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  • aarya__ 66w

    July 18 , 2020

    From the fallen majors of a man's world
    To the steel jots of my pen's sword,
    Witnessed to a cruel turn,
    Lost cause was how they begun.

    Surpassing the fatal norms,
    Mending to my cracked deform;
    Succumbed to scant chumps of coin,
    Yet never throwing the goals to purloin.

    I want you to remember me :
    The girl who outshined.
    Not minding the odds;
    Had her vision underlined.

    Grave in her mien,
    Apt regard for morality.
    Independent character,
    With belief in humanity.

    So when the clock ticks end,
    Tending to my mortality;
    In the caress of loved arms,
    I'd smile at my reality.

    Recall my feat :
    The girl who struggled hard,
    With her adage and mind.
    Kept bearing the curses,
    But never fell behind.


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    @carolyns_challenges @colourfulgreys

    I know I'm late for the challenge but I just wanted to write. I humbly apologize if this violates the rules.

    @writersbay My favourite word is faith.

    Image credit : Pinterest

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    Remember me


  • _annink_ 66w

    @bluepuppy01 @writersbay
    Have you ever tried looking at things differently and they start making alot of sense?
    The picture, to me, depicts the infinity the girl has been exposed to with the book that she holds.
    Also, my favourite word is "Infinity"

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    Pressed between
    Thumbed scripts await
    To be discovered by
    Minds that would make sense
    Out of the apparently otiose poetries.

  • _mathematics 66w

    Multicolored Aura
    Above the sky
    But soon left
    Saying Goodbye
    Curious many to find
    The answer, why?
    Suddenly dusk arrives
    Turning dead to alive
    Wandering around often
    Searching the love
    Once in love he too
    Suffered wound
    To have her in life,
    Now he just
    wishes, he could.
    Lives with the stars and moon
    Giving him hope
    Of true love
    that never dies
    Because after every dusk too
    The sun has to rise.

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #duskc #wordc

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    Lives with the stars and moon
    Giving him hope
    Of true love
    that never dies
    Because after every dusk too
    The sun has to rise.

  • harshad09 66w

    Beyond the horizons
    somewhere too far away
    where the Sun sets
    and the moon rises
    and in-between those two
    Life rappels hectically
    trying to find solace
    in those mirages of words
    arranged in formatted shapes
    mirages , that paint imaginations
    of the entirety of livingness
    are they the efforts in vein
    to find some breeze
    in all those airs if breathlessness
    or are they some discovery
    desperate , to find a ray
    amidst all the lightlessness

    nobody knows

    but still
    we all continue to hold on
    until the last dawn
    until the last sunrise
    a defined time schedule
    that's undisclosed and unknowable
    perfectly precise
    and in-between
    we try to collect
    of wealths
    of worths
    of successes
    of failures
    of desires
    of attires
    mirages of poesies
    and illusions of prose
    plethoric collections
    of nears , of dears , and of close
    is this inspiration for Life
    is this definition of achievement
    is this ambiguity
    or is it the entitlement

    nobody knows

    but still
    as they say
    the show must go on
    accommodating everything
    from solitude to attitude
    as per the sequence
    prelude , interlude and postlude
    from glasnost and perestroika
    right upto brexit
    every entrant has to see the exit
    that's destiny and the basic sort
    one that's born has to depart
    oh , it's a final call
    and it's distributed equally
    to one and all

    everybody knows

    but still
    we tend to cling on
    building plans
    for our remembrances
    after we're gone
    and I'm no excuse
    my wish though , it's a bit lame
    its an expectation ,
    to be remembered without any blame
    though not much for name and fame
    but for the sporting spiritedness of the game
    not for my skills to sing and dance
    but for my firmness for my stance
    not for my inabilities , to infect or to dope
    but , for my strongest belief , in hope
    my wish is not to be remembered
    for being somebody rare or uncommon
    I just wish , my memories to be cherished
    as the imprints , of a human
    would it be so

    God knows


    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay

    #ceesreposts #wordc #hope #cees_memo_chall

    and as always , this one too revolves around my favorite word and my inspiration in Life , Hope ♥️

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  • smily_aina 66w

    ��This piece is a word from me to all my dear friends and family members ��

    Entry for #cees_memo_chall

    Like when someone is gone, the introspection in memoriam
    Reminds us of different quirks of that person
    When I am gone, I want you to always remember me
    From the bits and pieces of memoirs I left in you as a reverie

    Remember me as sunshine falling on the barren window sill
    Penetrating the glass fogged by your memories of mine still
    Waking you up from your abyssal slumber
    Dopamine leaping in neurons as a tumbler

