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  • kingdomdelight 6w


    #Jamie name meaning (supplanter, "may God protects" , holder of the heel)
    #Oliver name meaning (olive tree, fruitfulness)

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    Olive tree of great fruit and purpose

    Jamie you know, being on the run isn't so bad. Hopping from hotel room to hotel room and constantly looking over your shoulder all the time is less than ideal, but atleast it's not boring.
    You can see alot through a hotel window, eaves drop on many an interesting conversation and ...

    Oh Oliver, my brother, I love you, but your thinking ability, man, it drives a nail in any king's -sound-mind-coffin, you know?

    Jamie smiles, while pourin' herself another orange juice.
    " A Hotel?" suddenly, her head tilts backwards ...
    Laughter rises in beautiful waves like a refreshing blue ocean of mindblowing wisdom.
    Long raven black silky hair shines with a glow, healthy in the morning light ...
    Golden reef rifts of amazing treasure glitters in the sunlight rays.

    Oliver's emrald eyes narrows ... Light fires up like a spark plug, ready to set a hotel on fire ...
    Jaw-breaking, his lil sis responds ....

    Today, of all days, he thought he would get a lil sympathy?
    Cleverly, he wanted to use his words like playing cards to draw mail from her loving heart.
    Childlike, he wanted to play just a lil with her tender heart, like a fishing rod.

    But this responds , out of this world!
    Just like marshmallows raining down from heaven in spring.
    Melting his heart with a burning fire, to create !

    Actually, this is" the catch of the day"

    A smile plugs and joyful jumps impulsively to obedient attentions, on the railway tracks of his beautiful lips. "Jamie, your impossible, you know? Your words always steals the last bread crumb from anyone's sideplate? Now, for heavens sake, give me a clue of what in the whole wide world is this strange laughter and meaning ringing insanely in mine itchy ears all about?

    Millions of lil stars, sparkles like diamonds in her deep blue eyes.
    Honestly, I thought hearts is like a house to conquor and to live peacefully in, but yours mine dear brother is indeed as big as a hotel? You're not an orphan ...you're a child of the most high ... and you're heart is just amazing ! A refreshing place for billions ...if you can only see clearly hopping around won't conquor anything ... Looking over your shoulder, oh how foolish!

    Remember, the future is ahead, not behind and dead!

    Oh please do know, the hotel window is for a bigger and better godly view not for eaves dropping and silly-water-downed-conversation ... Nothing is as interesting as finding one's place of destiny and purpose... Oliver, listen if God granted your heart to be as big as a hotel ...you surely must know it's from above and not to live alone selfishly. One can't fight God, you know?

    Hopping around sounds like an one eye bird on unhealthy steroids. Remember, who you are!
    You're no chicken ...you're an eagle, fly my brother ...fly high, with godly purpose!
    The window, the vision, the godly goal is for you to see clearly. Mindblowing BIG and beautiful!

    "The eye is the lamp of the body. If therefore thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light ...But if your eyes are unhealthy, your whole body 'll be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness! (Matt 6:22-23)"

    You were created to bless so many?
    Just think of that amazing awesome sound, when millions and billions of people start praising the living God for using you, Oliver ... The branch of an olive tree to grow big with strong roots that goes deep in love down . A beautiful production of shelter, shade, eternal fruit and purpose for many longing hearts. Oh, Oliver just imagine from God's perspective and written Word!

    Little healing darts sent life to Olivers brain and heart, making him wanna hug her once again for the awestruck word. Electrified by strenght and joy, her gentle touch sents live to his dry bones.
    Impulsively she puts her hand on her brother's shoulder, smiles and says lovingly: "God got this, my brother! May your big hotel heart, be enlighten and be birth for God's Kingdom and glory with dunamis purpose and vision. May everything your hand produce ur touches be bless, to be a blessing for all who are to be destine by your loving touch, in Jesus name. Amen"


  • greywolf 26w

    Dear diary,
    Today was an ordinary day, but I do not know why while walking through that crowded street, out of nowhere I felt this sudden rush of happiness inside me. It was strange. I could smell the scent of something delicious being cooked in a nearby house . I see a family of four. And heard little laughters and saw bright faces which sent me a few miles back, back to the familiar laughters and little thieves. The scent of the baked breads and bright faces with mom's love and dad's care. A little heaven I had. Closing my eyes, memories flashing. I smelled and smiled. The fresh fragrance. Home!

  • the_nonchalant_one 32w

    The bridges between justice and decrees have burnt.
    I leaned towards her.
    “The bridges between, justice and decrees, have burnt."
    I hold her as her world crumbles.
    Another malice,
    Another man robbed it,
    Something so pure, holy.
    “Sometimes it feels like it was a nightmare. Not real."
    Rage takes over me,
    While, her teary eyes... Lent me patience.
    ‘not real', I know that feeling;
    Convincing oneself,
    False reality... Maybe it never took place?
    They chant,
    ‘Not all men',
    As some sacred prayer.
    My list is longer than all the men under ‘not all men'.
    It infuriates me, the length.
    My sister, my sister's sister and her sister's sister...
    It neither lessens nor ends.
    “Why don't they, just, listen?"
    Listen, like I could hear her eyes screaming and wailing.
    The rage...
    The deceit...
    I can feel, I understand.
    I always will.
    There is no education. Just stigmas.
    Shamelessly blaming the one who should be provided with shields
    should be drenched in swarna.
    I held her. Told her that it will be okay.
    What more could we do?
    One was too intoxicated to attend...
    The other was too sober to speak...

