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  • unsung_seagull 19w

    This is to remind all men.
    Remember comrades.
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    Men, remember

    We glorified
    To restrict you
    To brooms.

    To confine you
    To rooms.

    We pitied you to
    Hold hostage in

    Stereotyped to
    Force you in
    Clothes of desire.

    Ladies first we
    Unequal salaries
    We pay.

    To force you to
    Cut onions.
    Men shouldn't cry,
    We declare.

    You may wage wars.
    Rule the world.
    Mother a prophet or
    Slave a demon.

    Still, you gotta
    Take our blame
    And make our

    You're better than us.
    Even stronger.
    But consolation
    Prizes is all you'll get..

    Maybe another
    Child to pet.
    A saree,
    Some jwellery or

    One more poem
    Like this one to
    Exemplify your
    Compliant behavior.


  • dharshinisg 29w


    She was insulted,
    She was discouraged,
    She was humiliated,
    She was hurt,
    She was neglected,
    She was mocked,
    But still she was the brightest star in the sky,
    Who march forward ,
    With an undaunted faith,
    In her........

  • akashamittayi 52w

    സർവ്വം സഹയായ സ്ത്രീയെ "മാതൃത്വം" എന്ന ലേബലിലൊതുക്കി തളച്ചിടുന്നിടത്ത് കടമയവസാനിപ്പിച്ചു പോകുന്ന ധർമ്മത്തിൻ്റെ പര്യവസാനം പക്ഷെ, ഇരുപത്തിയൊന്നാം നൂറ്റാണ്ടിലും പ്രണയം പണിഞ്ഞുവച്ച സ്വപ്നത്തിൻ്റെയറ്റത്തേക്ക് പോകുന്ന വഴിയെ ബന്ധനസ്ഥയാക്കി ഏറ്റവും അസുഖകരമായ അവസ്ഥയിൽ വിമ്മിഷ്ടപ്പെട്ട മനസ്സിൽ നിന്നും ചിരി വരുത്തിച്ച് വിളിച്ചു കാണിക്കേണ്ട ശ്രമകരമായ പണിപ്പാടിൽ ഇവിടം വരെയെത്തിയ ജീവിതത്തിൻ്റെ മൂല്യത്തെ കുത്തനെയിടിച്ചിറക്കുന്നതാണെന്ന് പറഞ്ഞു വച്ചാൽ?
    പുരുഷനു മാത്രം ലഭിക്കുന്ന പ്രത്യേക പ്രിവിലേജിൻ്റെ പുറത്ത് ഒരു സ്ത്രീയെ ക്ഷണിച്ചു വരുത്തി അസ്വസ്ഥയാക്കുന്ന ചുറ്റുപാടും രക്തക്കറകളും ഏൽപ്പിച്ച മുറിവ് സഹിക്കുന്ന വേദനയോളം പോന്ന ടെസ്റ്റ് ഡോസ് പക്ഷെ ഒരു പ്രസവവേദനയ്ക്കും താഴെയല്ല.

  • rupal_kaur_anand 54w

    I also get insecure sometimes but I won't let it suppress my strength.
    Last night I choked to my tears just because my mother told me it's okay not to work after marriage if your husband or family doesn't like it. I was in terrific state that time. I never thought my mother who always inspires me will speak something like this.
    I live for my work and I am never going to stop it just because some man doesn't like it.
    I haven't came this far for society to tell me what to do and not to do ... I travelled this far for myself and I will keep walking as long as I want

    #feminist #feminism #selfcare #selfgrowth #womenhood #myself #insecurities #motivation

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    Don't let your insecurities overpower you

    ©R.K Anand

  • sinha_anusha 57w


    Stop trying to Calm the storm.CALM YOURSELF.The storm will pass..!!

  • poetsru10 69w

    A small scribble into womanhood!#wordsofmind#womenhood #desires #herworld

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    Flying across the bridges of tallest attic,
    Her smile widened to an elegant one.
    She inclined mountains, a valley of blossoms,
    Where the glory touched her one day.!
    Wishing the trees would embrace her,
    The bushes would whisper praises
    Her wings knew no bounds to fly!

