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  • lostthoughts73 13w


    Sinking high into her honest eyes
    Dreamy lips whispering lies
    Her steady frame, her gaze as ice
    Whispy locks unlock deep desire

    Chiseled silk her graced visage
    Wordless letters dancing page-s
    She is a heavy volume, fills the whole room
    A glanced emotion no one immune

    Her name is Alice I wonder why?
    Land is where I found her with her feet in the sky

  • awakenedbytheflesh 19w

    The Rabbit Hole Below The Tower

    Once the guardian of the tower.
    Protecting the very well fed kings in power.
    Took a peak under the majestic curtain, the taste a little dour...

    Skeletons under their closet, blame the heretics.
    Sun above all of us, nothing you can ever fix.
    The inflated ego of those in power, they all know the tricks.
    Following the melodies of the piper, leading astray the innocent sheep.

    Like selling your soul to the Devil and dining with God.
    Self awareness non existent, their pride is all they got.
    Self appointed and scripted heroes, the sacred texts apparently they forgot.

    Finally have freedom, but first we have to fall.
    Pain, hope, companionship, faith. You will lose it all.
    In the place where that tower once was, you will face upwards the light and stand ever so tall.

    The Kingdom of The Heavens is within you. To the shunned, you are the truth. You are of divine nature.

  • itsssiya 26w

    #wonderland #taylorswiftinspiration #youbelongwithmevibe #smile #popularity #love #friendship #comewithme #dreams

    Heyyy yall this is my newset poem I wrote with inspiration from Taylor Swifts wonderland and you belong with me I hope you like this song have a great day and stay happy stay positive!!������

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    Wonderland with you

    Hey, yeah oh oh 
    Saw you in the corner of my ee 
    Not gonna lie 
    It was love at first sight 
    The minute i saw ur face 
    I found my happy place 

    Baby when i look at you 
    You take me to wonderland 
    Its like i never wanna come out
    Its like a magical place 
    But i would rather be rather be 
    In wonderland with you 

    I know i would never have a chance with you 
    Your so popular 
    Your every girls dream so
    Why would u like me 

    Its been a while 
    Since i saw you smile 
    Since i saw your girlfriend 
    Bring you down 
    Choose me and ill make you see 
    How happy we could be 
    Let me take you to wonderland with me 

  • kuruviii 31w

    Wonder Wanders in a Wonderland

  • pallavi4 33w

    We are all mad here

    Your smile looks like the crescent moon
    Your disappearance is magical for me
    In your turnings, twistings and twirlings
    The shifting shades of the moon I see
    Your extreme affection for the Hatter’s hat
    Numbered 10/4 adorned with several feathers
    Your inability to stay the course and take a stand
    Affect my affections that change like the weather
    “I’ve often seen a cat without a grin
    But never a grin without a cat “
    What kind of cat are you anyway
    You profess rather than chase a rat !
    Your wise inklings make you nothing shy of
    An old soul, a thinker , a professor ——
    My guide through this mysterious wonderland
    You are the disappearing Cheshire Cat , Chessur !


    5th of June, 2021

    Pic credit: Pinterest, picture credited to its rightful owner

    “We are all mad here” and “I’ve often seen a cat without a grin but never a grin without a cat” taken from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

    #wod #start #alice_in_wonderland #alice #cheshire_cat #chessur #wonderland #we_are_all_mad_here @writersnetwork #writerstolli #writersnetwork #mirakee #mirakeeworld #readwriteunite #thepoetrycommunity #poetry #pod #writerscommunity @mirakee

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  • bhavana_29 35w

    Keep the fairytales to the minimum; I’m just trying to get back to reality
    I’m no sleeping beauty but I could be a wandering alice just trying to get out of wonderland. I’m no snow white but possibly a hopeless Cinderella. I do believe in true love. There were so many winding roads leading to the love I desired, I believe I’ve lost the way out of these stories I have been told. You see I know Prince Charming isn’t waiting around the corner to save me from the monsters I have created. He’s just trying to fight his own monsters and make it out alive. All I’m asking is if I make it through the woods without being eaten by any Big bad wolf can we keep the fairy tales to a minimum?

  • yasasvee_varsha 35w


    If promises are kept as promised ,
    We would live in a promised land...!!


