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    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    Bedecked, was I
    By Luna's finest hues
    In a shroud of sparkling starlight
    Enrobed by lustrous blues

    The gladiolus greet me
    Throughout the gardens in the park
    After dozing through the day
    They're always wide awake at dark

    Surrounded by the sweet sounds
    Of nature's serenade
    I can hear the crickets chirping
    O'er yonder, in the glade

    The hooting of the night owl
    Assures me all is well
    Surveyor of the forest
    He's our trusty sentinel

    At last, the Earth falls silent
    And I embrace the quietude
    It's here, within these moments
    That the daytime is reviewed

    The darkness is a tonic
    That often leads us to be healed
    For the obscurity it offers
    Means that our truths can be revealed

    Oh nighttime, dearest nighttime
    I'm desirous of your bliss
    Wrap me in your dark embrace
    And grace me with your loveliness

    Alas, the dawn draws nearer
    Come be the company I keep
    Pray thee regale me with your splendor
    And when the sun's up, I shall sleep.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 8/24/2021

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    Childhood memories,
    horror stories,


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    Writing prompt: Objectified beauty

    You're beautiful. Words fall short in describing your beauty. When you walk by everyone is mesmerized. Women want to be you and men want to have you. You're adored. Yet there is an emptiness filling your soul. You crave connection and intellectual conversation.
    You want to be seen not as an object but as a person. You want your legacy to be something more than just aesthetics but for it to be a story of courage, hard work and love. That void inside grows with every compliment that feasts on your body and is blind to the person within. You're not an object. You're kind, loving, smart and brave and if they looked beyond the curves and glowing skin they would know that too.

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    Writing prompt: My unborn child

    My dear baby,

    I love you so much. It may seem strange to love a person you've never met but I've met you a thousand times. Chose you over and over again. I've held you in my arms. Sung you a dozen lullabies. Of all the things I've done in this world  being your mother has been the most rewarding. You're my blessing. I await the day we will meet. There's so much I want to share with you. So much I want to teach you.
    Hurry on and come home... we've been waiting a long time.

    All my love,

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    Writing prompt: I can't unlove you

    I can't unlove you. I said the words and gave my heart away. I gave it all. You were the one and I was brave. I braved the lies. I braved the broken promises. I sold my time for happily ever after and a dream that never was.
    I can't unlove you. Even as I drown in this pain. As excruciating grief pierces my soul for all the things that will never be... I can't unlove you.
    With all the things I know. With all the things I've felt. With these tears running down my face. I can't unlove you.

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    "Mirror. Is it easy to fall and break?
    Does it hurt to see the whole in pieces?
    You fall and make noise and break.
    Do you receive any kind of empathies?"
    "Oh no! I fall and break and cry.
    Just as the human hearts die.
    For they may get a shoulder to cry
    But i die in severe painful plight.
    When i am whole,they do adore
    To meet themselves, they meet me.
    But when i fell apart, they flew away
    To guard themselves from any hurt.
    In my brokenness, they see own selves
    And get afraid of their own whole.
    How do i tell how much it hurts?,
    When i break down and no one cares."

    "Oh! I empathize with the broken nature of yours.
    And i admire your reflection of truth as a whole."

    "Mirror. How many poems have you written?
    For those who break, bleed words in poems.
    Did you write any poem? Did anybody hear it out?"
    "Yes. I did write, a tonnes of poems. The poems
    expressing my world of cries. I wrote one to the
    regular friend, who used to take most care of me.
    But it hurted more, knowing them, to be all illiterate.
    I wrote one to the occasional friend, and how
    do i mutter their indifferent behaviour.
    Then, i received a Stranger's hope.
    And i found my pieces in a bin forlorn.
    I knew it was my death,
    my pieces couldn't join back,
    But it broke me more when i
    Discovered no one is your own.
    Since then, i shed tears all alone.
    I die! I die! I die!
    I don't write poems anymore.
    And those written, will vanish away
    In the fogs of time, in the storms of Life,
    Or will burn in the flames of death and
    Become the ashes of life, upon which
    Someone would again, write a Poem!"

    Word used : Mirror
    Question :" Is it easy to fall and break? "

    Word used : Mirror
    Question : "How many poems have you written? "

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    I m on a spiritual journey
    Come join me if u want
    Be part of this mystical tour or be behind
    When I ll be back on this solitary road after my journey.
    I ll surely melt u
    & Mark my words - "I ll return one day".


