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  • tryambak 3d

    Life is a story which have an end but no start.


  • _sradhuu_ 1w

    Not an acrophobic anymore!!

    I wish I could fly
    Not too high
    But to a small height
    Where winds can penetrate my body, heart and soul
    The way your words used to do
    ((It'll represent my diverted path))

    Then I'll fly higher and higher
    ((The way we planned to break our fears together!!!))

    So now I have a straight strategic
    Though it's not easy to handle those memories filled with common vibes
    My energy needs a boost
    and confidence needs a short shower
    Like you , I can't be an acrophobic anymore
    Now it's good that I'm lonely
    Cause I can take off very shortly
    Growing with time will give me a bouquet of fresh flower
    And why like you??
    Why for you????
    While I'm not yours anymore...
    Comeback just to listen
    "Without you I'm not an acrophobic anymore"

  • unblossomedyet 2w

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    If poetry was a person

    If poetry was a person,
    A mysterious woman , she would be I am certain.
    With a very attractive skin,
    Her oceanic eyes would have drowned her readers for a spin.
    Beaming smile perfect for the go,
    She would gracefully drape herself with metaphors and oxymorons ,
    Looking just perfect for the show.!
    Her eyes deep like an ocean,
    Housed phrases and verses full of emotion.

    If poetry was her in person,
    I would witness her ecstasy, being adorned with poetic diction.
    I would wipe her tears at times,
    For being left incomplete without words
    Thus reduce her melancholic chimes.

    I would hold her tight and dance,
    To the rhythm of her voice.
    Raising a toast for every success
    It would keep us bonded with moments to eternally rejoice.

    At times holding back her gushing thoughts inside,
    She would showcase her brilliant smile with a sense of pride.
    Enjoying each passing moment of happiness,
    She would be the woman of substance with her man by her side.

    Thanks,for all women are thus the masterpiece poetic creation of the creator himself.

    © unblossomedyet

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    If poetry was a person...

    If poetry was her in person,
    I would witness her ecstasy, being adorned with poetic diction.
    I would wipe her tears at times,
    For being left incomplete without words
    Thus reduce her melancholic chimes.


  • bettertoseparate 2w

    He made
    One promise,
    But broke

    She sealed
    One scar,
    Instead got

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  • paradoxicalpenman 3w

    A Tale of Introspection

    A gemini literally coz a narcissist and empath both and none,
    I am a paradox who lives in contradictions,
    Angelic devil manifested, a literal human oxymoron,
    When I say this, I am not talking in hyperboles,
    Just an ode to myself hoping it may also turn into my obituary,

    An eternal optimist living in a dystopia,
    Hopeful for perseverance of our species,
    But also gave up on humanistic ideas,
    Coz humanistic principles are ideal,
    We are intrinsically evil,
    Morality and conscience mask our grim reality,
    But they have only been able to buy few centuries of serenity,
    In between we have inflicted on the planet as well as ourselves some unimaginable catastrophes,

    Let's not get carried away and return to the protagonist of the story
    Some friends have called me life of the party,
    But I prefer hiding away from the world,
    Like being holed up in my fortress of solitude,
    It has never been tiresome,
    Nor I have ever felt lonely,
    Introvert by nature,
    Oozing confidence when conversing,
    Humility is my sword, arrogance the hidden armour,
    Lazy to begin, a workhorse in action,
    Sky is the limit when I demand diligence from myself,
    Elegant in defeat but can't handle failure,
    Intelligent enough to know my limits,
    But dumb enough to push the boundaries,

    Materialism tempts me often but I can lean on spirituality,
    Thoughts good and bad both come to the palace that is my mind,
    Conscience rules over the kingdom and morality is the guiding light,
    I can only sleep sound if I don't end up being the reason of anyone's plight,
    Anxiety has been my companion throughout the journey,
    Tranquility is my soulmate, searching for her desperately,
    Patience I have shown waiting for my destiny,
    Believer in Karma or else already would have caused a mutiny,
    Introspection is a profound tool for personal progress, they say in philosophy,
    Aspiring poet that I am, may as well blurt it out weaving words through the tapestry of poetry....

  • snehajacob 5w


    Origami comes to me naturally like the scars I'm trying to heal myself with the limited optimistic self.

  • disisdiplim 7w

    Set in the auspicious lap of Calcutta
    Hop-pot of newness, of post-independence
    Swindling,bloomed two hopeless lovers
    Star crossed by barrier of money.

    The erratic jealousy,the subtle blaze of love, the untameable intense emotions between Shekhar and Lolita is what makes this movie a beautiful form of art, the celebration of love.

    Tell me Lolita
    How did you pour out all of you
    into someone?
    How grounded you are!
    You gave away your everything effortlessly
    Submitted to destiny
    Moped your dreams away
    Or your dreams were only him?
    Teach me to feel that way
    burn with passion everyday
    And not loose that heart warming
    To see him
    To fall hard for him
    Yet not convey
    Find own happiness
    Only in his smile
    How fathomless that dedication could be
    How full of love your heart could be...

    Perhaps that's something our generation
    Might never have!
    Perhaps you are just an imagination
    A personification of a kind of lover
    we all seek..
    And any soul like just doesn't exist..

    (My love for vintage movies will never die ; ie, Devdas, Dil se )


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  • juanogando 8w

    Not The Death Eater

    In loneliness
    The companion
    Stands silently
    Beside me afraid
    To make contact.
    The river roars
    Flooded by April rains
    Birds cry out in the early
    Morning night anticipating
    A new day. Their chatter
    It’s insane to be optimistic
    With the tragedies that encircle
    Each of us.
    But what’s the alternative?
    To consume the rot of death?
    Turning away from the symphony of life.

