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    Waking everyday,
    With a feeling that I am a sore loser,
    Would look upon those,
    Who are one of the bests in that field!!
    Willing to be that one day,
    Will try my best everyday,
    Working hard ain't enough,
    Withstanding all those failures,
    Won't be as easy, I would say to myself,
    Willpower isn't for those,
    Weak who may give up,
    Warriors don't care about results,
    Who just break all their mental shakles,
    Winning all those over,
    Who were saying, You can't.
    With this, they would chose a new field,
    With a will to conquer it.
    Where there's a
    Will, there is always a


  • gest2009 24w

    Sometimes it's ok, not to be ok

    Sometimes it's ok to let our guard down,
    Sometimes it's ok to shout, cry or frown...

    Sometimes it's ok to let the tears flow,
    In order to help the soul retain its glow...

    Sometimes it's ok to take a break,
    Stop acting strong n carrying around smiles fake....

    Sometimes it's ok to fall down ,
    To regain n replenish the strength to grow back tall n strong even after touching the ground ....

    Sometimes it's ok to lay on the ground ,
    To rest n make a come back to reach double the heights in a rebound...

    Sometimes its okay to retreat,
    For our safety n peace there is nothing wrong with it....

    Somtimes its ok to be over confident,
    Rather than letting self doubt destroy our original character and leave our confidence with a permanent dent ....

    Sometimes it's ok not to judge ourselves harshly and to be kind to our self,
    We don't always need to unnecessarily make our life miserable n difficult.....

    Sometimes it's ok to waste time,
    Living a few moments for our self is not a crime ....

    Sometimes it's ok to relax n take rest ,
    Rather than later feel drained n depressed....

    Sometimes it's ok to have a emotional breakdown,
    Rather than suffocate inside alone carrying the burden of perfection crown ....

    Sometimes it's ok to share n vent out the frustration n sadness ,
    Rather than pushing our self to depression n madness ...

    Sometimes it's ok to share our heart with people we consider our own,
    Rather than letting the pain inside turn our heart into stone ....

    Sometimes it's ok not to care about others opinions n what others think,
    Not letting the negetivity of the world around us make our zest for life n our dreams sink ...

    Sometimes it's ok to do things that make us happy,
    And not think about others opinions and feel shitty or crappy ....

    Sometimes it's ok being our true self,
    Letting our dreams n hopes replenish n develop....

    Sometimes it's ok to open our heart to random ppl when our peace n happiness is in danger,
    For every friend we made was once upon a time nothing more than just a stranger ...

    Sometimes it's ok to forgive or forget ,
    Rather than losing our peace in anger or regret....

    Sometimes it's ok to question when in doubt,
    Rather than letting the weeds of misunderstandings sprout....

    Sometimes it's ok to show our vulnerable side,
    Letting others have a glimpse of our true life....

    Sometimes it's ok to ask for help,
    Letting others protect us while we heal and develop....

    Sometimes it's ok to let others stand by our side,
    Letting them be our support n guide through life's high n low tide ....

    Sometimes it's ok letting others help n support us in our fight,
    Sharing our heavy loads with others helps ease the travel ride of our life ....

    Sometimes it's ok to say our heart to remain of sane mind ,
    Keeping our feelings n thoughts repressed inside heart will only make us go crazy with time .....

    Sometimes it's ok to act selfish and not empathic or kind,
    Once a while we should let our heart n feelings be ruled over by wisdom of our mind....

    Sometimes it's ok to trust and put our doubts of being let down to test,
    Facing our fears and hoping for the best....

    Sometimes it's ok to chase our dreams,
    Ignoring our failures believing we are destined to win ....

    Sometimes it's ok let our self b pampered,
    Bcoz there's lot evil in life that has already made our happiness hampered......

    Sometimes it's ok to choose a wrong over a right ,
    Mistakes makes us human and learning from them makes us wise ....

    No one can be perfect always even after endless try,
    It's ok, not to be ok and once in a while it's ok to cry

  • gest2009 24w

    So much girl has to face..

    There is so much a girl has to face,
    Even before birth starts her survival race ....‍‍‍‍

    The world around goes by the rule of survival of the beast not the best,‍♂️‍♀️
    Every day she lives , she has to face a new challenge n a new test ....

    There is so much mess she has to face ,
    That everyday life seems like a whole new maze ...

    Broken , shattered n torn
    With their mere will, smiling they still stand strong....