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #writerscontest #monologue #creativearena #contest

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    ‘The Bridges
    Have Burnt.'


  • teriknows_it 34w


    I am green with envy most of the time just wait and see,
    I am the emotion that breaks people apart when you can't see past me,
    I will make you suspicious and act a fool,
    I am an emotion god put in all of you,
    Yes I am jealousy and I break up couples, cause homicides, and more,
    I am the emotion that some can control as they know actions can last for evermore.


  • beeba_benny_727 35w

    Tale fragment -01

    Thunders stride, waterlogged lane, misty night with the touch of frost. I was peeping out through the window pane, trying to discern the moon from the indistinct unilluminated colliding clouds. Suddenly, i heard a heavy rat-tat on the heavy door down my mansion. That was something panicky. I tried to peep down the windowpane, staggered to see an alluring lassie, all drenched in the rainstorm... To be continued


  • rasheederh 41w

    My days are one notch in between
    Sometimes they are cloaked to words
    And sometimes they are cloaked to wound's

    © Rasheederh

  • _writer_at_heart_ 49w


    Dell, you know some destructions are like forest fires, they paralyse you slowly and seem unending while others are like storms, they break you in one go and pass away in seconds. But all destructions are painful and.....
    ...... and what they bring is much more disastrous. I agree, one can not feel fine everytime. Because, if it would happen then probably it would mean that we are not having emotions, and that's not fine. Yes, emotions brings all kind of feelings.
    It is a part of us, without which we will be not less than a robot. Am i right ?
    Controlling emotions is often not a cup of tea, even if it's only to pretend.., it's not at all easy.
    There will be situations, which might stay as long as we live or some might stand for a long time while some might just come and pass. No matter whatsoever or how much is the duration of any storm, what all this will bring, is destruction with a lesson along with experience. We live in a world were most of the time, inner hurt or devastation remains unnoticed. And it's okay, Its not often easy, for others to understand what's choking inside us. And let me tell you, everything either gets fine with the passage of time or it gets worse. More often we might learn to live with holes in our heart which any destruction brings.
    No one forgets what happened, we just go through it and get used to it to an extent, where we stop either feeling it anymore or stop reacting as we get numb towards that cause of hole.
    We get used to living like that.
    And everything seems as if we have got backup and have stood up after falling apart.
    But in reality, the hurt and the scars given through the destructions are buried in our heart.
    And that's the major thing about us that we can not delete our memory ourself.
    So, let them be buried only!
    Yes let the bygones be bygones.
    For if you don't want it to remain buried, then go, keep crying either loudly or silently inside.
    For if, you don't want to stand again, then go remain lying on the ground and keep weeping.
    Go, don't be your own aide when you need yourself the most!
    Because all the power is within you.
    It's you and only you, who can be your own aide. Be self complacent or go keep waiting for someone to do that for you!
    Or go keep wasting you life by criticizing life instead of being grateful and keep blaming your fate along with other people or things, who made you devastated, instead of being thankful that it made you gain new wisdom.!!
    Ever wonder how life would be if there would be no suffering, no sorrow, no obstacles, no heartbreaks, no heratache, no deceives, no back-stabbing and so on.......??
    It would have been really straight and we would be naive. As it is said, "There's something good, hidden in everything that happens", then why not to believe this that what happened was meant to happen ?
    Isn't it useless and needless, to let ourselves get shattered into pieces for the things which was meant to happen and the things which was not in our control to handle ?
    Then why dear, why to let this life and time, go in vain when we shoud actually walk along with it, accepting what was never in our hand ?
    It's normal to weep for few moments but from inside you too know what must be done ahead.
    Then why oh why, to choke the soul at unrest and ill at ease when you should go for "self love" & accept the wise enlightenment ?
    I can ofcourse go long and long. But i would like to give a fullstop now, to this interaction, since it's your turn to stand up and ask yourself, what enlightenment you need to follow and stop suffering being restless !!


  • terminal_desire 56w

    Obscure love hurts more than clear hate!
    When with time, affection began to abate!
    When people change and feelings fade!
    When things go wrong and time comes to bade!
    When people you know become stranger!
    When among healers you feel danger!
    When you don't know what you actually want!
    Stay at peace and let your fate commands!

    #creativearena #writerscontest #obscure #love @mirakee @mirakeewriters_

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    Let your fate commands!