    Remember me as the patter bouncing on your palms
    Puddled up with the cheerful raindrops calming your qualms
    Sprinkling it on your face the way I used to
    Reminiscing all the moments soaked up in dew

    Remember me as the saccharine song of the cuckoo
    Sitting on the branch outside your window, curtains drew
    The way I used to bleed your ears singing carelessly
    Untuned, yet forming an amiable melody

    As my soul transcends and I look back at you
    One last time, I want to see you -
    Drenched in the happiness of future
    Quenched with kindness of nature
    Clenched in holiness of humanity
    As how I always wanted this world to be

    Thank you @carolyns_challenges for this wonderful challenge. While writing this, at a moment, I felt like I'm saying goodbye to myself and emotions flooded this piece.

    #wordc (favourite word: sunshine) @writersbay
    #writersnetwork #ceesreposts @mirakee

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    Introspection In Memoriam

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    As my soul transcends and I look back at you
    One last time, I want to see you -
    Drenched in the happiness of future
    Quenched with kindness of nature
    Clenched in holiness of humanity
    As how I always wanted this world to be


  • nivey14 66w

    #cees_memo_chall Thank you so much for this wonderful challenge.@colourfulgreys I just tried this.
    #wordc #julietscorner @writersbay If I go to search for words. It would be infinite.. But I think the word I have is : I


    When this eyes saw the first light
    The only first question asked by-
    These brain to me was, who am I?
    Just begin with a very small fight.
    When time comes to see the last light
    The only last question asked by-
    These heart to me was, who was I?
    When end calls it never wait for an answer..
    Just approach fast even leave away a fighter.
    Before the beginning of the bright darkness..
    How can you forget it was that light happiness .
    But,I guess some questions are itself an answer.
    Ago, one who bought the most beautiful smile
    To someone with the first cry, that was I.
    Ago,one whose tears fall to see even little hurt
    Of someone with the hard heart, that was I.
    Ago, one who made many well wishes prayers
    For someone lying on the bed, that was I.
    Ago, little one who thought of what I would be
    By someone who never gets time to answer,
    that was I.
    I say, Life is beautiful.. ! If you learn to live. ��


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    When this eyes saw the first light
    The only first question asked by-
    These brain to me was, who am I?
    Just begin with a very small fight.
    When time comes to see the last light
    The only last question asked by-
    These heart to me was, who was I?

  • jaya___ 66w

    #cees_memo_chall @carolyn_challenges

    First of all, thanks a million for making me a co-host in this wonderful challenge. It's a surreal growing experience I had whole day today and probably tomorrow coz of the umpteen entries. @carolyn_challenges mam you are one of the best poets here and one who has always read my works and motivated like a mother and teacher would. You've praised me lot of times and I feel special and guided. Thanks again ❤️. Being a co-host with you was a REAL HONOR.

    Secondly, all the fellow poets you all just took my breath away! I learnt SO MUCH from y'all reading all your fantasies ��

    Thirdly, this is my entry for a challenge I admire as much as the one who hosted it!


    I don't feel the need
    to be remembered
    post my death
    because finally I'll be free
    from the bondages
    of the opinions of others
    whether they consider me good or bad
    if they write elegies for me
    and offer daisies on my grave
    or if they still take my name.

    But if you want to remember me still

    Remember me in my smiles
    As a quiet girl yet not shy
    To speak her mind.

    Remember me in my favourite yellow
    Hopeful and bright
    Emotional and showing
    An intelligent side

    Remember me in my poetries
    I wrote on
    Butterflies and death
    On life and hell
    On love and despair
    On wreakage and repair

    Remember me in my hearty laughter
    In my friendships and adventures
    In the places I visited
    With a spark in my eyes
    Or the movies I devoured
    Where love never dies

    Remember me in the songs I loved
    Dream pop and rock
    Ballad, waltz, drum beats
    In Beatles oft played on repeats

    Remember me in the dreams I had
    Of seeing the world
    And writing a book
    Of falling in love
    By the glistening brook

    If you want to remember me still

    Look at your reflection in the mirror
    Where I look through yours eyes
    Because my body can leave
    But this spirit never dies...

    Copyright Jaya Tripathi 17-7-2020
    Pic credit @yuugi83 on Instagram.
    @writersnetwork @mirakee #remembermeasc @writersbay #wordc

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    Remember me in the dreams I had
    Of seeing the world
    And writing a book
    Of falling in love
    By the glistening brook

  • _miso_ 66w

    On the soil of my heart
    my love for you bloomed
    it remained colourfully
    bright , like trees after rain...
    But you didn't water it
    when I told you it crave
    your presence more than mine
    unrequited love finally faded
    like fate has designed only a
    love reciprocated can stay alive...

