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  • june_margot 8w

    I don't wanna fall in love. Everything that falls, breaks. Istead let's be high in love together.

  • swara_2802 17w

    अग्नि परीक्षा

    यह कहानी एक बंगाल की रहने वाली लड़की कंगना की है जो ग्रामीण इलाके से विवाह कर के शहर में रहने आई थी वह और उसका पति दोनों बहुत खुशहाल जिंदगी जी रहे थे और दोनों में बहुत प्रेम था कुछ दिनों के बाद उनके यहां एक बेटे का जन्म हुआ दोनों अपनी खुशहाल जिंदगी में व्यस्त थे देखते ही देखते जिंदगी के सात 8 साल कैसे निकल गए कंगना को पता भी ना चला अचानक एक दिन उसका पति ऑफिस से घर लौटते समय एक हादसे का शिकार हो जाता है और और उसकी बड़ी मुश्किल से जान बच पाती है लेकिन वह अपना एक पैर गंवा बैठता है उसके पति के हादसे का शिकार हो जाने के बाद कंगना अंदर से टूट चुकी थी अब कंगना को अपने जीवन की गाड़ी को आगे ले जाने के लिए किसी काम की जरूरत थी जो उसे कहीं मिल नहीं पा रहा था कंगना ज्यादा पढ़ी-लिखी भी नहीं थी इसलिए उसे अब नौकरी भी नहीं मिल सकती थी इस तरह कंगना कुछ ना कुछ करने का सोचते हुए भी कुछ ना कर पाती थी कंगना का बेटा आज 10 साल का हो गया था और वह स्कूल में भी पढ़ने जाता था कंगना के भाई थोड़ा बहुत मदद कर देते थे और कुछ उसके पति की सेविंग थी उसके वजह से उसकी गृहस्ती किसी तरह चल रही थी।एक दिन कंगना की मुलाकात एक स्त्री से होती है कुछ ही दिनों में वह कंगना की बहुत अच्छी दोस्त बन जाती है धीरे धीरे कंगना भी अपनी जिंदगी के कुछ दुखद लम्हे उसके साथ साझा करती हैं 1 साल की दोस्ती के बाद वह दोनों बहुत अच्छी दोस्त बन गई थी अब उसकी वह दोस्त उसकी मदद करने को तत्पर थी वह चाहती थी कि कंगना अपने पैरों पर खड़ी हो सके और कुछ उसे ऐसा काम करने को मिले जो वह अपने घर घर पर ही रह के कर सके ।वो कंगना को सुझाव देती है कि क्यों न वह घर पर रह गई पूजा में इस्तेमाल होने वाली बात्तियां बनाए। उसका कहना मान कर कान कंगना यह कारोबार शुरू कर दी है और उसी महीने के 70 से ₹80000 कमा लेती है अब कंगना की जिवन बहुत अच्छी तरह से चल रही थी और वह अपनी उस मित्र का धन्यवाद करते नहीं थक रही थी


  • uebimo 23w

    How elegantly she bends
    Taking the whole world to her pointe
    So poised, so calm
    Like a queen on her thorne
    She plies to releve
    To releve so high
    As if the end of the world is nigh
    Then she stretches like a butterfly
    Gracefully flapping her wings
    bringing a hurricane in people's minds
    She glides like a kite
    Her jump is so subtle, so free
    She jumps like a pharaoh
    Making her way into the air
    To the world she'd always felt near
    And then she darts like a sparrow
    And turns like a wheel
    On the floor
    Floor of you hearts.

  • anchal21 26w


    Maybe it was very stupid of me to say those things...
    But you should have stopped!!
    Stopped to save my tears from falling..
    Maybe I was creating the chaos..
    But you should have stopped!!!
    Stopped to avoid the complete silence..
    I think you were stopped..
    By your..
    Don't let this going..because this will create an enormous amount of pain..
    Which will be difficult for us to STOP!!