  • whiteeflower_ 38w

    this is the second one. I was inspired by the story of person I admired & I interpreted their message by writing this ✨

    #wonderland #sailing #journey #imprisonment #utopia #reality #childhood

    @mirakee @mirakeeworld @writersnetwork

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    reborn & sailing without hesitation,
    you are the captain,
    being in control over your journey,
    free yourself from inner imprisonment,
    makes the utopia in your mind,
    become the reality,
    as you have been longing for it,
    since your childhood,
    you want to see your own wonderland


  • amatullahsabir 39w

    Under the Stars

    I love you,
    I declare it loud and clear,
    For everything you've held my hand through,
    I am yours as glimmer belongs to a chandelier.
    This one place is where I want to reside,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    The sun shines bright yet soothes my core,
    The spots on the moon never seemed more beautiful,
    Every ground is now a dance floor,
    All sounds and noises now musical,
    It's now news far and wide,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    I am yours as star belong to the sky,
    I am yours as rain belongs to the clouds,
    I am yours as freedom is to fly,
    I am yours as chaos belongs to crowds.
    I am yours like to moon belongs the high tide,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    I love you for who I am with you,
    For the part of me you unfold,
    From deep valleys, high mountains you bring me to,
    From copper you turn my heart to gold.
    Every second that passes the feelings are amplified,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

    My heart is tied to your heartbeat,
    My lungs work according to your breaths,
    All my worries you make them obsolete,
    Now I don't even fear deaths.
    You've bewitched my soul I declare with pride,
    Under the stars, as we lie beside.

  • amatullahsabir 39w

    Is it a letter to someone else or herself??

    #sea #ocean #moon #love #sun #snow #mountains #Wonderland #trees #flowers #nature

    Instagram: @amatullahsabir

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    I'll show my faults, then, love me more.

    I tell you I hate grey clouds,
    Can you make them storm?
    I love the freedom of flying,
    Would you cage those birds?
    I hate the trees' secret whispering,
    Will you feed them more secrets?

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

    I fear the walls with ears,
    Bare them and pull out their tongues.
    Look at the mountains so high,
    Hammer them to levels below the sea.
    I see a sky so bright and blue,
    Paint it black and let me gaze forever.

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

    I paint pictures with colours and strokes,
    Paint me one with words and breaths.
    I swim with river,
    Freeze it, for I want to walk.
    See the stars beside the moon,
    Brighten them for I love them more.

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

    Run to the caves behind the waterfall,
    Seize the water and reveal them to the world.
    I see your eyes fall upon everything,
    Blindfold me and show me the world through them.
    Travel the whole world with me,
    Promising to be mine till the end of it all.

    I kneel in front of your throne so wise,
    I'll show you my faults, then, love me more than I can fantasize.

  • amatullahsabir 39w

    Halcyon Land

    I am off to the place of my dreams,
    A place of overwhelming extremes.
    I gain more speed,
    As my destination's closeness is guaranteed.
    I cannot see it yet, but I do hear,
    And nothing in my heart is unclear.
    The beautiful sounds so prominent,
    On my conscience only happiness is dominant.
    Sounds of freedom as birds flapped their wings,
    With undeniable melody in my ear it rings.
    Sounds of happiness as rain touches the ground
    I could feel the magic, that was so renowned.
    Sounds of love as waves caresses the land,
    In awe, to hear I halt and stand.
    So entranced by the preview,
    I run fast to a terrain I heard of, but never knew.
    I run, run, run, and run,
    Until to a missed breath I complete the journey I had begun.
    I stood in a land of bright nights,
    A place where days had dimmed lights.
    In summer, on bare branches the sun shone,
    And snow fell on green leaves and grass known.
    Tsunami barely touched the land dry,
    While waves covered the lands, and the air it would mystify.
    Grey clouds so soft and scarce,
    While thunder created by white clouds so fierce.
    The habitants here walk on oceans,
    While to swim the lands they have chosen.
    Trees here are covered by infinite flowers,
    And scarce leaves that can be counted in few hours.
    More wondrous than a dreamy wonderland,
    Such is the beauty of Halcyon Land.

  • thegaia 54w


    Isn't it true, that we all are in grue.
    Always in time but never in crime.
    Isn't it true, that the world is in blue.
    This is the sound of my soul that never foul.
    Now the world has gone offline,
    I find it hard to write the next line.
    This is the truth, hasn't yet known by the youth,
    With a thrill in the head, don't spread it ahead.
    There lies a road, all onboard.
    Could you just reload, there's too much workload.
    This is the truth, much to be known
    Even the sand has time of it's own.
    This is the truth, slipping from my hand, the truth I've always been dreaming in wonderland.

