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    #AA #vAAe
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    #Lifegrants us life #becausewe #aremadein the imagE(I’m agE<=of the AgE DimEnsion<=Go(o)d=absolute of/as this dimension) of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) for IAM<(3)as IAM(3) w(3)hat IAM(3) all thE(3) lovE(3), as iam(3) E(3)nough to bE(3) BE(3)ing mE(3), mysE(3)lf and Iam(3)> a soul(IAM what IAM, Phonixe of ember as life) that has a HE•art(earth inside), for you are the same thing, of Go(o)d+CrE(3)ator(lovE(3)/lifE(3)=solipsism) be that by faith or by you have a body that came from the Earth(hE•art outside); you can something that came before you and that loves you more then you can love yourself to say simply.
    #v1e#WISdom_emPOWERment #
    v2021e #vvideoe#thenines#🌿
    ■ simply, simultaneously you know what is all and you keep telling yourself this story of what is at hand and by that you create from that state that you are at, of being, to that of living a lie as by a lie you can call it a a vail, so that you can then be of this and that by your here and now; for it when you choose the choice by where you are to then simultaneously be as you are, accept and then bring the fullness of what you are nowhere to now where as here you are.
    # in life you can be the wisdom that has something to say about life and the way that you can see it as in of itself you will be able to have a great day in all your means of yourself and what is your worth, for its true that you can be the echo of your own kind and the loveable means to being your betterment of yourself by besting yourself in all that you are and have to shear; for you can only shear what you have and so shear the parts that will give you a hug love the life that you are and shear with you betterment of the life you are able to give to yourself and to the world as to be wise to still accepting what your unwilling to shear by what you do shear. Have a great day seeing how wise as powerful as the worth of a master that, as what is great, as what makes life smile, thank you for having a smile; for you are great and that of you is grand of magnanimous measures of gems by the sky count...aka always finding more
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    #Lifegrants #uslife #becausewe #aremadeintheimagE #ofGod for I’m #asoul #thathasaheart, #foryou are the #samething, #ofGod #bethat #byfaith #orbyyou #haveabody #thatcamefrom #theEarth; you can something #thatcamebefore #youandthat #lovesyoumore #thenyoucan #loveyourself #tosaysimply.




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    AA today
    11:08 PM 25% mothers front yard
    To embrace your meaning in life for what is to be love and love itself, that we are all Phoenix embers; that just being in the now moment, is all that you have to do in life to know you are loved; by gifting you the gift to open the gift of yourself, to the be able to open the gift of self is the best thing you can do for yourself. Simply simultaneously 1one thing is happening at the same time and time is a circle and all things happen in a circle so they come back tell you listen to learn that lesson; for you have all the weapons that you will ever need because you are a reflection of God+Creator, made in the image of. Even angels are perfect.

    Topics 4/8/2021
    1. Today I am no longer a slave to alcohol, yet in so many ways enslavement still threatens–my self, my desires, even my dreams.
    Courts\liquor demons, you know courts don't care what happens in real life as you grow, yet you do grow and yet they make you pay for what is life happening, that simply to say that they rippling echos of life happen from the times of the liquor demons, yet, it like you have to live this double life, where they make you, live the past

    2. Change is simply a combination of growing up and gaining knowledge.
    To find the moreness of life in/of God+Creator, to see self as what is to be a means of a Being of a lighthouse in the dark of night, passing the torch of fire knowledge of self; by letting God+Creator/life live through you so that you may have gifted yourself with the gift of doing something kind for someone1 and self Improvement.

    3. I came to this program to save my butt and found out recovery was attached to my soul.
    That life is all of 1oneness, and self love by seeing that their is a means a happening to that of what is the illusion of separation within stuff of yours to that of what is God+Creator of self to soul of self, to God+Creator is that of made in you in their image; all in all, their is all things have a sliver of you just as God+Creator has a sliver in you by image of self.
    4. What it was like then- what it is like now.
    1one is to let go and be freedom will you know upon the life of you and the life of yours is/of you and your timing becomes within Divine+timing, comes with in soul of knowing yourself be seeing yours through God+Creators eye as you are a reflection of God+Creator to be Being here and now for all of life comes the smiles of God+Creator that come from having Children of love and light/life.
    11:12 PM to 25%

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    Likna chahoge jab tum, na utregi alfaaz yek bhi, Magar likne lagoge jab tum na jane kaha se aathe hai vo anginath alfaaz aur ehsaas, bas yahi yek jaadu hai en alfaazon mein.....

  • immersed_voice 2w

    Why you always make me feel
    like i am worthless!

  • srishti28 2w

    It's something, where I belong
    I think, I eat , I walk of brawl
    I owe it's patent, no more than juggles
    Here, I must pendown something
    Coping up with this swing
    Entails me to have similar reasoning

  • eden_with_eve 3w

    A woman of words writes to the highest of provocations.
    Sculpted illiterations the kind of which is done with love hard enough to cut stone.
    Wept into my ink, wrapped a shaking hand around a pen, and I am born again.
    Gone is that girl that used to give up her mouth.
    Mourn her but a moment for her end meant a better beginning.
    Give me your ear and get a teased brain in return.
    I write words for people who gain the world in letters.
    A woman of words offered to the world searching for a way to show wonders to those who wander.
    I wonder what they will think?
    Just as well I give at will the chance to see the way I weave around me in wondrous ways with words alone because to myself they are lovely.

