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  • sumita_panigrahi 7w

    Sitting on a couch for so long, doesn't make any sense at all for a whole day.. There's no one to talk to, somedays we feel that we should talk to a stranger about our worries..But we know we couldn't...��

    We all experience highs and lows in life.. We are physically present at a place but to be very unfortunate not present mentally. Whole day the mind is somewhere else. Is this type of life we need!!!?? No.Not at all..��

    There are nights you overthink, you can't sleep, you get anxiety attack, you feel sad, you have no one to talk to, you can't even yell, you cry tucking your head to your favourite pillow. And the next day, you pretend to be "ok" and show a smile the whole day, like nothing happened!!��

    What does this mean!!??

    To every other person, who text us, asking, how you doing!?
    Our straight forward answer is, I am good, what about you!?
    And there comes an answer, I am amazing..��

    But you know what there's a loophole in this small closure communication. And that is, nobody from both the side is telling that aren't ok. They aren't doing good lately. They are sad and all.��

    Can we ever rely upon that "one person" to whom we can tell our heart out loud.

    Don't we all deserve this!?

    There are so many days, moments, some time the whole day, when we are sad, just sad. We don't like anything, we don't like to go outside, we hate eating our favourite food, we hate picking up our favourite person's call. We just lay down the whole day in the bed being sad...��

    When you are going through the same phase, don't get stuck there, just keep going. Believe in the process of life. ��
    Find a friend whom you can trust. Whom you can tell your pain. Talk to someone. If you find no one. Make your parents your friend. After one time, everyone trusts you. Your parents are the most trustworthy people in this world. Pick a hobby. Write your feelings and emotions on a dairy. And yes, just "Love yourself".♥️♥️♥️

    Look at the mirror everyday in the morning and just smile. Do your smile make you feel that you are the most beautiful person in this world.✨❤️

    If that's so, you are winning the game. But if not, keep trying and keep loving yourself everyday a little more.��

    In the end, it's just you, who matters, and nobody else will matter.❣️

    And if these things won't work for you,

    Just a very humble request, do talk about this and please consult a doctor.. trust the process... It needs to be treated sometimes.������
    It will heal, promise yourself. You will smile looking at the mirror one day, and the mirror will smile back at you ✨..

    You are beautiful ❤️

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    World Mental Health Day


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  • nevaleepoetically 7w

    Stress rising
    Soul falling
    Weight heavy
    On my chest

    Mind spinning
    Stop breathing
    When can I
    Have rest..?

  • nanaserwaa 7w


    I think we need to discuss what it means to "not be ok"
    Because as much as it is comforting to say "it's okay not to be okay"
    What about people whose lives depend on being okay?
    People who have no one to protect them when the world sees that they're "not okay"?
    Let's talk about how "Not being okay" can be a privilege.

  • kp_singh 7w

    It is okay to
    To be alone,
    It is okay to lose your throne.
    It is okay to fall down,
    It is okay to lose your crown.
    It is okay to be not okay in this world's eyes,
    It is okay to fail even after 100 tries.
    But it is not okay to give up on life,
    Cos it is all you ever had when no one was with you!
    And one day you'll not just okay but fantastic,
    I know it seems like a dream right now, but it is realistic! -Kps©2021

    #nevergiveup #itsokayto #worldmentalhealthday #musingtime #mentalhealth #hope #kpspoetry #kpsquotes #positivevibes

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    It is okay

    It is okay to
    To be alone,
    It is okay to lose your throne.
    It is okay to fall down,
    It is okay to lose your crown.
    It is okay to be not okay in this world's eyes,
    It is okay to fail even after 100 tries.
    But it is not okay to give up on life,
    Cos it is all you ever had when no one was with you!
    And one day you'll not just okay but fantastic,
    I know it seems like a dream right now, but it is realistic!