  • ndichuu 56w

    What is to words? Why do they hurt? Why do they tear us apart? Why do they cause so much pain, more than that of a piercing needle, yet we just hear them? Why do they go straight to our heads so fast just to inflict searing pain??

    #mirakee #pain #words #moreharm #ruletheworld #pity #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #rabbithole #wonderland #confusingpersonality #powerfulman

    I, @ndichuu, just need answerss.��✌��

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    Mr. Words.

    Close your eyes and listen.
    To these waves; to these sounds.
    Feel the echoes of these powerful man.
    Trace the tongue as it brings him out.

    Hear him as he knocks on your ears.
    Hear him as he goes straight to your head.
    Hear him as he burns your eyes.
    Hear him as he tears you apart.

    Mr. Words knocks on my door.
    Why does he cause so much pain.
    His presence is the worst I've ever had.
    His visit is like hell unleashed on earth.

    You cause me pain when you're there.
    You still cause me pain when you're not here.
    I need you but I don't.
    Why do you have such a confusing personality?

    Mr. Words,
    Yes you rule the world.
    But your dictatorship is causing me more harm than good.
    Cause when you're here, I feel worse and when you're gone I feel no better.

    Rule us with a little more pity.
    Show us your soft side.
    I don't want to kill myself because of you.
    Your sympathy I hope you can show me.
    Mr. Words.


  • my_tiny_chapter 59w

    @mirakee @writersnetwork @writersbay


    Thought diarrhea 2
    ( decoding love mystery )

    The brittle thought
    is more than a con artist
    pulling off her masterpiece,
    which are filled with
    the recycled gods and devils,
    that made the old world
    such a colourful place to live.
    This become our querencia.
    It is here, I am insouciant.
    It is here, I can escape,
    all the hardships of my life.
    The illusion is sometimes
    stronger than the facts
    And I, a self-proclaimed daydreamer,
    knew it from the start.
    Elements of unknown and mysteries
    are what we possess.
    Our deep rooted issues
    are always hidden secrets.
    The galaxies above
    used their magic
    to fill the obscure heart
    with emotions aplenty
    and all that chained it
    to the insipid earth
    were mundane realities and gravity.
    It is also here,
    where love is our God
    and we are each our own devils.
    barefoot on the edge
    of a razor.
    Too fragile for this world,
    ceremoniously destroying ourselves
    before anyone else can do it for us.
    Keeping time to slow music,
    bleeding out
    behind closed doors.
    Yet we still can’t understand
    why we’re so broken?
    When, love is
    the most desired form of tragedy!
    So, why are we even surprised
    when we chose to bite the apple?
    the prettiest things
    are not always the sweetest,
    they can be a little tangy,
    a little sour.
    And the taste,
    bouncing off inside of your mouth
    could be like a deadly trampoline.
    Giving stomach churning fiction-sick
    with gravity inverted joltingly,
    umbilically, aware....

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    Thought diarrhea 2
    ( decoding love mystery )

    Life is an adventure,
    and fortunately,
    (or not so much)
    mine is a constant trip
    to Wonderland, 
    If you're normal,
    This place will change that.
    We're all mad here
    in Wonderland.

  • ink_trovert 59w

    #rabbithole #wonderland @mirakee @writersnetwork

    Down the rabbit hole I go,
    Alice in Wonderland? No!
    This rabbit is seeking answers,
    Into the hole for enlightenment.
    Like buddha got it wandering
    In the density and wildness of forest.
    I look for it in the burrows and trees
    Or in the spider weaving its web.
    It's in the ants carrying double of its wait
    Or in the larva cocooning.
    The darker the rabbit hole appears
    Inside it holds light of wisdom.
    Words and facts lies in the burrow
    And I'm out here seeking for more.
    The rabbit's burrow never gets filled
    A word of wisdom always creeps in.
    I just sneak into the burrow's wisdom
    To steal a bit of Ray of enlightenment.
    Wisdom, Wit and Wealth of knowledge,
    Can be found in mere little things.
    If you look closely, wisely and deeply,
    The three w's are everywhere around.
    Into the wonderland of cognition,
    In search for peace and stability,
    Down this rabbit hole I go.