    Even after playing so many role ...‍♀️‍⚕️‍‍‍‍‍‍‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍‍♀️‍‍
    Still her life feels empty n never feels whole ...

    You would be amazed ,
    When u listen to challenges n dangers they everyday faced.....

    Being a girl is not an easy task,
    Try living her life n even for a day you won't last. ..

    Being a girl, It's complicated and not as easy as it seems,
    Their faces smile, even when in pain they bleed n their heart screams...

    Physically tired and emotionally drained,
    A week every month full of weakness n pain...

    Every month they suffer pain ,
    What's the benefit what's the gain....

    Often hurt n betrayed,
    Things are not always as they are portrayed....

    With hormonal rush,
    Life gets absurd...

    Peace of heart gets flushed,
    The soul  gets crushed....

    With no one to hear their silent tears,
    Some days feel like their destiny is sealed with darkness n fears

    Sometimes being born as a girl feels like a crime,☹️
    Always busy fulfilling others dreams n wishes, to live her life she hardly is left with any time...⌛⏱️

    Always working n never getting enough rest ,
    Things are never good enough even after giving their best....

    Everyday is a random new surprise test,
    People are never happy and satisfied even when they give their best ....

    Their depression n mood swings ,
    Are often result of their disappointments, lost dreams n clipped wings....

    Since childhood  they live life of confusion n uncertainty ,
    They live their life being dependent on destiny....

    At least once in their lifetime they all face trauma,
    Rest of their life is mostly filled with drama ..

    Hiding their pain behind beautiful smiling mask,
    I am ok will be the only answer you wud get when ever you ask....

    Trying to act fine,
    They keep searching for some one to be their life sunshine... 

    Often Cheated, betrayed n played,
    Caught in traps of sweet words n false promises so beautifully laid ...

    Often being loved not for their hearts but only for their looks,
    Messing up their lives landing up with jerks n crooks ....

    They forget and doubt their worth,
    When they meet people who take them for granted n treat them like dirt...

    Often used, Often abused,
    Everytime exploited with a different/new excuse....☹️

    Mentally, emotionally n physically exhausted and drained,
    Their mind n body's end up overly strained...

    Often mentally strong,  emotionally weak and physically meek,
    True love n happiness is the only thing from life they often seek .....

    Often there are things they can't speak or share ,
    Bcoz they hav been misjudged n hurt too many times by the  people who acted concerned but dint really care...

    With their emotions often mistaken as sign of their weakness,
    They often shed tears alone in times of their stress...  

    Easily Gullible,
    Often landing in trouble...

    Often taken undue advantage of their kindness,
    They end up hurt n in complete mess n distress....

    Living in deep darkness down, ‍‍‍♀️
    With killer hounds lurking all around ....☠️

    Safety risk n fear is always running in their mind,☠️
    The world around is full of brutal animals not so kind ...

    Always living under pressure of peer,
    Always Living a life of fear...

    Taught n thought to Often live as a shadow ,
    Depending on others to exist and to grow....

    Often made to belive that they are weak,
    And need some one else  help in order to live ....

    Often trapped in the belive,
    That a prince charming can only bring them relief...

    They need some one else else make them whole,
    A happy marriage is their lives main n often the only goal ....

    Being haunted for dowry,
    Paying money for being loved feels sad n sorry...

    From a early age,‍♀️
    They spend time worrying about spending a fortune on their marriage....‍♀

    It's a price they need to pay,
    To buy happiness and keep taunts n negetivity of the world n society away n at bay...

    Often made to belive they are weak ,
    To take their life decisions and speak their heart they are often restricted to speak ..

    Excepted to listen and trust others advice,
    They live a life of silent sacrifice....

    There is so much a girl has to face ,
    Often criticized but rarely praised.....

    The amount of sacrifice a girl has to make ,
    Leaving behind her home n parents, a new fresh life as a wife she has to make...

    Being the bearer of new life ,
    She takes on the role of a mother in addtion to her duties of a wife...

    So much sacrifice n risk she has to take,
    At times like childbirth putting her life at stake...

    So much of her daily  hard work goes unnoticed, unappreciated n waste,
    No one realizes the sacrifies everyday she had to make...

    Often as a sister ,
    She has to act as a baby sitter....

    Even with brothers she has to compete,
    To get equal opportunities to Study, eat n live....

    With no freedom and equal privellage in their life,
    At every step for equal rights they fight n strive ...

    Often then have to raise their children alone ,
    Whom their fathers heartlessly disowns.....

