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  • ameyakolhatkar 5w


    A fallen dream, complicating the simpler thing.
    Under the moonlight
    Constant fear of the unknown apparition
    Slowly shedding a crimson tear. Oh my friend casting the silhouette. Where do you hail from?
    The crimson valley of woe.


  • addictivetendencies 16w

    The Darkness

    Where do I go from here?
    I'm torn apart and left in seclusion by my anxiety
    And my fears....
    tearing through triggers and I'm losing my mind in the mirror
    Screaming out in silence

    I don't want anyone to hear....
    Where do I go from here?

    Shirt soaked in liquor and disappointment
    Skin stained with the remnants of the man I once was.
    Dying inside
    but smiling so everyone will know I'll be okay....
    but I am far from okay,
    I am far from a peaceful state
    I feel insane
    I feel crazy
    like I'm losing sight of anything I was fighting to find.
    words pile on top of words
    hopeless thoughts
    intertwine with the rotted knots
    of stress
    devouring my peace
    Souring my tongue when I speak
    I am weakened....weakened like a cracked branch on a massive tree
    just dying to hold on...i am weak.
    Let me break!
    Snap me from my base until I'm useless and slowly crumbling into my mortality,
    Stumbling between realities just trying to figure out where the fuck I go from here?
    I can't feel my happy....
    My smile was stolen from me by the demons in me that don't even exist
    My brain is tired from overwhelming myself with overthinking....
    I just want my happiness back....
    and I just want my smiles back
    I don't want to be sad

    I don't want to feel mad

    I don't want hearts to break around me....I'm sick of the shattered distorted
    anger that's become me.

    Where am I supposed to go from here?
    Anxious and exhausted
    It's been 3 days since I could sleep
    I'm confused and
    Lonely but I'd rather be alone....
    I miss the me I was....how did I ever get so lost?
    spiralling crashing wrecking the beautiful around me stabbing my paint brush through canvases drowning in this depression.

  • addictivetendencies 129w

    Still we've seen no changes just chains with diamond filled pendants of Jesus Christ hanging brutally upon a cross....
    The nerve of the shameless watching kids get shot and refusing to admit there might be a problem
    Aimless shooters that call themselves cops...
    And this has been going on since we were kids on the bloc it's only recently televised so now folks are shoced an I am no longer at a loss for words
    I can no longer silence this urge for change to occur
    It's insane how some words can emerge and awaken a curse that's plagued this Earth since time first ticed and a clocs first toc

    And I'm close to feeling ashamed of being American! Arrogance and ignorance in the minds of the violent and clueless lazy and stupid uneducated youth that's pretty much useless eatin laundry soap pods and disrespecting the roots that grew them
    Parents who wish they knew them

  • cosmicglitters 137w

    The moonlight kissed her bruised cheeks
    As it realised the pain she faces
    Every night in this unwanted marriage

  • cosmicglitters 137w

    I drank the poison from the goblet of love
    Expecting to survive.

  • cosmicglitters 137w

    Love is the name

    You feel her don't you?
    The way she looks at your snobby face
    When you gently push her away
    You feel her smile don't you?
    Seeing her being happy inside
    And laughing like a kid
    You feel her eyes don't you?
    The way she looks at you
    And when you catch a glance she shyly looks away
    You feel her emotions don't you?
    Wanting her to be yours forever
    Feeling her little heart throbbing
    You want to be with her
    Till your last breath
    You love her don't you?
    You know your soul is attached
    Still you never agree
    Because you feel
    You will be the reason
    She would cry every night

  • addictivetendencies 139w

    I woke up early cold sweats and drinking water
    Can't stop thinking about my unborn daughter

    How I would have loved to be your father

    The angels they came to take you away but I know
    I will always be your father.

    Took a walk out by the shore line of the waters
    Tried to clear my mind of all the bothers having day dreams of her falling but I caught her
    I imagined her there with my smile and her hair I swear she was there an
    then I lost her
    Now I cry out her name I know it's a shame
    Close my eyes just so I can watch her.

    Woke up early cold sweats and drinking
    Can't stop thinking about my unborn daughter

    How I would have loved to be her........

  • aphysiciansblog 162w

    So,this happened yesterday.

    After having examined the never ending series of patients continuously for hours together at the morning OP. We were finally excused to pleasure our exhausted bodies with lunch.The hospital canteen being so routine as always.We decided to treat ourselves "biryani" at a nearby fancy restaurant.
    We entered the restaurant being totally aloof of what was waiting for us ahead!
    It had quiet the satisfying food it was famous for. Meanwhile,we found it strange to find, two "guys" rotating around our table.It happened more than twice,and that really made us feel weird.

    We had to anyways get back to the hospital.
    So,we quickly did our lunch,payed bills and we're on our way back to the parking,ONLY to have noticed these "guys"(mentioned earlier) looking eagerly for us to walk down past them.
    And THIS!
    Completely took us off guard!

    One of two guys,
    Tinted teeth,red mouth,gutka chewing,quiet the malnourished body.Comes on to me!!!and yells on the middle of the road!
    He goes on like this-(very angry tone)
    "Hey you!what's your name?!"
    (And here am,"thinking in my mind",why the hell would he be event talking to me??!!!!)
    I say-Excuse me!Is there a problem??
    And now,
    He yells at me!"what is your bloody fucking name?!"
    His tone gets me on my nerves and this time!
    I wanted to give it back.
    I said,"who the bloody fucking hell are you to ask me that!?"

