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    नन्ही सी दीपिका हो,
    और प्यारी भी,
    दृढ़ लौ लिए अंतः करण में,
    बढ़ चलो निडर,
    संशय भरे अंध गलियारों में,
    और खोल दो छपाक से,
    अपने पदचापों से,
    इस समाज की धूमिल आंखें ।


  • severe_headache_ 79w

    With a gun in one hand

    A rosy-cheeked women here I'm fighting side by side with you men. The prison is my school, the sword is my child, the gun is my husband.

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    And....with this, I'm back again on Mirakee....
    But only for a short time. I might have to halt again in a few days. But that's okay. I would try to keep bringing out my thoughts on this amazing platform and keep you all updated.


    About this post

    Please please please share this post!! I would like to have open discussion on this very topic. Let's go y'all!! It's something that I always wondered. I've heard and seen such disgusting thoughts of people on this very topic and I can't even begin to explain how sick all of this makes me. If you too share my sentiments then pleaseee let's have a discussion in the comments ��


    I've heard tons of interviews, done enough case studies and read about enough incidents to surely last me a lifetime. But everytime I come across something like this, the biggest question that always strikes my mind is that, no matter what I wear, what makes the other person think that he's allowed to do whatever he wants just because I'm showing some skin? Like, what gives you the right to harass me? Their control issues is their problem and not hers. Even if I'm running around naked, you still won't have the right to touch me. Just sayin.
    Don't make it her problem. Don't make her go through additional suffering by blaming her, after what she's faced. And please for god sake, point your fingers in the right direction, it might do the world some good��


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    To all the people with disastrous minds.

    To all those people with petty mindsets
    I hope you don't mind my questions
    But do feel free to answer.

    This won't be too long I promise.

    But I ask you, If there is a man,
    Outside his home late at night
    Would you still call it a mistake?
    A mistake, as people might take advantage of him and of the darkness outside.
    Afraid that if he doesn't change his stance
    He might get harassesd
    Just because he was wearing half pants?

    Huhhh.... Sounds odd... dose'nt it?
    Because the situation you just stated was stupid

    But I wonder? Would it still be as difficult a question to answer,
    If only, there was a "her" instead of "him"

    Because that is just obvious right? After all who told her to wear shorts? Why couldn't she just stay at home? Why did she have to go out at night? She is the one who invited those monsters to her and sadly, as a consequence it happened, what should not have happened.
    After all, "she was asking for it", right?

    Answer me!
    Answerr Mee!!

    I tried to not make it long. But I guess I can't help it at all.
    Because this is something that goes on and on and on.
    In this dirty game of monsters,
    she always becomes the pawn.

    No one ever knows the entire fact, but what they do know is, whom to blame, and that one thing always remains intact.

    To all the people with such disastrous mindsets. Please wake up.
    It's not her fault. No one ever asks for it for themselves. You might be stupid enough to think it actually to be true,
    but the victim is much more intelligent than you.




  • poetrylance 108w


    The colour that unites everyone.
    The colour that gives meaning to every women.
    The colour that transforms girl to women.
    The colour that bleeds through them.
    The colour that makes them strong inspite up all the cramps they get.

    The colour that stops them to open their wings,
    Stupid superstitious customs, behind that game.
    Although, there are many people,
    Who won that game.
    Inspite of all the chains, clenched them tightly.
    They won that game.

    Red, gives them strength to fly.
    Up above the sky,
    Where there are no boundations.
    Up above the sky,
    Where there are no chains, that clenched them.

    The colour of their lips,
    Which gives sheer glow to their face.
    Strength to empower their power.
    The colour which unites everyone,
    Is the reason for our seperation too.

    This patriarchal society,
    Wanted us to be down and down.
    They can't see them to fly.
    They can't see them to rise.

    But, Oh My Dear,
    This world is changing so fast.
    The era of mobilization is spreading so fast.
    Chains that you used them to clench us,
    Is the key to our success.
    Is the key to our success.