    When the sun begins
    To peak over the horizon
    Bringing light to everyone
    Including the lost.
    I cannot be a death eater
    Just look at that sunrise.
    Breathe and let the dawn
    Shoo away the old dreams
    That have become stale
    And with the rising sun
    Find the mysterious road
    Summoning with a floral breeze
    That brings youthful curiosity
    Befitting this new day.


  • positron 10w

    It's sunday evening
    and the wind is howling
    like lunatic thoughts rushing
    at the speed of light.

    The rain drops hit the asphalt
    like stones being thrown
    by little kids angry with
    this big bad world.

    While I drown,
    into your chocolate brown
    struggling with striving storms,
    I look with tears in my fears
    and hands in aqua jeans.

    I know we'll meet again
    but saying goodbyes always feel like
    air vacuumed out of my lungs
    and blood squeezed out of my heart.

    I hope you remember me
    the way I hold you in my memories.
    Till, we meet again
    like asteroids in the sky
    Saying hello, hi while passing by

    Then colliding and becoming one

    #mirakee #writersnerwork #ceesreposts #goodbye #lunaticc #wod

    *Pic © Stefan Stefancik*

    Edit:*Wow, I get here to see all amazing people giving their precious time and wonderful support. Thank you so much* ✨

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    I hope you remember me
    the way I hold you in my memory.

  • sonusanji 12w


    Does anybody feel like having a parallel life where you can go after your wild passions but you can also hold on to your current life?

  • shadow__moon 14w

    Little things✨

    Searches the happiest moment.
    Dreamin the new tomorrow
    But forgets to cherish the little things

  • kasia_zakie 14w

    We’re enough

    Being a woman
    What an honor
    Being a woman
    What a horror

    May it be one dream for all
    To let all women leave their sorrow
    Find respite, peace and joy
    Live the truth of each one soul

    On this one day, this special day
    More than on any other along the year
    I wish you all my dearest sisters
    To listen gently to the wind that whispers
    “Go claim your strength, worth and pride
    And remember you’re all ENOUGH”

    ~Kasia Zakie

  • kasia_zakie 14w


    Flows thought after thought
    Memory chases memory
    The storm of voices
    Distant colours
    Truth from the wish
    I can’t quite distinct

    You said what you said
    Was it joke or your heart speaking
    I can’t quite decide
    Tempest of glaring feelings raged in my gut

    In the heart center
    I am hoping to spot the truth
    But what is truth, what is truth
    My truth or your truth
    Today’s or tomorrow’s or past truth
    Can we hope they’re all the same
    One truth, deep truth, eternal truth
    It feels quite naive

    Let me look through your blue eyes
    Again just vicious storm
    Red sail in the wind
    Wants to take a course
    But the compass broke

    ~Kasia Zakie

  • vamikachaudhary 16w

    उनकी तरफ जो आया, हर वो दुख मैंने मोड़ दिया,
    उससे दूर जो करे, उन रिश्तों से नाता तोड़ दिया,
    उसने कहा हम से, अपनी कलम से इश्क़ लिखो,
    मैंने कोरे कागज़ पर, उनका नाम लिख कर छोड़ दिया।

  • kasia_zakie 18w


    What to say
    What to feel
    What to believe
    What to adore

    Which road to take
    Which path to choose
    Which star to follow
    Which stream to flow

    How to go on
    How to believe
    How to stay strong
    How to have faith
    In a better tomorrow
    In a bright light
    You keep looking for desperately
    For so long

    It’s not up to me to tell you
    Not up to your dad or mum
    Not up to priest or teacher
    Not even therapist or doctor

    All the answers you need
    Are since always deep in your soul
    All you need is mindfulness
    Let your inner wisdom unfold


  • the_quirkyexpressionist 19w


    Can you hear the sound of my wings flapping, amidst the uproar of your betrayal when you are intercepting them from flying?


  • _iram_ 19w

    Seed of hope

    Tattered heart
    Full of grief and sorrow,
    Standing in the middle,
    And little raindrops
    Are touching my soul,
    Sowing the seeds of happiness
    Inside of me like hope,
    Wiping the sadness and grief
    And making my heart pure.


  • faiqah_ 23w


    I still often wonder
    Why am I stuck in a horrific thunder
    Where people keep normalising a blunder.

    A women has to suffer all her life
    She is a daughter and then a wife
    And you have to deal with it or it starts the rife.

    If he hits you , you have to compromise
    Don't argue, just live with lies
    It's your job to paint blue into all his black skies.

    A lesson for women is to be nothing
    Ordered to be a shadow because of the wedding ring
    It's a lesson , lower your gaze and zip your lips with a string.

    We just have to open our minds .

  • sharmistha_writes 26w

    There is no end to the problems.... Today is good, tomorrow is bad.... These are the things that make people depressed! We want to get rid of these and move forward with the help of someone... But that listener is nowhere to be found, there is a problem in everyone's life....After all sorts of troubles throughout the day, It doesn't feel good to hear about someone's depression anymore....Even if he/she hears it, he/she will feel annoyed.... Everyone wants peace in life..So I will say one thing for their purpose... The situation may not always be the same as it is now, Your fight, you have to fight...Learn to apply what you have learned so far in life....Don't be afraid, Go ahead....Remember, if you wait for someone, you will one day fall behind... So learn to think for yourself, you have come alone Learn to handle everything alone... If you stumble while walking, you can learn something from it.. Which only you will learn.... And if you are positive, you will get a good response.... Spread positivity among all... He/she who can keep everyone good, can keep himself /herself good.... Otherwise only negligence will prevail...