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    Pyaar hii hai kya fark prta hai...
    Usko khone se ye dill q darta hai..

    Meri hii nazro me jhuka diya hai usne iss kadar...
    Fir bhi kambakht ye dill nahi samajhta hai


  • anushka_chakraborty 23w

    Lullaby of the death

    The clock hands past Twelve
    Leaving trails of the past , the heart refused to believe clenching my fist I sat there in the dark
    The rose petals which were once so vibrant is now lying dry and dead
    The letters which once sung the proclivity of slower tempo
    now intone Gloomy Sunday
    The white fabric which once smelled of herbs and honey
    is now decaying swinging down the ceiling
    rewinding reminiscence that has passed
    Eyes which mirrored nebula and classic antiquity
    now lying motionless as if time has ceased playing
    its dark game
    Anatomy constructed with the five elements
    are now burnt down into ashes, as the flame rose higher and higher leaving the epiphany of undone dreams and hope, crying with grief for, Justice is what prevails.


    #ssr #mirakee #writerspoint #rip #grief

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  • mooniverse 28w

    my bones always carry
    the all-consuming feeling of inadequacy,
    that stems from the fear of not being enough
    but how is it that it's not enough?
    when it is already overbearing
    that i can't contain its weight.
    the fear of being forgotten,
    worrying that it will always be me
    who has the last word
    because everyone else has already left.



  • vishakha_gupta07_ 28w

    To be continued....
    #story #lovestory #instastory #writer #writerspoint
    By unknown writer

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    Kaisi hai ye ishqbaziya
    (part 2)

    (utkarsh aur kartik rishikesh jane ki taiyari karne ke liye ghar jate hain jaha kartik ke rishte ki baat chal rahi hoti hai karrtik ye sab dekh kar hairaan ho jaata hain aur dadi ke paas jata hain)
    Kartik dadi se puchta hain: ye sab kya ho raha hai dadi
    Nandni (kartik ki mom): beta hum aapke rishte ki baat kar rahe hai aur pandit ji se bol rahe hain humare liye achhi si bahu aur apke liye achhi si wife dhudhe
    Kartik gusse me bolta hai: mujhe abhi shadi nahi karni
    Nandani: kyu nahi karni shadi
    Kartik: jab mujhe meri pasand ki ladki mil jayegi tab mai apko khud bata dunga
    (itna bolkar kartik vaha se chala jata hai aur rishikesh jane ki planning karnee lagta haain)

  • mooniverse 29w

    everything that i want to say
    bubbles up under the surface
    but once i try to gather them,
    they turn into an incoherent mess.
    someday it may all burst out from my chest,
    but who would bear its weight?
    so i gulp down the words,
    that keep growing bigger and bigger
    with each passing day
    and form a knot in my throat.
    day? i don't even know what day it is anymore
    i can't tell one from another
    yesterday, today, tomorrow –
    they all blur into one
    like an anchorless ship,
    time is an endless sea,
    where living feels more like treading water,
    wouldn't it be easier to just drown?
    i, who is nothing,
    could just drown into nothingness,
    but zero added to zero is still zero
    how would that make any difference?


    #pod #writersnetwork #writerspoint #mirakee #tired #depression #idkanymore #poem #poetry #poet


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    everything that i want to say
    bubbles up under the surface
    but once i try to gather them,
    they turn into an incoherent mess.
    someday it may all burst out from my chest,
    but who would bear its weight?

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  • luminosity_espied 35w

    Love doesn't drive you to make sacrifices,
    Love doesn't call for attention.
    Love won't ask you for justifications,
    Love won't weep for forgiveness.

    Love's a maze in the bigger maze of life.
    Love's a mystery within larger mysteries of humankind.
    It's a story that speaks to itself,
    No clangs of sorrow , no cries of help.

    It's a promise of tomorrow,
    It's an ode to life.
    It's the will to live
    It's the peace of demise.

  • mooniverse 44w


  • juveenee_black 45w


    I'd die for you
    Even if the whole world doesn't know your name...
    I try to understand you
    With every word that comes out of your mouth
    I try everything to put my eyes on u
    I try anything to put my mind off you
    So why do you have to put me at your back seat

  • luminosity_espied 45w

    Within your soul, there's a spot I'd prefer, to be buried in and be loved forever.
    For coffins are for those who grieve the absence and search the light of peace.
    Your heart is my presence and the warmth, my peace.