  • kee_tales 112w

    Assume the one in the cage is a girl.
    The one on the throne is a man.


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    The world is a beautiful garden, where people are separated in the name of gender

    They both live in the same garden

    One gets the throne, Other bound to a cage

    If the cage is open some might fly while the others fear to fly

    All the ones who flew aren't safe... The one on throne sometimes become a poisonous thorn

    While the others who haven't flew never get to see that beautiful garden

    Everyone on the throne might not be the same but one poisonous thorn made the rose plant dangerous.

  • _sak03_ 118w

    Not only he but she is also strong,
    Not only he but she also works for long.
    That's the mindset who judge,
    The reason to make the society budge.
    When the son will leave his parents sudden,
    Their daughter will be only there for them whom once they stated as a burden.
    Don't force her not to study,
    The rate of toppers are of girls more than boys, buddy!
    Don't treat her like a toy,
    If you will love her soul by your heart,she will never let you annoy.
    It never matters whether she is white or brown,
    If you will trust her she will never let you down.
    Some girls are done child marriage,
    When baby girl is born, she is done miscarriage.
    Some girls want to do medical, some engineering and some journalism.
    Not all of them practise fake feminism.
    Some can strategically steal your land and money,
    She will make you fool by calling you baby and honey.
    Some ladies should get oscar for best actor,
    Yes! I'm talking about them who act like they have been pushed by a guy and then blames his character.
    Not all girls are that evil.
    Some are also molested by the devil.
    Many innocents have been raped,
    Many have become acid attack victims just because they fought against who misbehaved.
    When it will end up in the society?
    The government also don't make laws which can give any guarantee.
    Stop violancing against girls without any reason,
    And girls stop practising fake feminism.

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    She in the society


  • xanny_ 119w


    My body cried with immense pain,
    "Don't do this !" she said.
    I ignored her, and saw the blood drops rain,
    From my skin, that turned red with pain.

    Me without my body hair,
    Was the reason you called me beautiful and fair.

    How crooked is the world's fate ?
    That body hair is now a manly trait;

    How foolish is the world's brain ?
    That they make women go through so much pain ?

    This is where love has been replaced by lust,
    And the treatment to us has become more unjust.

    #poetry #women_empowerment
    Suggest a title for this, please ! (:❤️

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    How crooked is the world's fate ?
    That body hair is now a manly trait;

  • bidisha_maharana 123w

    She for She!

    Hold on!
    There's a woman standing alone...
    But hold on!
    She is not alone...
    She is a winner alone,
    She knows to take it all own...
    If contemplate on her,
    You'll see through her moan,
    When she still shone...
    You would praise her,
    To get her flown,
    But she is all rooted
    And unaffected strong!
    When time comes, she is the spinal bone,
    A complete support system for her kinfolk...
    When comes frown,
    She's engulfs it all,
    But don't undermine,
    When time comes,
    She can show on...
    She's form of heavenly gods,
    And able to lead every throne,
    Despite the path in thorns...
    She relies upon none,
    But she can fight every scary nun!
    From the kitchen's amazing naan,
    To make a superb companion,
    In every job...
    She can lead all,
    And she is the best known...
    As she has it all,
    To carry it on,
    And moving on,
    She performs all alone,
    But never stands alone...
    A woman is behind every woman
    And there's no woman alone!


  • iamlucifer 125w

    She can't laugh in public or else people would think she doesn't have manners
    She can't cry in public or else people would
    Think she's too weak and can't cope up with problems
    She can't talk loud, shout, and abuse cause it's only done by guys


    The things written above were the social myths which are practiced today as wel,l in some places
    Even today some girls aren't allowed to go school, go out at night (due to insecurity and rape), wear clothes of their own wish. Why is the society being so hypocrite? Why the men are trying to be so dominating over women? Did they forgot they're actually kept in womb and birthed by a woman so why don't they understand that girls just need to be free, cared, be independent and given totally equal rights likewise guys in sports, studies etc
    #women #women_empowerment #feminism #empowering_women

