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  • jeniayn 59w

    #wrtingcontest #creativearena

    You have seen
    My leaves of crumbled age
    fall to the ground
    On a hardened plight

    My fragile branches
    the tears of
    Frozen dew drops
    Of sorrow

    And my entirety
    In every direction
    The wind sang
    At that moment in time

    Yet you stayed
    Right beside me
    Seeking wisdom

    In every verse
    of poetry
    that you wrote

    Page after page
    Sheet after sheet
    Chased in the wind

    So many words
    So much silence
    Yet the same expression

    How do we capture
    The miracles of life
    the lessons learned?
    With so much purpose
    And so much passion
    To inspire
    The everlasting
    hope of compassion
    Into next generation?


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    How do we capture
    The miracles of life
    and all
    the lessons learned?
    With so much purpose
    And so much passion
    As to inspire
    The everlasting
    hope of compassion
    Into next generation?


  • islamabad 62w

    Trancing about my past
    Lend me some reminiscence
    Of old and shy days
    Where considering the future was myth
    And loving the souls was an illusion
    Where tittering clocks used to tattle about a new mornings
    Where forlorn emotions were compulsively ceased in creases of smiles.
    There writing versus always dressed me into paper,ink and pen.

    Here's my present;
    Where reverie is a deep dug that hews out exquisite ideas
    But world confuse it with a time wastage
    Here considering the past is lavished;
    And loving the abodes is lust
    Here screaming with pains is a medicine that carries side-effects of diagnosing a surgery for endless-endings
    Here tears beaded eyes craving for dryness are oasis for others.
    Here naked sentences shy of their stretch marked letters exist as long as blank spaces in my mind.

    WONDER (since then I'm too lazy to write each letter that way)

    If I had a chance to exist between that past and this present;
    By lending memories of my past would help me hew out much exciting ideas
    The pouring past would have no more annoyed the meagre future
    Tittering 5'am clocks would be a medicine for recovering from lost endings
    Also the morose feelings would have cascade themselves into the running warm tears making aftermath smile worth smiling
    And the naked sentences would have dressed themselve with my blank thoughts motivating me
    become a writer worth writing
    Writing from drafts


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    Between my present and past there lies my untold parables yearning to summon up my future stories.


  • 2chinmayee 63w


    I wish I could freeze
    the moment and cuddle
    your small wings with my
    little opening buds and
    bid a farewell to my scary
    and scars of my life and
    reply each moments under
    the novas of galaxy and
    pause my life buttom to
    smile with you. But I'm
    the scar and you are my
    philosophy. Scar fades
    with true reach of life.
    In the twinkling night
    You fly with tiny wings
    having a great ambition
    with a little figure.
    You wanna overcome
    thousand miles pushing
    the heart throb high to
    distribute the elixir of love of life.
    You are hiding the
    scars in the caligo
    of earth spreading the charm
    to the darkness...
    You hum
    //"Every step has a miracle.
    Love the moment lively"//
    like the hummingbird.
    You are a version of philosophy
    who wanna draw own philosophy.
    You are deep & mysterious
    ike ocean.
    /I wish I could freeze the moment
    and swim to you to
    daub with your ink of love//

    Wishing you a warming birthday
    and a deep cuddle.
    May God bless on you.
    Just want to say
    ~~//Happy is folded by "un"
    unfold it with ur inner eyes//
    And live your life
    lively laughingly and lovely ~~

    Pic credit goes to the rightfull owner
    @mirakee @writersnetwork
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #creativearena #wrtingcontest

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