  • shoryasingh 47w


    11:11-- A tenderness in many hearts ,
    knowning that it won't happen,
    Bt still wishes for it.
    All because it makes you believe in something//
    When your heart is tired of the surrounding//

  • mooniverse 49w

    The pieces of moonlight
    dotted along the canvas inside my mind,
    reflect the vast stretch of the forest
    that i paint.
    Amidst those pieces
    i seek to find my own obliterated pieces,
    trying to make peace with them.

    as the dawn approaches –
    within its' lateral space,
    is where i find myself
    aimlessly running around in the wilderness,
    wherever my feet takes me –
    down every lane
    even the lurking shadows shy away from
    for there's no light here
    it's all bathed in ash
    from the burnt remains of my past.

    a distant bird sings
    bringing the red morning closer and closer
    and i hide behind the trees
    in shade where i used to let others rest
    by trying too hard to be altruistic.

    my heart now gleams silver,
    like confetti in broad day light,
    isn't it high time,
    to be a little self-altruistic?
    for this is all i have –
    this realm in my mind
    wandering aimlessly
    amidst my thoughts I can't name

    all this while i only faught
    those non-identical emotions
    only to end up even more conflicted.
    it's high time that i choose to fly,
    albeit the heat being as scalding as ever,
    maybe i'll make peace with the sunlight too,
    as i did with the moonlight.


    inspired by namjoon's painting in "in the soop" ��

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  • mooniverse 49w

    i don't know what this is, but well...

    (yes, well. a well without any water? because this seems dry af to me)

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    the sky that was created to keep the earth warm is falling apart, the blinding light splitting the world into two; the foundations of all i believed in being shattered – until there's nothing left.


  • mooniverse 52w

    ���������������� //

    i have reached such a point in life
    where every night becomes a sleepless one.

    is it because of my depression or anxiety
    that my sleep decided to give up on me?
    sleep that i neglected back then, now neglects me
    not just sleep, but everyone eventually gives up on me
    as i continue pushing them away.

    but it is how it is
    how exactly is it, though?
    this is how i am
    how exactly am i, though?

    wide awake i lie,
    changing positions every now and then–
    comfort and slumber are no where to be found.
    the only one i find is me,
    restlessly struggling in the shackles of my mind.

    silence engulfs me
    only to make my senses even stronger —
    i can hear the gushing winds,
    the rustling of the leaves
    outside my window;
    i can hear the fan above me
    rotating without a stop;
    i can hear the ticking of time,
    as seconds turn into minutes,
    and minutes into hours.

    i'm still wide awake
    when i realize that,
    everything around me still continues to move:
    time, the wind, the leaves;
    yet here i am
    unmoving, yet blinking;
    unchanging, yet changing;
    unworthy, yet breathing.


    sorry if this wasn't that good. it's an old one, but hope you like it :)

    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerspoint #poetry #poem #poet #writeups #insomnia #depression #anxiety #oldone @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    insomnia //


  • mooniverse 56w

    These days, i submerge myself in my own melancholia
    the shackles that squeeze my ankles as they slowly drag me down
    into the murky black water.
    I flail my limbs frantically, as an attempt to keep my head above the surface,
    but there’s no anchor here.
    The salt water flares into my lungs
    it’s too hard to breathe.
    I'm slowly slipping away
    no one can see me here,
    drowning under water
    and neither can i
    because all i see is black
    all i hear is static
    but no issues,
    nothing is really an issue until it’s too late to do something about it.
    I am nothing but stretched skin across battered bones that barely hold me anymore
    my skin slowly sinking into my bones,
    as i shrink in my own body
    the gaping hole in my ribs more prominent than before
    prodding out of my chest
    I can even count the bones that rattle with every stinging breath
    but all that is left in these ribs
    is water occupying every crevice,
    algae festering in between.
    I’m aware of how dramatic this sounds,
    but how else would i describe the hole in my heart?
    all the words i knew already died in my throat
    this is all that’s left
    until this shall fade too.



    #pod #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerspoint #writerscommunity #poet #poets #poetry #drowning #sea #ocean #underwater #depression @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • mooniverse 57w

    humans are often compared to stars.
    but i never understood why.
    i always denied calling myself a star
    for i never shone brightly,
    i just existed.

    now that i think about it,
    perhaps i am a star
    that's burning in order to survive –
    indulging in self destruction
    just to stay alive.

    it's not that i live because i can't die,
    or perhaps it is, i don't know.
    i just know that i wouldn't mind if the ground cracks open –
    molten lava swallowing me whole.
    stars never asked to live this way, did they?

    i'm just waking up in a body that's shrinking everyday–
    bones prodding out like thorns that i can count with my fingers
    bones that can barely hold me up–
    i don't even want them to hold me up anymore.

    i'm nothing but skin stretched across bones,
    clusters of self-inflicted nebulae sprawled over it.
    science says that stars are born within nebulae
    then can i make a constellation out of them?
    a constellation that comprises of all my mistakes.
    it shouldn't be a mistake if i give up then,
    because boldly giving up is as courageous as not giving up.

    i don’t remember any violent beginnings, but i do know that i’m constantly burning, burning, burning.
    i wouldn't mind causing a supernova
    but you see,
    no matter what i say, i'm still a human.
    my light constantly flickers
    but if that can be a source of a splendid view to someone else,
    if it can be a source of comfort to them,
    then i'll continue burning, burning, burning
    i’ll continue to combust until my words become muddied with smoke –
    till it's all gone.


