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    Dar Lagta Hai

    Chal aj phirse ishq kai samundar mai dhoob jate hai,
    Par dar lagta hai kahi mohabbat ki machli humko kha na jaye

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    The messages which were typed and never sent is how much I feel for you ...!!

    And all I end up is with single word text....!


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    Actually my family, I and he didn't consider this a virus, it's just our Lord's punishment to us.
    Jisko marna hota hai wo marjata hai phir baki ye covid se marna, covid se mar gaye, ye sab bahane hai, jiski kismat mai marna likha hota hai wo marjata hai, aur jiski kismat mai marna nahi hota wo chahe lakh covid infected logun mai ku na chale usko ni hota just like me, I didn't got any covid even after walking between thousands of people because death is not written in my luck yet, yeah it's also true people died because of this, my few relatives also died, many got infected but the another truth is that alot of people also died after taking the covid vaccines, so bimari ho ya uska ilaaj, logu ki kismat mai marna tha wo margaye bahana covid ka ho ya vaccine ka.

    Will tell you guys an another example when my grandpa died (may Allah grant him highest of the heavens) many people visited masked unmasked, my many cousins didn't wore masks not once, but one of my cousin bro, he used to wear double mask, used to space from others, madly used sanitizers, handwashes every hour ��, he used to eat with us in a scared manner like covid is just about to attack him, after everything was done, 10 days passed, and nobody from us got any infections, everyone was fine, but at that time we heard that, my cousin who used to care for himself like crazy has got infection from covid and he is admitted in covid ward, that moment I was sad but laughing like crazy too as that time I got a big lesson that's "jo jitna zada parhez karta ha wo utna zada bimar padta hai aur jo bilkul parhez se pare hai unko totally ye covid ni hota ,jiski kismat mai hota hai usko hojata hai baki jiski kismat mai nahi hota wo chahe infected logu kai beech beth jaye usko ni hoga. Later he tested negative��
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    Am I the only one?

    Am I the only one who hasn't tested for covid, not for a single time from the start of this virus

    Am I the only one Who hasn't took any of the two doses

    Am I the only one who hasn't used these sanitizers insanely, even after touching and shaking other's hands (I was like oh please, there is no need of using sanitizers all the time as I hate that smell

    Am I the only one Who hasn't insanely used handwashes and soaps after every work, I used like normally like the days before covid

    Am I the only one Who hasn't wore maskes not triple,double not even single from the start, nowadays I wear not because of covid just to hide my face from the people I know(neighbors)but they still recognize me

    Am I the only one Who hasn't gone to any doctor nor took any medicine during these monthes of covid even after falling sick two times , first time in the last year and second time starting of this year(I got fever, cough, body aches but still fine

    Am i the only one Who didn't took seriously the warning regarding first second and third waves

    Am I the only one Whose gates of home was never closed for anybody be it known or unknown ,during these covid months as alot of people come to meet my dad related to business(don't know how many of them could have sickness,infections but we welcomed all with open heart as like normal days) so as normally everyone was coming and going, and my family isn't having issue like now he must have any infection, we shouldn't come in contact, we will catch, my family isn't having these kind of issue from the start as we think we should consider opposite ones better than us

    Am I the only one Who didn't minded to share my stuff, food etc with others , like I didn't share my used food drinks with family but in these months he and me shared our used food and drinks with each other without any hesitation as usually like normal days and we didn't caught any sickness as we didn't believe in this virus even in love's craziness we used to share each other's used mask

    Am I the only one Who joined 7 big weddings and a funeral too with huge gatherings but didn't got any corona

    Am I the only one who visited hospitals many times and walked between alot of people (whom I don't know who is having covid and who isn't)while visiting, shopping, dating, meeting anything, but didn't got any infection

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    Divided by mothers but United by mother in law❤

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    Wishes on the Wind

    Wishes float from seeds of youth, flying in the afternoon breeze.
    The sunny skies bake my flesh to a beautiful golden brown.
    The ocean laps at my feet as I envy the seagulls's ability to be in two places...feet firmly on the ground; yet able at a moments notice to take flight.
    Waves crash as the horizon beckons the sunset to meet it at twilight.
    Sandpipers call it a night as the stars twinkle to see which can be the best and brightest.
    She breathes in and breathes out the salty air bringing remembrance of making dandelion wishes. Creating wishes on the wind.

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    More do we know this world isn't a permanent life

    Little do we do things that are good for our afterlife


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    #writers network thank you for the repost and the EC

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    Words smile at me
    Sometimes mischievously,
    Sometimes in melancholy,
    But they always resonate my emotions.

