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  • anuradhasharma 3w

    पढ़ाई करना चाहती हूं अभी ,
    ये आखिरी शब्द थे ।
    शादी के दिन कहा गया ,
    गुलाब सी हसो।
    पर जब , गुलाब–ए–दिल मुरझाया।
    तो चाहे गुलाब का फूल से सजाओ ,
    वो भी मुरझाएगा ही न ।
    शायद ,
    विदाई भी जिंदा लाश की होगी ।


  • poetrani 4w

    ममता का रुप

    चाहे हूँ रूपवती, चाहे मैं कुरूप हूं
    कोमल सा हृदय लिए ममता का एक रूप हूं
    मूल्य चुका ना पाया वो कर्ण भी मेरे दूध का
    दानवीर कहता जिसे इतिहास दूर-दूर का
    यज्ञ से जन्मी अग्नि मैं, रक्त से केश भिगोए है
    जाने कितने दुष्टों के पाप धरा ने धोए हैं
    बनकर कभी भीलनी मैंने ईश्वर को झूठ खिलाया है
    वहीं कहीं बन अहल्या स्पर्श का आनंद पाया है
    सीता बन दुर्भाग्य को अब भी गले लगाती हूं
    राधा बन निश्चल प्रेम को अश्रुओं से नहलाती हूँ
    जान बचाने अपने लाल कि उसको खुद से दूर किया
    देवकी अभागन बनने को जब सृष्टि ने मजबूर किया
    बन यशोदा शिशु किसी का हृदय से अपने लगाया है
    नारी दुर्बल कहते तुम?अरे,मुझमें ब्रह्मांड समाया है
    उस युग से इस युग और अगले कईं युगों का कूप हूँ
    कोमल सा हृदय लिए ममता का एक रूप हूं

  • unicornworld 4w


    You once called her your fairytale , your fantasy, a dream come true.
    But when she stood up for herself, she was Ragnarok for you .
    You tried to subjugate her to your meaningless platitudes,
    When she saw through your facade you claimed she had attitudes.
    Your feelings like a see-saw , leveraged by her compliance,
    How fickle your love Mr. Ex, you called her strength defiance.
    You forget a woman can be a million things , it is what makes her a wonder.
    Don't underestimate her various facets, you are powerless against her thunder !!

  • __sana 12w


    She was born as an angel, grows as a pampered child! All that she sees is happiness and she sheds tears only because of physical pain. As time passes she realises emotional pain is greater than the physical. Being an innocent girl, she thinks everyone as same yet the continuous heart breaks and people who shatter her trust makes her a rock! She becomes harder inside out and decides to shed only happy tears! Running after the passion of her life she reaches out to it and one day and those happy tears are the real ones!

  • vijisophia 13w

    My right

    Am I safe in my country as a woman
    Do I have all the rights what I should have
    Am I not eligible to lead my life on my own
    Why do you treat me as I am not capable of anything
    When I can give birth to a life, don't you think
    I can take care of myself
    When I be a topper in my educational field
    Don't you think I need the same wage as you get
    Why should I wear what you like
    Am I the reason for all the harrassment which I face
    Why should not work and earn at night
    Am I called as egoistic person if I do so
    Why you have to save or protect me
    When I can bear the most painful pain in the world of childbirth.

    Why you say that I have given you this, I made you that
    Have you forgotten that I created you with my blood and love within my womb...

    Do not judge me, listening to you is my will
    It's not my fate


  • abhipriyashrivastaw 15w

    नारी शक्ति

    नारी का स्वरूप है,
    शक्ति का एक रूप है।
    तू अादि है, तू अंत है,
    तू ख़ुद में ही अनंत है।
    तू जन्म है, तू मृत्यु है,
    तू दाता है, तू माता है।
    तू रक्षक है,
    तू मार्गदर्शक है।
    तू उत्पत्ति का आधार है,
    हर व्यक्ति का परिवार है।

  • roadside_writer 15w

    Call me by my name

    Ruby: Zayn

    Zayn: what are you doing?

    Ruby : what am I doing?