    On the soil of my eyes
    my love bloomed for you
    and this time you loved it too
    you saw the beauty of love
    you watered it with yours
    but beauty is like a water bubble
    on a rainy day, its all there for
    a moment, and then transience
    comes to engulf it forever
    your love left when beauty faded...
    only love without eyes can stay alive...

    On the soil of my mind
    my love for you bloomed
    like a weed in the wild
    you saw it without eyes
    you watered it like a child
    but with time the joy in you
    walked out , my love could
    no longer give you anything
    not smiles , not kisses were
    enough to keep you beside
    your love rusted with time...
    love untouched by time can stay alive...

    On the soil of whole of me
    my love bloomed for you
    it lasted an eternity still bright
    its beauty lie not in love itself
    but in the soil it bloomed in
    but this time , you never
    watered it , your love never
    filled colours to my love
    I couldn't understand the
    love that I saw was the one
    that stayed, and yet it was
    growing without you...
    love without anything else
    but love itself is the
    one that stays...

    #wordc @mirakee #love @writersnetwork #ceesrepost

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  • mirakeewrites_ 66w

    Well, its my favourite word
    for its not just a word but every story, every beautiful moment.Everything is ephemeral, that's how nature is.

    That beautiful flower, it wilts away,
    life is transient as they say.
    Dreams go away as I open my eyes,
    its just a short lived moment when I am wise.
    even that bright shimmering moon,
    it never lasts ,it leaves too soon.
    all these temporal blessings are just glittering specks of light ,
    they give us hope, to hold on tight.
    the stars seem so magical with that glimmering spark,
    they eventually comsume themselves, turning all into dark.
    that river which seems to elegantly flow,
    eventually dies into the sea ,What a blow!!
    when the sky is brushed in paintstrokes of different hues,
    it looks too magical,oh what a muse!
    it seems to be everlasting and forever,
    but its ephemeral , that same sight might not be seen ever.
    all those sweet memories that are made,
    they seem everlasting but eventually fade.
    those flowers from your beloved, those tokens of love,
    they seem to be eternal, they seem all above.
    eventually pressed between the pages of your book,
    they lose their fragrance , they lose their look.
    Eventually everything is ephemeral,everything dies,
    even a sweet hi eventually changes into painful goodbyes.
    the glory earned in this life will also not last,
    in the end it all becomes the past.

    PS - Don't know if it makes sense. some random musings compiled into one piece.

    #writersbay @writersbay
    #writersnetwork @writersnetwork
    #mirakee @mirakee

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    If I had to choose one word, it would be like chosing one among my dearest books,one among all people I love, one among the mystical stars that I adore....I love them all ......
    Still to chose one it would be ..
    E. P. H. E. M. E. R. A. L.

  • zoya_charmz 66w


    Like the inevitable sunset
    One day, I would be erased
    From the book of life
    I might have had cherishing memories
    Or deeply saddened days
    But I know there would be something
    Worth and some reason behind.
    Might have had so many rise and fall
    Might have sometimes laughed or cried
    But I believe there would be deep
    Sense within and
    My soul never ever lies.
    I know what I'm truly longing for
    Not a name, fame or to be remembered
    But hidden treasures of happiness
    To be settled by peace gesture.

    My soul would be desiring every flowers
    To bloom, every spring to blossom
    For I know my soul would be residing
    In the garden of nature's blossom.
    Some might remember me or my
    Achieved miles
    But Never ever cry so long and
    Everyone, just fill with smiles.
    Always serving as a medico and
    Would be longing for good health and purpose
    The deadly disease to be removed forever
    My soul would ever be craving for the
    Peace to unveil
    And just wish for my piece of Poetry to
    Be remembered.

    I would be then lying on the ember and
    Turn into ashes
    And my body would perish soon
    But my soul would fly and flutter like butterflies
    Would be resting forever in nature's bosom.
    I would die then but wouldn't ever extinguish
    Just would be disappearing or hidden
    Would be beside you in your every fights
    Spreading sanguine vibes of strength.
    In the season of summer or spring
    In the ending memory of my journey
    Just lay some flowers on my grave
    Not in grief but in my sheer sweet memories.


    'Memorable Me Challenge' ---

    I doubt if it's worth but I'm feeling a little emotional here...
    Thanks for this remarkable challenge cum
    emotions.. ❤️ @carolyns_challenges

    #cees_memo_chall #conceptchallenge #memory

    There're so many significant words but Forever Favourite words --- Nature, I/Soul, Peace
    #wordc @writersbay

    #naturesbosom #soul #journey #peace #blossom


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    In the ending memory of my journey
    Just lay some flowers on my grave...


