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  • salvacao11 1w

    Goodbye to the past and thank
    You for the teaching me
    about many things


  • salvacao11 1w

    Blessed are you
    Who never tired of
    Pursuing your dreams


  • salvacao11 1w

    I hope today is
    A new begining


  • salvacao11 2w

    If you see something don't just
    look at is nicely,but try to see
    The point of view too,
    Because something beautfull is not
    Necesarly perfect,because in this world
    Nothing is perfect.☺️


  • rainiki 2w

    Our world is fresco made by God
    Which we witness by our rods & cones
    Beautiful colors and panoramas
    It is still wet so we can experience more...

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  • rainiki 3w

    You can't imagine cooking food without me
    When i am with you, you can be totally free
    May be it's a spoon or a fork
    I'll need you in every work
    And if you praise me ,
    You're definitely gonna rock


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    If i am a kitchen utensil


  • salvacao11 3w

    Sometimes the mouth
    does not speak,
    But,the eyes will
    Tell the truth.


  • salvacao11 3w


    Real beauty is not seen from
    The physical,mental,and race
    Because every one is beautiful
    With their own uniqueness



  • rainiki 3w

    Where is beauty?
    Where do we get beauty from?
    Am i beautiful, or not?
    Beauty is not a product
    that you buy from store
    Beauty is the thing
    that you always wore
    Beauty is what:
    Beauty of you being you
    Beauty of you chasing your dreams
    And making it true
    Beauty isn't the external factor
    It is the feeling which lies eternally within you

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  • salvacao11 3w

    Natural disaster

    We don't know,when a natural
    disaster will come Because of
    a natural disaster ,something
    was not planed!

    Even if a hurricanes came,I Don't
    really know about hurricanes,
    Because in the place where I live,
    There hasn't yet been and acident
    About hurricanes.

    But when I tried,to find out,I found out
    On wikipedia it said"strong winds that
    Can damage the enviroment and
    Endanger humans".

    But what I know is that the winds is one
    Source of nature that give us to everything
    In the hot weather.

    when I know about hurricanes,
    So at the time,I realised that; the wind
    Can give us freshness,but the wind can
    Give us chaos,when the system change
    In the weather.



  • jerrystorm 5w

    Social media limbo

    From the fear of views and likes of the society
    To the fear of not getting views and likes to stand out in the society
    I'm afraid I find myself guilty too


  • unknownswarachita 7w

    Its been 4 days

    Its been 4 days and 40 posts in Mirakee


  • madexplorer 8w

    Vigorous love

    Lovers lying on the bed beautifully!
    The sheet hiding them from the real world,
    As they explored each other carelessly.
    Falling down through the eternal gauge,
    Naked bodies colliding into each other;
    they discovered the forbidden taste of lust.
    They lost themselves in the flow of ectasy,
    As everything obliterated around them.
    Soon enough the forbidden fruit exploded
    And two soul slept there holding each other,
    Dreaming about the sweet melody
    As the world reanimated itself around them....


  • jerrystorm 8w

    Silhouette of dreams

    I stopped doing what I love to do
    Followed every unwritten rules showed down my throat
    Like a sheep I followed the herd
    Slowly but steadily the so called success rolled me in
    Now when I stand at the top my legs shake my voice fumbles
    I no longer remember who I am
    as they were the ones who told me what I am

  • purnimaindra 10w

    गुलाब कुदरत का उपहार निराला,
    कभी सजाया कभी गले में डाला।
    कभी चढ़ाया गया देवी- देवो पर ,
    कभी लड़ियां बन सेजों में डाला।
    इसे देख प्यार उमड़ा प्रेमी पर,
    देकर इसे सारा मन कह डाला।
    लाल रंग है विजय तिलक सा,
    कुछ न कहकर सब कह डाला।
    ©️ Purnima Indra

  • anonymous_droid 10w


    I have ambitions , I won't deny
    It is true , I place them b4 all
    But with you I've reason to live through every season
    With every dusk and dawn, thoughts of you cloud my mind
    when I think of you, I see every reason to smile
    You are the reason behind my smile.
    Inexplicable this feelings, I know the reason, it's no one but you.
    There are many things I doubt, but of this I'm certain
    the path to love, truly you have shown me
    If at all this feeling is mutual, hold my hands let's travel this path
    your burden I'll carry, all through the journey
    I've heard stories, of people falling in a treasure hole called love
    My knees are littered with injuries from falling
    My mind drained, from trying to stand up
    I'm sorry to tell you, no more will I fall
    This I'm sure of, this I'll assure
    This path of feelings, If you walk with me
    This legs of mine, will not grow weary
    Where you are, my heart will be
    My treasure, that you'll be
    my victory , you will be my only trophy
    I'm sorry my ambitions, before you are positioned
    I'm only yours, when ambition is not calling


  • anonymous_droid 10w


    my days grow, night births death
    To see death, my strength grew
    my black drowns, I turn grey
    wane or growth ? I don't know
    with hopes filled, I walk death
    Death or growth, my fate chains
    death or growth , all the same
    All with breathe, nature's slave


  • chizzycole 14w


    The world is a stencil,
    The people in it being the art.
    We have the creator as the artist
    Spurning circumstances as his paint.


  • write_it__out 18w

    Those who preach love carry hate in their hearts.
    Those who preach god need him the most.
    Those who preach order hope for chaos .
    Stay away from the preachers.

    They heed others to stay away from violence but in a dark corner crave for that thrill.
    They wish you luck but deep within hope for your failure.
    Moral values are what they talk about but their actions beg to differ.
    Stay away from the preachers.

    They seem to have all the answers
    But for your every question they turn to god.
    For your every pain blank hopes is all they offer.
    They are the fallen gods with hollow hearts.
    Stay away from the preachers.

    They say that their should be no war
    But deep within the bloodshed is all they want.
    Life is what they talk about.
    Weapons of destruction are what they sell.
    Stay away from the preachers.

    They sell empty dreams and shallow hopes.
    Feeding on your fears is all they need.
    Puppets are what we come.
    Dancing on the crap served by them.
    Stay away from the preachers.

    We are the average kind with our average lives.
    Families with love is all we have got.
    Bonds are what we cherish.
    Peace is all we want .
    Average is what scares them.
    Uniqueness is what they sell.
    Stay away from the preachers.

    They are not considerate about your well being.
    They do not want a better world.
    All they do is throw you into a pit of suffering.
    With their rules that makes it impossible to move out .
    Stay away from the preachers.

    Listen to your soul , go inwards.
    Challenge every assumption every authority.
    Do not follow anything untill you really understand it.
    Do not let religions, traditions blind you into accepting something you dont believe.
    Stay away from the preachers.

  • jerrystorm 19w

    Sometimes I look up to the night sky
    Just to see if shimmering moon could give me company for sometimes

    Seems I got a little too attached now
    I miss her absence even at presence of countless stars