    They kiss me, they heal me
    When I am disconsolate,
    They cuddle me, they cradle me
    As I pick the broken promises.

    They tickle me, they humour me
    As we double up in laughter
    Their jocose demeanor
    Makes me grateful for their ubiquity.

    They romance me, they indulge me
    They caress me, they embrace me
    They make me feel alive and contented
    They are the companion I cherish forever.

    Words make my world a heaven on earth
    As they sculpt my being with poetry
    Paint the canvas of my heart with verses
    Wrap the vista of my mind with rhyme
    To conjure up the melody called Life!


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    A colour as dark as black
    A colour as light as beige
    I'm the contrast of both
    My power are the inks.

    I dwell in those books,
    You heard of or you see,
    There I took my second birth
    And there I shall die with peace.

    Consider me a bud
    Of this literature plant
    Where I develop into a flower
    With colours brighter than the dark.


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    कैसे लगतें हे मेरे words ?

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    That's why relationships are always better than friendships❤
    #story #pod #wod #writers #love #friends

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    A short summary of a real story

    So, it's a true story which happened back in 2017,when I was in my 12th standard, so I was having a friendship with two girls from the ending of 2015,we met in a coaching center which we joined for studying our 10+2 classes , so the first year everything was going good, we 3 had a great friendship, we enjoyed so much that I forgot my school besties and I use to space myself from the other students too, so with the time everything was going well, we used to come and go together, sometimes we used to go to each other's house to drop each other, everyone in center used to give examples of our friendship, we everytime used to argue with others just to sit with each other on a single bench,then that year passed and we got promoted to 12th standard,then more and more students joined, new students, and one among the new students was my neighborhood boy not exactly the known close one but he was living in my area, so as usually I was not that much talkative to boys nor I like to talk to stranger boys, so I didn't ever talked to him there but we both knew we belong from the same area, so days passed , then 2 months passed when the thing happened,(I was single that time waiting for my soulmate,so I wasn't in that state of falling for any random street boy),therefore I didn't fell for any trap so moving on that boy of my area proposed one the new girls of that then batch, as already I was knowing his history of relationship as I had already seen that boy with some another girl from my area and now he was proposing other ones too in the same time, so that girl whom he proposed asked me "can you muskaan please tell me" about this boy who lives in your area, I said how can I say anything, we live in a same area but he is neither my close neighbour nor belong from the same lane in which I reside, I had just saw him in my area from that I knew he also resides in my area, and nothing I know more then this about him, so she said okay but inside I was saying to myself that did I lied to her about him that I know he is already dating a girl and on the other hand he is trying to get this new girl too who is now my new friend too, so I was thinking this thing for the whole day even after when I came back to home, then the next day when I again went to my coaching class, there I saw already my old 2 friends and that new girl talking to each other, and from that time everything changed in that friendship of mine, I came close to them and said what are you guys talking about they said (that new girl) I am talking about the boy of your area, I was like what again! she said yeah I am going to accept his proposal today, so that time I also got to know that one of my friend who knows that guy because he was his ex bf's best friend, here I understood something is cooking, so I directly talked to that new girl and told her listen, don't fall for his trap he is already in relationship with a girl as I saw him with her in my area , she was like no you are lying and I am going to tell him about this that you said all this, I was like okay go ahead, I am not afraid of anyone as I am trying to save your life from that guy who is with many, then one my friend told me why are you saying like this he is my ex's friend and also like my brother, I told so what, truth is truth, then when we got off from the coaching, then in the parking I saw a big group of boys and that new girl and both of my girl-friends too present there and talking about me, then that guy came to me and said what rubbish had you talked about me, I was like whatever I had said that is true and I didn't lied and tried to save a girl from the trap, he was like too much, he said a lot, I can't explain, I was broken because at that time I thought God is this what speaking truth costs? I am like crying and dying from inside, I tried to do good but anyways, at that moment those two friends of mine whom on: I spend my every single penny, whom I gave everything, I shared everything, I did so much for those two friends but at that moment those two behaved like my rivals, instead of supporting me and becoming my sheild as they knew little bit how bad that guy was but still they supported him, didn't remembered our years of friendship,they talked against me, where I was hoping they will support me against a big group of boys, they changed the ways, didn't thought about our friendship just because I was their friend (a girl) and they were one of my friends ex's besty and her new mouth said brother means a so called boy, and my another friend also betrayed because she ganged up with that new girl whom he was proposing, they betrayed me because I was a girl and he was a boy, so boy's friendship means a lot to a girl more than a girl's friendship, later on she accepted his proposal of trap, and I broke off with my so called betrayal friends, from then I never indulged myself in any friendship, I don't trust these friendships otherwise I was among those girls who used to make friends (girls) every single day.
    After few months that boy left her like a trash after getting all the benefits from her and she realised her mistake of not believing me and those two friends of mine ganged up with those boys and never ever we talked from then but later on those two friends got their karma's, and what they got, you will read that in my upcoming book .