    Often they sacrifice their sleep,
    Building their children's future or Worrying about saving them from the world full of dangerous creeps ...

    Always expected to cook and look perfect,
    Like she is not an human but an factory made flawless object...

    Treated as dirt, thought as burden on earth, ✔️⭕
    Often aborted before birth....‍☠️❌⭕

    Sometimes being born as a girl feels like a crime,☹️
    People turn their backs to these harsh realities blaming it on the changing time....☹️

    Going through all these hardships it's hard even to  survive,☠️
    She must be an angel divine who even after all these adversities can gracefully grow, thrive n even rise..‍♀️

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    Everything teaches us !
    See the Darkness, it gives Stars their Shine


  • amoghavarsha 74w

    This day is indeed special for each one of us living in the world filled with the internet. Of course, this day can also be mentioned to be the birthday of the modern day tool, the world wide web.

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    "Hey...What do you think of Mirakee? I mean... so many challenges... Activities and then just a comment...Amazing write up ! Don't you think it takes you off guard?" She asked me in the canteen.

    "No ! That's just a fun.and besides, it provides an opportunity to enhance one's creative skill...It at least inspires us to read more and more to write better and better...I just love it", I replied .

    "But yaar...All of sudden moulding yourself into a new form, new genre, new style...It seems that writerstolli have no family to spend time with...Only posing a new challenge everyday..They must have been doing a lot of research...It's so weird .." she was smiling now.

    "Ohh dear...Infact they are doing a wonderful job...Inspiring us...Enriching us and empowering us with the knowledge hitherto unknown to us...I appreciate highly." Very calmly I added.

    "Well...How much time you devote to Mirakee darling then...Ohh!!! No need to answer....I know you love Mirakee as your beloved...." She smiled teasingly and I reciprocated.


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    To The Wettest Place on Earth

    “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.”
    Mawsynram,Meghalya is reportedly the wettest place on earth,with an annual rainfall of 11,872 millimetres.According to the Guinness Book of World Records Mawsynram received an incredible 26,000 millimetres in 1985.Despite knowing the fact,we made the entire trip on a bike.If that’s not called adventure,I don’t know what it means.

    We started our trip from North Eastern Hill University(Shillong) at around 8-30am.It was raining cats and dogs till 2:30 pm and we got soaked in it.Our very saviours raincoats even turned out to be helpless on that day.It was too cold and I was shivering.I couldn’t even open my eyes properly because of the rain.My friend’s hands became numb.But we couldn’t give up because we had miles to go,miles to explore and miles to return before we sleep.Moreover,our wrong turn made our journey more troublesome when we took the wrong direction to Cherrapunji.Thankful to the boy who helped us get our right way.

    However,with alacrity in our hearts and excitement to venture more,we followed the road that promised us lovely views and a journey to remember. But we had to face many difficulties finding the places since we were not aware of the tourist spots and many local people were also not aware of them.Many times,we had to search ourselves.It was a kind of experiment for us and fear of the road, taken by us, turning out to be wrong didn't leave us for a second.

    First,we took a road which led us to a viewpoint from which a big rock could be seen.We could have gone for a trekking to the rock,had we got enough time which was not possible.After that,we started our journey to the Mawsynram village which was our destination.We heard that there’s one of the largest caves in that place and we were quite excited about it even before we started our journey.But when we learned from one of the tourists in the midway that it’s nearly 80km we have to go to reach that cave ,we changed our plan and went to the Hot Spring thinking that it’s nearer than the cave.But what turned out was quite disappointing.Because the distance to both the places was same and there was nothing special about the Hot Spring.However,the path which led to the spring was quite scenic and we enjoyed that.
    When you pray but the miracle doesn’t happen,and when we were returning,it stopped raining.We had a mixed feeling.We were happy since we made it but there was a void,an incompleteness by being unable to reach our final destination.However,the whole journey will forever be etched in my memory since it was altogether a new experience on my part.On our way back home, we planned to the same destination again.And,here,I’m so looking forward to our next trip.


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    Upar wale ka sukr hai ki..♥️
    Aasu berang hote hai..
    Verna raat ko bheeg Jane wali takiya..
    Hmara Raj bayan kr deti..

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    Dil har din tute to
    Pharak nahi padta
    Bharosa ek baar tute to
    Dil har din dukta hai.


