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  • eshamahajan 3d


    Every beat of a heart,
    Reminds us that we can always restart.
    Every ounce of blood it pumps,
    Prepares us to face life's strange bumps.
    It is full of emotions and feelings,
    Which make us distinct from others in our dealings.
    It perceives the unsaid and unheard,
    As it is not dependent on sugar coated words.
    It includes in it an ocean of blood,
    But when it is hurt, eyes pour down the tearful flood.
    It is the favourite topic of lyricist,poets and writers,
    As they give personal touch to the sentiments of their admirers.
    It can make us beautiful or hideous,
    As ir reflects on our face whatever is hidden in it mysterious.
    Whenever we are in trouble,
    It guides us and removes the tension like a bubble.
    When we love someone, it inflates like a baloon,
    And love rain starts even without a monsoon,
    When it breaks, it only pumps the blood
    But is unable to feel and club.
    So nourish your heart with love and positivity,
    As it will bring in your life auspicious felicity.


  • madinah_writes 16w

    In Love, Red

    Born from love, red.
    Grow in love, bred.
    Live in love, fed.
    Die in love, dead.

  • juanogando 27w

    #question “night” “is happiness playing hide and seek” #mirakee#miraquill #writersneteork #pod #wod @writersnetwork - thank you for reposting🖤🔥🙏🏻⚡️

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    Night Journey

    Vital questions answered
    Nocturnally sailing the sea
    Of night when birds cease
    To gossip and insects gather
    In symphony. Going from
    Linear contemplation
    To timeless immersion
    I have forgotten my name.

    I am a singular point in time
    And space filtering a tsunami
    Of consciousness into bite size
    Awareness. This little me
    Falls asleep igniting the dream,
    On a lonely road to the Shiny Ones
    Who conceal and reveal a savage
    Reality transcending into bliss.

    Is happiness playing hide and seek?
    Maybe for the Eagle but not the Hare.
    On this journey, pray - but don’t be prey.
    I have been dismembered only to be
    Reassembled in a manner tragic
    And comical. A folktale my family
    Tells again and again imbued with mirth
    And concern. They see me disappear
    Before their very eyes and reappear
    As a soothing balm.


  • 7saptarangi_lekhan 29w

    अजीब दास्ताँ है यहाँ की क्या सुनाना कितना है
    इस जिन्दगी में पाना क्या है और खोना कितना है
    ख्वाहिशों पर वक्त की रेत बिखर चुकी है अब मेरी
    वारिश कितनी पुरानी है वो शख्स पुराना कितना है


  • featherheart 41w

    Miss you..

    My fallen roses smelled your smiles ...
    My broken dreams had the same colour of your eyes...
    Decode my heart, and you could spell your name...
    Every missed heartbeats, said "i miss you" without a shame...!!!!

  • jandrasean 43w

    There is no one here
    just the sound of water
    it has come in from the deep
    shaping itself to join the shore
    the morning rewrites itself with the songs that swim to my ears
    the tweet and chatter of the waking
    world, each wave that laps against
    sand, crashes into rock, that rolls
    into the shallows has a different
    accent, my heartbeat anchors this
    orchestra to my soul, my breath
    no more than captured wind
    waiting for release, tumbles
    back into world. My skin
    tastes the rising sun, drinking
    it in, l am filled with lifes nector
    a tune in its symphony.

    - s.j.duncan -

  • pendawn 44w

    What if it's summoned
    after centuries of brawl
    Will it resurrect the dead
    that once stood tall?

    But metamorphosis still happen without a metaphor...
    We give meaning to life and then exaggerate it by our own sets of belief.
    A kid revels in mud knowing nothing about the greatness that preceded him.
    A man dies feeling nothing whilst knowing everything he thought he ever could.
    Either we create misery or we suffer it.
    What role did art play?
    Didn't it help us glorify our misery and articulate it better?
    Is misery a counterpart of beauty?

    #writersneteork #mirakee

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  • prakarati29 49w

    Today felt like one of those days, where the water streams from my eyes.
    The painful days make a visit, it is here, in the bathroom crying on mute and shifting and curling in the abyss of lost hope.

    Today is day that should end with me , and I shall not wake up tomorrow.


  • broken_dreamer 50w


    I told my mother
    She cried
    I told my father
    He frowned
    I told my sister
    She explained
    I told my friends
    They ignored,
    No one understood
    The said and the unsaid
    This stigma, this wound
    Anxiety was real, so there ignorance
    Depression was here, so there anger
    I was in hell, and they were the masters
    My past is broken ramp and I am the dancer
    My present is shattered with broken thoughts, so my poem,
    no rhythm, no rhyme,
    My future is dark as my present, so dark there is no hope except death,
    oh lord come and pick me up
    I am hoping for a better hell

  • tessapoetessa 50w

    Freedom Fantasy

    My mum told me once
    that I could make stuff
    float and move
    with my mind
    as a baby
    when my anger grew, 
    damm only if she knew 
    I'm sorry mum
    she became so scared
    didn't know what to do
    would you?
    So I ended up
    being constantly moved
    and my hate for the world
    became a lot to work through
    I remember being abducted
    by three kinda aliens
    showing some maps
    and cubes
    with colourful fruits,
    being reborn
    walking the surface of mars
    but how
    with no breathable suit
    what kinda magic power
    did I consume,
    I already knew
    the government
    was testing me
    so I could target enemies
    or change weather
    with my energies
    But it became very clear
    even they had trouble
    controlling me
    and they let me loose
    Let me free.

