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  • kingdavidezekiel777 3w

    So I decided to try a sort of inanimate personation of that which we use everyday and also picture the value and impact of the voice, your voice, my voice, we all are the voices!
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    You are nothing
    You can hold no water
    You are just a whisp of air
    Floating through the colloquial concept of time
    Scientific oral vibrations
    Verbal and consonants
    Your essence pulled out
    And you are left without
    Born to die in a second
    Die to live for a moment
    The moment an idea
    An idea a thought
    As a thought you catalyst into a decision
    Enacted into action
    Wait you become a way of life to live by
    You can hold water without holding it
    Also take decisions without deciding,
    You are a powerful voice
    You are someone's voice
    I am a VOICE!


  • _amwrites 3w

    जो दिल-ए-हाल है,
    वही हमारी कलम का कमाल है।


  • b1esshim 3w

    Yesterday was World Poetry Day, so I thought I would write my truth. Why do you write? Picture credits go to PicsArt. #pod #mirakee #worldpoetryday #whyiwrite #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Why I Write

    Today is a new day
    When poetry is celebrated in every way
    A free space to talk about strife
    It fills the world with life

    I write because I’m just inclined
    It is always on my mind
    Words resounding in my head
    Waiting to be mended together like thread

    Writing is a freeing, thrilling sensation
    There is no need to live up to an expectation
    There are no chains, you are free
    You can live up to all that you can be

    Appreciate your sense of wrong and right
    To continue the never-ending fight
    Because at the end of the night
    We always know how essential it is to write

  • akdpoetry 3w


    Dear life, I want to challenge you to a duel
    I know my chances of winning are slim, but I want to battle you till my last breath
    I want to make my own mark among this dense and brutal crowd
    I have given up the habit of waiting aimlessly; I would rather want to rush back and embrace you
    Dear life, I know I am still a novice who wants to learn the way of living from you
    But yet, I will not surrender, I will keep fighting you till my heart's beating, till the blood's flowing, till the sun's shining

    - Ananda Kamal Das


  • nobullheart 3w

    You, yes you, always write with such evocative incredible depth that it feels like a cliffhanger after each word I’m left dangling hanging on, waiting for the next word to give a breath of life inside my heart!

    No matter where I am, how or what I may be doing, I always know you are here, breathing life enchanting magick with your quill wetting pages as it comes, to life inside of me.

    As you drip your ink I think, I laugh, I cry and wonder why

    And sigh...

    Dauntlessly you let me dance with your words as I deliriously and deliciously wander to places I’ve never been!
    Image credit: The beautifully talented @louijover Loui Jover
    Happy World Poetry Day
    To all the writers that gift their words courageously to be read, ravished, raised, ranted, relished, resonated and reposted, from the tiniest to the most grand, MAY WE ALL!!!

    #pod #worldpoetryday. #mirakee #writersnetwork. #languageofdance #poetry #thankyouforreading

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    Language of Love


  • mummas_boy_writes_for_her 3w

    Admist all the happiness among us
    you always prefer to choose second one,
    the way of looking at it not my yes
    but still gave to it so that I can learn,
    how you can be changing so much
    despite of all the efforts I earn,
    by not seeing beyond such
    usual thoughts which made me pen,
    to lean on some sense of calmness
    you didn't expected it at all,
    because the heart is full of silence
    which made our lives fall,
    as so it too reflects on my patience
    but I still want you to have a call,
    whether you want to be alone
    or give us again that happy zone.


  • singhlakshmi 3w

  • commoved_1803 3w

    Justice isn't about
    Great or small,
    Belief or doubt,
    Elevation or fall,
    Stern or lout,
    It's simply about
    The conscience's sooth
    And the victory of truth...

    Everyone wants justice,
    All in search of peace,
    But no one brave enough
    To look into the inner stuff
    With queries in the mind
    Every one more of a blind...
    It's embedded, hidden, amiss
    The justice and the peace
    Until you open the inner vision
    You will labour without reason...

    There are things, you never find
    They see you but you turn blind...

    All we demand is JUSTICE
    Justice for the petty and the big
    Justice for the sole and the league

    All we are longing for is PEACE
    For the strong and the weak
    And for everyone we seek...

    No more wars, no more conflicts
    Say no to discrimination and hatred
    No space for arms, no tissues bled,
    Only humanity in all the edicts...

  • miss_saini 3w

    लिख देती हूँ यादों को कभी बातों को
    कभी बंद पड़े जज्बातों को भी करार देती हूँ
    धूप ना लगे खाली पड़े इन पन्नो को
    इसलिए अल्फाज़ो को ही पसार देती हूँ
    जो बातें हलक से नीचे नहीं उतरती कभी
    उन्हें इन कागज के पन्नों पर उतार देती हूँ
    हर बार मेरी ही बात नहीं होती
    कभी कभी औरो को भी
    अपने हर्फ़ों से सँवार देती हूँ
    कभी आईना बनती हूँ खुद का और
    कभी आईने को भी शब्दों में शुमार देती हूँ
    बिन पँखों के ही उड़ जाती हूँ ख्यालों के आसमान में
    और कभी जमीन पर रहने को ही ऐतबार देती हूँ
    कभी हँसी कभी आँसू कभी बेहिसाब मुस्कुराहटें
    लिखकर इन्हें...
    बस कुछ इस तरह मैं लम्हें अपने गुजार देती हूँ।

  • thepoojaakarthik 3w

    My Poem : A Simile Poetry.

    My poems is like a
    mere combination of
    words that I never wish
    to write but had to
    which turned into
    sentences that I never
    and expected.