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    They say that nothing in life doesn't just happen
    For there is always a meaning behind every action.
    Whether it's a swaddled attraction of distraction
    Or an interruption of destruction, either way, there's
    Something behind the scenes, of what the unknown could be.
    Truth is, it's a mystical mystery for there is always a deeper meaning encrypted to unfold the series of mysteries.

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    @luvnotes_challenge_host @writersnetwork @miraquill

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    Behind the Scenes

    They say that nothing in life doesn't just happen
    For there is always a meaning behind every action.
    Whether it's a swaddled attraction of distraction
    Or an interruption of destruction, either way, there's
    Something behind the scenes, of what the unknown could be.
    Truth is, it's a mystical mystery for there is always a deeper meaning encrypted to unfold the series of mysteries.

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    "You were such close friends. Then what happened?" Then over time and due to long-distance, we fell out of friendship. None of these justifications has a role to play in this history. Long-distance and time had nothing to do with us parting ways. We ended the friendship. Why? Because we didn't feel connected anymore, that's just it. When the heart has decided to be absent, the last verse writes itself.

    "Doesn't it hurt to lose such a friendship which meant so much in your life?" It hurts. However, it would hurt more if we continued to be friends because all that would remain is a tag. "Close friends"- we would try too hard to meet the expected standards of this label and fix things. Then we would secretly wish one of us abandoned this "fixing mode". To dodge going on a guilt trip, we'd hope the other person takes the initiative to quit first. We were close friends because we wanted to be. It is the reason why we gave our friendship a gracious farewell.

    "What if your paths cross again?" If our paths cross, we will greet each other with a smile, a smile where the willingness to perform the act is genuine. We will talk too. The friendship has ended, the mutual respect hasn't.

    "You never think of the friendship or miss it?" I think of it. It is human to miss something that was once valuable to us. The missing doesn't implicate regrets. It's about taking the freedom to honour the memories we experienced together without resentment. Visiting the past is okay, but you cannot stay there forever, can you?


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    A tender world of scars and blood
    A garden of flowers, a mystery of brains,
    Being a labyrinth though,it baffles minds.
    Coming from the clouds of an outer world
    the rains of salt are sprinkled but it blooms.
    It purifies the landscape of fragile emotions
    And makes kindness flow even at the worst.
    The veins of it are melting with pain;
    And i am taking the honour of gifted rain
    Which makes it bloom as a Mystical throne!

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    Writing prompt: Unrequited love

    How sad it is to love a woman and fall short of her favour.
    It's a different kind of pain knowing your heart is given but not taken. Somewhere in limbo, waiting and hoping.
    To have this love burning inside of you, yearning to be embraced yet unrequited.
    How sad it is to love a woman so deeply and fall short of her favour...such is the curse of an unrequited love.
    It will keep you up at night replaying all the moments that could have been.
    It will make your heart beat so fast and loud when she smiles and fall into a slow rhythm knowing she'll never be yours.
    It fills your entire being with this feeling of loss, the grief of losing something you never had.
    Such is the curse of unrequited love...

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    Writing prompt: Even though we're in a long distance relationship.

    Everyone keeps telling you this won't work. They tell me I'm a fool to believe that phone calls and occasional visits will be enough for a girl like you. Your friends say there's no way I'll stay loyal with this distance between us. As if my loyalty is measured by kilometres and meters. Even if you're here , even if you're there, anywhere you're, my love for you remains constant. We met on the mountains, grew closer with each text and fell in love on the road. Our love knows no bounds. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder. So tell your friends not to worry I'll never tire. Our souls will meet no matter where we are.

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    *Short Piece Sunday Word Prompt Challenge*

    Hey everybody! Hope you're all having a great weekend!
    So today I have a short piece word prompt challenge for you. The piece itself must be NO MORE THAN 10 LINES tops (it can be less, but not more). For further clarification, I don't mean 10 sentences, I mean 10 actual lines.
    Also, somewhere in the piece, you need to use the word "mystical."
    Please submit one entry only, penned in English, and in accordance with Miraquill's Terms of Use pertaining to language, content, and plagiarism.

    DURATION: This challenge will run for 24 hours only. It's over when it says "1d" in the upper right hand corner of this post. The time of posting is 4:30 am Sunday morning, Eastern Standard time/U.S., or 2:00 pm on Sunday in India.

    MANDATORY HASHTAG: Please use #cees_spwp in your caption area.

    TAGGING: If you'd like to tag me to your submission, please tag this account and not my main account.

    *Don't forget to support your fellow participants by checking out their submissions.

    Happy writing!