  • semolineo 57w


    I lie in place, wandering in trance
    My body- stationary
    My mind- on a journey
    To the birth place of love

    I wonder- what is the essence of life?
    Is it to find the soul's true purpose?
    Or to tell the stories of a thousand generations
    Is it the creator finding expression?
    Or a series of chemical processes

    I wonder- what is man?
    Is he like a multilayered onion
    Or just another being from orion
    Is he a book full of unanswered questions?
    Or an answer to the someone's question

    Nevertheless, I am awake!
    But was I ever asleep?


  • artist_without_art 57w

    Hold on

    Another day brings,
    Another sunrise,
    People rush,
    Life goes on,
    Someone died,
    Someone was born;
    You might be dishearted,
    Yet hold on;
    With a sunset,
    Another sunrise will come;
    It will then,
    Wipe your woes off..

  • sk0623 57w

    A flower which grows in an unusual place

    A little Lilly , which grows in an unusual place, still spreads,
    it's freshness and fragrance to everyone .
    It never feels of the place or status at which it is present , it is purest soul in nature which only and only spreads beauty , freshness and fragrance.

  • amoghavarsha 57w

    You're The Flower
    In This Sky
    And This Sand

    I'm A Lover
    An Ocean
    Of This Unknown Land


  • justrishi 58w

    Hello everyone!
    Pleas support and shower some love, I have been in a difficult phase and I want to make sure I make mirakee a better place.
    This is a cinquain poetry
    With syllables in the order
    Please comment down below your thoughts on this!!!
    #writersnetwork #writerscontest #creativeart

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    I want
    To dream right now
    But the world succumbs me,
    renders me petrified within
    Some how.

  • bluemoonlight44 60w

    Poetry ( I wish we could live as the viking area )

    I wish we could live as the viking area
    Bravery, honor, victory
    Saving my best friends and family through the toughest battle of all
    I gotta stay strong through the war
    Painless memories can't hurt me unless you ment the whole wide world to me

    © Bluemoonlight44

  • sagamar 61w

    If I could be an emotion............. .....

    I'd be the fire burning in your chest
    Pumping blood into dead limbs
    I'd be the thirst of the man
    stranded under the desert sun,
    the craving of his soul
    And the will to survive.
    I'd be the content man's discontent
    And the lovers jealousy
    I'd be the poor man's hunger
    And the rich man's greed
    I'd be passion for life
    If I could be anything at all.
    I'd be the hope that things get better
    When things couldn't further fall.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork #mirakee #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld @creativearena #creativearena #writerscontest

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    "I'd be the passion for life
    If I could be anything at all.
    I'd be the hope that things get better
    When things couldn't further fall. "

  • teriknows_it 61w


    I am green with envy most of the time just wait and see,
    I am the emotion that breaks people apart when you can't see past me,
    I will make you suspicious and act a fool,
    I am an emotion god put in all of you,
    Yes I am jealousy and I break up couples, cause homicides, and more,
    I am the emotion that some can control as they know actions can last for evermore.


  • shazis 62w

    Insignificant Promises

    Your insignificant promises are ephemeral on the eternal and strangers to contentment
    ©shazis synergies

  • uncouth_kaka 66w

    Winter Strikes.

    Winter strikes.
    From the cold night of summer
    To a dawn of misted ice,
    Awake from your slumber.

    Winter strikes.
    For raging billowing winds
    And exquisite spellbinds,
    The clouds will suffice.

    Winter strikes.
    Dead sight to the dark sides.
    The halo of unbridled holiness,
    The induced virtousness.

    Winter strikes.
    Say hello to the vast blue sky
    Flecked with thin sheets of dotted whites,
    Birthing plumes of flakes; up high.

    Winter strikes.
    Greet the snow-capped mountains,
    The sculptured iced fountains,
    And the upturned stalactites.

    Winter strikes.
    The being in the snowman's eyes.
    Unfettered youths, sleigh with valor,
    For the snowstorm burns with fervor.

    IG @uncouth_kaka

  • wandererpoet 66w

    Season of Fall

    How alluring is the season of fall,
    When the trees, all big and small,

    Let go of their crackling golden leaves,
    And decorate the earth with no regrets and grieves,

    They sacrifice the one's they had given birth,
    Just to show their love for the mother earth,

    Fall is the season of affection and love,
    And yes, it is here and now,

    Show your love for the one's you hold dear,
    As, the season of fall makes it crystal and clear.

  • q_abdoul 66w


    The bedrock of an alliance of honesty
    The reason you still wear your heart on your sleeve
    Knowing your dream of a  "happy ending" is most likely unguaranteed.
    Trust is like salt to sea...
    Trust is like rhythm to a harmonious music
    Our future is chancy, the uncertainties robust
    But we'll walk the path together
    Taking firm strides, on the grounds of trust.
    Perhaps we've come this far, gradually sowing the seed of love
    But what if one day all goes south?
    What if this seedling of love fails to sprout?
    What if this covenant ages and eventually dies?
    What if our music is full of chaotic rhymes?
    Then sadly, we'll come to the clear epiphany
    That all that is left of our relationship
    Are just bedrock of lies, propping an alliance of animosity

    - qiyyaabdoul