    Her dreams hoped her joy,
    Her desires scarred her wounds,
    And yet people found her,
    The wings that fluttered in nuisance :
    The heart that pondered in fantasy:
    They praised her forever in lunacy!
    Sometimes her soft wings stopped her,
    &yet sometimes, someone's protection did!
    Her wings were meant to be shaded,
    Never fly onto journey of unknowns..

    The wings were strongest,
    The wings were most elegant,
    The wings did fly high,
    Alas! she was held a prisoner always,
    Into man, meant to lead her!

    "Behold them, her wings has wonders,
    A gentle stroke would firm them,
    Into the world of her dreams"

  • kritu5 81w

    Being a women is tough
    We face every obstacles
    And sometimes we fail to make things better
    But you know what we never give up not because we are always suppressed but because we know how to face wave of a wind In the sky ,we know every wave make us strong ,bolder .
    And at the end every wave is so familiar to us to dive , it allows us to spread our wings ........but I wish every women get that chance to spread their wings in the wide sky
    PS :it's a small quote for women who never give up on her Goals .I salute them

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    I'm a humming bird ,
    Who knows exactly ......
    How to fly in a wide sky
    ✍️ God's daughter

  • writetoexpress7 81w

    A Woman Dies Many Times Before Her Death

    A woman dies many times before her death
    Never can express her wrath
    Might be tall, short, dark or fair
    Fat or thin but needs care.
    Ought to breathe fresh air
    Her death seems to be mere
    Choices, wishes seem to be a sin
    In this society, none is her kin
    Fright seems to be her identity.
    Her future has no certainty
    Cries in pain
    But her tears seem to be chaffy and vain
    Too dull, too thick, awfully wears all the tags
    Against her, the other women too nag
    She might be talented, but is a woman and is supposed to raise the children
    Hearing this thousands of hearts get sullen.
    A woman dies many times before her death
    Because she is a woman!
    © raisha[ writetoexpress7]

  • artsy_choke 82w

    #women #womenhood #beauty #everyoneisbeautiful

    I have always been beguiled
    by the beauty of women-

    The delicate, the stern; the mystic auburn;
    The radient, the sober; the diplomatic cover.
    The flowy, the edgy; the seemingly fledgy.
    The tall, the loud; the unabashedly unbowed.


    Those deep, enigmatic eyes
    laden with midnight black kohl;
    That conceal a thousand secrets,
    Eagerly waiting to be unfurled.

    That slight curve around the edge
    When she giggles,
    Flashing the base of her canines;
    A mark of ill-concealed mischief.

    That exuberant chutzpah,
    That candid, cheeky tongue,
    Paired with the
    deceptively short stature.

    That long thick braid
    Sodden in a sticky layer of oil,
    Unsuccessfully restraining her
    Wild, curly hair.

    That rich cocoa of her skin,
    Radiating warmth and love,
    Going perfectly well
    With her bushy eyebrows.

    The electric intellect, the unwavering gait,
    The healing touch, the benign strength,
    The rugged lines on her hands
    Betraying years of relentless work,
    In which flow the gushing rivers
    of infinite love.

    ...Oh I can go on and on!
    And forgive me
    for I forgot to mention
    The curve of her hips,
    The slimness of her waist,
    The silvery hue of her hide,
    The ripe plumpness of her damp lips.

    The prominence of her cheekbones,
    The symmetry of her face,
    The meatiness of her thighs,
    The muscularity of her supple limbs.

    Forgive me for not putting forth the superficial first,
    For trying to appeal to your heart before your lust,
    But I am merely a fervent admirer,
    eternally beguiled by the beauty of women,
    And can no more unsee the staggering depths of it.

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  • mehshar_numa 83w

    #women #womenhood #womenpower #mirakee #mirakeeans

    Baa'gi Neerith Chim Cxinaan Chakrith Chop'aer
    Bi Chas Thari Manz Mema Vani Kanh Golaab

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    بَاغِ نِییرِتھ چھِم ژھِنَان چھَکرِتھ ژُوپییر
    بِ چھَس تھَرِ مَنز مِیمَاہ وَنِ کَانہھ گولَاب


  • sabrinaspoems 84w

    Women is an interesting journey
    What makes me feel special also
    Makes me feel not like it no more
    As if I am disgusted by its existence!

