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    Ode to Eyes

    I saw the most beautiful eyes.
    I now know what the poets write sonnets about.
    Shakespeare, Poe, Keats were right.
    Some eyes behold the most beautiful sight.

    But it wasn't my lover
    nor were nymphs of paradise.
    When it came to those eyes,
    they didn't even hold a fight.

    We met on the highway
    I bought flowers.
    I was in hurry, ready to run along
    But I halted when those eyes sparkled in delight.

    He was tied around his mother's waist
    Just his head outside.
    Dirty skin, snotty nose and chapped lips
    But gosh! those eyes shined brighter than sunlight.

    Were they green, or blue or brown
    Nevermind. It wasn't about colours.
    It was his gaze that baffled me
    As if his mischievous hope would make the world alright.


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    I'm tired of loving you,
    I swear.


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    Once your gone is GONE, You can never come back to me again just like before,
    remember it.!!


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    A word to myself

    Coming soon.....


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    Am I Boring?


    Coming soon .....


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    Let me enter in your mind

    Hey to me why too shy?
    Am I?
    Nope no never.
    Then why not talk properly
    Oky well till now always
    Then tell how is she ?
    I hope she is well.
    After thinking few minutes later
    I think I know her mind how works then why I'm waiting.....
    Let enter in her mind and do crazy that she become crazy [reality:-she is crazy I have to do something that she comes in reality]
    Let's check it how she is feeling now.
    For this to enter in her mind let's go.........


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    Kuch to hai

    Jab tumse batein honi start hui
    Pta ni Q sare behavoiur tumse match hone start ho gyae
    Yu to mujhe laga ni tha ki ye v hoga

    Jb tum class me first time ayae the
    Maine aisa kuch feel ni kiya tha
    Hn but tumhara name sunke kuch to mehsus hua tha
    Kyuki tumhare jaise name jo maine pehli baar suna tha

    O one year kaise beet gye pta ni
    Jaha sare ladkae tumhare piche the
    Aur tumhe pane ki kosis me lage the
    Aur tum v kuch praisaan si sayad ho rhi hogi

    Iss 1 year me saayad hi meri baat tumse hoti
    Ek class me hone ke baawzood
    But Avi tk koi feelings ni thi
    Sayad kuch to tha.....

    Ab aya oo saal jiske end me jake kuch to kiya maine
    Saal start hua jaha sb boards ki preparation me lage the
    To Maine v plan kra mujhe v lane 95+
    Aur ho rha tha preparation

    To start hua yaha se ki jb ek baar maine aise hi tumhari ankhe dekhi
    To I'm shocked ki aise v kisi ki eye ho skti hai
    Fir next day jb tumhe dekha to tum piche mud ke dekhi to koi ni to tum shock ho gye
    Ki ye mujhe hi kyu dekh rha

    Waise tumhe dekha to baahoot baar karta tha but
    Fir ek baar maine tumhe computer class me dekha to I'm shocked
    Ki aise kisi ki eye v possible hai kya
    Avi tk Maine kisi ko kuch bataya ni tha
    Sayad kuch to tha...

    Ye sb exactly kaha se start hua mujhe pta ni but
    Fir ek baar tumhe Maine red shirt Mai dekha
    Aur kuch kuch feelings anni start hu
    Aur phir pta ni kya hua but
    Kuch to tha..

    Aur aa gya oo time jaha sare ladke to pehle se chidhate the but ab to notice v karne lage
    To noticed ho gyae hmdono cake wali batoon se
    Sare friends ke beech
    Jaha sb baat normal tha fir v
    Zaroor kuch to tha....

    Uss teachers day ke din ye notice to ho gya tha
    But kuch to maine v feel kra tha
    Aur ho gye raat jaha sare friends ab notice wali baate batane lage
    Aur kya re kya re karne lage
    Aur phir mai reh ni paya atlast Maine v muskura diya
    Isiliye kuch to tha.......

    Ab sare friends to chidhate hi thae but ab aur v zyada
    To ab aa gye oo time jb Maine tumhe call karke kuch wish kra
    To tumne name puch to maine apna name bataya to oo tum
    To Mai aur tum uss din baat kiya as normal

    Aur phir uske baad v tumse bateein karne ke liye call karta tha
    To kabhi hoti thi to kabhi nahi
    Aur phir hm aa gyae school
    Jaha bache the kuch months boards exams ko
    But I feel strongly about you
    Isiliye kuch to tha.....

    Aur phir maine v kuch kuch plan krne start kar diye but Not successful
    To phir tumhari tbyat thik ni rhi aur tum Ghar
    Phir aya time to tum phir ghar
    Aur mujhe ab aisa lagne laga that ki I lost someting in future agar maine tumhe ye nahi bataya to
    Isiliye to kuch to tha........


