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    Short out to all good and inspiring writers. Keep it up ��#writers #creativity

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    "Start writing no matter what . The water does not flow until the faucet is turned on."

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    How can I trust someone else now..
    I am afraid to talk to anyone
    I am scared of making friends
    How can I trust someone else now..
    You have played with my emotions
    You have broken my heart
    How can I trust someone else now..

    - unspoken.wordsbyheart

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    उसने कहा था की जब तुम खुदको न खोज पाओ तो मेरे पास चले आना और मुझसे दूर होना तो चाँद को देख लेना मै उसकी छ्हरी बन कर तुमसे लिपट जाऊँगी तुम सब कुछ कह देना मुझसे मै तुमसे दूर नही हूँ.

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    It was 10 May and was Saturday.
    The night was dull, so was the day.
    I was drunk in my own wave.
    Beyond the wave,
    I felt like I am in a cave.
    Where left to me there was a grave.
    Suddenly someone bawled, "Please save!"
    Just after a second, someone splintered the pave of a grave.
    Appalled, I began to shiver.
    Rise in my body temperature, I sensed the fever.
    Sweat dripped from my forehead, as if I fell in a river.
    Couple of lines stroked my mind, those reminded me of a believer.
    Wounded my chest, blood spilled everywhere like a fire.
    With my fingers I buried that blood on a black paper.
    Quiveringly, when I stood up, there was something hanging with a cover.
    When I got close, it was a mirror.
    That was dark and was shattered.
    Showed my face as if it was burned.
    Yes! I screamed and cried.
    Broke the silence, the scenes were haunted.
    I fell on my knees, I cried, and for ineffable I craved.
    I became so weak as if I was someone's slave.
    "You are strong, be brave", suddenly the words came from the grave.

    ©Tasaduq Parsa

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    Each one teach one
    Don't just aspire to make a living
    Aspire to make a difference


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    Words are unwritten
    Until pen’s set to paper
    But a blank slate resides
    Before ink’s pressed later

    Write your novel
    Each word at a time
    The notebook fills with images
    Pages full of rhyme

    Yesterday, today and tomorrow
    The words write themselves
    Past, present and future
    Leave the book upon the shelf

    A fairy tale or nightmare
    The future holds the past
    Who knows their destiny
    Brooding eyes downcast

    Understand the mystery
    Believe in what you may
    God is omnipresent
    Live life for yourself today


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    Deeds contribute to change

    Jo mai kal tha
    Wo me aaj nahi
    Tabdili to har amal ke natije me hui hai
    Chahe wo urooj ho ya zawal ki taraf.


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    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 13 Part 3

    " Queen Starling has advanced to the Round of 16 "" The next match is Colourea vs Colour Administrator "" It will be the last match of the day, it will be in 90 minutes "" Enjoy the fight "
    All the fighters left the stadium, Crayon and his friends were talking.

    " Colourea is fighting Colour Administrator ? " asked Colouruke." It will be a good match " said Crayon. " You will do great out there "" Thanks " said Colourea." Bakers have a huge role in the tournament with the bread they are baking " said Artby" Bakers want Colourea to win today "" Well, good for them " said Colouruke." They will want all of us to win our matches due to all of the great purchases which have created more baking " said Artby." Well, that is true that they bake more because of your purchases " said Challenger." I'm a great customer " said Artby. " Bakers love having me in any bakery "" Go Colourea "" Yeah, Colourea will win today " said Challenger." Colour Administrator will be an opponent who will have power but Colourea is stronger "" Sounds about right " said Crayon." Well bakers have supported us so much, I will dream about bakers baking tonight " said Artby. " Baking deserves a dream by me "" Deserves a dream ?  asked Crayon." I have not dreamed about bakers baking for a bit now, bakers need these dreams " said Artby." These dreams help baking so much, when bakers are happier they can bake better " " Well a happier baker would be a good thing " said Colouruke. " I will say that "

    Meanwhile, Bear members were talking.

    " Colourea must go down " said Whites." I'm giving her the thumbs down " said Easeion. " We must boo "" We must get in her head, Colour Administrator is strong but if he has an easier win that is great "" I want all of Crayon's friends out of this tournament immediately "" Yeah, we'll get them out of this " said Xax." They will be defeated " said Melissa. " Their opponents will crush them "" Yes, I will take this tournament and show my great affection for Blackina " said Blackin." Yes, I will do the same for Blackin " said Blackina. " You two will succeed and have a great wedding " said Whites. " I will be a great best man "" Yes, you will be one of the best of all time " said Blackin." Our love and our abilities have no boundaries or end " said Blackina." I will bring Colourea down " said Easeion. " I will be dissing her a lot in the fight "" Go Colour Administrator "" Colourea will face elimination "" It will be great " said Xax.