    Zayn: Don't call me by my name.

    Ruby: why?

    Zayn: wives don't call their husbands by their names.

    Ruby: okay but then you too don't call me by my name.

    Zayn: What? (confused)

    Ruby: See, that's why they don't want to educate girls. So that she blindly follows whatever is said to her without questioning.

    Zayn: Not a big deal, don't make issue out of it

    Ruby: Why did your parents give you a name?

    Zayn: ugh! Why?

    Ruby: It's a means to call you and to give you an identity.

    Zayn: fine, fine. But don't take my name in front of them.

    Ruby: why? Are we smuggling? Your name isn't a drug.

  • poetselixir 15w

    Her aura shined brighter than the stars,
    Oozing power and strength like sun.
    She has fiery wings like a fire,
    A destructive beauty which will make you stun.

    Yet she calm and graceful as water.
    Soft and beautiful like a petal of rose,
    Ornamenting the world with love and romance.
    She was the queen in every situation she was...


  • crudemotions 17w

    Dedicated to all the fearless Women that are challenging the conventional ways of the society. #womenpower #womeninspiringwomen #womenempoweringwomen #womensupportingwomen

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    Eyes of the World

    From the world of appearances and expectations, I was always told I will have an easy life

    Some said she looks like a doll, she will have an easy life

    Some said she looks like spotless moon, she will have an easy life

    Some said she looks like a graceful swan, she will have an easy life

    Some said she looks like a wife to an accomplished man, she will have an easy life

    I was overwhelmed to hear I will have an easy life, until I heard myself repeat

    I will have an easy life until I look like doll to the world to be played with

    I will have an easy life until my character appears like a spotless moon

    I will have an easy life until I handle the expectations of the world with the grace

    I will have an easy life until I dedicate my life to accomplish a man

    20 years down the line, here I am introspecting a decade of my life

    From the world of reality, I said
    I have a life as I chose not to be a doll

    I have a life as I chose not to be the spotless moon of someone’s life

    I have a life as I chose to take on the world with grace

    I have a life as I chose be an accomplished wife to an accomplished man

    I am happy to have a life over an easy life in the Eyes of the World


  • khan_tanzeela 18w

    An Ode to a Woman


  • anuradhasharma 19w


  • writer_girl_ 21w

    A strong woman cannot and should not be tamed

  • suhani05 30w

    So , most of the ppl know abt sex-selective abortion.
    It is the practice of terminating a pregnancy based upon the predicted sex of the infant.
    It's mainly done in girl child case which means male children are more valued as compared to female children.
    According to me , abortion is a murder.
    No one has right to kill anyone before his /her birth.

    As mentioned above in the poetry , a girl child is telling her feelings to her mother nd blaming her also that her mother is killing her. So .. absolutely no, in most of the cases , the mothers are forced by their family to abort the girl child.
    There is no intension to blame only a mother for the abortion.

    Thnkyou @_aradhana di for suggesting me this topic❤️✨

    #abortion #abort #abortagirlchild #girl #girlchild #mother #motherfeeling #womenempowerement #femalefoeticide #hiphopculture #standbyher #protectgirl #women #saveagirlchild #safety #indiafoeticide #stop #girlabortioninindia #abortionlaw #stopabortion #equality #betibachao #womenrights #childrights #womaniya #raiseyourvoice #fightforyou #femaleinfanticide #womensupportwomen #girlpower #womenpower #addiction #discrimination #infanticide #sexualassault #childabuse #crime #myvoice #voiveofmillion #poetry #poem #writers #mirakians #mirakee #mirakeewriters #mirakeeworld

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    कन्या भूण हत्या..