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    आज के सुविचार

    The amount of body lotion I have applied in almost 30 years of my life doesn't stand anywhere to the amount of sanitizer I have applied on my hands in one year!

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    Attitude is a magnet. What you think is what you attract

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    The most depressing feeling ever is GUILT- of not expressing what that person meant to you when he was a part of your life!

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    Catatan kecil untuk nengah astika
    ( @longoh_37 n @inaitsa_elevent )

    Banyuning, 10 Maret 2021

    Bukan hari ini tapi besok
    Hari yang beda dari hari biasanya
    Tanggal yang bisa dibilang adalah tanggal yang bermakna
    Untukku ,untukmu,untuk kita berdua

    Pangluh,11 maret 2021

    Selamat tanggal 11 nengah......

    Tepatnya 6 bulan yang lalu
    Sebuah awal dari sesuatu
    Untuk kita memulai hal baru
    Disaksikan oleh waktu
    Kita lalui masa" itu
    Dengan tangisanku dan juga senyumanmu
    Bersama duka ku dan juga suka mu
    Karna hanya kamu penguatkanku
    Menghapus tangisku dengan senyumu
    Menghilangkan duka ku dengan suka mu
    Kamu segalanya untukku
    Kamu bagian dari hidupku
    Kamu nafas untuk hidupku
    Terimakasih untuk waktumu
    Yang kau berikan untuk diriku
    Hanya untuk menemaniku
    Melewati pahit manisnya keadaan
    Menerima buruk baik nya kenyataan
    Dan mengajarkanku untuk tetap tersenyum dengan kegagalan
    Tetaplah bersamaku
    Meski dalam jarak yang dekat ataupun jauh
    Meski ada pertemuan ataupun tidak ada
    Hanya satu inginku, bila aku jauh nanti
    Aku harap Kamu masih menungguku
    Selalu setia menantiku
    Karna aku akan kembali padamu
    Menemuimu dan memelukmu
    Karna seuutuhnya aku akan selalu menjadi milikmu
    Akan Tetap seperti itu
    Aku tetap menjadi milikmu
    Sampai kapanpun itu
    Percaya padaku
    Dan kukatakan lagi, lagi, dan lagi
    Aku sangatlah menyayangimu
    Tulus dari lubuk hatiku
    I love you mine
    Selamat untuk kita...

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    Small notes for nengah astika
    (@ longoh_37 n @inaitsa_elevent)

    Banyuning, March 10, 2021

    Not today but tomorrow
    A different day from the usual days
    A date that can be said is a date that is meaningful
    For me, for you, for both of us

    Pangluh, 11 March 2021
    Ytc. Nengah

    Congratulations on the 11th nengah....

    To be precise 6 months ago
    A beginning of something
    For us to start new things
    Witnessed by time
    We're going through that "period
    With my tears and also your smile
    With my sorrow and your joy too
    Because only you strengthen me
    Erase my tears with my smile
    Remove my sorrow with your joy
    You are everything to me
    You are a part of my life
    You breath for my life
    Thanks for your time
    What you gave me
    Just to keep me company
    Through the bitter sweetness of the situation
    Accept the bad and the good of the reality
    And teaches me to keep smiling with failure
    Stay with me
    Even though it is in a short distance or far
    Whether there is a meeting or not
    Only one wish, when I'm far away
    I hope you are still waiting for me
    Always faithfully waiting for me
    Because I'll come back to you
    Meet you and hug you
    Because completely I will always be yours
    Keep it that way
    I remain yours
    Until whenever
    Trust me
    And I say it again, again, and again
    I really love you
    Sincere from the bottom of my heart
    I love you mine
    Congratulations to us .

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    for Dad

    if my wish is not able to fulfill
    I accept
    if it's my fault, for asking that
    I am sorry
    because I know you can't afford it
    something very difficult to materialize
    something very expensive
    that is my last wish
    a request from a child for his father
    but it is only my dream
    because it will not come true
    if dad can't give it to me
    for your daughter
    although sad that I think
    but never mind
    maybe this is what makes you happy
    yes, I will
    I realized who I was
    just ordinary people
    who has nothing
    and helpless
    thanks for everything dad


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    I wish you all the best
    Always take care of you

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    My self:

    Oh you are just an extension of who
    I am,Like how I'm just an extension of
    who you are..


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    (shall we talk )

    I know presently that most people are so closely concerned with themselves they are not aware of their individuality, including me as well I can see myself, she has helped me to say what I  wanted to say a long ago... 