  • senova 7w

    The bottle of Dettol
    Sitting on the bathroom cabinet
    Knows the exact number
    I've thought of chugging it down
    Than those who swear they know me

    The nails that made
    Marks on my skin
    Have left traces behind
    Of inner turmoil
    I don't tell my best friend why
    I suddenly love wearing full sleeved clothes

    The bully in my school
    Crossed me by the street
    Pursuing medicine it seems
    The first person to point out
    My differences were a bad thing

    The doctor cracked up with her allies
    She thought she was being funny; as she called me chubby
    My grandmother served me my favourite delicacies
    I'm still eating meals half heartedly

    I watched the tutor
    Belittle the student in the room
    Abuse her in a language I'd never known
    For having a stutter, not in her control
    Seven year olds right there watching the scene unfold

    I still think of her
    And how scarred she must be
    If the haunting memory was one of the reasons
    She could be anxiously waiting for her turn at therapy

    Is this enough a slice of reality
    To begin taking matters of the mind
    A little more seriously?


  • jules_ 7w

    I remember the pain I felt, the struggle I had to get through a day to the next which slowly made me emotionally numb. I no longer felt the human emotions because I was scared. I was afraid that I would fall sick. There was no hope on future, no thoughts about my career or exam. It was no longer a concern because getting through a day itself was a big challenge for me.

    Fast forward I am thankful that I took the help I needed. I took the initiative to heal myself. I am thankful that I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. I am thankful that I exist today. I am thankful to the people who extended their hand to lift me when I was at my lowest.

    Let's spread the word "Not to give up" on this occasion.��

    #worldmentalhealthday#gratitude#writing @miraquill

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    Word mental health day

  • deeptimishra 7w

    For some people it sounds boring but being spritual can give you some sort of relief from mental issues.
    Sometimes a hope can give birth to new life and spirituality gives you the drab spark.
    Physical disease do have some attention but when it comes to mental issues we generally avoid it .
    Our mental health affects each and every aspect of our life.
    It is very important to understand your mind and not be slave of its tricky games.

    Peace and harmony makes life liveable.
    You can't run away from your own mind so keep it healthy and simplified.

    Always feed your mind positive informations.
    " It's not just your body,,
    Some touch ups are necessary for mind too...��


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    It all starts from YOU
    You can make yourself
    Loveable or miserable...✌️


  • better_44 7w

    You matter

    It is never too late to ask
    for help.
    It is never too early to ask
    for help.
    It is always better to ask for help.
    Help is available everywhere.
    your mental health matter.
    You matter.

  • singhsahil 7w

    World Mental Health Day

    Every year, this day is marked with a particular theme, this year, the theme is ‘Mental Health In An Unequal World’ that focus on reducing the gap between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots’ that is growing wider by every passing day and there is continuing unmet need in the care of people with a mental health problem.

  • inborn_scribbler 7w


  • theservant 24w

    A Far cry

    Monsters on head
    Thirty when Im in bed
    But no one said
    When morning started
    It's a hundred

    They whisper like a friend
    Murmuring with no end
    Their breath is a pain
    Flowing down my vein
    Causing fear i can't explain

    Run into a barren place
    To be warmed by their absence
    But breeze of their presence
    Raging in disturbance
    Filling my space

    I and them became one
    We created a Stockholm
    Behaving like a syndrome
    My mind they call it home
    Now quite soul is gone


  • inborn_scribbler 59w

    Wrote this yesterday for World Mental Health Day. The work to create awareness in the field of mental health continues...
    #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #mirakee #writersnetwork @mirakee @writersnetwork @writerstolli @countablyinfinite @sarcasticbong

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    Mental Health: A shared investment for progress

    Our brain is not an extraterrestrial substance and it should not have taken a pandemic to teach the majority of us that mental health is important. 

    A news release published on the World Health Organization's website on 5th October, 2020, stated, "WHO has previously highlighted the chronic underfunding of mental health: prior to the pandemic, countries were spending less than 2 per cent of their national health budgets on mental health, and struggling to meet their populations’ needs." 

    Looking at the meagre investment in the field of mental health, the theme for World Mental Health Day, 2020 is 'Mental Health for All: Greater Investment - Greater Access', as declared by the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH). One aspect of investment is the monetary funding that we are talking about but there is work pending in the department of mindset transformation too. When it comes to my country India particularly, the underfunding in mental health is as severe as the stigma associated with mental health illnesses. 