  • peiddy 123w

    The forever like
    (Series 1)

    The forever were the childhood friends
    We were in a marriage like for better for worst
    Not until maturity out smart us,
    And reality struck our very face.
    With many corners to divert to, without bringing/taking our forever along.
    It was already a long walk, a really long walk before realizing they were taken along.
    Then the guilt comes
    I try matching them to my fault
    Like they were the one not matching their feet to mine, which is going far .........
    .. Now the marriage is cook up as for better for best.

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    In every relationship there is a Gardener and the flower ...

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    The day I befriended God,
    I forgot to fear all

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    You have my whole heart for my whole life! #world mother day ����������������#proud of you #mothers ����������️��️��️��️�������������������������������� #www #world

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  • abhidilse 144w


    The act of loosing something
    For the sake of others
    Why so.....
    Deep thought embedded in
    A few people
    Feel eternal pleasure
    In sacrificing for others
    It is purely their nature
    Some intentionally do
    For their kith n kin
    But return is anticipated
    Very few in this world
    Are the real print of humanity
    Who sacrifice their everything
    For the saviour of mankind
    And those are really
    The messenger of God
    Whose heart beat
    Whose mind think
    Whose soul cherish
    For the welfare of human beings
    So every soul sacrifices
    In any of the form mentioned above
    But real sacrifice is one made for
    the welfare, safeguard of human beings
    For which he or she is remembered forever.


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    আমি আমার মতন।
    উড়তে চাই কিন্তু পরতে চাই না,
    তাই সাবধান!আমায় তুমি
    Change করতে এলে করবে বোকামি।
    "I the single and original piece"
    এই মতবাদ আমি মানি।
    আরে শোন......
    আমার কাছে ভগবানতুল্য বাবা মা
    আমি তো তাদেরই কথা শুনি না!
    আর হ্যাঁ!!নিজেকেও বাদ রাখি না।
    তবে সব জেনেও আমায় তুমি
    Change করতে এলে করবে বোকামি।

    — শুষ্ক ডায়েরী

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    ভালোবাসা যেন স্বার্থপর করে তুলছে আমাকে।তোর থেকে প্রাপ্য ভালোবাসা যথেষ্ট পেয়েছি ,কিন্তু তবুও তোর অন্যকে ভালোবাসার অব্যাহত প্রচেষ্টা আমাকে বার বার ব্যথিত করে তুলছে।বড় লোভী হয়ে উঠেছি।তবে এর জন্য তোকে দোষারোপ করবো এমন স্বার্থপর হতে পারি নি। দোষটা তো আমারই;তোর ভালোবাসায় মাতিয়ে রেখেছিলাম আমার " আমি " কে !

    —শুষ্ক ডায়েরী

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    My Friend Melinda

    I lost a real Friend today, Our Father saw through her suffering and lifted her pain away. She was Family and also my Friend, a ride or die kind of girl down to the very end. She never wanted for much she gave out so much more, through her poetry expressed her life's miseries of a pain she had to endure. It wasn't from any illness it was so deeply within, she tried to hide it behind her smile and her silly grin. A pain from a broken heart she carried for many many years, the loss of her baby girl Melinda a story she told me through her tears. She only had one picture of her precious baby girl, kept it in her wallet till she had another story of her to tell. Accident prone was not in her DNA, it followed her around like an epidemic of a plague.
    I even bought a kids helmet for her to wear, she took one look at it then looked at me with her middle finger up in the air. We would talk s*** to each other always jokingly putting each other down, it was never a dull moment when Mogie was in town. One time she picked me up in her green hooptie we cruised all over the place, like Thelma and Louise getting into mischief hoping not to catch a case. I'm gonna miss all the crazy times with every adventure the laughter with you I baird, just imagine all the funny stories of us I have to share. But don't you worry I'll try to keep it PG, cuz I wouldn't want your crazy ass coming back and hunting me. Oh my dear friend why did you have to die, you know I'm not good at saying goodbye. Besides our friendship was much more greater, "Hey Mogie! It's never goodbye it's see you later"

    R.I.P Melinda Charles 3-19-2019


  • shrutiwari299 150w

    What women wants??

    "Yaar..!! I don't know how to deal with her...its becoming hard to keep her happy...what does she actually wants?"
    " Attention , Appricatation and respect "his female best friend replied from the other side of phone.

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    Na jane kaisi najar lagi jamane ki ab koi wajah nhi milti muskurane ki.......


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    Kitaab kori thi , hum panne palat rhe the,
    jo lafj likhe na the, unhe talaash rhe the.!!