    It's 1 am I found myself sleepless I went inside of me and find myself viewing the sky Looking at her I asked where you lost…… 

    by an aggressive look, she teased me wow now you're asking me where you been Lost if I'm right you're the one who lost me, madam
     after hearing this expected words by her with my sweet words I tried to make her clam Ok chill baby cool while with a confused manner she questioned me again by the way what are you doing here??

    I'm surprised to see you here.
    Her each word makes me blank 

    Surprised?? For  What?? She remains silence by staring at me 

      Its almost 2.00 am why are you still sleepless I asked

    by giggling, she whispered noting just enjoying the view what about you??

    Me: Im here for you…hmm If you don’t mind kadhaippoma (shall we talk )

    Myself: Yeah sure and we have to talk… because.. you're the one who tears me apart dragged me down even not taken care of me I got hurt its bleeding but you not even bandaged on it how painful is it do you know that but its doesn't matter for me I loved this pain and I can love even more because it caused by you.

    Me: I'm sorry  when a joyful and sorrows come together to attack me even sometimes I doubted you so I thought instead of making you suffer  why should I not make you free by these pain But again and again you keep  defeating me

    Myself:  my dear, you been a kite which is controlled by these worlds hand instead of making me free give me one chance Do you know once a boat at midnight sent alone to drift upon the moonless sea a lute whose leading chord is gone a wounded bird that hath but one imperfect wing to soar upon is like what you're without thee

    Me:  by keeping diamond within me I searched all over… my dear, I live in dreams my world is separate and strange when I dare to be powerful to use my strength in service of my vision then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid yes I am afraid of these humans world always I just want to runway…….

    Myself:  Ok let's go to all that place where ever you wanna go will run together and keep running by forgetting these world, by getting lost in our dreams but not on backward we run in the opposite direction by fighting the reality will overcome your fear just hold my hand let me come in your front to fight with you it's time for you to move, realizing that the thing you are seeking is also seeking you…. 


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    (shall we talk )


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    A Glass half full

    There are days
    Which are empty,
    & You will think
    Situation is tough;
    Look up & remember,
    It is the scope
    Not the assumptious roads
    Which are awfully rough;
    Feeling full might shut opportunities
    Lowering optimism,
    Thus giving rise
    To your needless bluff;
    With too many dimensions
    Of life to live,
    Know the difference between
    Dancing with waves
    & Trapping yourself
    In the dreadful handcuff;
    For faith is what it takes
    To keep your glass half full,
    For matter is of perspective
    Which may not be sufficient
    But definitely more than enough!


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    Unsaid words and unheard thoughts..
    You'll never know things of all sorts..

    There's some secret everywhere,
    Some unfulfilled wish, buried there...

    In your silence, in your fake smiles..
    There's mystery..
    Undisclosed for miles....

    What am I trying to say,
    What's this story you ask..

    Well if I knew...
    I'd not have asked...


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    Of#love #pod #writerofmirakee #writer #obscure

    Unlucky in love

    Tugged inside a blanket on a chilly winter midnight I laid sleepless. Thoughts engrossed my mind and I was just lost in them. I let them flow one after the other and soon tears filed my eyes.

    I opened my whatsapp saw his text. Three unread messages and I felt my adrenaline rush. Eager with excitement I opened the chat, it said “here’s my draft, want to read?

    I replied “yes” although a lot was on my mind, I was dancing on my mind I kept it short I could not say anything more. Time has made me an introvert, now I hardly talk.

    The title said “nirvana”. It irked me, who was nirvana? Did he like someone else? Shaking off all such thoughts I opened the Google document. It was long. It was a story about a girl. And then I kept reading and finally the page showed up that spoke of the girl, his classmate, an IITian. He wrote about their late night walks, the dreamy winter clouds and bridge and campus life. I was shattered already. My heart was broken and I could not see anything as the tears made my vision blurry. My hope was telling me its fiction and not real but in my heart I knew, it is real...

    Mustering courage, I asked him “is it fiction?”

    He replied “nope.”

    I kept reading more, he wrote he was her friend as they had the same love for literature that she is a poet and she is the censor board for his write ups. There I stopped; there was nothing more for me in that draft. He replaced her by me. I was a mere replacement to him, nothing unique nothing beautiful but only replaced furniture. A midnight chatting bona fide, a censor to his write ups , a person to discuss movies and art.

    “You will do good in writing” that’s all I could reply, that’s all I could say. And that was the end of us a story that never began properly but ended anyway. And the obscure darkness slowly befall.

    And I wanted so badly for someone to write up for me, to be remembered in those verses and texts and to see myself on a piece of paper by a point of view of another. But you see, I am what they call “unlucky in love.”

    The end.

    yours truly

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    Unlucky in love


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    Is just a short word form by 4 letters;
    But a very long journey to travel