    "It's all in your mind, move on."  "I am not crazy to go to a therapist." " All these mental health issues are excuses." Heard of these statements? Greater investments come from a lot of tiny contributions and every effort makes a difference. Mental healthcare services, when destigmatized, will raise a society where we do not have to wait for an extreme example of death by suicide to comprehend why mental health is very much a part of our lives and that it is okay to reach out for help. Why be so ignorantly unpunctual about mental illnesses when we can seek help at the initial stages itself and lead a healthier life? When we have a physical illness, which is beyond our control we go to the doctor and don't hide the problem. I have never come across anyone remarking "Ye dengue seasonal hai, khud se theek ho jayega." But when it comes to mental health illnesses, it is swept under the carpet. The carpet has so much under it that it becomes a mountain eventually. 

    How can we be a psychologically healthy country when we do not even acknowledge that there is a problem? Problems are there and turning a blind eye is not going to help in any way. Also, well-being is not about living a life which is 'trouble-free' because life never pledged to be easy and predictable. It is how we approach the stressors that matter. Most importantly, acknowledging the presence of a problem is where the healing starts. Conscious involvements on a psychological level in terms of working together as a society is what will make mental health services accessible. Our investment can begin from telling a child that it is okay to have scored less in an exam or by letting people talk about their painful experiences without feeling judged or by going on a social media detox when we are tired of the 'viral' rumours popping up on our screens or by spending quality time with our inner child.

    Everyone has the right to mental well-being and the resources under no circumstance should be unfairly distributed on the basis of economic, social and religious backgrounds. Government policies can be revised to ensure that citizens from all corners of the country can have affordable access to mental health services. 

    We have a huge shortage of qualified mental health professionals in the country and the quality of mental health services provided are further compromised when individuals inadequately trained without a proper educational degree call themselves "counsellors" and "psychologists." Tell me would you go to a doctor who has a six months diploma in MBBS? Absurd right? But when mental health is in the picture, everyone is an expert without a degree. This is why psychoeducation is urgently recommended. It would be beneficial if educational policies related to the same are added. 

    There can be substantial growth in mental healthcare if we do our bit. This World Mental Health Day let's be kinder to ourselves and others, get comfortable with having open conversations about mental health and be grateful for how far we have come. Next time if someone tells us, "I am not feeling okay...", what would our response be?


  • zuhaib_hassan 59w

    Mental Disorder

    "To be in my shoes it's not so easy"

    Today world is observing "Mental Health Day" Somewhere, somehow everyone is mentally disturbed. Why we all suffering from this? Firstly we live in an extremely fast-moving world, where we just see PERFECTION. Our eyes just capture extremely perfect things, and when we compare that perfect things with our day to day life we get depression.

    Secondly, unconsciously and unintentionally we live in a fantasy world which has nothing to do with reality and when contrast occurs we get depression and face mental health issues.

    Thirdly and most importantly we are HUMANS. We have emotions. Our mental health, particularly in this era, hugely depends on our Social Circle. We expect people to understand us, we expect people to understand our minds, we expect people to put themselves in our shoes, sadly people don't do the same. They have nothing to do with your problems, they will never leave their comfort zone for you, and when people don't live up to our expectations we get depression.

    How to cope up with this issue?
    As a Muslim we must have a strong belief in Allah, as Allah Almighty Said, "Beshak, Allah ke zikr se hi Dilon ko sukoon milta ha" Al-Quran [13:28] Make a standard for yourself. Learn to appreciate yourself. Try to spend quality time with your parents and family. Try to best use of your time and in the end don't forget to read "MAN'S SEARCH FOR MEANING" by "Viktor Frankl" May Allah bless you with endless happiness.


  • _ziara 59w

    World Mental Health Day

    Normalize depression as there is no need to be ashamed of it but dont normalize it upto a point where people would start taking it for granted.

  • tiwari_chittosh 59w

    When I'll look back at these scattered times

    With worn out hopes, infuriating me

    I hope, I'd be able to glance through the courage;

    The courage, that I possessed to do nothing. 

