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  • fervent_writing 3w

    You and your friendship is just a combination of love, happiness, fun and solace


  • shivani23 4w

    Why flowers bloom in spring

    Between the pages of winter
    And summer, she inserted
    Sheets of spring.
    The warmth of the sun
    Mingled with the cool of
    The wind.
    The green of the meadow
    Grass, united with fresh
    Water stream.
    Words of the blissful
    Night, in the background of
    Morose symphony.
    Enchantment in this sinful
    world, painting sceneries
    Of vibrancy.
    And I often think about,
    Why flowers bloom
    In spring?
    For she to me, is the
    Springtime, and the garland
    Of peonies.

  • divshetty04 5w

    I'm a theist
    Who won't date you in any cafe
    I would seek the blessings of god
    Together with you,
    Then it might be in any
    Temple, Church, Dargah or Gurudwara.

  • divshetty04 5w

    He sometimes ignores me
    Just to catch my eye
    & I love him doing that

  • kingdomdelight 7w

    Child's play

    Her eyes look like unheard stories...
    while little stars
    twinkle in the centre of her sparklin' eyes
    Her laughter sounds like jingle bells
    Oh, how beautiful she wraps mine greatful heart
    in an early christmas present of amazing love
    Her pure imagination like an open book
    Her tongue like a ready writer
    Ready to stop me in my dramatic "grown up" talk.
    In total excitement,
    while I tried my very best
    to paint, a canvas of amazing, true lessons and stories,
    in the centre of her great little innocent heart

    "Oh, Mom, say it again!
    but in the same manner as before ...
    You're so funny?"

    Then I notice,
    how she pulls out,
    a feather on fire
    dips it in her hearts pure innocent ink
    And start to mimic me ...
    Now, that was funny!

    Oh, love is crazy
    Oh, love is pure
    Oh, love admires, everything you do!
    Oh mothers, children mimic's you!
    Oh, mothers, they wanna be, just like you!
    Oh, mothers, we are their "roll models"
    Oh, let our own teachings, always follows our own good deeds
    We will notice!
    We will be amazed!
    We will be surprised!
    How important, our part, as a "grown up" truly are?
    Inside them ... you'll see a little star rising up!
    So beautiful, so pure, so lovely, so shining!
    May it also reminds you,
    if you might have forgotten , who you are ?
    Her eyes looks like a mirror,
    who mirrors you and your mother's heart.


  • the_fragile_broken_and_lost 8w

    I love storms in the rhythm with the dark night sky. Melancholy moon shining as the lightning booms louder with each strike. I love the rain getting thrown at the windows as it pours down. Pluviophile, to the day I breath no more.
    Today, like no other, I splash in the puddles of the dark filled water, watching as it splashes so high. A hot stormy night, mid October winds bustling through the dark sky. It's nights like these that I love, most of all.

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    Till the day I breath no more.

  • nav_zone 9w

    Never give up

    What happened dear❓
    Why are you sad❓
    Are some failures,
    Hurt you so bad❓

    Why are you cursing
    at your bad luck❓
    Come on beautiful,
    Never give up.

    If your own friends
    Betrayed you,
    Never trust them again,
    when come to you.

  • d_singh 9w


    Making mistakes define you
    Mistakes don't define a you

  • harsha_madhuri 19w


    Loyality always gets its antonym in return

  • singhlakshmi 20w

    एक दरार पड़ रही,
    देखना ये हैं
    कि ये दरार पौधे के पनपने से हैं,
    या सरिया के वार से।


  • bluemoonlight44 28w


    Every book that I get my nose into feels like my mind leaves to go on a journey that I don't want to end

    @ Bluemoonlight44

  • kalikaagni 32w

    no past
    no future
    only this moment


  • diplomaticqueen_ 33w

    #wod #refrain #wtitersnetwork
    E X H A L E

    Reality is sometimes too bleak for me,
    A faint-heart
    I daintily slip into my past,
    and snuggle with my memories.
    On some days I wake up, a Happy Puppy
    On others'
    I am horrified.
    I've become a prisoner of my
    Own Mind.
    Locking up myself with Titanium bars
    Of Tears and bad memories.
    I cave.
    When reality greets me again
    Then I realize,
    The need to let go.
    My Shackled mind refrains
    I try,
    Wiping one memory
    after the other
    Untill I no longer need to
    seek refuge in my Past!
    E X H A L E

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    Untill I no longer need to
    seek refuge in my Past!
    E X H A L E

  • _bahetiankita 34w

    If you want your child's dream to touch the sky,
    You must gift him wings to fly high,
    Teach him faith and self-confidence to aspire,
    For they will give him the strength he requires,
    But not you forget to give him roots,
    So no matter how far he goes, he will always be connected to origins without dispute,
    These two attributes are essential for the child,
    So that none of his dreams remains uncompiled!

  • itsme_sawoni 35w

    "I don't care what the society says. I love your soul and not your body" is a lie.

    Reality is "First make yourself according to the society and then I will love you"

  • singhlakshmi 36w

    Everything will fall into in it's place
    If we promote more gratitude...

    It doesn't mean we need to stop working
    For what we desire...
    Yet our work should not harm anyone...

    Gratitude teaches us the way of acceptance
    As nothing is more powerful than time...
    We can only change it
    If we won't fight with it...

    Chaos starts
    When we chase time...
    Instead we need to live
    Every second of time
    Be thankful for what you already have
    Will help you and calm you inside out...


  • simplewords 38w

    We write

    To express the untold...
    written and abundoned from heart.

  • unapologetic_grumpy 38w

    Eyes filled with curiosity
    questions on my identity
    I amuse myself
    with the labels they put
    for they know not
    I am a blurry puzzle
    of cultures that I embrace
    of languages that I learn
    of places that I stay
    of music that I love
    I am a free bird
    and the world is my home.


  • jkwrites 38w

    This one is inspired by the sonnet 64 by Shakespeare in which he personifies lily as love. This sonnet is also connected to the 129 one in which he asks what is love.......
    @mirakee @writersnetwork @saswatbarry19

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    Look at you, beautiful
    Grown up as a
    Strong headed one

    Entrancing others by
    Your fragrance and
    Those unseen smiles

    The strong winds and storms come
    But you stand rooted
    Not withering in the rainy nights

    You are there for those who grieve
    There for those who rejoice love
    There for a lonesome reader
    And there for all those who just
    Need a sense of belonging

    Lily an epitome of love, grief and sadness
    An inspiration for a lost poet
    A curiosity for a confused child
    But above all
    An alluring creation of nature

  • m_ozed 39w

    I KNOW

    I can hear your heartbeat
    When you're by my side
    And over the horizon.
    I hear the songs you sing inside.

    Hands around your neck and the
    slowest of songs
    On air
    To keep us floating... together.

    Hands on my waist and
    I listen to your rapid breaths.
    They whisper to me that I am not alone

    I know you notice how I walk
    I know how you watch me closely when I talk
    I know your heart beats faster when you see me in a crowd

    I know when you are watching every move I make.
    I know when your are also in the room because I can smell your cologne from a mile away
    And your voice echoes memories of the night before.

    I know what you mean when you say one thing but mean another
    I know what you like even when you don't.
    I know how much I love you and
    I know you do too.