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    Doctor I have something I need to get off my chest.... you see, you say your interests are for my best... but so far you've only given me pills to take, you seem like you listen but are you even awake... your
    1.  BOOM LIKE BOMBS DO and I'm feeling stuck in this room I hate your perfume and can you turn off this tune this has been on repeat since I got here at noon. And the doctor has this to say ,"Beau, I'm sorry no we are out of time
    2. Let's just make sure to take your medications combined 
    3. swallow these you'll feel much better and give it some time
    4. I know it's only nine different kinds this time but just
    5. mix them together because each one is designed
    6.  to kill the thoughts in your mind
    7. so you forget you even wanted to become better
    8.  and if this doesnt make you die or kill another
    9. come back and I'll let you pay me to sit and act like you matter
    10. but I honestly I could care less, you see, I'm just like an actor
    11.   the truth is , I'm not your mother im just a doctor."

  • undercomfort 187w

    Letters I don't know how to send.

    Hindsight is blurry
    Names fade into obscurity
    Your poetry on a03
    And some fucking Tumblr url
    That I refused to commit to memory
    I guess and it's just as well
    This cis-hetero normative suburban outpouring of privilege has tapped his well

    And I'm flipped over and pouring
    Male stature is annoying
    Fuck it any excuse Tumblr has for a gender is agoraphobic
    Quid-pro-quo for sex tends to be the claim for apathy now
    I much rather would've been more passive looking sideways at you in class with a heart scribbled on some shitty freshman literature paper to tell you
    Had I known the hell you'd tenure I'd have to hug you and surrender

    And do better and go to college and take you in as a half of me
    It's pretty fitting to go on a bender running with your memory
    The way you'd run westard and shred the webpages
    Guess all's well with wages
    And you won't have to hide
    From the world
    It's people
    That trashy school
    Or myself