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  • guafevc 59w

    Subject matter may be explicit and not approved for certain audiences. Based on true facts and stories. Retold by me. #rabbithole #wonderland

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    Rabbit Hole

    This mind of mine is racing.
    At a dangerous speed there's no pacing it.
    Still stuck in my past, it makes me so anxious.
    Away from the crowd, my role models were blatantly racists.
    This ain't no wonderland, more like a hades realm.
    Got me stuck in my memories for real.
    Presently got fingers pointing at me and past ties are oh well.
    But I'm becoming an old buck, this is pacing me now, don't we remember the time where we were young like veal. The real deal.
    Subject one: here we go.

    Lemme paint you a wall, a wall to appeal.
    There's no appealing to being 11 years old and being penetrated anally, painfully.
    But I was just a young kid, how did I know this was to be: naive, and young, and a wannabe kicking it with an older crowd.
    And the king on the bench, drilled me to earn his crown.
    While I howl about, blood, shit, and puke smears on the wall, after a 5th of vodka, I wouldn't remember it all.
    That's when the images and videos of me began appearing at school.
    Kids at school would call me Uranus, cause I was being reamed by a penis.
    Through all the taunting and haunting, my parents would just sweep it under the rug.
    Subject two: Recovery

    I don't remember what happened the next year, or the next 4 to be clear.
    Scopolamine in my veins, and my jugular left my memories unclear, therapy sessions have nothing on a breath of the devil, nothing these last 8 years seem to be sincere. Yeah this may be random rambling, but you asked for the rabbit hole.
    If you don't like the hole then skip to the next and we will see you in a few. The end of the subject matter for now. New therapy sessions and sex is what we learning and unlearning.

  • juanogando 59w

    Phantoms in Flesh

    In this flesh the cocoon
    Quickens with light divine.
    To rapture and swoon
    Grace invigors sublime.
    In flesh the soul emotes
    What the phantom can’t fathom.
    Poets writing carving notes
    Longing to bridge the chasm.
    This life is short and unique
    Two lives never identical.
    How can anyone critique
    An existence so nonsensical.
    But the ghost always longs
    To be enfolded in skin.
    The artist cries in songs
    Allowing the dance to begin.


  • iceberrykush 59w

    How is it the rabbit's feel,
    when they dig their holes?
    Does going down instill hope?
    Like they're in control.

    A sanctuary, somewhere safe,
    when they're being chased.
    The place where they escape
    the hard earned life that's faced.

    How is it when they're down there?
    Do they remember better days?
    Why is it they take the chance,
    to surface and not graze?

    Seems like they're only forced there.
    Are they scared, under the ground?
    Is it suffocating,
    trapped there with them all around?

    Why do they bathe in sunlight,
    as often as they can?
    Why is it we write, when
    life ruins every plan?

    ©Joseph Doig

  • juanogando 59w

    Love I Will Call You Hope

    Yesterday you said you love me
    With fruit staining your breath.
    And arms clinging in intimacy
    Falling deeply in carnal depth.
    The radiance of the sun
    Burning brightly in our hearts.
    Never a thought to shun
    This love from the start.
    But as spring turns to summer
    Autumn dies in wintertime.
    Love drunkly led by a drummer
    Beating heart-like and sublime.
    Passion’s heat begins to simmer
    Slowly plummets to ash
    Our love light becomes dimmer
    Congealing as we clash.
    Love I will call you hope
    As you leave me forsaken.
    Without you I don’t cope
    Left alone, cold and shaken.
    But like the seasons
    Love is eternally cyclical.
    Not knowing the reasons
    Hope’s endurance is biblical.

    When it becomes darkest
    Before any glimmer of light.
    When our love is a carcass
    You bid me goodnight.

    But the sun will always shine
    Rising religiously from death.
    The morning light divine
    As a newborn’s breath.


  • upturnedturtle 59w

    Rabbit Hole

    My words and I
    Run down down down
    Until the monsters
    Come after my life

    My words dry up
    I'm left all alone
    In this rabbit hole
    Looking for a place to hide.

    In this rabbit hole
    Where I come alive
    Fade away and try
    Try so hard
    That I'm back here again.
    Again again and again…

    Tunnel after tunnel
    In the depths of my mind
    A mirror maze
    That screams my name a thousand

    Thoughts like trains
    Memories like clouds
    I'm flying and careening
    And tumbling around and I go...

    In this rabbit hole
    Where I come alive
    Fade away and try
    Try so hard
    That I'm back here again
    Again and again…