    #mirakee #womenhood #selflove #selfrespect
    #journey #future #special #hate #rape

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    I hate parts
    of me that makes
    me a woman
    How can those
    parts of me once
    make me feel so
    special, now I wish
    I was born


  • rupal_kaur_anand 84w

    No we are not fighting against men
    We are fighting against wrongs
    I am not saying every woman is right
    But mostly are still fighting a battle to gain respect
    To get our rights, to get equality
    So don't be an enemy of other woman
    Protect her instead
    #woman #womanempowerment #womensupportingwomen #womenhood


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    We women need to stand together
    And fight against wrongs
    Always remember we are a team
    And team works together to win
    ©RK Anand

  • quote_by_sakshi 86w

    Her life - 2

    Now she was shy bride ,
    After that she had to hide.

    Hide from everything,
    Hide from anything.

    She wanted to fly high,
    She wanted to cover distance
    She wanted to take the chance
    But now she was not a girl,
    With her skirt twirl.
    She was a bride, a wife , a women,
    She wanted that lift,
    Which as per her mother ,
    Was for her brother.

    She wanted to speak,
    Her words couldn't leak.
    Her husband said,
    Now the girl is dead.

    Now , she was a shy bride
    Who should hide.

    She build a feel,
    Everything will heal.

    .....to be continued.....


  • quote_by_sakshi 86w

    Her life - 1

    She was a shy girl
    Standing in corner with skirt twirl
    She was asked for gifts
    But dint get the lifts
    As said by her mother
    Lifts are for her brother

    With her shining eyes,
    She saw flying planes
    Unknown with fact,
    Her life will have only empty lanes

    Was tutored nicely,
    How good you should cook?
    No one taught,
    How good you read a book....

    She wanted to ride,
    But made a bride.

    ........to be continued....


  • quote_by_sakshi 87w

    Psuedo feminist

    Fake feminism
    Real patriarchy ??

    Who you will support


  • shaguntyagi 92w

    बन हिम्मत मेरी, लाचारी नहीं

    औरत हूँ, बिचारी नहीं..

    ©शगुन त्यागी

  • word_crop 105w


    Your effigy was much ahead of its time. Apparently, you were the first feminist our society has seen. You stood by your choices, nurturing what so ever came in your path. You’re an inspiration to all those women out there, who have witnessed violence and still hasn’t put their foot down! Your fiery persona and integrity towards womanhood is an unsung glory. That needs to be heard and applauded.


  • tanya1703 106w


    ख्वाब तोह सबके होते हैं,
    ख्वाब देखना कुछ गलत तो नही,
    कुछ उसके कुछ मेरे-
    सबका पूरा होना जरूरी तो नही,
    हम उसके ख्वाबों को कैसे नज़रअंदाज़ कर सकते है,
    उसने मेरे लिए अपनी ख्वाहिशों को दबाया है,
    बहुत से समझोते किये हैं,
    फिर भी मुझे खुली बाहों से अपनाया है,
    इसलिए मैंने उससे अपने दिल मे कुछ ऐसे बसाया है,
    लोग कहते हैं खूदा पर मैने तो उसे अपने पास पाया है,
    क्योंकि मेरा खुदा, मेरा सामाज, मेरा मज़हब अब वही है,
    मुझे उसी में रंग जाना है,
    मेरा जीवन ही नही उसने मुझे सवारा है,
    टूट जाती काँच की तरह,
    पर उसने बिखरने से बचाया है,
    तोला नही उसने मुझे दौलत से,
    इस बात की खुशी नही नाज़ है,
    तारीफ में उसकी क्या न कह दू,
    कम पड़ गए मेरे पास अल्फ़ाज़ है ।

  • stay_impulsive_with_sakshi 108w

    He Is Jealous Of Her
    Yes Because She Has Now Felt Free And Flying Free Like A Bird
    They Stand Unite
    But Yes
    He is jealous of her


  • ayushabhatt 111w


    Alone she was in this world
    waiting for someone to complete her
    He came as if he was meant for her.
    He snatched her dreams, tore her self-esteem
    She now pray to God take her to the time when she wished for her dream.
    Alone She was strong and Confident
    What her Dream gave her was a Dominant.
    Make her pieces two or four
    She will recoup to and fro.