    Looks like,I agitated him.
    And he doesn't stop there!
    "You are a Muslim,how shameless are you to be moving around with a guy like this!"he says pushing my colleague back!

    Being the person am,it took no time for me to snap at him right away!My anger knew no bounds at that time(not that I can express,I was rrrrreallly scared though,within!)
    I shouted back,saying "Who the hell are you to question me?!!!Trying to be my brother??You are not even family! What gives you the authority to question me??!
    Ohk!you gotta problem with me,let's go to the Police!"
    (20 men around me and noone makes a move!and I,stand here being yelled,and uselessly shouting back at this piece of crap that he is,making me wonder why all these men around me forget their pride,in calling themselves a MAN. You can't even standup for a girl,whose fighting for herself,Do you really consider yourself to be one?!!
    Now that I think of it,I wish,I could have asked them right on their faces.)

    A 45-50yr old Muslim Man comes out of nowhere in the middle,
    He starts by sushhhhing everyone around.
    He turns towards the guy and asks him,
    Do you know her?
    The guy says, NO.
    then goes asking,does she know you?
    The guy says, NO.
    Right at this point,when am finally thanking this old man for his wisdom,in my own head.
    What's your problem with her then,he asked?
    The guy said- am a Muslim.She is shamelessly moving around with a nonmuslim.Its becoz of girls like her the whole religion is getting spoilt!She wears a scarf and does things like this.I cant tolerate.

    I could take that nolonger!
    I stepped in,right into his face and said,
    "Who the hell are you??What do you think of yourself!"
    On this,the old came intervened,He broke all hell loose,when he said.
    "Look she is young,she doesn't know what she doing.you got lotta time right?you came here just by following her right? Follow her home and tell her parents.They will do the best for her".

    Having heard that coming from an elder person,who I few seconds ago,thought "wise"! Made me completely loose my faith in "logic","wisdom".He,once for all!proved me wrong to have believed him to be wise,though I knew he was a Muslim himself.

    Whoever said,with age comes experience!
    Hellooooo Mister!!!!"You are completely WRONG!"
    Few brains never mature!

    So obvious it was of me to ask this foolish old man,how was he even making sense??!!!
    On this,he takes the guy to a corner,trying to calm the guy down I guess (but it looked more like,he was adding the fuel)

    And seeing all the irrelevant, meaningless,coward nonsensical foolish people around.
    We thought,it's better we just leave.
    And started on our way.

    Little did we knew,
    That these guys were still following us,with the one sitting in the pillion seat was actually taking a video of us!
    It was only when they overtook us,with the guy shouting at me,"tum ch***** ho!"did we knew!
    And now,there was no more thinking!Our next stop was Police Station.

    Iff only,I had superpowers of jumping from one vehicle to the other,I would have definitely kicked the guts outta him.(Iff you knew me,you know I could do that!)
    But,that being no close to reality,I replied! "Bade marad bante ho,ruk police station hai yaha saale".

    On saying that,
    They both vanished!
    And now!We were trying to trace them.
    Only to have realised that we already missed them.

    You might have probably realized by now,that am the girl wearing the scarf(hijaab),and am a Muslim.And my colleague here,who came by with me,just to have a proper meal is a NONMuslim.
    The guy who stopped me,was a Muslim,who regards his "being a Muslim morale" higher than being a human!
    He had a problem,when he saw a Muslim girl having lunch with a NonMuslim.And,that was all it required to bring out the inhuman psychopath he was.He gave himself all the rights to question the girl,irrespective of the fact that it was never his business what-so-ever she does with her life! So,obvious-The old muslim man was of no help.Now that i think of it,might be iff he was sensible enough Or probably belonged to Non-Islamic religion would he had stopped the sequence that followed to have happened.

    Sitting awake all night,feeling helpless and miserable.
    Waking up,to hear about the 4yr old (Muslim Girl) being raped in her own school (Islamic International School)

    I can't help but ask!
    Is religion really a boon??
    Creating differences,encouraging discrimination(be it based on religion,caste,colour-is that the new way of being KOOL?
    Are there no real men out there,who would speak and stand for GOOD?
    Are we really as free and independent,in this democratic country as we call it to be?

    Still traumatized...

    #pod #mirakeewriters #freecountry #writingpain #discrimation #spillingbeans #scared.

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  • the_nocturnal_company 177w

    Friends (battle: one must win)

    I'm done.
    Done with the game of being friends with you. Do you remember the time before everything got worse? It was the best thing anyone could have had. We had it.
    Our friendship was the dream everyone experienced in their naps. But well, only if I knew, that all of it was just one-sided and this loyalty of mine could have made me pay a fine this heavy, I would have eloped the second you would have told me that it was all forced on you.

    This fine didn't burn a hole in my pocket but in my heart. I'll tell you something, I have always been like this. Just one very close friend becomes my home, and unlike you, not one out of previous homes threw me out.

    You didn't trust me, is what you said, you don't want to be friends with me anymore is what you told me. I still cared. And what an idiot I am? All my poetries were for you. All I wanted was for you to come back to my life. After crying for a year or so, you did come back.

    But nothing was like before. It's not the same you and the same me. I can never be the same again, I cannot trust you or anyone else the same way again. Remember, you asked me to let go off you?
    Today I'm letting you go.
    Go off my mind.
    Once a good friend,
    Now a worst memory.

  • prachimeshramisthename 178w

    Ab na hogi dubara fir kisise mohobbat,
    Tune Dard nahi dawa di hai.