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    You deserve someone who will value your love and time.


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    हाँ मैं लेखिका नहीं हूँ
    लेखिका तो भाव बुनती है
    और मैं अभाव लिखती हूँ

    मेघ की गर्जना में भी लेखिका के
    श्रुति में प्रेम रस सुनाई देता है
    उसी गर्जना में मैं सुनती हूँ चीख
    आक्रोश से भरे हुए मानव की
    जो नियति के आगे थक चुका है
    प्रेम रस इस थके हुए मानव के आगे जीत जाता है
    तभी मैं लेखिका नहीं हूँ
    लेखिका तो भाव बुनती है
    और मैं अभाव लिखती हूँ

    हर रंग को वो शब्दों में पिरोती है
    नारंगी तो कभी पीली नीली हरे वस्त्रों में छवि बनती है
    जो भी रंग हो वो बस प्रिय की प्रियतमा लगती है
    उन्हीं रंगों में मैंने विछोह की पीड़ा देखी है
    गहरे रंग कम और हल्के की उदासी लिखी है
    फिर एकाएक होता यूँ है
    प्रिय की प्रियतमा ढाँप लेती है अपने पल्लू में भाव को
    तभी मैं लेखिका नहीं हूँ
    लेखिका तो भाव बुनती है
    और मैं अभाव लिखती हूँ

    वो लिखती है आलिंगन का स्पर्श
    गुज़ार देती है पन्नों में प्रेम को गहराई तक
    हर पन्ने में शून्य से सौ को भर्ती है
    विपरीत कलम क्या स्याही भी कुछ कहती है
    एक आस और उम्मीद की बेला लिखती है
    लिख देती है तुम बिन सुना है सिरहाना मेरा
    काँधे तुम्हारे मिलते तो सुकून की गहरी नींद ले लेती
    पर होता यूँ है आलिंगन का स्पर्श
    काँधे की अहमियत पर भारी पड़ जाता है
    तभी मैं लेखिका नहीं हूँ
    लेखिका तो भाव बुनती है
    और मैं अभाव लिखती हूँ

    नदी बहकर सागर में मिल जाती है
    मिल जाती है पूर्ण रस्मों रिवाज से
    और घुल जाती है अस्तित्व सागर में
    और सम्पूर्ण बन जाती है लेखिका के पन्नों में
    विपरीत कलम की नदी उसी सागर में किनारा तलाशती है
    वो किनारा जिसके बाद सब शांत हो जाए इच्छाएँ मौन
    पर कलम और स्याही ढूँढती रह जाती है किनारा
    और सागर के अस्तित्व में विलीन नदी बन जाती है
    फिर एक लेख में वाहवाही का पात्र लेखिका के पन्नों में
    तभी मैं लेखिका नहीं हूँ
    लेखिका तो भाव बुनती है
    और मैं अभाव लिखती हूँ


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    मैं अभाव

  • pathak01 1d

    वो जो हमारा नहीं है अगर हमारा हो जाए,

    हमारा भी इस दुनिया में गुज़ारा हो जाए।

  • madinah_writes 1d

    Years of separation can not withhold us,
    Evil eyes in the dark can stare.
    Ocean of life can not divide us,
    It wouldn't even dare.

  • dnswords 1d

    Teri kasam teri yaad nahi aati par

    Bitee huye Lamhe kaa kya karu ??


  • mohitmalhoch 1d


  • dnswords 1d

    Sub kuch milna apne haath me nahi hongaa

    Magar bahut kuch karna to he....

    Stand with your desires !!


  • its_vulnerability 2d

    Bass mil jaati hai zubaan, khaamoshi ke is jahaan mei, jaise mil jaaye kisi pyaase ko paani registaan mei


  • abhipriyashrivastaw 2d

    लिख लेती हूँ!

    जब बोल नहीं पाती तो लिख लेती हूँ।
    जब हँस नहीं पाती तो रो लेती हूँ।
    कोई सुनने वाला ना हो तो लिख लेती हूँ।
    कभी सन्नाटे गूँजते हैं तो चीख लेती हूँ।
    तन्हाईयों से भी मैं सीख लेती हूँ।
    कलम ही तो एक साथी है।
    कभी साथी चाहिए तो लिख लेती हूँ।

  • adeesha 2d

    Khush hona kaha mushkil hai..
    Bas ek muskurahat hi toh deni hai..