  • shreyakharel 5w

    When you fall in love without feeling that love.
    #written #mood #mirakee #love #spilledout

    @poets @mirakee

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    She was losing in love
    just like a food chewed, swallowed,
    bitten into bites yet undigested ;
    the hunger that shows no reaction.

  • sunitachhoti 5w


    You continue to blossom
    like these flowers,
    Never let Sorrow
    come to you like others!
    Instagram :- @myfeelingsmywords.97

  • darkness_of_the_sky 5w

    28th February 2021

    All I can think about is getting love, even I don’t know the purpose that this love is meant to serve. Is it for me to belong? Is it for me to feel appreciated what is it?


  • blend_of__thoughts 6w

    Ek alfaz

    Waqt ko badal ke hm
    Waqt se anjam lenge
    Kamyab tum ho ge
    Aur pehchan tumhari hm honge ❤️

  • driftersoul 8w

    Life Lesson 482

    ‘Tis strange how you are , you wonderful fool...
    While you went around making everyone your primary priority
    While you expanded your bandwidth to accommodate the entire universe in your 5feet and fragile self
    You were very easily-

    A second option.

    A back-up plan.

    An afterthought.

    Isn’t it high time you maybe? Possibly? At least try to
    Make yourself your own second option?


  • driftersoul 8w

    Life Lesson 341

    People’s availability is a subject of convenience.
    A friend in need is a friend who’s free and definitely a friend nevertheless.
    So while you are slicing your day accommodating family, friends, health, work and passion
    While you are gloriously forgetting the you in your life,
    Read this again:
    People’s availability is a subject of convenience.

  • independent_writer1 9w

    Story abhi baki hai, thoda sa pyar dikha do..
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    Truck Driver
    Chapter:-3 mystery continues

    Anjaan raste pe sab chalte hai, par kuch log hawaniyat ke raste par chalte hai, ese hi raste pe chala 20yr old Ravi. Wo apne parivar se chupke kuch kaala kam karta hai, aaj Ravi kisi kaam se bahar ja raha hai par vo ye nhi janta ki ye kam uski zindagi ka akhiri kaam hoga.
    ek truck ravi ki car ke aage rukta hai, ravi car ka horn bajata hai par truck hatta nhi hai. Truck driver bahar aata hai or piche jata hai, ravi bhi car se bahar jata hai truck ke pass jata hai to Truck driver uske sir pe rof maar ke truck andar dal deta hai or truck par pagal bhukhe kutte hote hai, truck driver wha se chla jata hai..
    police department ke pass ek or case aata hai pattern same hota hai par thoda alag hai baki ke kal ke or aaj ke mila kar 3 murder case ho gaye, agar second case 10 or pehle case ke 2 or ab hi ke 1 jod de to total 13 murder ho chuke the.
    Ye case mujhe de diya gyaa tha, maine apni life mein esa case nhi dekha tha. Mera naam Acp vimal sharma. Maine is case ko study kiya to mujhe pattern to smajh aya par katal karne ki wajah abhi tak pta nhi chl paya.
    Yahi dusri tarf media walo ne baatien banana shuru kar diya tha. Jabse mujhe case mila tabse koi murder nhi hua, meri yaha posting huye 1 hafte ho gya tha.
    Acp vimal prehan the, is case ko Lekar, unki khamoshi kuch kehna chhathi thi.
    Ek mahina ho gya hai, abhi tak case slove nhi hua or media or baaki logo ne bhi is case ki baat karna chhodh dia hai. Shayad ye case band ho jayega or esa ho bhi gya or ye case band ho gya..
    Acp vimal ne kuch is tarah kaha:- mujhe smajh nhi aa rha tha esa kyun hua par jabse mujhe case mila tabse activity band ho gyi.
    Police ne ye case band kar diya hai, or sab file bhi band ho gayi. Ab kya fir murder nhi hoga, ye ghatna filhal Noida mein huyi or ye ghatna band bhi ho gayi. Dekhte hai aage kya hoga..
    The end
    Written by :- Karan singh

  • thegaia 9w


    Aren't we 'brave' that we all crave!
    Some are ready to face and some hiding under a base.!
    Aren't you 'brave', why do you waive?
    Some refrain, it is very uncertain.
    Aren't you'brave' that you are forced to be a slave!
    Some call it labour, remember this is just an variant of belabour.
    Aren't you'brave', don't be in deprave?
    Being corrupt is not an explanation, it is a problem to put in termination.
    Aren't you really 'brave', why are you afraid?
    You are not in a cave, waiting for someone else to save.
    You are brave, be unafraid, it's time to pave and show everyone how you wave!

