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    Not All Men (5)

    I say #NotAllMen
    because I know men
    who have interviewed women alone
    in a closed room
    and not asked for favors.

    I say #NotAllMen
    because I know men
    who cry with me
    and give me a day’s off
    when I’m dying of cramps.

    I say #NotAllMen
    because I know men
    who cook and clean the dishes
    rather waiting for the
    already tired female counterpart
    to serve them a cup of tea.


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    Love is that Bookmark

    Which takes us to the sweetest ,salty and bitter chapters of that tale.


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    There's nothing more uplifting than Women supporting Women.
    And nothing more gut wrenching than Women pulling down Women.


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    Women's day

    She had an anxiety attack
    This women's day.
    Howling and bawling,
    Not a sound out of her mouth.
    She stared,
    At the person,
    In the hazy mirror.
    Broken, dismantled,
    It stared back.
    Eyes exuding pain,
    Or was it fear?
    Thousand thoughts on her mind,
    All in disarray.
    What had she become!
    A mess of haywire emotions.
    But who does she blame?
    The people who shouted,
    In full display.
    Or the people who did not,
    Give a look back.
    Or them who discredited,
    Her existence.
    She lay,all but pieces.
    Shreds of a life barely lived.
    As she walked out,
    Banners calling women,
    Strong flew.
    She glanced,
    As a little girl laughed,
    At her innocence,
    She smiled.

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    "Rebellious Silence"

    a tomb.


    - woman.

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    A veil over your pale.
    Lummenisent skin.
    Bereft of bling.
    You sing.
    And teach.
    So I beseech thee.
    Why'd you have to go make things so complicated.
    I never wanna see you later.
    And always in the elevator.
    These girls, no, Women.
    They mean as alligators.
    I swear Sam knew his taters.
    So for the love of all the haters.
    Let me settle this debate class.
    Women are the superior sex.
    All my ex's included.
    I know I illude to the blue and pink.
    So much that it makes you red.
    But why not rather shed.
    The wounds, and do up the bed.
    And never leave love unsaid.

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    Dear LIFE of WOMEN,

    Listen an originality of
    Baby girl from being Girl to a woman
    SHE says,
    She is for a definition
    Of ambition and direction follower.

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    A little late to the celebration of #womensday
    But isn't womanhood must be celebrated every day?

    #admire #strength #mirakee #womemforwomen

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    Day one Or One day? You decide

    One day isn't enough

    To show, to care, to love

    To believe, to stand by her side

    However, it is. It is if it's your day one

    When there are multiple days in progress

    Countless efforts to make her smile

    Just because you want to, not because you can

    You see, it's not only about making her happy

    It is about you gaining your independence

    You knowing how to cook your favorite dish

    How to make your own bed or taking care of your kids

    It is about you being a complete self, even when she can help

    It is also about you, letting her be whatever she wishes

    For her to clear taxes, paying the bills, or being a better driver than you

    With you seeing her with admiration and not envy

    Because only you can make this day your day one

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    A person is usually defeated when he loses its hope.

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    Don't just behave

    Don't just behave,
    Be bewitched and be insane..!!

    Sparkle and slay..
    Be happy and spread the ways..!

    Lead the light, lead the days ,
    Create your own ways..!!

    Be vulnerable,
    Be volatile,
    Express and address your ways..!!

    You are the purest with those red stains..
    You are the warmest with cramps and pain !!

    Share your experiences,
    Get inspired and spread the inspirations..!!

    Make your well being a priority..
    Make courage your top notch quality..!!

    Fall and rebound..
    Keep your head high and be astound..!!


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    Storm that was brewing up since yesterday, finally had to hit somewhere!!!

    So much for the fantasy Neverland.. it was only a momentary escape... Didn't I know that? Another Women's Day gone...! And I just cannot turn my face away from the actual reality that glares at me with its demonic eyes... 

    #women'sday, #womensday, #freeverse, #wod, ,

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    New ways of the age old Woes

    Turning the pages of my old diary
    I found a few poems 
    written probably  on women's day 
    for the poetry competition 
    proudly organized by the 'Women's Cell, 
    voicing the rage, the sadness;
    a caged bird raising the
    screams of pain;
    sprinkled with some glimmer of hope 
    for the winds of change. 

    Years have passed by
    glimmers have gone dim. 
    The change that was hoped for 
    never to be seen. 
    An illusion of stairs 
    that only takes the society
    further down, deeper into degradation! 

    The laws ban the test
    of sex determination, 
    only to create the new illegal trade
    that makes some supposed 
    life saver's bank balance higher. 
    Rape reporting rate 
    is on the increase, 
    only for the victims
    to die a thousand more deaths
    with questions 
    sharper than the daggers
    from the defense. 

    Broad mindedness, or
    parents' change of hearts, 
    or is it the rebellion from
    the youth themselves
    I don't know what.
    But it's a good sight to see
    the mingling of genders, 
    on Valentine's day
    holding hands happily in the public. 
    Only to find the news reports 
    the very next day 
    of goons thrashing their spirits 
    shaming the girls for crossing the lines. 

