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  • aj1993 7w

    Queen Bee

    She was the queen bee to her family,
    She built beautiful bee hive for her family and feed her family sweet honey with the sweat and blood of her hard work,
    She travelled thousands of miles every day before sunrise, crossing mountain of obstacles, facing many insults, fighting through dangers daily for her family.
    As she was daughter of mother Earth she had infinite amount of patience and strength to keep every pain, insults inside her for herself and have a big beautiful smile always on her face.

    The beautiful big smile did not last forever, as the evil souls of hell who were only filled with greed , lust and only evil pounced upon her.

    As the daughter of mother Earth she fought bravely alone for long till her last breath, she hoped till the end of her time may be some help will come to her rescue but no help came for her rescue.

    With her hope of help was lost she took her last breath, with the last breath of our queen bee, her beautiful hive was collapsed and her entire family was destroyed.
    After this destruction the evil souls of hell continued there hunting for next prey of Queen Bee