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    Zoom fatigue

    Meeting after meeting. Day after day. Talking to people through screens and microphones. Gun to your head, put your hands on the keyboard! That's the life now. Covid holding us hostage. We went digital so fast and hard just to avoid catching something only to catch that zoom fatigue. Who knew staying at home could be so exhausting. They say a work-life balance will keep that zoom fatigue at bay.

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    I'm back on my feet

    I was 6 feet under. Buried in pain and regret. I was drowning in a sea of fear and shame. I worked hard to become. To be a true version of myself.
    I let my truth out for the world to see. I was a self-made man. I say self-made because I had to teach myself what it means to be a man, I had to unlearn all of my chilhood lessons. They said I was breaking rules and bending nature so they beat me down to make me right. They threw hate at me at every turn, tried to kill the man I was with words and fists. Sticks and stones broke my bones and words had me sitting across the same stranger every Wednesday asking me how I feel. I told her I couldn't sleep because in my dreams I had the same body I had when I was 12. She told me to look at the man in the mirror and tell him he was amazing, strong and perfect till I believed it. Now I'm back on my feet. Went from 6 feet under to on top of the world.

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    Writing prompt: Dearly departed parents

    Dear mom and dad,
    I miss you so much. There's so much I still want to say. So many truths I kept inside. I never felt like I could tell you everything but now you're gone and I wish I had never held back.
    I was always afraid of you, afraid of being punished, afraid of being shouted at, afraid of disappointing you. I know now that fear kept us from having more. You were the parents and I was the child, a very clear boundary was set. If there's a rule I wish I had broken, it would be the unwritten one that prevented us from being friends. I would have crossed the line to laugh with you till we high-fived.
    I know you loved me and cherished me. I remember all the good times in our home. I hold on tighter to the memories as I get older so I never forget you. Sometimes I can feel you with me and that reassures me, knowing you're watching over me. I hope I've made you proud.
    Rest in peace my king and queen.

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    Writing prompt: I am tired of being strong.

    I do not belong yet I am one of them.
    All my life I've had to struggle.
    Struggle to fit in.
    Struggle to understand myself.
    I've had to fight for my right to exist.
    Each day has been a constant battle for my life.
    I've had to justify myself.
    Serve my life up for scrutiny to gain acceptance.
    I've had to build and create space. Burn bridges to be free.
    For all this I've had to be strong. I've had to be fearless like a lion. I've been hunted like prey. Forced to hide in the closet to stay alive and be treated as an equal. To be normal.
    For all this I've had to be strong. They say we are a resilient community because of it.
    I'm tired of being strong.
    Tired of living a half-life. Tired of lying. Tired of negotiating. When is it my turn to be free?
    I'm tired of being strong just so I can walk out the door.

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    A fortunately fictional submission to the #cees_greet_chall, hosted on my other account. Thank you for reading!

    by Carolyn Glackin
    A clandestine greeting
    Well beyond closed doors
    Led to a lifetime
    I soon grew to abhor

    In a bright gilded cage
    That at first, seemed like bliss
    Lo! I should have looked closer
    Alas, I was remiss!

    What a shyster was he!
    So deceitful and cunning
    Had I seen things more clearly
    I'd soon have gone running

    So innocent I was
    So naive and unschooled
    Thus he swept right on in
    And he soon had me fooled

    So stealthy his ways
    So reckless his art
    As he stole, piece by piece
    From my soul and my heart

    Have faith now, dear friends
    For this tale's not yet told
    See, I won each piece back
    And I scorned him tenfold!

    I beat him, I did!
    At his very own game!
    Now that man stands alone
    With his guilt and his shame

    As for me? I'm just fine
    I can hardly complain
    I gained back quite a lot
    By losing his name

    Oh yes, love's quite grand
    When it's real and it's true
    But when it's a sham
    It can leave you unglued

    So stay true to yourself
    And hold fast to your heart
    Be your own first true love
    That'll be a good start

    Let no one else in
    Until you're quite sure
    You've found a true gem
    Within him or with her

    For love is a gift
    And a sight to behold
    'Tis the love that is true
    Can't be bought, can't be sold

    Be wise in your dealings
    Be strong in your heart
    And you'll soon find a love
    From which neither will part.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/10/2021

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    Lord give me strength

    I'm down on my knees praying for a miracle. Lord give me strength to weather the storm. Each day that goes by seems darker than the last and my faith is shaken. How do I stay strong when my source of strength is bed ridden and her body succumbed to illness? I look at her and don't recognise the woman before me. Lord give me strength to take care of my mother and deal with this pain. If I can't trust in you to show up for me in sickness and in health then who can I trust? Lord give me strength because now more than ever I need you. My very life depends on it. Lord give me strength.