    My poem is like a
    shore that keeps
    on hitting the person
    near it, and so is my
    meaningless words
    which hits me again
    and again.

    My poem is like
    playing a hide and
    seek, my words hide
    from stopping my mind
    to stitch out some mess,
    but I end up failing in
    seeking them, which I
    call "Writer's Block".

    My poem is like
    those memories
    which lasts forever
    even when people

    My poem is like
    the irrelevant similes
    I have written here,
    I can hardly find words
    to compare them, because
    I know they are INCOMPARABLE.


  • richabhardwaj 3w

    And as you pick up your sleeping bag,
    the kegs and your tent..
    Ready to be lost on the trails and the roads You never went..
    I feel you being proud out loud,
    while your ears only hear the almost restless heart pound..
    You shiver as you breathe
    But you are alive is all that you feel..
    I sense how calm this feels,
    With every step you take
    You drop down all reasons you thought once kept you awake..

    I wish that the vastness of the sea sets you free,
    And you grow in depths like the roots of these trees..
    I wish this part of your journey to the woods is never lost,
    As you ace it to the best of your strengths sailing through the dampened shades of the past..

    (C) Richa Bhardwaj

  • smile_its_sunnah 3w

    Poetry is our Escape.

    We find peace in something as simple as words, we find pride in being called the literature nerds.

    Some of us discovered our own world of escape, we experienced a dimension that allowed us to feel security and be safe.

    Every piece written by us explains our view of life,
    our words are like armour, and what we write can be as deadly as a knife.

    Continue expressing yourself in the way you are comfortable, don't be afraid to be vulnerable.

    Poetry is our screaming voice, so lets use it to rejoice.

    I feel extreme pleasure in having such a large and beautiful family, so Continue writing your own Vision and Fanatsy!

  • shivtado 3w


    Sparkle in her eyes,
    Shove away the barriers
    what heart had held for so long.
    The perseverance of her character,
    Made this nomad struggling.
    Her dark blue attire, gave blues,
    Surprised or confused, no clue.
    Shine of her ear rings,
    like the blossoms of Spring,
    Vivid yet calm her smile,
    On parole this heart,
    Badly needed reconcile.
    Rolling over her shoulders
    the fabric of colour love,
    If she isn't beautiful,
    who else in the club?
    Matching in spirit , to hebe,
    Way to heart , always privy.

  • chezeriel 3w

    I've borrowed happiness
    from poems that I've weaved.
    Jumping from syllables to syllables,
    creating little bliss with every similes.

    Crouching in a corner, fervently searching
    for words to play.
    I can't help but smile in each metaphors
    that rhymes. Clinging onto little joys
    within the imageries that lies between
    my fingers, pen and paper.
    Only a writer understands the pleasure
    of knowing that peaceful music underlying
    in their very own words.

    but then, again, each comma made
    me doubt and sigh, inevitably there's
    always gonna be a last fullstop.
    In the end, I'm gonna console myself to
    weave another poem, to again,
    borrow happiness, a classic shougania.


    Shougania is a japanese word means related to fate, or something that can't be helped.

    #worldpoetryday #mirakee #writersnetwork

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  • silence_seeker 3w

    #कविता दिवस

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    मैं हूँ, तुम हो, और ये दूरी,
    कुछ तेरी हैं, कुछ मेरी हैं, हमारी ये मजबूरी,
    थोड़ा वक़्त लगेगा, पर होगी ज़रूर पूरी,
    जो है ये हमारी कहानी अधूरी |

  • sirishajaiswal 3w

    Let's celebrate the power of poetry and feel the beauty of writing that surrounds us and touch souls!

    "Happy World Poetry Day"
    From Sirisha

    #worldpoetryday #poets #mirakee #writersnetwork #motivational #quotes #God #dreams @mirakee @writersnetwork

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    Let's celebrate the power of poetry and feel the beauty of writing that surrounds us and touch souls!


  • commoved_1803 3w

    Like a thoughtful soul to my weary heart aligned,
    Poetry is prized as the priceless peace to my mind,
    The beauty of your verses, rhythms and
    Has always kept me enthralled, enticed
    And entwined...

  • abhidilse 3w

    विश्व कविता दिवस पर विशेष.....


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    मन के भाव सींचती
    शब्दों के मोती पिरोती
    सपनों को जो है संजोती
    लोगों को लोगों से जो जोडती
    वो कविता है....

    दुख के सागर सी लहराती
    सुख की नदियों सी इठलाती
    प्रेम प्रणय में डूबती उतराती
    साक्षात दिलों में जो बस जाती
    वो कविता है.....

    कवि की कल्पना भी है
    कवि की अल्पना भी है
    कवि का मर्म जिसमें पिरोया
    जीवन का सार जिसमें संजोया
    वो कविता है.....

    पहुंच जाता है वहां कवि
    जहां नही जाते चंद्र रवि
    पलों की खूबसूरती है
    मौसमों की चाहत है लिए
    किसी का अरमान है
    किसी को आहत है किए
    वो कविता है......

  • thepoojaakarthik 3w

    ~ World Poetry Day ~

    I found some dusty notes from the attic
    Where my pen I own belongs to
    That attic is a place of magic they say
    I didn't knew then
    But know I come to know about the attic,
    where my poetry comes from.
    ~ in between the dusty pages and old pen giving life to new words, my poem is born.


  • utkarshwrittess 3w

    World poetry Day

    Poetry From Heart...♥️

    Is The Bleeding
    Into Life
    Of Our
    From Our
    By Our

    And Mine,
    In Every Shade I Find Them,
    In Each Drop
    Is Poured
    In Each Drop,
    Is Born.