    एक बेटी अपनी मां के कोख से अपनी मां को कहती है-
    "क्या डर शब्द से मेरी मुलाकात करवा रही हो..
    जिंदगी की शुरुआत डरने से करवा रही हो..?
    या कहीं..तुम जीने का हक मुझसे छीन रही हो..
    एक लड़की हूं..इसकी सजा तुम दे रही हो..?
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    पर डर शब्द से मेरी पहचान तुमने करवा दी..
    दुनिया को देखने की मेरी इच्छा अब तुमने मरवा दी..।।
    इस दुनिया में मेरा अस्तित्व होगा या नहीं..या बस एक शरीर कहलाऊंगी..।
    'तुझे तेरी मां के कोख में ही मार देना चाहिए था'- बार-बार यह सुनवाई जाऊंगी..।।
    मां तुम खुद एक बेटी हो..एक बेटी की जान क्या तुम ले पाओगी..?
    सबसे अनजान..पर तेरी जान..
    अब मरने के लिए सक्रिय है..।
    क्योंकि अब रोशनी से ज्यादा मुझे अंधकार प्रिय है..।।"

    समाज की आंख पर तो पर्दा है..।
    पर एक मां तो देख सकती है कि
    एक बेटी का उसकी कोख से बाहर आना एक स्पर्धा है..।।
    निर्दयता को ये समाज दे देता है मात..।
    एक बेटी के जन्म से पहले ही करवा देता है
    असुरक्षित शब्द से उसकी मुलाकात..।।

  • mohua_leo 31w

    The Hand That Rocks The Cradle Rules The World

    Lajwanti rested her head on the pillow. It had been a very hectic day for her. She is the owner of a café shop and a proud mother of a very talented daughter. Her daughter is a renowned doctor at one of the city’s best hospital. And she is soon getting married to her childhood friend Viraaj Singhal, also a doctor in the same hospital.
    Lying on her bed, Lajwanti could still remember the day she gave birth to little Khushi – that was the name she gave to her daughter – as her life was filled with joy when she held Khushi in her hands, for the very first time. Being a mother completed her life. But little did she know about the difficulties that were yet to come in her life.
    Her husband and in-laws wanted a son and thus held her responsible for not giving birth to one. Right after she gave birth to Khushi, she was abandoned by her husband and his family. She was left all alone in this world. Her own parents had died right after her marriage. With nowhere to go, she tried to reason out with her husband but he was unwilling to hear anything.
    With no other way out, at first she thought of leaving Khushi in an orphanage and return back to her husband. But the sight of her daughter gave her strength to fight back.
    She sold her golden bangles, earrings and chain, her only possessions, and rented a house. She had always been a good homemaker. Even before and after her marriage, she had always been appreciated by everyone for her culinary skills. With the little money left, she started a home delivery service for office goers. With all her determination, will power and skill, she soon started getting even bigger orders. After nearly five years of hard work, Lajwanti managed to start her own café. She was good hearted and good natured which gave a boost to her business and the café became popular.
    So many years had passed after that… She could see her dream come true in Khushi. She fought with the whole world, stood up at every situation, realised her inner strength, became confident and never gave up. Today she is a winner.
    Lajwanti’s thoughts wandered off to many other things before she finally fell asleep. The next day will be another busy day for her at the café, as has been for so many years. She was successful and she was happy and according to her, the journey has just begun….

  • minahilkhan29 31w

    Her (part-2)

    She refused to become a slave to the false opinions they uttered about her and trained her ears to be deaf to the false assumptions and accusations they spread.

    That's what makes her powerful, nothing irrelevant can lure her attention.

  • sana_1992 31w


    वो स्त्री है जनाब,
    कमजोर समझना की भूल मत करना।
    अगर वो सहने की हिम्मत रखती है,
    तो तबाह करने का होंसला भी रखती है।।
    सना गुप्ता ️️

  • oru_btech_braanthan 32w

    #womenpower Belated women's day wishes....