    Even if I feel, there isn't any efficiency in me

    Atleast I won't loath regrettably of having myself lost somewhere. 

    This is the most important thing to hold onto, right now. 

    Listen to me, don't lose yourself. 

    There's this sanctity of time and space, existence and reality.

    All you have to do is just exist and acclimate to this timeframe. 

    That's the challenge all about. 

    World has stopped and so have you.

    But if you take baby steps,

    It would mean alot in the long haul. 

    Everything here, then counts. 

    Even your random thoughts. 

    Because sometimes, just staying alive is the most courageous thing

    you can do. 

    When you feel the beads of breath sticking into your throat,

    When you feel, nothing can get worse than this,

    The emotion seizes there. 

    Your life starts playing in slow motion. 

    You feel despair every micro second ticking on the clock. 

    Thing most needed then is just to remain alive. 

    That's the rebellion sometimes. 

    To fight against the odd. 

    You may feel, you aren't doing anything. 

    You may feel, the time isn't moving ahead. 

    And you desperately want to come out of it. 

    As soon as possible. 

    But sometimes, doing nothing is also a rebel.

    Rebel against the distress and its cause.

    Rebel against the universe which wants you to get dumped. 

    Hey you, listen! 

    Don't you bend your knee and surrender to it. 

    Don't let it gulp you down.

    You just try to feel it. 

    Feel the pain.

    Feel the weakness. 

    And then feel the strength within yourself

    by not letting your life break into pieces.

    And you know, that's all you have to do. 

    And I know, that's what you will do.

    For what doesn't kill you, makes you strong. 

    Remember that. 


    #alien #mirakee #writersnetwork #worldmentalhealthday
    @writersnetwork @mirakee @mirakeeworld @readwriteunite

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    But sometimes, doing nothing is also a rebel.
    Rebel against the distress.
    Rebel against the cause of your distress.
    Rebel against the universe which wants you to get dumped.
    For what doesn't kill you, makes you strong.
    Remember that.


  • pari_phrasis 59w

    Your mental health is important ️

    Just a remainder :
    If you are having one of those days, standing in front of the window, where you are feeling insignificant, small and worthless. If your mind is starting to play tricks on you again, where you are apologizing to yourself for your own existence; just remember, that there were days where standing on this very same place, you thought the same thing you are thinking now. When you didn't think you would survive, but you did. You woke up in the morning, you pushed yourself through the mess. You are strong enough to fight back again, keep fighting, for the tiny voice that kept you holding for so long. Don't disappoint your soul which knows you are meant for far more than this sadness and pain you are feeling. There are ups and downs, keep swinging. You have been to this place many times before, but you fought your way out of the dark and you still will. You are here because you are evolving and evolving always involves eliminating. Accept it. Accept your flaws, accept your being. You are worth more than you think. You are just enough.
    Believe in yourself.


  • mansee_ 59w

    क्या सोचते हैं हम?
    से सोचने लगे हैं हम तक जाना होगा ….
    क्या समझते हैं हम?
    से समझने लगे हैं हम तक का सफर हमे ही निभाना होगा…।

    World Mental Health Day ...
    Mental Health is important !!
    #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealth #thoughts #diary #inspiration

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  • believeinyourself99 59w

    Drown yourself in failure to once swim in storm of success
    Break your heart a zillion times yet prepare it for love again.
    Connect with people whom you disagree or dislike but just have a joy to connect.
    Fill yourself with failure, sorrow, joy , love, happiness all the colors that life offers you.
    But never submerge yourself in the sea of emptiness.

  • anannya__sagar 59w


    Who am I?
    The girl when I have a nervous breakdown.
    Or the girl when I'm at peace with myself.

    Do I fake my smile everytime?
    Or is it the lump in my throat that valve the flow of tears defines me?

    Who am I?
    The girl with mental health problems
    Or without it.

    I guess I am both of them.
    Accepting myself the way it is.

  • mystical_aru 59w

    Conflict thought's

    How conflict our thought's are!

    We are never the same person that,
    we were a year ago.
    Something being changed in our soul.
    We never could predict our own self.
    Then, why do we judge others by there situation?