  • anchal21 26w


    SEX is not only the pleasurable activity...
    It is very spiritual when two souls wrap each other ...
    The exchange of traits, the mixture of feelings,the intimacy..
    When one's lips touch others..
    There is a kind of communication between the two bodies!!!
    Two individuals tends to give their physical as well as internal self to other..
    Intimacy is the belief of spiritual essence which completes its way through SEX

  • realnotreel 28w

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  • realnotreel 29w


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  • sutra_adhar 32w


    It's not about who always promise big but doesn't know the value,
    It's about

    ©sutra by nikhilam

  • sutra_adhar 32w


    The true success is being human.

    ©sutra by nikhilam

  • sutra_adhar 32w


    You can't control time . No one can have forever.
    Be patient, keep growing.
    Table will turn.

    ©sutra by nikhilam

  • sutra_adhar 32w


    Real life essence is the change you bring in society by your work and personality.

    ©sutra by nikhilam

  • sutra_adhar 32w


    True lovers always find the real sense of love.

    ©sutra by nikhilam

  • sutra_adhar 32w


    A real artist can perform in any condition.
    Yes, there are no excuses for passion.

  • tangledstories 32w

    They took us girls for the
    Women's day program
    Setting off the boys
    waving them bye...
    And it was yet another start
    For a bigger chaos to come...
    Things have to be changed,
    From the very footsteps


  • inter_maniac 60w


    My mind keeps wandering to all the moments, people and places my unfortunate life story couldnt take me to...

  • nancy_anne 66w

    In Search of Hope

    I'm in the middle of things
    In my life, in my family
    Under a roof, my home.
    Filled with brightness, from the lights.

    But their light does dim,
    Now that they have grown old.
    And as the lights go out, one by one,
    All I am left with is darkness.

    I force light in.
    Trying to get light from the world outside.
    Shutting my eyes to the darkness around.
    Pretending it to be a dream.

    But then the walls crumble
    And the blinds fall away
    The starlight filters in...
    And makes me believe again.

  • iamthefreebird 70w


    I closed my eyes to sleep and suddenly had flashes of you flooding my mind. I remembered how you lay peacefully next to me, how I curdled you to sleep. I recalled how you made sweet melodies from your dreamland experiences. You seem so effeminate, so naive, so innocent.

    I remembered the short memories we shared, the times we shared passionate kisses, how we lay naked side by side, how shy your flowery eyes were.

    Your hair so lustre and soft, your skin so fair and smooth. I remember how it felt brushing against mine. Heart warming!
    Your lips on my nipples and mine on yours, almost heaven!

    I remember planting kisses on your beautiful frame, how your moans echoed into the thin air. It was refreshing! How your eyes blink in amusement, how it glittered in the dark. I wondered what occupied your instant thoughts. Was it lost in pleasure as mine?

    Then I opened my eyes to the morning rays, with a smile. I wonder if you remember too. I miss you, I wonder if you miss me too.
    And its a Sunday too..gosh!
    such unholy thoughts!


  • iamthefreebird 70w

    #pod #writerscorner #writerscontent #broken #mirakee
    @mirakee @writerscontent @writerscorner

    No man has it all, lets be the reason why another can smile.

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    we are all broken
    as shattered jars of fine wine
    as marred perfect pictures
    we are all bleeding
    no one is whole, none!
    only some have become artistic
    in leading a double standard life
    hypocritical, faking a mastered life

    we are all broken
    no one is more equal than the other
    it only appears to be!
    we often seek approval
    of family, friends and even foes
    to fill the vacuum, the void
    in our empty shells
    we all yearn for same things
    to love and be loved

    we are all broken
    no one has it all, none!
    let's learn to smile,
    and lend a helping hand
    to a dying world and a broken soul
    we need each other to survive
    to be whole, for
    no one is whole, none!


  • iamthefreebird 71w


    the burden of loving another
    is cumbersome, perplexingly delicate
    its burdensome, profoundly intricate
    its onerous, taxing and tiring
    devoid of personal profits' ploy
    satiated with genial desires for the other

    the burden of loving another
    is sacrificial, not borne of convenience
    its continual, gushing irresistibly
    from fountains of daily beneficence
    its ample, healthy and hearty
    choice medicine to weakened bones

    the burden of loving another
    is not judgmental; always hunting for
    the worse in mere mortals
    its parental; quick to nurse and nurture
    fractured earthlings
    its true, temperate and never fails.


  • florawrites_ 73w