    They then left, Colour King was talking with King Bobby.

    " Colourea must lose " said Colour King." Colour Administrator will do this, Colourea is not as strong as the first eight winners " said King Bobby." We will make sure that Colourea has a hard time out there "" Knowing Easeion, he will boo " said Colour King." Colourea has not been very Colourlandish to be honest "" Our partnership cannot have Colourea being the way she is " said King Bobby. " Colourland deserves so much more "" Colourea will be defeated, Crayon will feel hurt " said Colour King." Yes, I will love that look on his face " said King Bobby. " We must also think about Warbler "" Warbler does not need Colourea in his life "" Our partnership will be great "

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    Love is so overhyped these days..
    I love these shoes. I love your dress.
    I love your hairstyle. I love your cat.
    I love this and I love that.
    I love my friends..
    I love you..

    Yeah ! You do..


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    She thinks
    He acts


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    रातें कम पड़ जाती है
    कुछ सपनों के लिये
    नींद रूठ जाती है
    कभी अपनों के लिये
    जरूरी नहीं हर कोई अपना हो
    जो रात भर जगाये वो सपना हो।।

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    कुछ इस कदर हम अपनी मोहब्बत से इंसाफ करते है ।
    आता है ज़िक्र उसका अनगिनत बार,
    जब जब अपनी ज़िंदगी का हम हिसाब करते है ।



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    Colourland Series 5 Chapter 13 Part 2

    The fight then started between Rourke and Queen Starling.
    Queen Starling charged up her Ultimate Bird Blast while Rourke countered with his Ultimate Bird Bomb, the attacks collided with each other and they both took damage.
    Rourke used the Bird Barrage while Queen Starling used the Tenfold Bird Strike, they both were knocked down to the ground.
    Queen Starling then got up first and she punched Rourke while Rourke used a kick which landed.
    Rourke then starting firing up his Ultimate Bird Blast while Queen Starling used her Ultimate Bird Bomb, they were both knocked down to the ground.

    " Well, you seem stronger " said Queen Starling." Yes, I have improved " said Rourke." We must stop Crayon and his friends from being around Warbler and Allie "" They are a couple that Bird's Isle needs "" They sure are " said Queen Starling.

    Fighters in the audience were talking.
    " Well Rourke is fighting pretty well " said Draco." If he were to upset the queen that would change things a lot " said Lord Grackle." Queen Starling has not used her strongest attack yet " said King Bobby." Yeah, that is true " said Diana." Warbler needs the friends that are good for Bird's Isle not friends like Crayon who are not good for Bird's Isle " said Curtis." Hanging out with Crayon has nothing to do with Bird's Isle " said Colourea." It does, you are just making lies " said King Bobby." Very true, King Bobby " said Blackburnian."

    Baking makes us good friends " said Artby. " Bakers  have done so "" They bake bread " said Diana. " While that is good, you have not been the friends that Warbler and Allie need "" They bake for so many reasons " said Artby." To make money and for people to enjoy bread " said Curtis. " Regardless of any of this, Crayon has not been a good friend for Warbler "" Warbler is with Allie right now, he needs more time with Allie instead "" Well, they are in love but he wants to hang with us " said Colouruke." That is true " said Dove." No it is total bullshit " said Blackburnian." Us advisors have done so much for Warbler, I helped with that dating site "" Me and Blackburnian have done that " said King Bobby." I have done so much sexually for Warbler "" Warbler's sex life is something that is important for Bird's Isle "" I take it very seriously "" Bird's Isle ? " asked Challenger." Yes, Bird's Isle has better dating thanks to me " said King Bobby. " I have changed dating thanks to me "" Blackburnian deserves credit as well " " Yes, we have done so much for dating " said Blackburnian." We have more couples like Warbler and Allie now "
    The fight continued.
    Rourke then used his Bird Implosion while Queen Starling used her own, they were both hit with power down to the ground.
    Queen Starling got up and she then started charging for the Ultimate Bird Blast, Rourke then started to use the Tenfold Bird Strike. The attacks then hit their targets, knocking them down.
    They both got up, Rourke and Queen Starling used their Ultimate Bird Bombs. The bombs hit each other and they both took damage.
    Queen Starling then started to use the Bird Implosion while Rourke then used his own, they collided with lots of power and they were both damaged. Rourke was slightly struggling but he was not done.
    " I have given it my all, I will still fight " said Rourke." There are people here that you would have easily defeated " said Queen Starling." Our advisors have not had the best matchups but that is how it goes "" It sure seems that way " said Rourke. " I will still fight hard regardless of that "" Our other advisors will have no problem "The fight then continued.
    Rourke then started charging up his Ultimate Bird Blast while Queen Starling used her Ultimate Bird Bomb. The attacks hit their respective targets.
    They got back up, Queen Starling and Rourke used their Bird Barrages which damaged both of them.
    Rourke was getting near the end but he was not defeated.
    Fighters were talking.
    " Rourke has skill but the queen may be the strongest woman ever " said King Bobby. " None of Crayon's friends outside of Challenger could have beaten him "" That is true " said Draco." Yes, they would have lost " said Blackburnian." Warbler will be fighting soon, I think "" He will advance " said King Bobby. " He will defeat Colouruke and Artby easily "" We have fought with him many times " said Artby." Bread will bring victory "" No, you are not strong enough to beat him " said King Bobby." Warbler knows the Bird Implosion, a move like that is too strong "" Bakers always understand my fighting, they have used bread to do so " said Artby." People understand my techniques more thanks to bakers "" They understand that they cannot beat our advisors or Warbler " said King Bobby."

