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  • _flow_of_words_ 8w

    Can hatred be fake???

    Why does your every emotion feels fake these days?

    Love turns out to be fake, but can hate be fake too?

    If hatred is real, then why can't I hate you with all my heart?

    Why am I willing to do everything for you if some part of me is trying to hate the worst part of you?

    Does not able to hate some parts of you count in being fake?

    Maybe what you did for me is too much for letting me ignore how the things got worsened. Maybe you were too good for someone like me, but was I too bad for you?

    Was it too hard for you to accept the worst part of me?

    Why can't I hate you the way you hate me?

    Am I too good for you? Or are you too good for yourself that you can't even see the wrong deeds you did? Or was I too bad for you?

    Why can't I just accept the fact that you just don't like the worst part of me and move on with my life just the way you did?

    In all these bundles of questions, the main question still remains unanswered; why can't I hate you with all my heart just the way you started hating me after knowing the worst parts of me? Or you just don't like me for who I am? 

    _ Utkarsha Kalambe
    Dt. 27 August 2021 @00:19 hrs IST