Each bestowing me with a kiss.

    As you touch me,
    With your silvery mildred aura,
    Every inch of my skin,
    Rejoices like a blossom in primavera.

    Luna, cara mia,
    Every dawn you descend to the ocean
    And bestow it with un beso,
    But you always steer clear,
    Of me and my open arms for you.

    At dawn as you drown in the ocean,
    It makes me envious,
    For once, just once, will you,
    Drown in the ocean of my eyes?

    The ocean flaunts every night,
    The mångata of your beautiful face,
    My eyes reflect your face too,
    But that, my love, you fail to notice.

    Luna, amore mio,
    Do not besmirch my love,
    Hold me in your arms forever,
    Don’t ever let me go.

    Like a vagabond, every night,
    You scamper across the skies,
    But you never come down to me,
    And it brings tears in my eyes.

    Come down to me,
    Come to me once
    I’ll make you a home,
    Out of my loving arms.

    And when you come to me,
    I will adorn you,
    With the blossoms of my love
    And the jewels of my youth.

    I’ll mould you a golden crown,
    Studded with rubies of my blood drops.
    Sprinkle and shower you,
    With alabaster, roses and hyssop.

    I’ll drape you with,
    The silken shawl of my hair,
    I’ll set you up high,
    On the throne of mon Coeur.

    Quench your thirst,
    With my love’s elixir.
    I’ll serve it to you,
    In the chalices of my eyes.

    I’ll feed you with my love,
    In the platter of my palms,
    I’ll feed you until you are full,
    With my love and charm.

    As you lie down to rest,
    On the soft velvety bed of my body,
    I’ll embrace you tightly,
    To keep you warm and cozy.

    As you rest your head on my chest,
    Hear my heartbeat, a soft lullaby,
    Hear it sing a love song,
    As it flutters like a butterfly.

    Hold me tight tonight, my love,
    Before the night is gone,
    Brazenly I’ll make love to you,
    From gloaming till dawn.

    Luna rossa,
    Tonight, are you thinking about me?
    Because I see you blushed scarlet red,
    Be not beguiling, be not astute,
    For I know you are thinking of your beloved.

    Luna dolce,
    I detest the clouds intensely
    When they becurtain your face,
    My mind is in a turmoil,
    Because I lost your trace.

    The scars on your face,
    Do not matter to me.
    Come, I will heal them,
    With my tears, tenderly.
    Then to the galaxies and the heavens,
    I’ll proclaim my love proudly.

    Amore mio,
    You have enchanted me, Body and soul,
    When I look at you,
    I lose all control.

    Mon amour,
    I have always loved you,
    With this sallow heart of mine.
    Nothing can calm the mayhem,
    In this heart or heal its maim.

    My unrequited love for you,
    Has vitiated la joie de ma vie.
    Therefore now I perceive-
    I must flee from this fantasy.

    I have to let you go,
    How do I impel you to love me?
    But I will always hope for a miracle,
    Where you and I become we.

  • mr_stellar 28w

    Depth of You

    Deeper and deeper,
    My senses sing a song for you Baby!
    Cleaner and cleaner,
    Love is flowing like the river Nile Baby!
    Closer and closer,
    You come near to hug me Baby!
    Higher and higher,
    You take me to the Cloud Nine Baby!
    Stronger and stronger,
    My senses roam around you Baby!
    Greater and greater,
    My desire is dancing for you Baby!
    Yearning, I am yearning,
    For you to take me inside Baby!
    Singing, I am singing,
    Love filled lust songs for you Baby!
    Soothing, it is soothing,
    The thought of you being close to me Baby!
    Smooching, with smooching,
    I wanna drink your love elixir Baby!
    Oh this love, this love, this love;
    I can't take it anymore Baby!
    Oh this love, this love, this love;
    My words can't denote the depth of you, Baby!
    Oh this love, this love, this love;
    Let our souls entwine for eternity Baby!

    © Stellar Ram 2020

  • machito 31w

    I gasped for love and to be in your arms through the air that was around me
    One look at you and I would give up my last breath to kiss your lips and feel my heart beat.

  • normancrane 33w


    i am futility,
    a history of waves
    broken upon the shore,
    for i have friendship
    yet i desire something more.

  • wiredweirdly 35w

    wandering from
    mountains to plains
    searching high and low
    maybe the fate hasn't written
    his meeting
    with his muse yet
    but fighting the cosmos
    he yearns for her
    and works his way to her
    slowly, gradually.


  • anarchxst 36w

    x. x. i.

    I'll bury myself in my head
    To feel you on my lips
    I cannot explain
    a faceless memory
    Or the rumble of your voice
    In my ear
    Against my neck
    I summon you from the ether
    A disjointed dream
    A sensory crumbling
    and clover
    and silence


    Blue eyes find me in the dark.

    I am alone in the static.

    I am drowning.

  • alateautumnflower 36w


    Once I was in a cage
    couldn't realize that I was trapped.
    cause my cage was beautiful,
    adorned with pretty flowers, it had everything I needed.
    I was happy.
    at least thats what i thought. . .

    the open sky used to fascinate me
    but I had never imagined to be up there.
    It seemed as if the sky could be touched by raising a hand.
    But the reality was too different.
    To be one with the sky i had to leave behind what i called "Home" so far.

    My life lacked nothing.
    Even a little girl would come everyday to meet me.
    She used to call me her "Friend"
    it was endearing.

    A beautiful home, a decent life and a friend.
    My life was flourishing.
    Just then I glanced at my wings
    My heart sinked.
    I realised that I had never really got the chance to see how high they can take me.
    How it felt to Fly like a free soul.
    It was something I had never experienced.

    I thought I had accepted my fate to be like that forever
    But I was wrong.
    Suddenly the cage started suffocating me,
    Suddenly it felt all empty inside.
    I was intimidated by the tall metal rails
    That no longer felt like "Home"
    It felt just like a cage
    and I didnt want to be there anymore.

    So on a monsoon dusk
    I escaped,
    from my dear cage.
    I bid my last goodbye to the place I lived for so long.
    I felt bad for the little girl who might come here the next morning hoping to see me,
    but I'm know my existence will be soon gone from her memory.
    Gone for good I'd say.
    Its better to forget about me.

    For the first time in my life I trusted my wings with all my heart.
    And I flew the fastest and highest I could.
    When the cold wind brushed against my feathers,
    I realized that finally I was "FREE".