    Let you free to roam the earth
    To learn how to use your powers from the universe
    The gifts you were given are not a curse
    But yours to use to help through verse
    Your mind is infinity
    You see more of reality
    You've opened up areas so you can see
    You have thoughts of immortality
    Evil surrounds us all
    Listen carefully and don't fall
    Into the temptations of the call
    They seduce with lies and gall
    Your life is yours to mold
    Let your creativity take hold
    Your a healer truth be told
    Time is here for you to be bold
    Push the pain into the past
    You called me and I'm here at last
    Your white wolf queen will help you cast
    As our powers are deep and vast
    Believe in truth, and God and light
    With us take up the fight
    Let go the years of plight
    Hold my hand forever, it's right
    We both have business to conclude
    We do this with a positive attitude
    Together our bond is secure and good
    We burn together like Norwegian wood
    Our life may be cut short, who knows
    Or maybe we will live long, truth be told
    Whatever lies ahead, we will hold
    Our heads to the sky through the cold
    Our lives started at the dawn of time
    My last memory is of a time
    Where lords and kings committed vast crimes
    And I left to save what was mine
    It was my choice to leave you then
    I promised you that I'd mend
    What I caused to my best friend
    The pain and destruction didn't end
    Here we are thousands of years later
    I've turned you into a hater
    Of the life I promised to cater
    Will you let me resolve this matter
    Will you give me all the pain
    Let me allow you to start again
    Let me hold you so you can regain
    Your strength so you can refrain
    Self loathing and destruction has no right
    You are strong, each day is a fight
    With hard honesty you just might
    Gain and understand, clear insight
    Into what your earthly purpose is
    Your talents here given to use for Him
    Stay in the light away from sin
    Your heavenly purpose is your win
    Aliens and Martians are one reality
    Let those memories fade into finality
    Use the powers for health and vitality
    You also have deep love and sensuality
    Let yourself go, you've fallen in love
    You've been so guarded, tried to shove
    All your love into a glove
    But you called me and prayed to the above
    You know it's me, we both are sure
    Our love is eternal it will endure
    Our souls match, that's the cure
    We were parted by God, don't be lured
    Into believing you are evil
    Because you and me are not from the devil
    We are causing quite an upheaval
    The spirit world has seen our revival
    We bring power, that is unseen
    Our yin and yang is unseamed
    We twist and turn, endless ream
    It scares the evil creatures so they attack our dreams
    But we go back to the start of time
    What is yours is also mine
    What is mine is yours to refine
    With courage and honor we walk the line

  • ocean_poetess 54w

    As you are not listening any of my apologies, my hopes are dying one by one.

  • bluemoonlight44 57w

    I tried to

    it takes energy to fight a unknown war from invading the love we share
    secret whispers telling me it wouldn't last forever
    my demons are inside of my head, my heartbeat isn't the same since you left
    the treasure that I protected, the sweet symphony in your voice hasn't disappeared from my room
    I tried to undo time, I tried to save you before it was too late, I tried to undo the spells that poison the memories that I loved the most, I tried to heal what has been broken before the pain gets overwhelming, but I can still see you hugging me close to your heart I know this isn't over yet


  • sproutedseeds 62w

    B R U M O U S

    The wintry snowy days are nearing
    to embrace the BRUMOUS morning
    After a long sunny summer evening
    bidding adieu to the autumn leaves
    whom they will miss on their sleeves.

  • bluemoonlight44 62w

    Cactus Poetry

    I put different colors on my cactus
    To make it more autistic, but it got cut down
    I over heard strangers talking downtown about some weirdo making a cactus all colorful, so I walked up say that was my cactus that you chopped down while your singing the blues in lala land
    I'll make sure you don't get out of this town without playing ouija board game

    © Bluemoonlight44

  • ella_ogozy 68w


    Dear future,
    I will tell you a story of an unmerited Favour, a love so undeserved and incompetent.
    I got myself in the hollow of nonchalance
    Swam so deep in the oceans of bad fragrance
    An open arm of felony, I once gave chance
    Then I got infected with the spirit cancer.
    My heart was bitter, I needed answers
    For I was blinded and led in the disconsolate pattern


  • nigarrao 69w

    Share, if you care!

    Those gleaming dark eyes, sparkling like the evening star that shines to the best of its potential, in the middle of the darkest hour, were even brighter when I shared my tiffin with that hungry little child sitting in the street,all wrapped in rags...

    #eyes#share#pod#mirakee#writersneteork @mann_se_ @odysseus @mirakee @writersnetwork

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  • bey5151 69w

    Gaze at the dark lean body of the night
    Stare at each letter displayed in front of the finger
    So much for me to understand that this chest is a library of poetry
    Only the pile of dust between the old books could see unable to read it

    I am a beast of a bitch and worthless
    Who always burns me with the fire of anger
    Then draw fire by working on dreams
    But when I realized I woke up in this blind valley

  • simplewords 70w

    There was a tinge of sadness in her voice
    When she said ...
    "It's okay, You need not to".

    For she knew her flight of expectation
    Rose too high that it got crushed
    By the storm of reality.


  • broken_dreamer 72w


    Our imagination flies to the places where your heart once belonged or wanted to belong.

  • sproutedseeds 72w

    Teachers day..acrostic

    T eaches the way to achieve knowledge to
    E stablish the art of learning
    A cademically and
    C hoose the subjects, also teaches to
    H onestly invest time to get prepared for
    E xamination , always advises to be
    R esilient, await patiently to know our
    S coresheet.

    D earest will teachers be
    A lways ready to guide me and
    Y ou.