  • mathi_fk 66w

    Writersbay's favuorite word challenge
    @mirakee #mirakeans @writersbay #wordc


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    of Oneself.

  • pallavi4 66w


    She was moody as the ocean vast
    As variable as the weather
    She was mercurial as the wild tempest
    As fickle as a feather

    She was volatile as the changing winds
    As temperamental as the sea
    She was unpredictable as music notes
    As changeable as the waves in the quay

    She was tumultuous as a stormy night
    As migrant as a mockingbird
    She was wayward as the northern winds
    Capricious in every sense of the word


    My favourite word is “capricious” which means given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behaviour and alternatively changing according to no discernible rules; unpredictable.

    Pic credit : Pinterest, Serenity by Katiebloo on DeviantArt

    #wordc #writersbay @writersbay #capricious @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • the_speccy_outsider 66w

    A gallant young fellow,
    Was walking towards a giant Willow;
    In that dense dark foggy forest,
    Not on his own behest.

    He soon discovered that a mystery lies in between,
    That belonged to a long reigning queen;
    Who used to meet a king from a different kingdom,
    Who wasn't rich but had a mind full of wisdom.

    Soon she was declared as treacherous,
    By men who thought she was lecherous;
    But no one gave them the right to decide,
    For who shall and shall not reside.

    The young fellow was disturbed as he thought of it,
    Because killing her was a heinous act to commit;
    As the werifesteria of his journey was free,
    He sat disheartened and wept under a tree.


    #wordc #werifesteria

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  • _an_on_ 66w

    #cees_memo_chall this piece may be unsuitable for the challenge. But if one remembers their loved one like this? Painful or Soothing(to some extent)?

    Schizophrenia : Schizophrenia is a serious mental disorder in which people interpret reality abnormally, may result in some combination of hallucinations, delusions etc.

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    He amorously inhales
    my panting lips,
    turning his arm
    to embrace my hips.

    I can thoroughly
    sense his sigh,
    while he grab
    the hair of mine.

    He loves me
    as the patient fainted in pain,
    and as the lilies
    soak the rain.

    He closes my eyes,
    caress my face,
    and kisses my forehead
    at a slow pace.

    Unlatching my eyes
    I find my lone cup of tea,
    as I besiege my Schizophrenia
    that often plays tricks with me.


  • tamanna3 66w

    Laying on the blanched coverings
    Of a mattress supported faltingly
    On a wrecked bedstead of existence,
    I stare in vain at the once virescent
    Floral patterns imprinted on the fabric,
    Now all faded, resembling well-nigh
    The old letters stored in the cabinet.
    Blue ink smudged on the white,
    Creating a paradigm of turquoise rillets
    Cascading through the paper.
    I turn to the old photograph,
    A souvenir caged within
    A wooden frame sculpted by
    The hands of some unnamed carver.
    Portraying the volatility
    Of all mortal entities at large.

    // My mind leafs through the pages
    Of my unscripted memoir,
    Each chapter smells of burnt roses,
    Ignited as a ritual on my demise.
    I dust off the ashes
    And watch them flutter away,
    In the puffs of my moribund breath. //

    I wish the world to remember me even then,
    Not as the last word of their favourite tales,
    But as the library that preserves all the volumes
    They couldn't keep for themselves.
    I wish to be the melody still chiming at your ears
    After you disengage a phone call with your lover,
    For your mind may someday abandon
    The lyrics of your favourite song
    But never the melody that made your heart flutter
    The very first time you ever fell in love.
    I wish the world to remember me still,
    As a sapphire ring they come across at some store,
    That reminds them of the azure sky
    That adorned the happiest day of their life.
    If not any one thing,
    I'd still wish to be an artefact you safeguard
    Within the delicate glass cabinet in your room,
    That you procured on the pilgrimage you made,
    With the purpose to mirror the sanctity
    You would rever for all eternity.

    © tamanna3
    #cees_memo_chall @mirakee @carolyns_challenges @writersbay #wordc
    Thanks a lot ^_^ @writersnetwork

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  • bclark2681 66w

    My favorite word is intoxicated. Especially in this poem, my wife intoxicates me everyday and has for the last 18.5 years. She means the world to me. Other things in this world I love or intoxicate me, like spending time with my son��, my puppers��, designs of automobiles��, nature��, writing✍, etc. This was a nice challenge.
    #pod #MirakeeNetwork #writersnetwork #writersbureau #mirakee #mirakeeworld #thewriterstribe #writerstolli #poetry #writersbay