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    No woman can call herself free
    Who doesn't own and control her own thoughts and body


  • dil_k_ahsaas 126w

    आज चारों ओर महिला दिवस का शोर है। माना आज महिलाएं पुरुषों के साथ कदम से कदम मिलाकर चल रही हैं। माना महिलाओं ने अपने कदम तरक्की की राह पर डाल दिए हैं।
    लेकिन अब भी एक बड़ा वर्ग ऐसा हैं जो आज भी अपने सम्मान की खातिर इस समाज से रोज़ इक जद्दोजहद में जूझता हैं।

    मेरे लिए तो असली महिला दिवस तब होगा .....
    * जब वो अपने मन की कर सकेंगी
    * जब वो बिना रोक टोक अपने लिए भी जी सकेंगी
    * जब वो बे-रोक टोक कहीं भी और कभी भी जा सकेंगी
    * जब उसे आधी रात को घर से निकलने के लिए, अपनी सुरक्षा के लिए अपने बाप और भाई की जरूरत नहीं पड़ेगी
    * जब वो एक तरफा मोहब्बत की खातिर किसी सिरफिरे के नफ़रत के तेजाब से नहीं जलेगी
    * जब उसकी " ना " को भी अहमियत दी जाएगी
    * जब वो मासिक धर्म के वक्त छुआछूत के भेदभाव से मुक्त होंगी
    * जब वो गर्भ में ही मरने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो दहेज-लोभीयों के हत्थे चढ़ने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो अपनी खुशियों का गला घोंटने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो अपने ही घर में हर वक्त, " तुझे तो पराए घर जाना
    है " के जुमले सुनने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो ससुराल में " तुम पराए घर की हो " के तानों से बचेंगी
    * जब वो अपनी शिक्षा की कुर्बानी अपने भाइयों की उत्तम
    शिक्षा के लिए देने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो इस सोच से बचेगी कि ... पढ़ लिख कर क्या करेगी, इसे तो पराए घर जा कर चूल्हा-चौका ही संभालना है
    * जब वो सिर्फ पुत्र पाने की इच्छा पुर्ति की मशीन बनने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो हुस्न के बाजार में बिकने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो अपनी बेटियों की अपने ही गर्भ में हत्या सहने से बचेंगी
    * जब वो रोज़ की मार-पीट और घरेलू हिंसा से बचेंगी

    यूं तो बहुत कुछ है मन में कहने को। पर क्या क्या और कितना कहूं। जहां महिला दिवस मना कर उनकी तरक्की का बखान किया जाता हैं वहीं उनकी वेदनाओं को नजरंदाज भी किया जाता हैं। जब तक स्त्री को पूर्णतया सक्षम होने से रोका जाता रहेगा तब तक असली महिला दिवस अधूरा ही रहेगा। यही ख्याल आता हैं मन में मेरे।

    फिर भी एक महिला होने के नाते सम्मान करती हूं इस दिवस का।

    दिल के एहसास। रेखा खन्ना

  • pnkj07 134w


    आतंक है शिक्षा में अब
    क्या कूच कर रहे गोरे यहाँ ?
    आवाज़े भी दबने लगेंगी
    स्वर्ग में भी दशहत जहाँ ।

    कृषिप्रधान देश कर्ज़ से मारे
    कृषि का अंत आत्महत्या है
    स्त्री को तो मिलके दबाना
    कुछ मासूमों का सत्य है ।

    अर्थव्यवस्था इनका संसाधन
    भय फैलाना इनका अस्त्र है
    हरित क्रांति की माया तो देखो
    एक बच्चा भी भूखा सोता है ।

  • simran2315 138w

    From kitchen slabs to comedy stages...
    @writersnetwork @readwriteunite

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    From kitchen slab to comedy stage...

    And I was in the kitchen...doughing the dough ...
    sprinked around all white...like stardust in clear night...

