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  • agjproverbs 28w

    AGJ Proverbs #13

    I'm not everybody's cup of coffee, but I'm somebody's bottle of Champagne.

  • simply_me_jd 31w


    The day I met you,
    I felt butterflies,
    A strong knot,
    In the deep of my core,
    Your piercing eyes,
    Bore through my soul,
    I knew then,
    that you were the one,
    I fell in love with,
    Heart of gold, my sun,
    I hope someday,
    We meet again,
    My true and last love.
    Because I know,
    One day you will be the one.

    April 22 2021

  • simply_me_jd 32w


    I think you are imagining
    these things. Our friendship
    has been a whirlwind of
    ups and downs I don’t know happiness...
    I only remember hurt
    but I think it’s ok
    because it sets a stage
    for what’s to come.
    You showed me the
    path out of the dark...
    Let me walk the path
    out of it.
    April 19, 2021

  • djdemiurgos 140w


    I'm just at home
    Training my mind
    And soul.
    Some will say
    I'm lost,
    And that I need to go out more?
    Coming from someone
    Who hasn't run the mile
    Since highschool
    Only cares about money
    Who doesn't even know
    Who only takes from me,
    Who only bless for something
    In return,
    Your not saying anything
    But your waiting to see
    What I'mma do.
    Well I've got news for you,
    I'm doing all that I can,
    And they're all trying to hold me back.
    But God sees what's going on
    And my big brother does too.
    And we don't like any of the bad
    That you do.
    Only the good

  • djdemiurgos 142w

    Independent Thinking

    Because of my
    Independent thinking,
    The truth shall be known
    Only by those
    Who know it.
    Thank you Jesus.
    I'm already planning my schedule,
    Ahead of time,
    Destination: The After Life
    To do list:
    1. Respawn
    2. Dominate
    3. Perform
    4. Protect
    5. Increase
    6. Attack
    7. Defend
    8. Decide
    9. Create
    10. Destroy
    11. Rebuild
    12. Resume
    13. Reincarnate
    14. Reinforce
    15. Resllient
    16. Revolution
    17. Evolution
    18. Ultimatum
    19. Positivity
    20. Infinity

  • djdemiurgos 150w


    It doesn't,
    Always matter,
    Where your from,
    Where your going,
    But what,
    You are doing,
    That's why
    It's not
    Left or right,
    Where you
    Should turn,
    But by,
    The Flow
    Of what,
    Is happening,
    Is where
    You will find,
    The way,
    To freedom.