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  • mariateresa 1m

    Ode to the Divine Goddesses I channel, protected, guided and loved. Diana,Artemis,Persephone,Athena,Aphrodite,Vesta,Demeter to name a few, all of you have helped guide me on my path towards personal transformation. Your influence is deeply felt and appreciated.

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    Unspoken strength

    Feet planted firmly upon solid ground
    Walking with swagger honed spreading love around
    Arms reaching out for beauty to behold
    Fingers touching wonders beyond which words can be told
    Eyes glittering shimmer drinking all the world in
    Confidence and laughter heard for miles as she is to begin
    Storybook myth of this archetype so striking
    Leaving all who are drawn to her light ever blinding
    Decades of experience spent contemplating her power
    Flowing effortlessly from this heart centered master
    Channeling the mountains surrounded by deep forest trees
    Rising to claim all that she's conquered at times even feared
    Onwards is her journey, never a thought or worry
    Fearlessness exuding from soul, not in a hurry
    All the years spent fragmented in torture
    Washed clean from it all emerging the triumphant adventurous explorer
    Seen in both the shadows and flying high into the Light
    Angels carried her here, her presence makes it all feel alright

  • boddobodes 1h


    ...and she cried out loud to the emptiness of her room.
    "Save me please Lord"

  • aliyaazeez 1h


    There's a flicker
    The longest ever
    I experienced;
    That should have
    Been extinguished however.
    Better lament in the dark
    Rather spend the whole night
    In fear of the mark
    The candle leaves you with,
    With a non stop flickering light
    That creates thousands
    Of scary shades
    In just sixty seconds;
    The confused candle

    How can one trust it,
    Which itself is unclear
    When to strangle
    Itself. I don't blame
    The wind. But I fear
    It's sheer persistence
    To trap you perfectly,
    To not let go soon
    Not that it can't
    Be easily persuaded.
    Everything on earth Can be!
    Then why not a petty
    Confused candle
    Feel this boon.

    An assumption,
    That the vibrant colours
    Of this flickering flame
    Glooms until it Glows
    and Blooms until it Blows;
    An exact misconception!
    That a candle cannot
    hold any deceitful blame.
    An awesome flicker,
    With every second
    Of its melting inch,
    The more it dances
    Hearing the applaud
    Of the beauty that
    It peculiarly elites;
    The more it fabricates
    Pleasing the ignorants
    With it's mocking squad.

    The confused candle
    After a long flickering battle
    Douses with many scars
    On and around with
    it's dissected form.
    Well I agree
    It's a beautiful sight
    To see a blazing candle
    But don't trust the norm;
    Those enticing tales
    When you already
    Know the misery,
    A candle is capable
    To lend you.


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  • 3amthhotts 1h

    -"Oh how I feel homesick,
    for a home that was never a place
    but a person?"

  • sweedle 2h

    You call me the girl with two left feet, I wish you would come home one night and watch me dancing with my ghosts on the rooftop . My anklet rings in silence as my feet move to the rhythm of my heartbeat. An eerie calm washes over me, I am busy befriending my own company.

    © Sweedle

  • light_ofthe_heart 3h

    Gift Of A Daughter

    What feels better than this?
    I don't think there might be any
    No words can give meaning to what I feel
    Neither a mind that would understand how I feel
    Even my heart won't do justice to my emotions
    My eyes can't portray what exactly I concealed
    My lips might just play the tune it comes in contact with
    This genuine smile is all I have to hold

    My body tired from the reeks of labour
    Legs feeling numb from what seemed like paralysis
    Abdomen pseudo suffocated from a dreamlike reality
    Chest still beating at the thought of what I went through
    The pain still fresh in my memory
    Of what it felt like to know pain in two forms at a time
    This pain right now is full of happiness
    From the sight of my miniature self
    Happiness in my pain I am glad I endured
    This i tell you is what real joy is
    The gift of a been blessed with a daughter

  • boddobodes 3h

    "Sujud" means "prostration"
    "Allah" means "God"

    #RamadanMubarak #writersnetwork #mirakee #fasting #holymonth

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    Dear you.

    Maybe this is the season those blank pages in your diary is meant to be filled.
    Maybe this is the time, Allah rewrites your destiny.
    Maybe this is the time you need to lay out everything in your heart in sujud.
    Maybe this is your only chance to be a better person, won't you make it count?
    Yours sincerely

  • the_recluse 3h

    Slipping slowly
    This great abyss
    Swallows me whole.
    Wide mouth and sharp fangs
    Ready to eat me alive
    Yet reluctant to catch me.

    Why do I fall,
    Again and again
    Again and again?

    Am I not learning from my past?
    Or am I serenely happy to see myself devoured whole by this demon?

  • hrishi 3h

    What Have I Become?

    How do we normalize agony?
    Am i too deep to come forth?
    If you were never understood
    Would you love, or will you disappear?

    Dreaded are all my experiences
    Should I feel or can we believe?
    Take me to a dark place tonight
    I need to run from your shade

    Through the blistered years
    Shine through the irrelevance
    I've gone numb
    Hope you pull through, hope you let me breathe!

  • royalriddle 4h


    Mirakee should have "love" or "like" reacts on comments. I love the way few people encourage and appreciate others . Instead on replying, I would love to react 'love' on their comments.