    There was some on my forehead...
    I could feel the stickiness...the sweat...
    And the sweat took me to the days back...
    How scared was I to ask for the cricket bat...
    The sweat took me to the dark streets...
    When seeing the shadows I skipped my beat...
    Shadows of men...and deep into it when I stare...
    I could listen her screaming hard...
    skrits and kurtas ripping apart...
    burning of the skin bare...
    The sweat took me to my uncle's pathetic grin...
    "You ! A comedian! oh this itself makes me laugh " said all my kins...
    The sweat took me to the mouths...
    blabbing about how a 'She' OUGHT to behave...
    behind the doors of patriarchy , enslaved...
    and the sweat turned to tears day by day...

    I searched for the wings at back..
    A woman has them , the feminists , they say...
    Rubbish it is and a lie....
    So I shut my ears and walked away...

    And grabbing the mike , my audience I beheld..
    "Well, today , I dived into my own ocean new...
    A lot of scraps I left at shore
    The sticky stardust of my life...
    Wipping it off my head to the god damn floor..."

  • brokenbutinlove 141w

    She battles everyday
    Battles for her dignity,
    Battles for her views,
    Battles for her wishes ,dreams, everything
    She's a warrior
    She's strong
    She's a burden carrier
    She leaves her home
    To turn others house to home
    She's a daughter
    Who has faced all the restriction

    Her will power is strong
    Those who underestimate her
    She can prove all of them wrong

    She's a woman
    Equal as a man
    But sometimes better than all of them..

  • abhijeetprasad 146w

    Naari hai haan naari hai
    Mat puchho, sanskari hai
    Tumse jyada tumse upar
    Dekh sab pe wo bhaari hai


  • zoya_k 152w


    Har dil mein Jo bas jaaye, mai aisi mohabbat hu
    Kabhi behan kabhi beti toh kabhi mamta ki murat hu
    Mere hone se hai ye duniya jawaa
    Zindagi ki behad haseen hakikat hun
    Mere aanchal me hanse chaand sitare
    Maa k kadmo me basi jannat hun
    Maa beti bahu ya biwi
    Har rup me main tumhari zarurat hun
    Har dard ko chipa liya sine me
    Zubaa pe na aaye kbhi wo hasrat hun
    Hamesha apni zimmedariyo ko smjha hai
    Isiliye har rishte ki mai taqat hun

  • soaringeyes 152w


    I came from the underbellies
    Of the most beautiful cities.
    I have spent countless sleepless nights
    Staring at cobwebs, counting footsteps
    In dingy hotel rooms and broken down houses,
    In tiny storehouses and gigantic abandoned warehouses.
    I have never worried about people,
    My only worries are the pennies in my purse
    And the hands of the new man next to me every night.
    Their faces though are always hazy memories,
    Their touches familiar similarities.
    When I walk in the daylight,
    The women glower with eyes brimming with gossip and silent jealousy,
    And the men avert their eyes with sudden shame.
    They were the ones who turned up at my door last night;
    Or at my corner of the road-
    With their broken notes and greasy fingers.
    They talked love to me before they left me
    Their pleasures derived, their means fulfilled.
    They called me darling last night,
    Today morning I was a slut.

  • machoboy 154w


    SHE was the
    epitome of divinity
    nevertheless tarnished
    soul of HER didn't try to
    reaffirm his purity because
    SHE didn't wanted to live
    anymore in this flagitious world.

  • self_obsessed 157w

    She is a mother, a daughter, a sister, a bread earner, a procreater... She is the future.... Love her, respect her

  • digvijay_mishra0406 159w

    जिन हाथों को लोगों ने रोटियाँ सेंकने के लिये बस समझ रखा था,
    उन हाथों ने, "विज्ञान" यान में रखकर चाँद पर उतार डाला..


  • soaringeyes 163w


    Those tears she cried were not romanticised claptrap like precious pearls or dew drops on her milky white skin. Those tears were molten glass from the shards they'd blown into her eyes. She wasn't a damsel in distress, she was fire with the power to burn them all but the humanity to contain it within.