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    "ജോലിയും കൂലിയും ഇല്ലാത്തവന് ആര് പെണ്ണ് കൊടുക്കാനാ...?? എന്ന ഈ ചോദ്യം പെൺകുട്ടികളോടും ചോദിക്കേണ്ട സമയം അതിക്രമിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു.... ഒരു പെൺകുട്ടിക്ക് ജോലി എന്നത് വെറും ഒരും വരുമാനം മാത്രം അയിട്ടല്ല... അത് അവളെ ഇന്നത്തെ സമൂഹത്തിൽ ധൈര്യത്തോടെ വളരാൻ ഏറെ സഹായകരമാണ്.... ഒരു ഉന്നത നീതിപീഠം പോലും ഇന്ന് പെണ്ണിനെ വിലകുറിച്ച് കാണുന്നു( ഈ ഇടക്ക് പീഡനത്തെ കുറിച്ച് ഇറങ്ങിയ ഒരു വിവാദ പരാമർശം ), ആ നീതിപീഠത്തിൽ ഒരു സ്ത്രീയുടെ സാന്നിധ്യം ഉണ്ടായിരുന്നെങ്കിൽ ആ പരാമർശം അവിടെ ഒരിക്കലും ഉന്നയിക്കില്ലായിരുന്നു.... ഏതൊരു ആണുങ്ങൾക്കും തുല്യമാണ് ഏതൊരു സ്ത്രീ എന്ന് ഈ സമൂഹം അറിയണം.... ഒരു സ്ത്രീയെ, താലി കൊണ്ട് അവളുടെ സ്വപ്നങ്ങളെ ബന്ധനമാക്കരുത് എന്ന് കൂടി ഓർമിപ്പിക്കുന്നു......

  • writtersfeelingz 32w

    Happy women's day

    as a daughter, as a mother , as a friend, asa bestie, as acrime partner , as a wife , as a guide , as a memory, as a emotion, as a feeling , as stars, as moons , as suns , as a godess, you have always there a creation and beautiful representations of lifes beautifull memories , keeping us happy in every smile sowed in our garden of love , blosoming the Hope that leads a milestone in my life , Thanks sweetheart for being my freind Happy womens day

  • veerakanellore_bhavana 32w


    "Night dangerous for girls,
    Evening before sunset I want you to be back home."
    Very sorry parents, but why should I?
    Everyday technology is getting changed, but why parents are not changing and
    Raising a question to boys about their behaviour?

    A random strong woman comes in telivision and you
    Praise her for what she did.
    Only to see such things in telivision is
    Lovely, but to make such another strong women at your home
    Only brings you tension? Why can't you
    Guide your girl and drive her in that strong women path?
    In your life, why do you put all the
    Zeal you have to just make your girl get married and
    End her life worst but never have a zeal to make her strong?

    First of all, this is our life
    Our only life, for which we are
    Ready to do anything.

    Brave enough to
    Engage with the world,
    Independently handle our situations,
    Neatly can deal with the wrong people. We as a
    Girl are capable of proving what we are.

    Allow every girl to learn from their mistakes and let them grow.

    Putting control on girl would
    Only bring tensions.
    When you let her lead her life, she will be
    Emotional towards the people she love,
    Rough towards the people who behave wrong.
    Faith of parents towards their girl
    Ultimately leaves all the tensions
    Letting love glow and making her powerful.

    We know without a woman a life is incomplete. She is the
    One with whom we can argue alot. She is the one who
    Makes us smile forgiving our mistakes. Then why don't you give her space?
    Anyways, I guess asking the world is waste. I live a independent life and
    Never apologize for being a strong woman.

    © veerakanellore_bhavana

    Happy Women's Day ❤️
    #womensday #womenpower #struggle #happiness #love #life #thoughts #diary

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  • dharmraj_ansh 32w


    हे नारी
    तुम सिर्फ
    एक नारी तो नहीं हो...
    तुमने मुझे आकार दिया, वात्सल्य का प्यार दिया
    साथ बड़ी हुई खड़ी हुई, स्नेह का अधिकार दिया
    हमराही बनकर साथ चली, एक नया परिवार दिया आंगन में उजाला भर, इतना बड़ा उपकार किया
    जीवन के हर मोड़ को, तुमने निखारा तुमने बनाया
    कौन हिमाकती है जो, तुम्हे कहीं भी बांध सके
    मैं कहता हूं, तुम अबला या बेचारी तो नहीं हो
    हे नारी
    तुम सिर्फ
    एक नारी तो नहीं हो...