  • p_a_c_324 9w

    I wish to surround you,
    With all the love in my heart.
    Sometimes my heart struggles for a voice,
    To tell how you make me feel.
    But you don't know,
    That I have written,
    About you in the books,
    I have placed in my heart's shelf

    -P. A. C

  • undefined_visionary69 11w


    I need a label so that you know who I am
    I know who I am by the heart I was given
    Not by the validation you think I need
    Or the likes/follows you think I deserve
    In a lot of spaces in this world
    To be followed is not to inspire and give love anymore
    To be followed is to reek havoc and spread grief
    More pain is televised for likes and gain
    Then others wonder why this world is insane
    It’s because they have been granted access to parts of you that weren’t meant to share
    Now all the trolls you’ve invited you must beware
    You’ve allowed the attention of on lookers that have invested in you
    To become your reality of how you reflect on yourself
    Now you’ve morphed your personalities and physicality’s
    You allow yourself to be seen through everyone else’s eyes
    To be different is no longer sought after
    To be the same is to be accepted
    In this world if people don’t “like” who you are then you’re a nobody
    I’ll be nobody to you
    At all cost of being a somebody
    To me


  • myasir99 12w

    Personality quote

    I like Walking on the Internet and you are a simple user being we are not Same dude internet's moocher

  • tmdisarro 13w


    Dwelling in the darker places
    Apart from what's considered real
    Below the lines of life's illusions
    Away from how I truly feel

    Looking up my view means nothing
    Life peels slowly as this paint
    Seeing ghosts yet unbelieving
    Poisoned by the lives I taint

    Take my hand if you can reach me
    Pull me under where I lay
    Nightmares fill this void completely
    Choke the words I need to say

    Speak to me of what is missing
    Tears like rain as autumn leaves
    Blue the lips of death you're kissing
    Whispers for the loves you grieve

    Silence swallows prayers to no one
    Shadows die as darkness reigns
    Nothing is the sum of losses
    At one with my dark remains

    TM DiSarro

    ©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing




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  • sapphire_ornate 14w

    #written by Anushka Shahaney..

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    Stay a little longer with me..

    Will you ever come find me
    Will you ever come find me
    Will you ever be mine

    Need you now, oh hold me closer
    Need you now, oh hold me closer
    Stop the wheels of time

    When I close my eyes
    You’re here by my side
    Oh when I close my eyes
    You’re here by my side

    All I ever really need is your love
    Nothing I could say would ever be enough

    Stay a little longer with me, baby!
    Won’t you stay a little longer with me
    Stay a little longer with me, baby!
    Won’t you stay a little longer with me

    I’ve been waiting for something new
    I’ve been waiting for something new
    Now I know it’s for you…

    The silver lining to my dark cloud
    The silver lining to my dark cloud
    Truth in this world of doubt

    Now that I have you
    Don’t let me go
    Now that I have you
    Don’t let me go
    Oh I know that time to leave has come
    I’m not ready for this moment to be done

    Stay a little longer with me, baby!
    Won’t you stay a little longer with me?
    Stay a little longer with me, baby!
    Won’t you stay a little longer with me?


    Won’t let go, cannot ever let go
    The light of your memories
    Won’t let go, cannot ever let go
    Every joy, every misery (x2)

    Oh ho, what’s this feeling?
    It’s just so true
    Cross the seven seas
    Give my life for you
    There is nothing that I wouldn’t do

    Stay a little longer with me baby
    Won’t you stay a little longer with me baby
    Please stay a little longer with me baby
    Won’t you stay a little longer with me…

    Don’t ever leave me now
    Don’t you please?
    Stay a little longer with me baby
    Won’t you stay?
    Need you here… with me

  • tmdisarro 15w


    Our kisses fold into paper
    Words we use as clothing
    Speaking too soon
    The silence is shattered
    Suddenly aware of our nakedness
    We hide our shame with confessions
    To a lesser god
    Pointing blame to no avail
    We fail, for truth resides in the eyes
    Wrapped in books of poetry
    As garments of syllables
    And worthless paragraphs
    Prayers to a dying humanity
    They see us as complete
    Yet, all are deceived
    For we are as orphans
    On the doorstep of the universe
    Cursed by unholy scripture
    We speak in prayers
    Against the countenance
    Of heaven, deaf and indifferent
    By warped design and secret intentions
    For this cosmic landscape
    Is but a figment
    Of a fractured imagination
    A grand illusion
    Of our own creation
    We hide inside our egos
    Wings fashioned from fables
    Lies become armor
    Transfigured into angels of light
    We cleverly blind the congregation
    Deceptively singing Psalms
    Accepting meaningless praises
    From adoring demons

    TM DiSarro
    ©2020 TM DiSarro / MindScapes Publishing


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  • heartshooters 15w

    #Written by Monjit Mili

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    Dil ko bhi smjhana padta hai

    A mere dil sup, sup ho jao...
    Agar dukhi ho phir bhi dikhana nhi kisiko!
    Rona hy phir bhi hasna sikho...
    Bas itna yad rkho....
    Tum khudhe khud ko sambhal na sikho!

    Ha mana kus baate Saha nhi jata...
    Phir bhi himmat mat khona...
    Agar tum bikhar gayi toh mera kya hoga kabhi Susa hy kya?
    Dear Dil tum asey he rhna muskilo me bhi mere sath dyna!!
    ✍Monjit Mili