    They can do so " said Artby." There is no chance of that " said Curtis." Baking makes me stronger " said Artby. " Bakers have injected heroism into the flour "" Some flour already has heroism "" You cannot believe that bread is injected with heroism, now can you ? " asked Curtis." Our actions and our training does that "" Warbler needs to be with Allie " said Diana. " Allie has refused your support "" She never said it to any of us " said Colouruke."

    Well, she is saying it now " said Lord Grackle." When you see my brother with Allie, Allie knows how to love him " said Blackburnian. " To think that the dating site that I created with King Bobby did something like that "" Yes, it is truly an amazing site " said Diana. " Maybe there will be other stories to tell later on about this "" Crayon has got in the way of this ""

    Crayon is a great friend, bread makes him an even better one " said Artby." Bread ? " asked Colourea." Yes, baking has made us better friends " said Artby.
    Queen Starling then started charging for the Bird Implosion, while Rourke used his own. The power was very strong, they were both hit.
    Queen Starling won the fight.

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    तुझसे मोहब्बत मुझको,
    कुछ इस कदर बेपनाह हो जाए ।
    मैं तुझमे और तू मुझमे,
    हमेशा के लिए फ़नाह हो जाए ।



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    Those unsent messages have huge hidden emotions within

  • __vishal__ 3d

    People may leave but the memories made stay etched to our hearts and remain intact with us. Although they are just our past now but in some of the best memories that we have made in our lives, they were are part of it. This needs to be appreciated and to be nostalgic about��
    #mirakee #pod #writers #shayari #ghalib #ishq #mohabbat #zindagi #love #crush #hindiwriters
    @writersnetwork @hindiwriters

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    अब बस वो मेरे जिंदिगी का एक बीता हुआ किस्सा है,
    मगर जिंदिगी के कुछ हसीन लम्हो में मेरे उसका भी हिस्सा है ।



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    Conversations & Connections are two most interesting aspects in the human life. A conversation has the power to change life, change thoughts and can do wonders
    Similarly, connections (to whom we are talking to be it friends, relatives or maybe a stranger) matters a lot coz with whom we are hanging out or talking to actually makes a deep impact in our thought process and helps us to either escalate or depreciate the quality of thoughts we percieve. Strange but true, that how people make an impact on our lives��
    So, ensure that you get to have quality conversations with quality connections(be it friends, relatives or someone unknown) and experience the delight of vibing with people over amazing conversations ❤️
    Well that was a philosophical aspect, now lets talk about the situation right now. In the chaos on this pandemic situation we all are together in this and are battling against this deadly virus. All of us need to stand tall and face this situation, although we got to practice the social distancing but we do need to boost up each other morally so that we can stay strong from within. So, keep talking to your near and dear ones, stay connected with them so that they are always boosted up morally and never feel alone in this war against the virus.
    #mirakee #pod #writers #shayari #ghalib #ishq #mohabbat #zindagi #love #crush

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    बस होती रहे अपनी बातें,
    और चलती रहे अपनी गुफ़्तगू ।
    कभी हम आपसे तो कभी आप हमसे,
    अक्सर होते रहे रुबरु ।



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