    Girls education index 
    is  on the rise, a good news indeed. 
    But instead of dowry
    now the demand is for
    the girl that brings home 
    a big pay cheque
    at the beginning
    of every month. 

    The woes end there, you might think. 
    Now the woman has to 
    wear a cape. She's a superwoman
    juggling between the household chores,
    the presentation at the office,
    mother in laws blood test, 
    children's school projects...
    the list never ends.  
    The man is still there lending 
    'a helping hand' every once in a while, 
    "Oh! he is so kind!", 
    while the the financial burden
    is supposed to be shared by both. 

    I ask my domestic helps
    for their bank accounts 
    so they don't go unpaid
    during lockdown. 
    One gives the account number 
    of her husband, and the other
    of her twenty year old son! 
    As for them, they only earn. 

    Women's day comes every year
    all glamorized by the businesses
    giving offers and discounts 
    to promote the sales 
    and fill their tills. 
    And then I see it 
    loosing it's meaning
    when in the name of equality
    society's other half
    gets a day dedicated in their name. 

    Hope is still up, I look inward. 
    Take charge of the change 
    into my own hands. 
    I have to make sure 
    I don't sow the seeds
    of this discrimination
    into to my sons' little hearts. 
    I have to make sure, I teach them right. 
    Then, when I pick the 
    pink water can, the older one screams
    "O no Mumma! That's girls' color, 
    everyone will laugh!"
    And the younger one listens. 
    And I stand there dumbstruck...! 


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    Accepting from core of heart.

    Good : Bad

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    We’re enough

    Being a woman
    What an honor
    Being a woman
    What a horror

    May it be one dream for all
    To let all women leave their sorrow
    Find respite, peace and joy
    Live the truth of each one soul

    On this one day, this special day
    More than on any other along the year
    I wish you all my dearest sisters
    To listen gently to the wind that whispers
    “Go claim your strength, worth and pride
    And remember you’re all ENOUGH”

    ~Kasia Zakie

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    Her heart pounds in waves of ocean sounds.
    Surf her winding curves, count her freckles, know her scars, and name her free.
    For she is woman profound with rights to every privilege owed her sex.
    Rage against norms that chafe you raw dear girl and know that beneath your body a tsunami grows.
    Flood the ground, drown out the sound, and rise unbidden.
    Unbreakable, unbound, unburdened, now known...no longer unheard.
    In roaring millions does woman's mouth move the world.

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    तू ही धूप है
    तू ही है परछाई।
    तू ही रब है
    तू ही है पुवाई।
    तू ही धरती, तू ही अम्बर
    तूने ही है गंगा बहाई।
    तू ही शांत है, तू ही रुद्र है
    तुझसे ही है जग की रुहाई।
    याद रखना ओ नारी
    तेरे ही हाथों ने है ये दुनिया बनाई।

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    वो नारी है

    वो नारी है,
    वो कुछ भी कर सकती है
    वो हर दर्द सह लेगी
    वो हर तकलीफ सह लेगी
    वो परिवार मे अपनी ख़ुशी, अपनी दुनिया ढूंढ लेती
    वो सबके लिए त्याग कर लेगी
    पर उफ़ तक नहीं करेगी
    नारी को इतनी शक्ति कहा से आती है
    वो अपने दर्द से समझोता कर लेती
    और परिवार के लिए पूरी ज़िन्दगी दे देती|
    क्यों इतना अलग है बनाया नारी को
    क्यों सब दर्द उसके लिए
    क्यों वो अपने लिए नहीं जी सकती
    पूरी ज़िन्दगी परिवार ने नाम करदेती
    फर भी उससे कहा जाता -
    "क्या किया है तुमने परिवार के लिए आजतक"
    उन् लोग को क्या पता अपना घर, अपनी पहचान छोड़कर किसी और की पहचान बना कितना मुश्किल है
    यह सिर्फ एक नारी ही जानती है
    जनम से लेकर मृत्यु तक कितनी लड़ाई वो रोज लड़ती है
    इसलिए कहते है
    वो नारी है, कुछ भी कर सकती है


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    #iwd #internationalwomensday #choosetochallenge #womensday #मराठी #निखारा #स्त्री #महीला #माया #ममता #जननी

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    जी परिधान करते साहस आणि धैर्य
    जिच्या अंगी आहे धाडसी शौर्य
    जिच्या उदरी आहे मायेचा आसरा
    परी स्त्री एक ज्वलंत निखारा...
    भय नसे तिला तिमिराचे
    ओझे वाहे ती जगाचे
    साऱ्या घराला असे तिचा उभारा
    परी स्त्री एक ज्वलंत निखारा...
    माता अर्थात ममतेचे स्वरूप
    ती तर प्रत्येक गुणांनी अनुरूप
    बहीण वात्सल्याचा जणू झरा
    परी स्त्री एक ज्वलंत निखारा...
    कन्यारत्न असे एक अनोखा अभिमान
    ज्याला लाभे तो समजे स्वतः नशीबवान
    आजी म्हणजे एक अनुभवी सहारा
    परी स्त्री ज्वलंत निखारा...
    प्रेयसी म्हणजे राधेची प्रतीछाया
    कधी करी त्याग तर कधी पाखरमाया
    सौभाग्यवती देई साथ सहचरा
    परी स्त्री एक ज्वलंत निखारा...
    जरी ती कनवाळू असे
    तरी संकटी तिचे रौद्र रूप दिसे
    संसाररुपी सागरचा ती एक किनारा
    परी स्त्री एक ज्वलंत निखारा...