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    Intoxicated Me

    Darks shadow convinced my screaming
    Skull voices that I was losing, I'd lost
    Alone had become marvelously delicious
    Then, first time laying eyes on beautiful
    She, her brown eyes spoke to my soul with
    Unspoken words so soothing, so calming
    The monsters inside me became placid,
    Sadness and depress were brushed away
    Beautiful opened her alluring heart to me
    And her fragrance intoxicated me, and from
    The book of a million words, I poured my
    Heart out to her in beautiful phrases
    I was selcouth around her and she allowed
    Her sweet syrup to be tasted by me, and I
    Became addicted to her flavor, her aroma
    Our lives came together, our hands became
    Entagled in rings of gold, and our naked
    Bodies became one on the king size of
    White satin sheets, with that, our forever
    Started, she was my raison d'etre

  • allbymyself 66w

    Ten minutes is
    what you get
    ten minutes to
    write a poem
    and in the process
    if you end up
    saving your soul
    so be it.

    Nine minutes left
    and you'd better
    start putting pen
    to the paper
    words to the page
    thoughts are just
    that, thoughts
    they don't become
    anything until you
    write them down.

    Seven minutes to go
    as your eyes steal
    a glance at the clock
    this is a race
    and there's no
    hiding place
    as all your
    pleas for grace
    will fall on ears
    who have shut
    their minds to truth.

    Three minutes and
    your heart is beating
    with a wildness you
    never thought was possible
    your breaths threaten
    to burst from your
    skin as you flail
    for words like a
    dying man clutching
    fiercely to life.

    Sixty seconds and
    you start the countdown
    in your head, lips
    moving silently and
    elegantly as you
    pour the last of
    your soul into
    hitherto, a void
    and watch the
    birth of a poem.

    - Avitaj

    @writersbay #wordc Guess my favorite word :p
    Update: my favorite word is "grace"
    @dopamine @greypages_ @thegreymetaphor

    Picture- me

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    Ten minutes is all you get

  • mariyamsara 66w

    The night

    Hours of Darkness I give
    Time to mourn and cry
    Whispers that left unheard
    Reaching me amplified
    Secret love revealed
    Damaged love seen
    Tears I wipe, laughs I hear
    Drinking away their pain
    Dancing about in joy
    The only light from the moon
    And the only light they follow
    Watching endless void of stars
    Hoping one would fall
    And a wish to come true
    The dead awakening
    Visiting their dear loved ones
    Also, frightening the cruel
    And I watch, sit back and watch
    Till my time is over
    Enjoying the little tales running about
    For I am the dark, I am the light
    For the one living for the nightlife.


    Night is favourite word....I guess. There's too many words! I couldn't choose one

    #wordc #writersnetwork #mirakee #pod #ceesreposts @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay @silkreads

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  • sumanaa_ 66w

    So corny aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh��‍♀️��

    Picture credit to rightful owner!

    #mirakee #wordc #writersbay #writersnetwork #sumanascribbles

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    Out of all the combinations of the 26 letters,
    Out of the thousands of words formed through trial and errors,
    Out of all words to have existed ever,
    My favourite is 'YOU'.


  • cosines 66w

    Uh,I think I'm exponentially tending towards writer's block
    I think I die a death to write love poetries.

    #wordc #think

    @writersbay ��

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    Every time I think of you
    and my words start blowing
    as notes in piano around a flat delta.
    Every time I think of you
    To write you.
    To write you, I write poetries.
    Inhaling your rhymes, I splash
    some starry adoration on your forehead.
    Each and every row of mine,
    Interwined with you like sine waves
    of same frequency, entails me
    to lie with you on same line
    as two corresponding points.
    Every time I think of you
    and my words start clasping
    you as mirror holds reflections.
    Every time I think of you
    To perceive you.
    To perceive you, I close my eyes
    and I feel beautiful valleys in your eyes.
    By feeling shimmer in your eyes,
    I feel stars in me.
    By laying warm lines of my heart
    on your memoir.
    I allow morn to blow in me.
    Sitting in my balcony,
    watching those spirals,
    forming in my coffee,
    I think of you like
    cardioid equations floating on foams.
    Every time I think of you
    and my heart proclaims me
    to ink your pen by stealing
    the blues from several skies.
    Dusk hitting my pages,
    gravitates me towards you
    and makes my rhymes strong,
    which insinuates your couplets
    to feel me in your poetry's rows
    like a falling lake, like moonlit on Mars.
    By spying from evening to night,
    I want to give my poetry, my metaphors
    to your poetic tone.
    Everytime I think of you and
    My soul sinks in your love's cistern.
    My senses sink in your briny eyes
    When every time I think of you !!!

    ~Vandita Mishra