  • somiee69 4h

    Marry me tonight in
    the presence of my
    typewriter when the
    world is still fast asleep.


  • nighty 4h


    When push comes to shove, I'll always choose respect and loyalty over anything any day, because nothing's more important than that

  • nighty 4h

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 3 word short write-up on Nuance

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    Nuance love, hate

  • paradoxicalpenman 4h

    What would you go for?

    Demons you can handle,
    It's the angels you have to be wary of,
    Manipulation will only break your heart,
    But failing to live up to expectations,
    Would leave you in tatters eternal,
    Coz you put angels on a pedestal,
    Evil is expected from demons,
    Although you wish they change their ways,
    So you can take the hurt and also forgive and forget,

    Angels hurt you with affection,
    You are in immense pain without any sign of affliction,
    You can tolerate people's hate but not becoming their pet project,
    Living to please people is an arduous task,
    I would rather enjoy solitude without any pretense,

    Demons live up to your expectations,
    Angels often fall,
    Love is selfish so how could you expect that an angel will love you at all,
    Selfless love is also not possible,
    Coz they reserve it for their God,
    Demons would try to possess you,
    Coz they want you in entirety,
    Privacy can be an issue with them,
    But you'll be loved passionately,
    Choice is yours,
    Do you want to eat food that is bland and live a long life,
    Or eat recklessly and take an early flight,
    Point of the rant is angels and demons you can navigate with your senses,

    It's the humans that are the enigma constantly hopping from one to the other fences,
    Making you feel a whirlpool of emotions that you couldn't even imagine to face,
    A bundle of joy and a pond of sorrow,
    A hint of angel and a dash of demon within,
    Humans are incomprehensible to decode,
    That's why I find solitude to be the place to be and the best state to live in.

  • ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 4h

    Ramadan Mubarak

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    have you seen the crescent moon hanging high in the sky?

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    have you seen the crescent moon shining brightly in the sky?

    Twinkle twinkle little star
    have you seen the moon of ramadan?
    bringing us the best of days and night


  • deovrat 4h


    रंज़-ओ-ग़म तनहा हैं खामोशियाँ तनहा।
    तनहा दहर-ओ-ज़िन्दगी हर बशर तनहा।।

    तनहाई की सर्द रातों में रहा क़मर तनहा।
    आगाज़ तनहा था फ़िर कटा सफ़र तनहा।।

    हिज़र तनहा है तो कहीं पर वस्ल तनहा।
    तनहा हम इधर और हो तुम उधर तनहा।।

    अश्क़ मिज़्गाँ-ए-चश्म पे ठहर गए तनहा।
    लबों पर सिसकती रहीं सिसकियाँ तनहा।।

    इस बेदार ख़ामोशी का है हर लफ़्ज़ तनहा।
    "अयन" आया था तनहा तो जाएगा तनहा।।
    © deovrat "अयन" 13.04.2021

    मिज़्गाँ-ए-चश्म=आँख की पलकें

  • selcouth_potato 4h

    Longing for bliss


  • patiencemagara 4h

    Gift me with poetry

    Gift me with a blank beauty.
    Gift me with those books people hate reading.
    Gift me with stories people
    Find boring and too long a read
    Let me jump in anticipation
    What the little box
    Let me fall in love with
    The old pages of an 1800BC handbook.
    Gift me with the only thing
    that makes my heart skip a beat.
    I don't mean to ruin the surprise, but if you may ,
    Please,gift me with poetry.

    Patience Magara

  • fayello 4h

    Words Are Not Enough

    If words alone were enough to describe it
    Then I guess it's not love
    This feeling ranges to an absurdity
    That invades my whole heart to the fullest
    Taking each bit of myself and exchanging it to have more of you

    I'm not kidding neither am I joking
    I'm trying to prove it
    That my words will never be enough
    My writings aren’t sufficient
    This minute isn't enough neither is the moment
    I need to use every time of my existence
    To tell you how much I love you

    So let it be beyond the boundaries of the universe
    As broad as the creation
    Inextinguishable like the sun with its blazing aura
    Just as your smile is
    One that gives warmth to my heart

    Oh, how wonderful
    The trumpets of love
    That resonates within my body and soul
    Thinking of you creates an effect beyond enchantment
    Can we play these nodes together?
    The lines I want them to be in accordance with your heart
    To be as wonderful as your beauty

  • tacoplush 4h

    What goes on the brains of a psychopath only the victims know... what goes inside his brain the reader scrolls....

    ●expect the unexpected●

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    Hmmm....(psychopathic ask if not understood)

    It was a friday night and drizzling outside
    With gang of friends we headed towards the side...

    In the opposite...Saw this guy with no or little smile....
    Weird expression in a very quiet sight
    Thought to smile instead I waived a ●Hi●
    Laughed my friend from an insanely deep height
    Said,"Here I come!" and then he died.....

    In the funeral we said our final goodbyes....no one knew he was full of lies....
    I walk I walk then ran like I did a crime...
    Emotions aside but why did that guy smile?

    His smile kept projecting in my head in a line
    I remember he was on a black shirt with little or no freckles like mine...

    Felt he was a bully his smile was a lie...........the police knocked and yes my dear the guy was