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    [my mind]

    Teenage years were rough and I most likely to bend my opinion easily in others opinion.

    When I started to observe feminism on social media, I had this fear that what if I ended up becoming a bad feminist and turned into center of controversies?

    So, I start to become more careful and just listen but didn't have any strong opinion about it, more likely I turned into a silent judge.

    Now, I don't feel any regret or something, feel lighter and I came to know that feminism actually covers every spectrum.

    As a teenager the biggest myth I heard was "feminism only includes women" which isn't true. To me, feminism is more than that like a strong feeling of support, equality, equity, and creating inner confidence of being self individual.

    Feminist can bash casual sexism and can support men in their weakest time as well. Feminist can support any sexuality and can fight for the sexual assault at the same time. In simple word feminist are people's people.

    There are politics who'll misinform about feminism for their own benifit so try not to get biased with it. Don't get confused with the term "femi-nazi" and feminism. Both are totally different and 'femi-nazi' is something the antichrist of the belief system of feminism. Try not to fall for that.

    Happy women's day to everyone.

  • gaurangig 5w

    International Women's Day- Are we there yet?

    While the cultured, civilized and educated world celebrates 8th March as International Women's Day, there is a question that troubles my mind- are we as a country, as a society, as a human population in a place to celebrate Womanhood yet? For the world we are the fastest growing economy- our GDP growing at the rate of more than 7% in the last fiscal year... And various other statistics to prove our growth, we do boast of a progressive economy! But what about our society? Are we growing progressively at even half the rate of our economic growth when it comes to women?
    Many of the readers will ask where these doubts stem from and I will narrate to you incidences that I have experienced and have been experiencing throughout!
    I remember going to a remote area of the country to conduct a research project. What I saw there was what I had been reading and hearing for almost all of life... I saw with my own eyes the discrimination between a girl child and a boy child! What was blaringly visible was the neglect of the health of the girl child. No matter how sick the girl would be, the family would wait for the weekly visit of a doctor sponsored by a corporate to get free medicines. On the other hand if the son was sick, the family would be ready to shell out exorbitant amounts of money, which they could scarcely afford, and seek treatment for him in the nearest private hospitals! While malnourishment was rampant, it were the little girls and the women suffering more than the males of the community! Most of the women who came to the doctor (I was traveling with the free ambulance from village to village for 4 days), had Anemia, were undernourished and had bore more than 4- in some cases the number would go as high as 8 or 9- children ,even when they were clearly not in the physical condition to do so! On asking them why they would not take advantage of the government initiatives on family planning, mostly they would reply that the family heads wanted them to have more children, so that they would have many sons!
    The irony was that these women did not realise what was wrong with this entire institution of the society they were living in! It was as if I was an alien species to them... An educated woman traveling on her own. Not one of them wondered about my liberty as a woman. And this is only what i experienced in a very small region of the country in a very tiny timespan! I can only imagine what the bigger picture will look like!
    Yes, the government and the corporate citizens have taken a lot of efforts to bring about change, to create awareness, to strengthen the position of women in India, but I feel the real problem is changing the mindset of the women themselves! For centuries, they have taken the role of the submissive, meek stakeholders of the society,

    Some would say, don't compare the situation with the entire country. I agree. It's not statistically correct to do so! But what about some other issues such as safety of a woman? I, myself as a woman, though put up a brave face and travel alone, am still scared to travel alone at nights.
    What about the liberty to think, talk and do what a woman wants?
    I have seen so many near and dear women belonging to so called 'educated, modern, civilized' families constantly sacrificing their dreams. I have seen them stay in a relationship only out of sheer social pressure! I have seen them looking at the elders for permission for the samllest of activities. I have seen them not having financial freedom, despite going out and earning! I have seen them not able to express their pain, as it will be construed as a social weakness.
    I must also say here that I am one of the very few inidan woman who never ever had to face discrimination of any kind... infact, I am proud of the fact that my parents never made me feel inferior in any way because I was a girl! Infact I probably was favoured
    and loved more. I always had the liberty to make my own choices, take my own decisions and live my life on my terms- something that I was able to do even after marriage!
    And that is why my heart goes out to all those women who do not know the meaning of the words 'liberty', 'equality' 'justice'!

    There are many successful, free women who are living at par with their male counterparts! But if we compare it to the whole population of the country, the percentage would probably be in decimals! At a macro level, we have found our equality! But what about the micro level? When will every woman get everything that every man gets?

    I firmly believe that the real woman's day would be the day that we do not have to fight for our rights, when the government does not have to keep a woman's quota anywhere, when we don't have to take advantage of being a woman, When we celebrate a 'Men's' day, would be when we have really achieved success as women!