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  • mooniverse 57w


    had my melancholia manifested into something tangibly mortal,
    i would go into battle and make it bleed.


  • mooniverse 57w

    good night :')

    ps. feel free to let me know if there are any mistakes. i often forget to proofread it before posting it here, and sometimes i don't even notice them (´;ω;,)

    #pod #writersnetwork #mirakee #writerspoint #writerscommunity #poem #poet #poetscommunity #2amwritings #silence #secrets #2am #honey #ink @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    The silence of dawn
    permeates into my body,
    and unfurls my thoughts
    coiled up tight,
    in the deepest pits of my heart.
    Thoughts that bore a redolent scent
    of the flowers that bloomed,
    alongside the molds festering
    in between my ribs.
    The spring nectar's scent
    mixed with reeking winter
    sating the bees
    nestled in my heart –
    sweet honey oozing out
    with every breath,
    then blending with ink.
    If i were to reveal these thoughts to others,
    a part of me would be lost permanently,
    burnt by that honey rendered acidic.


  • mooniverse 58w

    If walls could talk

    If walls could talk,
    the walls that I built around my heart
    while I pushed everyone away,
    would I still be lonely?

    They would encircle me
    inside a dark chasm
    that has no escape.

    If walls could talk
    they would only remind me of how unworthy i am,
    of love
    and how lacking I am;
    for they are a creation of my own mind.

    They would treat me
    exactly how I treat myself.


  • mooniverse 60w

    When the city is draped in silence–
    in the dead of night,
    i plug in my earphones
    only to hear a deep, soulful baritone,
    a voice ranging from rumbling lows to breathy highs–
    soft, smooth, shiver inducing and velvety.
    A voice serenading me into a state of pure blissful lull,
    fully lidded eyes in reverie,
    bidding a goodbye to the daily exhaustion of a monotonous life.
    From my ears to my heart,
    cascading melodies bloom flowers down this path.
    I feel a gentle tug in my heartstrings,
    that strum themselves along the beats of this song–
    my heart beating in tandem.
    The euphonic violin and piano tunes blended together,
    melodies penned into heart wrenchingly solacing lyrics–
    brim up the spaces between my ribs
    and find a home within.
    Likewise, i call this home,
    i call this solace.
    At the end of the day,
    i wouldn't have it any other way.


    [inspired by taehyung's voice and his music (^∇^)ノ♪]


    #poem #poetry #poetscommunity #writersnetwork #writerspoint #mirakee #pod #music #v #taehyung #winterbear #lullaby #home #bts @writersnetwork @mirakee

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  • mooniverse 60w

    Isn't it pathetic to not have something as common as a dream?
    Lost at sea,
    gazing at the stars longingly,
    hoping to find a haven of belongingness.
    However, the society always shunned the ones who dared to look up at the stars,
    being several light years away.

    Stalled in yesterday
    i was stuck in between the unceasing ticking
    of the minute and hour hands;
    everyone else in a tomorrow–
    running behind numbers.
    (i didn't want to stay behind)

    They said that it would all be fine once i go to university,
    hence i deluded myself into taking a degree
    (not for myself) it was always for them.

    It didn't take me long to realize that
    university is a place where you only learn to run behind numbers,
    to slave away under the oppressive capitalistic expectations,
    chasing after a mirage of what they called– a ������������������ future
    that is nothing but just another monochromatic product of capitalism.

    I tried burrying this truth
    in the deepest pits of my graveyard mind,
    but this truth had never been a corpse
    as it resurfaced into the horizon.
    Turns out that i had never been good at funerals.

    I was terrified of confronting the truth again,
    so skipping classes became my norm.
    i wasn't trying to be cool– just rebellious.

    Exams and responsibilities loomed over my shoulders,
    like dark clouds.
    I didn't mind getting drenched in rain,
    it was just the storm of impending doom and failure
    that terrified me.

    They say that I'm wasting time,
    but they don't know how I'm losing a track of time,
    as i constantly feel dissociated.
    They say that I'm sabotaging my life, jeopardising my future–
    but aren't i already a train wreck?
    might as well wreck myself even more until there's nothing left.

    It feels like I've become a monster–
    a monster that locked itself in the closet
    and tried shrinking its body into nothingness.
    The society tried taming me
    but if you try putting a jester's hat
    on a monster
    it ceases to be scary
    but to itself, it's still a monster.



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